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  1. Prescott Forest Rally?
  2. saw you today brucelee
  3. Red WRX wagon on 84 & 880 @2pm
  4. FS: WRX Wagon Parts
  5. Attn: OnE and anyone who has A/B cable.
  6. Buying in the Bay Area
  7. Hot Import Nights
  8. yo daios and raymond
  9. Oct 7 Auto-x in Petaluma
  10. Fremont Red-Light Cameras.....
  11. Can anybody help!
  12. Looking for good (cheap....) paint shop in Sac area.
  13. Anyone wanna help me w/ MBC and Bst Gauge Install?
  14. OT - check f' now!
  15. help in finding an wrx
  16. Octance Question (want to ask BAIC)
  17. Group Buy on a 2002 WRX!
  18. Subaru repair shop?
  19. Flying to SEMA? 60 buks TOTAL!
  20. Headlight Aiming Walls
  21. 02 Wrx For Sale
  22. 20mm Sway Bar for sale
  23. [Genesis]Impreza who are you?
  24. Touch-up paint from Stevens Creek?
  25. I just got Speedvision...
  26. Lunch after Frey's Racing Tomorrow...
  27. Anyone know a good restaurant that serves soufflé??
  28. another sighting.. White RS @ UC Davis Rec Hall
  29. Attn: Imprezer. please check PM
  30. FS: 18mm sway bar
  31. Got my hands on a Digital Camera
  32. Got My Hands On A New Audio Reciever
  33. sighting - RBP wrx w/p1's
  34. window tint
  35. Imprezer please check PMs again.
  36. NASA - Sears Point this weekend?
  37. Whats up fellas....
  38. Downtown sighting
  39. True Exotics!
  40. For Sale: Leda 24-way adjustable Coil Overs
  41. SPT stickers - who should I send them to?
  42. find a speedtrap
  43. 99 RS coupe for sale
  44. autox this sunday 9/30
  45. Rex friendly city parking?
  46. Mtn. biking this Sunday AM 9-30-01
  47. Got Snowboards?
  48. Updated West Coast Meet Info
  49. subaru oil filter
  50. neat little thing...
  51. STI Hood Scoop!! Where to get it painted?
  52. big shout to bill and chris...
  53. Sighting: 7ish in SF, Silver WRX
  54. so many sightings in Los Gatos/Redwood City/San Jose
  55. dominated a TT
  56. Finally!
  57. Milpitas Runs!!
  58. New to the Area
  59. I need this Tool!
  60. Another HPDE...Another...
  61. Import Showcase/Model Expo
  62. I think my engine is toast. I need help ASAP.
  63. race starting
  64. Who was @ GGF Autox today?
  65. Probably FS: JC Sports turbo kit
  66. Gas Masks
  67. I need a Hoodscoop!!!
  68. Anyone in Santa Cruz???
  69. FS: M2 turbo back exhaust for WRX
  70. Anyone who Autocrossed on 9/30 Golden Gate Fields pls Post times
  71. hey TURK!
  72. Need sell fast. CUSCO's ZERO-2R coilovers.
  73. Help!! Need paint shop that works w/carbon fiber??
  74. Installs this weekend?
  75. any of you guys has encounter this problem b4?
  76. Turbo is damn hard to take off
  77. Anyone Need Stock Wrx Wheels/Tires with 0 miles?
  78. Any shady smog deals?
  79. Who's white WRX wagon on 19th ave today .....?
  80. Stock turbo heat shield for
  81. Wanted: Feedback on WRX Mod Plan
  82. Sloppy wrx steering ?
  83. Sighting Yellow WRX Lawrence and Tazman
  84. Sighting, Silver WRX with spoiler, 101 and 92.
  85. Sighting... San Thomas and Scott Santa Clara
  86. Useless news from Auburn, CA
  87. Sacramento Area Owners
  88. Sighting: Blaze yellow on El Camino in Menlo Park
  89. Midnight Meet on Friday 10-5
  90. 3 Sac sightings today (Including the cool 2 dudes in the silver RS)
  91. Attn: AndyC, Deliciouspeed, Superhawk, and Imprezer
  92. ATTN: Chris and Bill of "the shop"
  93. first oil change at 5000miles??????
  94. Kartboy you rock man!
  95. 49ers chances this year?
  96. Speedvision October guide is up.....
  97. FS: MRT Smart I/C spray kit
  98. Who had the crappiest 1st car?
  99. FS: TurboXS H BOV includes adapter
  100. FINAL Sac Auto-X 10/6 & 10/7
  101. Team SMR at Sears Pt
  102. Livermore Subaru Service
  103. Anybody interested in a 450HP scooby engine?
  104. FS:Indash dvd player w/digital processor
  105. whats the best way to ship wheels/tires?
  106. 98 rs front bumper 4sale
  107. Someone Please Buy My 22b Replica Bumper
  108. Dude
  109. Damn Yuppies!!!
  110. Autocrossing a Turbo Subie
  111. Attn: itsallgookx51
  112. M2
  113. Sorry to any DMVers...
  114. FS: 4 like new RE-92's $150
  115. Waaaaa.....
  116. anyone in the bay need these things?
  117. anybody from santa cruz going to ravents?
