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  1. Yet another WRX "Accident"
  2. good stereo/security installs..
  3. RS parts for sale and cycle leathers too
  4. wanted-99'-01' passenger side headlamp
  5. good body shop in hayward/east bay?
  6. Sighting 880N San Leandro
  7. Its Official - 3(1),000 Mile Checkup + Need New Tires!
  8. What happened to the Xmas party?
  9. Be careful out there...and thanks
  10. Skyline in Berkeley?
  11. anyone want my agx/ground contorl setup?
  12. Wheres the summary of Laguna Seca or pics?
  13. come on '02
  14. LSIR Race on Sunday
  15. Spotted: Silver GC8 RS in Alameda 12/15
  16. 13mpg UGG!
  17. Well, got a new car... and no its not a Subie
  18. FS: GC8 front grill in BRP
  19. Patterson Pass = Best road EVER! (IE came back the long way from LSIR)
  20. Who was it???
  21. Anyone selling their 98-01 2.5rs in the bay area?
  22. 4 sightings at USF
  23. OT: tell ATT whats up
  24. 2nd Hand Sighting - Tracy
  25. My OT right gots stripped
  26. local 420
  27. update on the lost subie ...
  28. spring compressor rental
  29. Time for another smackdown!
  30. How did Gary Do?
  31. What’s up with Bozz Performance?
  32. Nintendo Gamecube!
  33. local420(LSIR question)
  34. WTB: 2000-01 Stock RS rim
  35. Favor to ask...
  36. Bay Area get togethers for WWF PPV events?
  37. Anime...
  38. sighted blue wrx getting ticket on 101 N
  39. Was Head On Photo taking pics at Track?
  40. Picture of me at LSIR
  41. Sat strip testing day @ Sac
  42. any local turbo rebuilders?
  43. Where should I get my Grill Painted? Fremont/south bay area.
  44. FS: MINT '02 WRX wheels/tires
  45. Q for you Hong Kong dudes out there
  46. What happened to the guy who's scooby got towed?
  47. National Lampoon's WRX Vacation
  48. Guaging interest in another N. bay run
  49. Osama, Not hiding inside caves like they said!
  50. WRX smacked down on 680
  51. New WRX owner...and more praise for Subaru of Santa Cruz
  52. sighting in almaden
  53. Buying a Sube : Question about VIN
  54. OT: best hotel near sfo
  55. Sighting: Two blue WRX wagons tailing each other on Willow/Middlefield
  56. Sighting: 3 different GC8's at AMC 20 @ 2:30
  57. FS: side skirts and cross bars
  58. XMAS! Springs and Free install for BAIC
  59. Short Notice: Wanted: 98 Legacy GT rim
  60. Am I the only one with Track day pics?
  61. Yet another update on my floor mats
  62. Vishnu Performance is E x p a n d i n g
  63. *Urgent* help needed-- and boycott this dealer.
  64. Sighting: Walgreens in San Bruno
  65. north bay run on dec 30th
  66. WTB: WRX silencer
  67. FS: 2000 RS Coupe
  68. Job Search
  69. Talk about the weather!
  70. Fs: Joe P Mbc
  71. goin up north
  72. Your assistance is needed, please...
  73. All I want for Christmas...
  74. Where can i find a shop for .....
  75. HS Lordships (Berkeley Marina parking lot)
  76. Sighting and question
  77. Many Thanks to Donutz, Subaru of Santa Cruz, and SOA
  78. Any Special Offers With Purchase of New Subaru??
  79. RallyCross/AutoCross Info needed
  80. Just finished JDM look headlights mod!
  81. To all 2002 WRX owners ... stupid question
  82. Extrude hone in Bay Area
  83. pictures of ginowrx at the last autox
  84. Legacy turbo setup still for sale and...
  85. Magnecor Wires Locally?
  86. any place to rent a WRX??? or i want one badly but...
  87. funny funny funny
  88. hey guys! the pics of my new STI exhaust...
  89. Recent WRX prices; experience at Steven's Creek; now what?
  90. Show Your Support For Subaru!
  91. Laguna Seca Track Day pics (finally, oh, and its a large pic)
  92. Proud new owner!
  93. OT Car Rental Coupons or Deals Anyone?
  94. Custom Exhausts Shops in BA?
  95. Confirmed: Speedring Smackdown Jan 5 5:00
  96. I5 sightings (and Stockton) today (23rd)
  97. Hey Chris!
  98. FS: AEM Short Ram intake RS 00-01
  99. Anyone here with New Silver WRX in Lincoln?
  100. Merry Christmas
  101. Auto Shop in S. BA?
  102. Sighting: Cute girl in WRB Wagon (19th Ave)..
  103. Reno meet...
  104. FS: Catz Zetta H4 light system
  105. Speedvision?
  106. RallyX yet?
  107. FS: Clear Turn Signal Lamps & Fender Lamps
  108. Sighting!
  109. 92 Octane report
  110. FS: WRX OEM Seats
  111. WRX stock speaker Q's
  112. Sighting: Blue WRX w/bi-level spoiler in Pleasanton
  113. back from snowboarding
  114. Who left up my windshield wipers at Home Depot ?
  115. ThunderHill Track/Drift event. Jan 26th
  116. HKS Carbon Titanium Exhaust for sale
  117. Local AutoMeter source??
  118. Jz 007, see my note ?
  119. best place to buy a WRXwagon in the bay?
  120. anime...
  121. Engine shop recommendation?
  122. chains for tahoe?
