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  1. Unsold WXR sedans available??!!
  2. New Imprezas at DeVry
  3. I may get my WRX back tomorrow
  4. cheap oil...
  5. Free Tire's!
  6. attn: Idjiiit!!!
  7. How about a Folsom Lake meet?
  8. Last Saturdays Sacramento Meet/Autocross Pictures
  9. stock lookin RS's arent safe either! Pulled over!
  10. Open the hood?
  11. Oakland Sighting...
  12. Bundle of WRX sightings plus 1 Skyline
  13. Who will be throwing the welcome back party for me?!?!
  14. Bay Area Scooby AFTERMARKET stock
  15. RimRockaz, delectron, wackit...
  16. sighting: blaze yellow WRX with 17's in camino
  17. Anyone wanna take a driving course?
  18. local source for aluminum tube and silicone connectors?
  19. Whiteline Front Strut Bar for sale (WRX)
  20. Bubbles in tint?
  21. Please help
  22. Anyone going to the American LeMans Race at Sears Point this weekend?
  23. I need one left fog light for 2.5 RS!!!
  24. Alex, Still wanna see my C-Wested WRX?
  25. How many WRX in Bay Area???
  26. WRX at Regal Cinemas in Dublin on 7/17...
  27. Thunderhill Video..7-3-01
  28. Need Some Suggestion?
  29. Byron's bringing a couple of Chalak Flywheels & Blitz Intake Kits up here!
  30. Carsdirect lowers WRX price
  31. alignment kudos to Jack Chew
  32. Sighting: Black WRX
  33. Update on Le Mans at Sears Point -- B-Spec & Toyo will be next to SpeedVision!
  34. ATTN: Dan_E (urgent)
  35. Sighting Silver WRX sedan on Geary 7/19
  36. Necro's Party at Speedring. July 25th. 8:30 Heat sign up
  37. searching for car transport company
  38. Subawoo, check your PM!
  39. Track School Question
  40. PIAA Fog Lamps, who has them?
  41. Good body shop in Sacramento?
  42. Diff protector, easy to install?
  43. Roseville Yellow WRX sighting
  44. Norcal outing, when you folks heading out again?
  45. Mystery test drive guys: report in :)
  46. 99 GSR only 14k
  47. Sighting: Blue WRX Sedan in Albany
  48. If you are not busy tommorow...
  49. Fremont sighting. Blue WRX w/spoiler
  50. kumho tires is bay area?
