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  1. New Blue WRX spotted on Vasco Rd.
  2. Diablo 6.0VT sighting in Santa Rosa, anyone here?
  3. Maita Subaru 15% Off all Subaru Parts
  4. Mt. Hamilton----now-----
  5. UK English vs USA English....
  6. Suggestions for what to do with my car? (Hand outs would be nice)
  7. New Bay area WRX
  8. FS: Yakima Rack for MY00-01 RS
  9. Subaru Fight
  10. HELP, welding needed, now!
  11. How to avoid DMV Tax?
  12. SpeedRing tonight?
  13. Snow Trips this winter?
  14. can smell fumes coming from exhaust of my other car
  15. CMI this weekend at Sac
  16. CounterStrike!
  17. Wheel Bearing Q's
  18. Drive Magazine Group Pics
  19. Project Safe Street
  20. Attn AndyC: Clean out your Pm's young man! ;)
  21. Weekly/Monthly meet???
  22. FS: OEM WRX wheels and tires
  23. Turbo for Local sale
  24. Come visit our shop in Hayward. Red Star Racing
  25. Any Filipino WRX owners ??
  26. Street Racing -- on KQED
  27. another set of WRX wheels and tires for sale
  28. WTD: a Pair RS Front Seats maybe with the rear...
  29. FS: Stock RE92s, 1500 miles
  30. Any other Italian Impreza owners?
  31. Hey OnE
  32. FS: Stromung Exhaust Single tip local
  33. Married Guys Unite...
  34. attn: skywalker
  35. Last Call to the Sacramento Races this weekend!
  36. New in Town
  37. OT....Career question (which is better....EE or ME???)
  38. Wanted: Stock WRX stereo/CD
  39. Got my oil pan back
  40. Where are all the MEXICAN Owners?
  41. South Santa Clara County Drive?
  42. Where's all the TURKS?
  43. WTT: WRX wheels for 98 golds...
  44. WTB: 98-99 RS Wheels
  45. Another Silver 02 WRX in campbell?
  46. Any Other East Indians in BAIC?
  47. Places to drive fast legally?
  48. What should I do with 4 15" steel wheels and tires?
  49. anyone ever beat a red light traffic ticket?
  50. ARE U ready for Some FOOTBALL!!
  51. Sighting.
  52. Sighting Silver WRX South on 101 at Shoreline
  53. Hello!
  54. Just got back from Sacramento Raceway!
  55. Got new pics up! w00t!
  56. WRX Accessories???
  57. WTD: rear sway bar link & Bracket
  58. Happy 21st AndyC!
  59. Bring this for the football game..
  60. dent repair advice
  61. A Fixing Ticket
  62. some help...for a VW
  63. FS: Brand new CUSCO 22mm 3-point adjustable rear sway bar
  64. Where to install Springs and Struts for good Deal?
  65. Any one here going to the historic races?
  66. test drove a wrx today. heres the prices he gave me
  67. Blue WRX sedan southbound 101 exiting Fair Oaks around 6:45 today
  68. Northbay WRX Hat Trick!
  69. i got my first CEL
  70. What happens to old posts?
  71. Football meet, what the hell happened?
  72. Wanted: Wrx Rear Sedan Sway Bar
  73. thinking about running cat-less. where can i get it done?
  74. help on wing installation
  75. NO longer a newbie!
  76. where to get Prova front lip for 02 WRX
  77. SF area MT Biking
  78. Any Good Tint Houses In The South Bay ?
  79. Stock Wheels and Tires 4 sale - low miles!
  80. OT LOCAL: Hiring programmers
  81. august 24th friday Lunch bunch?
  82. autox results from august 11.
  83. Tint job, 5 windows
  84. pics of my car finally
  85. NASA auto-x this Sunday...
  86. California regulations on CHP speedtraps???
  87. 2nd Tracy sighting
  88. Check this out!
  89. Sacramento AutoX again this weekend...
  90. 2000 BRP 2.5RS for sale w/ suspension
  91. Wagon Items for Sale
  92. Mountain Biking This SUnday
  93. Anyone heading to SD/LA soon?
  94. WRXs common?
  95. Sighting: Monday 10PM AMC Mercado
  96. Someone just STOLE my clear bumper lights
  97. Sac Sighting, 30th & K McD's )8-14)
  98. a good place in the east bay to install my vishu up-pipe?
  99. Thanks for all the help....
  100. Help!: best place for tires?
  101. speak up
  102. Decent dealers?
  103. crazy sighting on bay bridge today!
  104. Any Sac folks wanna go drive around folsom's beaches?
  105. WR blue WRX in San Bruno tuesday afternoon
  106. Cross post: Looking for good CA dealership
  107. A WRX Flag?!
  108. A Question about a temple...
  109. my rally car
  110. A Definition Please
  111. Can Someone Take Over My Lease ? Cheap !
  112. 2 sightings in cupertino... actually, 3
  113. Meetin' Folks
  114. License fees
  115. Selling my records
  116. Practice areas - search is on
  117. Stevens Creek Subaru???
  118. Subaru Santa Cruz is geat, but .....
  119. WRX at Globix????
  120. Down Shiffting
  121. off topic vehicle: need help w/ fuel filter removal in '89 civic 1.5L
  122. WR Blue WRX sighted in Alameda
  123. Safari Rally CDs........
  124. OEM wheels and tires for sale
  125. Broken car
  126. Karma and some jerk in a pickup truck (long story)
  127. Rally look-a-like spotted
  128. Some rude dude in "old" RS got his butt whooped ;)
  129. WRX on MotorWeek
  130. Whiteline FS: Bay Area only
  131. raced against a ferrari...