  118. I bought my car from Steven Creek .....
  119. Anybody work at Globix ?
  120. Need local company for valve job and cleaning
  121. Blue RS--Saw Yai sighting
  122. Who makes a good downpipe?
  123. Bill and Chris installs this Sat
  124. Sighting White WRX on 280 South
  125. Woohoo, new injectors...
  126. I saw my twin today!
  127. Saw a Blue RS on 87 & Airport
  128. S4???
  129. Body shop recommendation?
  130. Please help!!!!
  131. WRX Manual on CD.......
  132. Koshland Garage
  133. Barry!
  134. Hey guys, I have some RS parts to get rid of still...
  135. Finger UP on N880 tonight (and damn cops)
  136. Curbshot blues
  137. Install Fest Pics....
  138. Car Show Today (10/06) in Mateeo
  139. full stop b4 right turn @ montague races
  140. For Sale: Floor mat from a Yellow S2000
  141. ATTN: Ravent/Randy
  142. ATTN: Bruce; Subject:Warranty Info
  143. Guys! Britney Spears is Dead
  144. Rally blue wrx siting
  145. Milpitas in n out
  146. Driving in Dirt = Fun
  147. Yosemite sightings
  148. Open Track Challenge
  149. newbie's first post
  150. FS: Brand new rear bumper spat
  151. New mods.. ***?
  152. Happy Birthday to Bobski & YellowS2K
  153. Attn:mprezya
  154. Powder coating in the Bay Area?
  155. My Car is WAYYYY Y too loud right now...
  156. ATTN: titsataki
  157. 2 Questions
  158. My first post
  159. Who's gotten Stone Guard installed?
  160. Suspension Sale @M2performance
  161. One Lap of California
  162. who's going to the next Red Melon (Sat. in SF)
  163. Oil change
  164. Lots of cool JDM DC2 parts for sale
  165. B-Spec's WRX sighting
  166. multiple sightings around cupertino area
  167. Cross post: FS STI Ver2 swap and '96 impreza Coupe
  168. Sacramento Sighting: For the dude in the blue WRX
  169. Modded Yellow WRX vs. CRX Hybrid
  170. frozen rotor GB
  171. Girl in silver RS
  172. Picked up the Rex last night!
  173. FS: a couple of stock WRX parts
  174. WRX at Sac State
  175. First post (yes, another one.. :)
  176. meet up again
  177. Perfect turbo kit
  178. For those wanting Direct TV (OT)
  179. Stevens Creek Subaru BAD!
  180. Impreza Epidemic! Sunnyvale and Santa Clara
  181. Proper Heatcycle/Shaving
  182. Open Track @ Thunderhill
  183. Need to sell fast!!!
  184. Holy Sheite who's Scooby of the week!
  185. Open track days this weekend or next?
  186. OT: FS, 1995 BMW 525i
  187. Good experience at Carlsen Subaru, talked with Master Mechanic.
  188. more sightings in berkeley
  189. FS: Mesh Grill Kit for 2.5RS: $5
  190. Anyone Going To The Runs
  191. Goodbye
  192. ATTN: Turk!, drunken russian, alex, watever u want to be called. =)
  193. 2k1 Srp Rs2.5 Sdn For Sale
  194. where exactly are you guys located in this country?
  195. Installs this weekend.
  196. Attn: Bill
  197. sighting: WRB WRX 1st and Skyport
  198. FS: 1 SET of 02 WRX rims w/ TIRES!!
  199. Subies In Davis
  200. WRX items for sale!
  201. The inevitable has begun
  202. WRB WRX WAGON, Heading West On Decoto
  203. Grrrrrr!
  204. Wow...
  205. saw so many soobies in SC today hehehe
  206. HELP - need part
  207. Yellow SVX?
  208. someone has a GC8 at my school (Harker)?
  209. Installed Cobb Catback Exhaust!
  210. K&N filter
  211. Funny story with my impreza
  212. RS with bike rack on San Antonio tonight
  213. More Sac Sightings: BRP RS and Silver RS on Fulton/Auburn 5:45pm 10/11
  214. Runs: fri, sat?
  215. Anyone have a Parts Car
  216. Need Assistance - my RS-T is tunning lean. ASR stage 2.
  217. Possibility of Impreza STi Version in the U.S.?
  218. If you really want a EVO VII
  219. Aftermarket Rant
  220. What's with all of the posts about....
  221. Wheelbearings, who has them replaced under 20k miles? santa cruz?
  222. Anyone on this board know how to run an Alfa Rally computer?
  223. Yellow WRX sighting.
  224. Lunch Bunch
  225. problem with my PM's
  226. Attn: NDMORESPD, Wrxwannabe...
  227. 2001 RS seats for sale fronts/rear
  228. Wants to borrow, skidplates
  229. Did you guys see the latest 'Drive" Magazine?
  230. Cya
  231. OT: help! need a job in the East Bay
  232. Sighting: RS with decal. whose is it???
  233. Saw the pimpest car at a local dealer today.
  234. sighting: green 2.5RS at Overfelt High School
  235. Milpitas 10/12/01
  236. GC8 Parts for sale
  237. ok, who's the cheap bastard at Ibiza friday night?
  238. Ocean Ave Sunday (sighting)
  239. Flat Tire!!!!!!
  240. Wtb:98+ 2.5rs
  241. Places w/ Redline oil
  242. Sighting...Oakland
  243. silver wrx sighting on central exwy
  244. help!: exhaust problem, loss of drivebility.
  245. FS: Legacy GT Rims+RE92's
  246. Help!!
  247. Looking for VW Dealerships
  248. Just got my SEMA pass in the mail but....
  249. The Fall Isue Of DRIVE Magazine
  250. M2 Exhaust question