  51. Who here works in Novato?
  52. Burning Man
  53. New White WRX around the corner from my house! (Roseville)
  54. ATTN: christop1371 (*urgent*)
  55. WRX Spotted!
  56. Question about a certain noise...
  57. Santa Rosa - Five speeds available..
  58. Need help finding car to rally...
  59. Great Installfest! Well, sorta.
  60. Anyone notice difference with 91 octane?
  61. Bay Area photo shoot for Subaru Drive magazine
  62. Security System & Xpel
  63. Thanks for stopping by to visit with B-Spec!!!
  64. Can I join the RS-T Club?
  65. SpeedRing practice Tuesday 7.24
  66. Potentially the most Challenging/Dangerous road in the Bay!
  67. ANOTHER Roseville WRX sighting! (Red sedan w/ roof-rack)
  68. RS sighting @ 880 South around 3pm!
  69. Attn: Scoopydo
  70. Best Tint shop in the 650 area?
  71. New WRX owners in South Bay
  72. My Mt Hamilton pics
  73. motorcycle garage/storage space wanted
  74. I'll be moving to Bay Area from LI,NY.
  75. BIG car crash and an impreza was involved!
  76. Attn: Skywalker
  77. Been Away.....Now Back!
  78. Sev's in a new movie!!!
  79. Suspension Differences between the 2002 RS and WRX
  80. white GC8 RS sighting @ 880 Northbound around Fremont/milpitas
  81. Wanted: Stock WRX rear sway bar
  82. Sighting: WRX - Blue @ Chili's ...
  83. Sports car meet in LA Sunday/29
  84. cupertino business idea
  85. South Bay Caravan to SF Photo Shoot - Saturday
  86. WRX Sedan and Wagon CUSCO strut bars for sale
  87. Fabrication Shop for seat sub-frame in SF area?
  88. ATTN: Daniel (brucelee)
  89. (OT) -- AC still available (and other stuff too)
  90. Sears Point today anyone?
  91. Muffler shop
  92. ATTN: Imprezer.....can you tell me..
  93. East Bay Caravan to SF Photo Shoot-Saturday
  94. trailer hitch wanted
  95. Caravan from East Bay to Photo Shoot
  96. Anyone going to Thunderhill this thursday?
  97. Caravan from Northbay to Photoshoot
  98. Attn: Hayscoob. Good muffler shop in SR
  99. Tint Shop in the east bay
  100. Blue WRX sighting (This time in Vallejo)
  101. LOL! How about a Sac caravan to SF photo shoot?
  102. Thanks guys!!!
  103. JZ 007 , hee hee hee ~
  104. Black 2.5RS-T at Sears Point
  105. (OT) FS: Area:One tix featuring Moby, New Order, Outkast
  106. Possible Chat Room?
  107. Thunderhill - Sunday
  108. South Bay Business trip
  109. Counter Strike?\
  110. Subaru Factory Suspension Kit
  111. FS: Monster Flow Cone Filter
  112. UPDATE: Photo shoot summary /details
  113. For those of you "Caravaning" to SF
  114. 00-01 BRP Coupe with Ver 6(5?) wing. Brokaw road ~1:00PM?
  115. Best shop to have a Turbo installed an tuned for an RS?
  116. Pictures of ALMS @ Sears Point
  117. (OT) Answer to Imprezer's question about video game guns
  118. Sighting: 2 wrx San Francisco
  119. FS: OZ P1 17x7 +53 w/ RE730 215/45/17
  120. more gas info
  121. Imprezer er Alex?
  122. CounterStrike
  123. CounterStrike
  124. Attn: Imprezer
  125. Rush Hour 2
  126. brucelee the Scooby Broomstick
  127. back in Norcal, looking for a shop...
  128. Yay! I am no longer a newbie!!! :D
  129. Attn Pj<<<
  130. Attn: Brucelee
  131. ATTN: Skywalker...RE: Tom Coleman
  132. 25% (<-pretty good) certain this SAC sighting involves someone here!
  133. What tire pressures have you found good with the stock RE92 on Bay Area roads
  134. Attn: brucelee
  135. Importing Vehicles
  136. Any RSs for sale around here?
  137. CYA Saturday
  138. new exhaust and muffler law passed
  139. Need to borrow 4 rims for photoshoot tomorrow! Found a nail in my tires
  140. dRU18
  141. URGENT!! What's Joe's (Necromancer) address??
  142. Stuff FS
  143. WTB: MY00/01 RS rims
  144. Accident!!Do I need to take the turbo off before taking the car to the repair shop?
  145. Am I the Only One?
  146. Internet Radio????
  147. stupid stock size tires
  148. Angus...............
  149. anyone in here like to play football????
  150. Hello!!! WTB WRX EXHAUST
  151. My Photo Shoot Pics
  152. A wrx Traveler needs some help
  153. wtb: big brakes
  154. Help me find a RS to buy!
  155. Today...
  156. Omfg. Coworker's roommate bought from Stevens Creek.
  157. Anyone get the Goodridge brake line GB?
  158. SF photo meet a success
  159. Fs: 2000 2.5 Rs
  160. autocrossing... where, when, how?