  132. Windows Tinting Rec's in SF ?
  133. WRX Sighting today on 101N
  134. Just Been to Mach3 Today.
  135. OT: the funniest plate I have ever seen...
  136. I'm back and DMS for sale.
  137. 4 sale -scooby sport.......
  138. Sighting on Folson BLVD
  139. Anyone here know any good respectable mechanics that work on Subies?
  140. FS: Ganz Flow Intake
  141. Stock 02 WRX front brakes for sale
  142. Where do part of San Jose do some of you live in?
  143. old style mac g3 for sale locally
  144. refinish?
  145. REMINDER: SOCCER game this weekend
  146. Marina Auto-X: How'd you do iBluevirus?
  147. Powdercoating shop
  148. need some new rubbers...
  149. Detailing....
  150. Somewhat OT: Japanese Auction sites
  151. high beam/ fog lamps???arrr!!!
  152. Mt. Hamilton! Finally!
  153. ATTN: Keske Toyo
  154. Thule Racks for Impreza 2 or 4 Door
  155. Ok, Who was it?
  156. Good Alibi
  157. OT: Another local job Flash artist/programmer
  158. Good leather cleaner - Lexol
  159. Stores that have ITG air filter
  160. Anyone know how to use the APEX AVCR?
  161. He Spun out in front of me... (long)
  162. Withdrawal
  163. FS - Oem Wrx Rims & Tires Package
  164. FS: WRX Wagon suspension
  165. Vickey's Kumho Ecsta Supra 225/45/17's, $200, only 5000 miles!
  166. Newbie WRX purchase question
  167. 2 Doghouse Comedy Jam Tickets for Saturday 8/25
  168. Road rally in September
  169. FOR a really really Good laugh!
  170. STi Performance Muffler
  171. front strut bar
  172. Saw a Silver RS2.5 (Old body) broke down on 99!
  173. SpeedRing/Kartboy/BAIC meet Friday....
  174. FS Boxed WRC
  175. FS: 3" JC Sports muffler
  176. FS Locally: 90 Rx7
  177. WRx and S4 feedback, miscellaneous comments
  178. Come visit Red Star Racing part 2
  179. Whiteline ALKs...
  180. Speedvision Teasing
  181. Wooooot!!!
  182. dvc ne one?
  183. Would you pay for this???
  184. WRX quality issues?
  185. Anyone know how to install T/T?
  186. Exhaust dyno challenge soon !
  187. My WRX needs this mod
  188. White WRX at Thursday's A's game
  189. Any installs this weeked? we can help...
  190. Service
  191. Good body shops near San Francisco?
  192. FS: 2 wrx turboXS bov adaptors $25each
  193. Randy's (ravent) B-Day
  194. Today's moment of Zen - from Sears Point
  195. Hit and RUN! Help!
  196. my first glitch with the car
  197. tales from Calaveras (long)
  198. Blue WRX wagon speeding ticket
  199. Race against the Pros at SpeedRing...
  200. Black WRX at the N First St. Runs...
  201. yellow WRX on Ravenswood/Willow, silver WRX in my neighborhood
  202. Auto X tomorrow 8/26
  203. OT: FS Infinity BU-2 Subwoofer
  204. mount some stuff today!
  205. Pikes Peak on ESPN2
  206. Attn: Bill (skywalker) and anyone who I've talked to about my oil leak.
  207. SOCCER Game Today!!
  208. Attn: christoph1371
  209. Subaru Impreza Drivin' Pictures
  210. WTB: 96L model OEM Intake Air Box
  211. 5 RS's @ Sears Point Today
  212. Purolator Pure One Oil Filter For Impreza PL14460
  213. FS: H&R springs for WRX - new in box
  214. Wolfe and 280, Saturday 8/25
  215. Crystal Springs Blue WRX, Black RS with REd badge, and Black Legacy with black wheels
  216. New to area
  217. Michael Ko, you dont know me, yet you keep haunting me!
  218. In LA I never see any WRX in bay area I see tons!
  219. Best local dealer???
  220. Parking Northside of UCB
  221. WTB: WRX sub/amp
  222. Silver RS and Blue WRX in morning Sac Commute
  223. FS: Yakima bike rack for the RS, WRX, etc.
  224. DMS 50mm for sale: cheap
  225. Time for first oil change...
  226. Found another SRP Wagon!
  227. Sacramento Meet anytime soon ?
  228. ATTN: Idjiit
  229. install fest
  230. Rally Knight on speedvision
  231. MY01 SRP RS Sedan for sale
  232. brucelee's Mitsu cousin
  233. Custom plates?
  234. Please Help : Need used RE92's ASAP
  235. Who Are You!?!
  236. FS in Bay Area: Slotted Rotors, cheap...
  237. Elbroon! Need your email.
  238. What do you think?
  239. BAIC racers, check this out - cheap racing shoes!
  240. had enough. =P
  241. 90's M3 vs 2.5 RS w/AWD... AWD Rocks....
  242. whose yellow rex by walgreens on decoto?
  243. Attn: Ken (DeliouSpeed)
  244. FS: Microsoft racing wheel
  245. Cyclocross clinic
  246. Sighting: Yellow WRX w/ gold rims
  247. Ok, who were you........
  248. Custom Plates Help
  249. Anything going on this weekend? Parties, clubs?
  250. Mountain biking this weekend?