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  1. 2 rare spottings!
  2. Santa Cruz sighting
  3. Laguna Seca BAM Meet ??
  4. Drag strip for testing mod with other WRX?
  5. Boreal WRX sighting
  6. Speedvision now in SF on AT&T
  7. good place in SJ to have tires installed?
  8. Like sand through the hourglass... These are the dollars I've spent on my car.
  9. Drags in SAC on WED if no rain?
  10. Burns won the drivers' championship
  11. Boost Gauge For SALE!
  12. Laguna Seca/ track tires
  13. Tires RE92's in the snow?
  14. 880N 1pmish, White 4dr 2.5RS, 98-01
  15. 2 more Sac Sightings (WRX and RS)
  16. sad news--need help!
  17. Question - Vent Control Solenoid
  18. 02' WRX 5-spd. FOR SALE
  19. [OT] AGGHH!!! My first experience with a Subaru and snow. (kinda long)
  20. Up on the block...
  21. 01 2.5 RS wheels for sale
  22. Post-accident story
  23. for sell...
  24. Thunderhill Park January 12th, 2002
  25. sighting 880n towards 101 exit
  26. New label on toy WRX !
  27. What the... (weird sighting of the week)
  28. a farewell Token of my appreciation...
  29. SPOTTED-South 101 Palo Alto
  30. Chains
  31. Subaru Tech Inspection (BAM?) w/Shiv @ Diablo Imports
  32. Custom '98 Yellow 2.5RS For sale...SWEET ride
  33. WTB: Bay Area Impreza or Legacy Wagon
  34. Stuff still for sale
  35. wrc mobin (got to see this)
  36. blue wrx in hayward
  37. not another new guy!
  38. H&R springs?
  39. Saturday Installs...
  40. IS n555wrc on I-club?
  41. Lawrence Expressway/Benton sighting
  42. Sighting in Elk Grove
  43. Who intalls EGT gauge @ good price?
  44. I Love this Weather!
  45. help! Need stock cat-back exhaust
  46. Attn: Imprezer check your PM about tomorrow
  47. SPark Plugs?
  48. Anyone have a Motorla V60? or know a place that sells for cheap?
  49. black wrx near sjsu
  50. Snow trip January 12th
  51. White RS with Primitive Body kit spotted (again)
  52. 323gtx
  53. Blanked and Spotted
  54. wrxellent joe, check you pm's buddy
  55. Hope you guys like NASCAR
  56. FS:Apexi avc-r
  57. FS: Blitz sus cone filter complete
  58. What happened to the LSIR tech inspection/BAM thread?
  59. CE light help
  60. Want to sell new HID's for $335
  61. BRUCELEE: Call Alex cell phone..
  62. My Impreza Is mine for REAL!
  63. OT no more cable modems??
  64. Kirkwood Tomorrow!
  65. Red Star Racing is closed tomorrow Saturday 12/01
  66. 3 more Sac Area sightings (Crosses fingers)
  67. Post-repair Question + Sighting
  68. Blue RS sighting, northbound 280 late friday
  69. FS: WRX Side Skirt
  70. attn:alex!!!!
  71. RS to WRX Conversion Project (Update)
  72. sighting-wrb wagon on 19th ave in sf
  73. FS: Forge BOV
  74. "slave to fashion"
  75. Relocation from east coast
  76. I guess Even 911 GT1 owners a envious
  77. GTR Sighting
  78. Jet Hot Coating Locally?
  79. Aspen WRX Wagen in Santa Clara
  80. Track Day Guys...need to pay ASAP...plse read.
  81. Know of any TE37s for sale?
  82. Local welding shops
  83. Visited my baby
  84. Intro, Got Ticket, & Want Rear Sways
  85. Lucky sighting Sunday
  86. I'll be picking up all the fly honies my new Pontiac Sunfire!!
  87. No more RS for me, also I was on KRON
  88. Where are you staying for LSIR?
  89. Attn: Skywalker
  90. Amp and Crossover for trade!!
  91. Got me a ticket!
  92. Sighting...
  93. Ahhh a fellow NorCal resident
  94. Losts of WRX service
  95. Place to fix minor bumper dent???
  96. Sightings at (and near) Valley Fair mall
  97. Could my accident void my insurance?
  98. Cabrillo Subaru owners?
  99. sighting : auburn folsom road
  100. Have You Seen My Neighbor?
  101. Attn: I-speed USA
  102. Want To Buy : Impreza L or LX or LS
  103. Primm poly bushing kit for sale
  104. Hey Marka555. Where is my $300?
  105. a little late caravans to Laguna Seca:
  106. URGENT: Traffic Status in Richmond @ 8am ish??
  107. FS: Sony 4x/8x Scsi CD-R
  108. found race gas in livermore!
  109. Snow Chains
  110. Hood options for 2002 TS
  111. Where can I get diamond plated sheet metal?
  112. FS & question
  113. Imprezer: Trying to email you this...
  114. Sighting - Richmond, Cutting Blvd 7:45am 12/5
  115. Sighting - I-80 Davis Area 11:30am 12/5
  116. Should I buy my car back?
  117. Powder Coating & Media Blasting
  118. Black WRX Sedan available @ Subaru/Suzuki
  119. FS: office chairs
  120. Anyone caught in the 580W quagmire...
  121. Helmet for LSIR Track Day?
  122. Sighting - In sac this afteroon on Cap City Expressway
  123. Any Sac Area folks headed to Laguna Seca on the 13th?
  124. Sighting Of A Lifetime!!!
  125. Some people have too much money!
  126. what could I buy at the dealer for $300?