  161. OT: And totally against the Rules
  162. Sighting: blossom hill around 3pm today
  163. Where to go get springs installed
  164. stock tires
  165. Sacramento AutoX meet Aug 12th...
  166. Who's car is from Steven Creek Isuzu/Subaru ??
  167. Evo Vii
  168. wing
  169. my RX7 Twinturbo for sale for local folks.
  170. FS or Trade: MY01 RS BRP Coupe
  171. WTB: MY98-99 RS wheels
  172. Where to go for work on the WReX?
  173. Organized SOCCER Meet
  174. Proposition: BAIC Club Camera
  175. Short Throw Shifter
  176. gas station search
  177. West coast meet in November
  178. ATTN: Imprezer
  179. Insurance and turbo questions
  180. local part search
  181. Hay
  182. Turbo Boost Gauge
  183. smoked a 95 240sx and a 98 acura TL
  184. can anyone hear install flywheels?
  185. Sighting - I-80 West (Davis-Cordelia)
  186. WTB: Subaru 360
  187. Update: Bay Area FOOTBALL meet
  188. BRP GC8 (98-01) 2.5 RS In Fort Bragg Body Shop? 8/1
  189. Just got Jun Flywheel/ACT Clutch installed!!!
  190. Anybody in Bay Area Purchased 22B Wing from Revolution Motorpsort?
  191. Hot Chicks In Subarus? They do exist!
  192. Group Buy Auto/Dimming Mirror Compass
  193. Part shops
  194. For local only.
  195. Sighting: White WRX on Wolf ...
  196. My "attempt" today to buy a used Impreza from a dealer...
  197. All right...who are you?(yellow WRX sighting)
  198. Attn: JZ 007... We need our seats mounted!
  199. Silver WRX with rear unpainted skirts
  200. Installfest at SLR's this weekend?
  201. Turbo Install
  202. it's been a year
  203. More Photo Shoot Pics (110K total)...
  204. tint shop recommendation?
  205. Today is a different day! And I have a Impreza now, wooo!
  206. Yellow WRX sighting in Sac again...
  207. WTB: Light Bicycle
  208. Crazy Andy, you need this in your red wagon!
  209. Attention: Christoph1371
  210. jus got back from vancouver
  211. MORE Sac Sightings
  212. Hi, Im new...
  213. Hi, anyone in here raced a 2001 IS300?
  214. Damn! So pissed. cracked window
  215. Speedring Tonight! 8:30PM
  216. ibiza
  217. Mount Hamilton...
  218. Foresthill RS's???
  219. Sighting: Silver WRX on 101N
  220. FS WRX wheels and Tires
  221. Sighting Teal with BRP 22b/v5 wing. 101S ~1130AM NewYork Plates.
  222. Finally a REAL sighting! EJ20WRX! TWICE!
  223. Attn WRX owners: Looking to borrow some parts...
  224. anyone else in newark/unioncity/fremont area???
  225. 880 Sighting
  226. ATTN: JulianH............
  227. I can't make duplicate Subaru keys
  228. Newbie seeking advice from locals
  229. attention adrian!!! need gab spring rates again
  230. Attn: Andrew
  231. New/Old WRX suspension
  232. Black WRX Auto Wagon / BBS rims 4 sale
  233. Good Restaurants
  234. Anyone into Radio Controled Cars?
  235. sighting at paseo padre and decoto intersection
  236. Moving to Sac Area soon
  237. Connie?
  238. Where are all the totalled WRXs?
  239. One for the Guys: Blond chick driving a WRX w/ gold rims!
  240. Spring install shop needed.....
  241. Code Red and Code Red II worm
  242. Good Off Road Trails in Bay Area?
  243. Anyone going to the Historics @ Laguna?
  244. Mercury news racing article. Ha!!
  245. RS spotting - Del Taco - Laguna Blvd.
  246. FS locally: 96 AWD 1.8 coupe
  247. WTS '98 Eibach sport performance springs
  248. Reminder: autox GGF This SAT 11th
  249. speedivision taping?
  250. My car is hit