  123. window tint
  124. WRX dark blue dash cover for sale.....
  125. SHIV is Da Man!
  126. Need Speeding Tix Advice
  127. Happy Holidays, wish I can be of service...
  128. Return date bumped again
  129. Quick Question
  130. Audi shop recommendation
  131. Sighting on Blossom Hill Road
  132. FS: WRX side skirts
  133. That's "Mr. Topcover" to you!
  134. FS: 22B adjustable wing with third brake light
  135. N E 1 have gold RS wheels for sale or trade for forester wheels??
  136. Pothole From Hell and Other Ramblings about my Expensive Holiday
  137. Back from cross-country trip!
  138. anyone local have the full 7 vol 02 wrx service manual???
  139. Legacy Engine FS and Much More....
  140. Car audio stores?
  141. whatever happened to SuicideLabRat?
  142. speaking of "Racing" idiots.
  143. Local part number help
  144. yet another ej20wrx sighting
  145. Anyone for an audio install fest?
  146. SIghting: El Camino Real in Milbrae
  147. friendly meet
  148. OT: kinda... anyone going to CES 2002?
  149. First New Year Installfest
  150. going to Vegas
  151. Bay area auto parts?
  152. Sighting: Black Sedan w/Volk GTNs on San Tomas
  153. Late 2001 BAIC Recruiting
  154. Hello to the silver WRX wagon in SV
  155. The other saturday install fest...
  156. Happy New Year
  157. Road Hazard Warning: W-880 from E-92 On Ramp
  158. For those doing speaker installs on Sat...
  159. south bay ding repairs, 7.5k stuff to do
  160. GC8 unexteneded armrest wanted!
  161. Rippin' Road Trip Roads
  162. snowboard rack on wrx wagon
  163. For you Initial D fans...
  164. BAIC 4 seasons road rally series?
  165. Speeding ticket in Oregon!!!
  166. Blue WRX parked at 201 Harrison
  167. Mud rules
  168. Sighting on 50/80
  169. Sighting on 101 N Last night
  170. Anyone wanna trade my Rotas & tires for yours?
  171. FS: Targus laptop bags
  172. want to sell or trade my Apexi exhaust...
  173. Snow chains......again
  174. Sighting: [12:45 AM] Girl in silver RS on 280 exiting saratoga
  175. I'm in WRC tv Heaven....
  176. ATTN: Darwin (or any other people w/ stock filters)
  177. Cleaning garage: Few items for sale.
  178. anyone want a puppy?
  179. Michael J's Auto body
  180. Meet @ In-N-Out Milpitas Fri. Jan 4th
  181. FS: Tom's Japanese Racing Seat (pics)
  182. Hey I'm New
  183. I saw the pimpest thing today!
  184. Anyone wanna trade my 98 OEM Gold rims & tires?
  185. Wanted: Speakers
  186. Want to Buy some TE37's!!!!!!!!
  187. FS: GC8 stuff
  188. ATTN Andrew
  189. Which dumb **** tried to race me on automall last nite?
  190. Attn: Josh
  191. visiting dealership --> Take Unichip out?
  192. Rigged SOOBS in East Bay/Marin
  193. Ok to post Photo's ?
  194. WRX Tanabe 50-State legal exhast systems
  195. Diamond S600s (hex) speakers, GREAT price
  196. Sighting: Near Speedring
  197. venting...
  198. Oh man! saw two wrx's getting busted racing at evergreen!
  199. Who Goes to UCSC?
  200. Research question. What are local brands of fuel in your area (Mobil, Exxon, etc.)?
  201. Santa Cruz Subaru Repair Contact?
  202. Who traded in their 98 RS to steven's creek?
  203. HID question and advice
  204. Whose "Ron Price" silver WRX did I pass on I-80 in fairfield?
  205. Speedring: That seat ****ed up my back!
  206. FIA WRC 2001 Video CDs....
  207. RF 225.2 AMP + 2 12" RF DVCs for sale
  208. cracked windshield
  209. Where are close legal drag strips?
  210. what do you want a local auto parts to carry
  211. questions about exhaust laws in the bay area
  212. WTB: 99-01 stock shiftboot
  213. Who can pull CEL codes?
  214. Wanna clear your garage????
  215. Hey lets have a BAIC meet at traffic school!?
  216. Need Help Finding a turbo!!!
  217. who is down for Skyline drive Jan 13th...
  218. FS: WRX wheels and tires
  219. Sighting: So. Davis BRP GC8
  220. ANY GC8 want WRC carbon fiber hoods?
  221. Question about Short Shifters
  222. sighting in almaden
  223. sighting: shoreline WRB WRX
  224. accident
  225. for sale, tire-SP8000 225/16 1k miles
  226. recommended Subi dealer in Bay Area?
  227. Need help--good paint shop in Sacramento Area
  228. High-performance driving at Thunderhill this Sat.
  229. Who has info on CSCC?
  230. 2 I-80 Sightings in Sac (One of them MUST be from the club!)
  231. Pro DJ equipment for sale.............
  232. 2.5 RS trunk badge
  233. Good places to have rims powdercoated?
  234. Got dents?
  235. FS: 01 rims
  236. Looking for this part: Anyone have/know where I can get it? (PIC!)
  237. Part-time jobs
  238. Anyone for a Laguna Seca trackday on the 15th?
  239. Attn. Big Joe need to borrow your stock turbo!
  240. who has these in the bay area?
  241. OT: Anyone have TIVO?
  242. Sightings: 2 Eastbay Wagons
  243. For those of you that went to LSIR...
  244. RSX Meets WRX (meet info)
  245. Attn: 2.5RS owners
  246. Need some advice....
  247. Sighting at Maita Subaru
  248. 580 Sighting...Rex Wagon...
  249. local alarm shops
  250. Save $8 at Sugerbowl for Snow Trip Jan 12th