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  1. Who is autocrossing sunday at golden gate fields?
  2. planning a really long twisty drive!
  3. snow chains
  4. Terror in the Bay predicted, what do you think will go down?
  5. fs: wrx suspension
  6. USTCC race 11/11 also HPDE at Sears Point
  7. Anyone else seeing Tool tomorrow?
  8. NorCal Subie meet pics!
  9. Help
  10. Laguna Seca Caravans and plans (N. Bay, S. Bay, E. bay, Sac, etc.)
  11. The Leonids are coming, the Leonids are coming...
  12. January BAIC Snow Run & Fun, Sign up
  13. thanks for the scoop! (new wrx wagon)
  14. attn: joefong
  15. I hate pyramid scams!!!!!!
  16. my first dent
  17. Sighting: SKYLINE GTR R32
  18. Leather in the Bay Area?
  19. SAC Meeting (Sorta) My place... 11-4 11am ish!
  20. Black RS at Vallco Shopping Mall
  21. anybody want a PS2?
  22. Kumhos in the Bay?
  23. Sighting and warning: TVR Cerbera
  24. San Francisco Impreza Owners' Club
  25. Bay Area Swap Meet
  26. The Yankees Lose.......
  27. brake noise
  28. Hello All (Ticket Question)
  29. any WRX in Solano county?
  30. STi's?
  31. Subaru goes through house - pics
  32. What's up with the traffic?!
  33. Installs this weekend? November 10th
  34. Corner Bulbs?
  35. Wanted: Stock WRX wheels/tires
  36. Hot Brunette in blue WRX on 280 ~5:20PM
  37. Bay Area Diamond Shoppers!
  38. Silver WRX Wagon 650 Townsend
  39. Who left the note on my car @ SFSU?
  40. Sighting
  41. bay area meet....
  42. 1st Speeding ticket!
  43. OBS V6 LIMITED? whuzzuh? 60yr old rice?
  44. who has the most miles on their suby?
  45. Race Day For Team Subaru
  46. Prices
  47. :devil:
  48. Anyone up for a midnight run up to hamilton saturday?
  49. Round 6 - US Touring Car Championship at Sears Point
  50. Attn: Bill, empty your mail box
  51. RE730's for sale (guaging interest)
  52. totally of the topic. For kneedragger
  53. downpipes and cat back system
  54. DJ's/PRODUCERS: FS: 1200's, mp22z, ortophones, clavia nord lead 2
  55. tinting windows?
  56. Anyone out there want to give me a copy of Colin Mcrae 2.0?
  57. In the Area Thanksgiving Weekend
  58. Attn: bruclee
  59. Made myself sick going up Mt. Hami
  60. Sacramento Sightings II (I.E. Continued)
  61. Attn Homer Jay
  62. need shop manual for my '00 RS
  63. Visit me at Fry's Saturday the 10th
  64. can some please hook me up with a decal shop
  65. My RS is going WRX
  66. Apartments off Cottle
  67. Subaru day at Thunderhill Raceway - Thoughts?
  68. Going away party for myself at SpeedRing...
  69. andrew spotting
  70. MRT N/A headers for sale, still.
  71. Saab Mechanic Needed
  72. Cute gorl in WRB in Palo Alto Today?
  73. Where to find best prices for Thule equipment
  74. Announcement! New Job!!
  75. FS:96 Nissan Pathfinder Bug Guard.
  76. Autocross - RAIN BABY RAIN!!!!
  77. Where to get Mobil1 cheap in east bay?
  78. Whos blue WRX at SFSU?(nm)
  79. two silver RS's at AMCmercado
  80. Okay........who's WRX was jacked near McCarthy??
  81. Need help and uppipe
  82. anyone else ever secretly wished this on someone?
  83. center cauge pod install
  84. New member -any meets?
  85. Silver 02 Impreza in Campbell
  86. M2 Rear Sway
  87. Blow off Vavle and turbo timer?
  88. Street racing on Montaque & Trimble
  89. Anyone install a 4 or 5 point harness???
  90. Santa Rosa sitings
  91. mountain view locals
  92. Vishnu Stage 0 WRX guinea pigs :)
  93. attn: bill, incase you read this before your PM
  94. I am tring to get a set of Jaos mud guard....
  95. *sniff *sniff R.I.P. scooby dooby blu
  96. Slush Series Round 5
  97. Monne'y?
  98. WRX race on HW 24 3:35pm sunday
  99. Where do you go for rallycross?
  100. Gary Sheehan: pole-to-pole victory
  101. storage/work space in SF Bay area
  102. hey Raymond "turbowrximpreza"
  103. Who's checked for water in air filter compartment?
  104. Advanced Racing School - Thunderhill Dec 15th
  105. Whee! rain!
  106. Need stock WRX in SF area for R&D
  107. Hey Imprezer
  108. Puddles!
  109. Thanks for the gift
  110. Central Expressway near Fair Oaks
  111. Finally, some recognition! (sighting)
  112. Exhaust hangers for under $5 bucks !
  113. Having fun at the SCCA auto X video clip !
  114. can someone tighten the top of my strut?
  115. Not so water proofe suby :(
  116. Sighting: Cute asian girl in white 2.5RS 11/12
  117. Battle for 1st in Novice 5
  118. Snow, Sand, Salt, and WRX
  119. wtb: turbo timer in bay area?
  120. Hicks RD. And a sorry driver in an old prelude -Long-
  121. Leonid Meteor Shower this weekend...Meet?
  122. Fire Roads
  123. hey who has cusco Comp3's?