  127. Apparently Davis not as safe as i thought it was.
  128. OT: WRX on slashdot
  129. gas mileage gone to hell! =P
  130. Who has heard of NEX?
  131. I'd like to thank my parents and...
  132. ready for lsir
  133. Want a free P1 replica lip?
  134. got a cellphone?
  135. wrb wrx sedan in newark, bah!
  136. wtb XS engineering intake
  137. Buying WRX in Bay Area
  138. sighting at Frys thursday night
  139. anyone want Eibachs on their WRX?
  140. Hey! how about another North Bay get together?
  141. Kirkwood Sucks!!!!
  142. FS: Brand new crossbar and ski attach.
  143. wtb Stock WRX Exhaust in bay area-
  144. installs this weekend?
  145. Sighting: Asian girl in Black RS 280 Palo Alto
  146. What would a cop say if...
  147. Engine oil & LSIR
  148. Livermore Subaru - Qvale Mangusta!
  149. Delivery truck crashed/overturned?...
  150. Co-worker of mine got into fatal accident last night
  151. Sighting - Sac Arden Fair Mall - 12/7 4pm
  152. Official vulturing is now underway:
  153. FS: Forged BOV
  154. Xmas get together?
  155. FS: MRT 22B wing replica for 99-2001 Impreza
  156. check my new wheels at this thread
  157. Photoshop help
  158. eibach pro kit springs
  159. two 5" pioneer headset screens for $200
  160. next wrx shipment?
  161. Need My00 ecu wiring diagram urgent
  162. My GC8, may she rest in peace
  163. The only thing I could save from my baby
  164. BTW: brucelee sighting
  165. 2 SF sightings
  166. A special thanks to DelicouSpeed & EJ20WRX
  167. Sighting - SF JTown
  168. Check Out!!
  169. Do DVD Players Play VCD?
  170. FS: 3 Kartboy Exhaust Hangers
  171. finally a pic of my new wheels
  172. i saw gino's car chillin at my work today
  173. pulling CEL code
  174. What happened to our "special gift" from going to Sears Point to watch Gary kick ass?
  175. Why I love my AWD!
  176. Crashed WRX wagon at kirkwood???
  177. Where to buy autox/track helmet?
  178. Wanted: WRX owner with VF22, turboback exhaust, uppipe,whowants:STI injectrs, unichip
  179. looking for front and rear factory WR Blue WRX bumper covers!
  180. Body shop in East Bay for wrecked Suby
  181. anyone want a forged bov or wrx "I" emblems?
  182. who did I promise Eibachs too?
  183. FS: Legacy turbo kit complete, etc.
  184. Wrecked in Tahoe (long)
  185. anyone want stock WRX sideskirts?
  186. Tire Rant... Long and Opinionated!
  187. Car finally runs...need new brake pads
  188. ahh the damned things are everywhere!
  189. Spectators at LSIR on Fri.
  190. who's silver wrx wagon at sfsu ?
  191. Subie Time Trials @ Buttonwillow - Jan 26-27th as low as $110!
  192. I'm about to drive across the country...
  193. who wants free wheels?
  194. Groupbuy interest in these rims?
  195. Mach III in SF any good?
  196. FS: Voodoo 5
  197. Code......
  198. @#[email protected]#$%@ Car was hit~!
  199. What are you guys doing about your tech inspect for LSIR?
  200. Paint/body shops
  201. Kartboy Krew at Laguna Seca
  202. attn: Rimrockaz
  203. Dark Blue RS at Fantasia 12/11/01
  204. WTB: I'm looking for a genuine RB5 wing.
  205. Estimate on return
  206. F/S 2000 Honda Civic Si w/6700 miles
  207. anyone in the Bay have DMS on there WRX?
  208. Hi
  209. post office BLOWS!
  210. Legacy question
  211. Finally happened to me, Windshield Woes
  212. Sightings
  213. Update to those who care about my floor mat project
  214. Impreza Videos Online?
  215. Who wants my spot at LSIR on Fri?
  216. I-Speed USA
  217. Pimpin' in the Metro!
  218. Spotted: White GC8 on Arden (Sac) 12/12
  219. Why i love exhausts so much...
  220. Wanted: WRX sedan stock rear sway bar
  221. I want DSL!
  222. Sacrametoe Sightings
  223. Anyone interested in a GC8 hood with scoop and 22b vents in BRP?
  224. bad news ... another subie down
  225. Went to traffic court today...
  226. Communial Snow Tires
  227. Who wants 1 pair of red/clear tail lights for a GC8?
  228. Prodrive UK 300 Lights
  229. Sunday SCCA AutoX Last slush series!
  230. 10 spots open at LSIR for Friday
  231. Good Body Shop in SJ
  232. Wanted - Wagon Cross Bars
  233. Kirkwood this weekend 15th-16th!!
  234. Angus: Car Numbers for LSIR
  235. Another Bay Area WRX Wreck
  236. What is the website that I can find parts from wreck cars ??
  237. Sac Sighting - Silver WRX, Arden El Torito, Lunchtime 12/13
  238. WRX fog light replacement procedure
  239. I-Club sticker
  240. Laguna Seca Spectating
  241. laguna seca caravan
  242. Sighting at SF STATE....the yellow post it note
  243. How long is Leguna Seca track day going to last?
  244. Another GC8 takes a hit
  245. color code for silverthorne metalic
  246. EXCLUSIVE!!! Live footage of Laguna Seca track day! 12pics and two movies!!
  247. a good place to have my boost gauge installed?
  248. Body shop recommendations for painting spoiler+installing.
  249. Install fest this weekend ?
  250. 1st guy to kiss the wall @ Laguna Seca