  124. anyone have enough nuts to go around?
  125. Bring a bowl to catch ur drooling first.
  126. Won't you be my neighbor?
  127. Stripped Bolt - Recommend a shop?
  128. Good Hotel/Motel near Laguna Seca ??
  129. Ques: About Speeding ticket
  130. Crack.
  131. Hey HongKong
  132. S4 on 19th ave in SF
  133. Sacramento Auto Show starts Tommorow (11/15)
  134. Winter (snow) tires.....
  135. turbo timer
  136. who's silver WRX at Pheonix/InSilicon lot?
  137. Fs: Nos Kit And Hks Boost Gauge
  138. SJSU Students!
  139. Sighting: Whose Dad driving Red WRX in Dublin?
  140. Fireball pick...
  141. Turbosmart- anyone heard of those products??
  142. krispy kreme
  143. Rare sighting
  144. Aaaaargh!!
  145. girl sighted! haha! with new rims no less!
  146. Multi Sighting in front of MRAK hall at UC Davis
  147. KK meet tonite 1/15
  148. USTCC Round 6 - Sears Point Race Recap (Long)
  149. UC Berkeley students?
  150. Anyone selling STi top mounts locally?
  151. subie car wash???
  152. Weekly Saturday Installs :)
  153. what's the general opinion on forge bov's?
  154. Attn: Mike (suby1), Call Alex.....
  155. Sasha & Digweed in town tonight
  156. Hi everyone
  157. Age of Bay Area Members ?
  158. Blue RS on Alta-Arden in sac this afternoon
  159. silver wagon in milpitas?
  160. Looking for factory 15" takeoffs?
  161. i've just lost $100 on the freeway...
  162. stuff for sale...
  163. silver WRX sighting
  164. best wrx price
  165. A view you Mt. Ham freaks should recognize...
  166. Yo, I'm selling my Aiwa MP3 in-dash
  167. OT XboX Kicks @$$
  168. fs: WRX parts including Unichip.
  169. Paul Oakenfold in SF on Monday
  170. Stuff for Sale....
  171. sightings today
  172. I wonder
  173. Sacramento Auto Show (Review)
  174. ATTN: AT&T Employees
  175. Local parts F/S Blitz
  176. Fog + HID's == ? (life or death?)
  177. Boreal Yesterday!!!
  178. Blue 2.5 sighting
  179. where do you buy Clay bars in Bay Area?
  180. Need stock RS exhaust mid section
  181. Cute asian sighted in Berkeley
  182. blue wrx sedan
  183. FS: Stock WRX wheels..
  184. Wrecked WRX available in Rancho Cordova!
  185. Got into an accident
  186. Speedvision on digi cable in Sunnyvale
  187. who went to see harry potter
  188. Moscone Show
  189. ATTN Gino
  190. Hot asian girl in cupertino!
  191. Sighting: Beautiful Hispanic Woman
  192. Need Template for STI Clear Fender Blinkers
  193. Handsome Black man sighted in Oakland
  194. Sighting: Big fat ugly old guy in WRX
  195. Nintendo Gamecube!
  196. Need advise for a speeding ticket
  197. Thanks for the T-Shirt SubaChad
  198. Question for drag racers at Sears Point
  199. attn killerTHC you have to sell me a not so silent night ticket!!!
  200. Badges?
  201. Spotted : Hot Latino male!
  202. Anyone interested in a side job for the holidays?
  203. bill your PM box is full
  204. Help! My first CEL :(
  205. Spotted: Normal looking guy driving Black WRX with Roseville plates in Sac
  206. Need to get my turbo rebuilt
  207. unichip
  208. GB: getting some parts BRP. anyone want in?
  209. Got 3 HKS Carbon-Titanium Exhaust in Stock!
  210. 2003 Hyundai Coupe
  211. FS: Kartboy shifter WRX
  212. FS: 17mm rear sway bar & diff protector
  213. Rear WRX sway bar in Sac area?
  214. car check by state ref
  215. Cross post from VWVortex
  216. In town this weekend
  217. 7 straight Big Game losses: Go Cal!
  218. Possible wrxguy and GimpWRX sightings
  219. what's your subie's name
  220. Sighting @ Mercado: Blue GC8
  221. Attn: Bill, your box is full yet again
  222. Published on Dirtworld
  223. OMG!!! I made it a Specalist!!!
  224. Civic gone WRX
  225. Silver 2.5RS at KFBC?
  226. OT...Anyone know of Chinese Market in SacTown area?
  227. sighting: super clean Black Legacy GT with white volks on 80hwy near berkeley
  228. Shiv needs help with his iMac
  229. whose blue WRX in livermore?
  230. Auto Show
  231. Pics of Red Star Racings fine handiwork...
  232. FS: Trek 5200 Road Bike
  233. Gooble Gooble!
  234. SVX at vally fair?
  235. Anyone go to the car show in SF
  236. 2 sightings turned caravan on 80 from davis/sac to bay area thanxgiving morning
  237. craze @ sno drift tonight?
  238. Day of Defeat?
  239. Please say yer not here whoever you are...
  240. Any Interest in 2000 2.5RS seats?
  241. thought i'd say hi
  242. Been lookin around.......
  243. Bay Area Subaru Drags <---
  244. Sighting: in SF Japantown
  245. SIGHTING!!!: freamont off mission
  246. 60mph gusts!?!?!
  247. Going to be a WRX owner soon...I can't wait!
  248. Sightings :berkley
  249. Anyone want to seel their WRX downpipe- back?
  250. new autox pictures