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  1. teamSMR pics from Laguna Seca
  2. Sighting: WRB WRX w/ Volks GTN on 880 this morning!
  3. Some ppl just suck
  4. CA Emmissions
  5. anyone ever hear of this software?
  6. first oil change on my WRX
  7. Attn: Philip
  8. Sacramento IT job market...
  9. and you thought you were rice....
  10. Thunderhill Raceway - HPDE
  11. Legend of Speed on VCD on an FTP site?
  12. Skiing / Boarding this weekend
  13. good VW dealers?
  14. new SUBU-head joining your party!
  15. Seen lots of WRXs in Davis, anybody wanna meet up
  16. When is the next get together??
  17. Looking For a Custom Interior
  18. Where did everyone get their Subaru?
  19. BAIC 4 Seasons Rallye Challenge update
  20. Feb 9th Meet/Greet/install fest at RedStar Racing
  21. Sighting: 11:10PM 1/29 Noriega & 21st Ave. SF White WRX
  22. 4 seasons rallye challenge points
  23. attn invisibleman
  24. attn odyss3y
  25. New Rex Site!
  26. Gone?!
  27. Anyone Going to Sears Point Sunday?
  28. Sunday's AutoX results
  29. Loking for good independent Sube mechanic in South Bay
  30. Washer and Dryer, need to get rid of today!
  31. FS:GC8 Pink "i" emblems (Set of 2)!
  32. Dent Wizard is missing his Magic Tools
  33. Took the plunge today
  34. just drove back on hwy 17 :)
  35. in and out
  36. Whose silver rex sedan was in front/behind/beside me on I80/Cap city exp. today @3?
  37. Sighting...Montclair...
  38. Help... Battery Charger Needed For Motorcycle
  39. anyone read new york times?
  40. Anyone at Subaru Santa Cruz on Sat, Feb 9th?
  41. what is wrong with people!
  42. anyone up for a great laff?
  43. ce light and mods
  44. Sac Meet
  45. Maybe FS: 96 1.8 AWD impreza Coupe.
  46. rev your engines!
  47. Sighting: Someone in Belmont has been busy!
  48. Place for tinting in Sacto?
  49. looking for a autobody shop
  50. yet another wrx sighting, 4RYL916
  51. anyone ever change the fuel filter?
  52. ATTN: Imprezer
  53. bay area
  54. ATTN: "girl" Mike
  55. Does anyone know Mike S in San jose?
  56. Is cop just being stupid?
  57. Be Ware Of Undercover, Unmarked Patrol Car On I-5 In Sac!!!
  58. Anyone want a Galant VR4?
  59. Vishnu Stage 0 and CA emissions
  60. autox class 4 eclipse
  61. Santa Cruz Members!!! (its about the Rally xVCDs)
  62. Save The Family Guy!!!!!!!
  63. Zeal B6 function coilovers for WRX-Mint!
  64. Modded White WRX on Sunrise/Kirby in Roseville @ 3:30 (2/1)
  65. Frickin broken windshield
  66. Scooby Specialist Finally
  67. Anyone have some RS linkage laying around?
  68. Sighting : Red WRX wagon in SF (Glen Park)
  69. Are the MINI's out now? Cause I just saw one too...
  70. Tried the orbital buffer for the first time
  71. Sighting: SF Irving & 9th WR Blue WRX Wagon W/ 98 RS wheels?
  72. Scooby Nuts on Skyline
  73. STI in US
  74. VCD Copy Centers........
  75. Silver RS on hwy80/880 around 11:30pm
  76. Sighting.. sat feb 2, Orinda
  77. Indoor Climbing Partner Needed
  78. Sighting: 3 Impreza's in Castro Valley
  79. Neil is PISSED! (rant)
  80. Sac Sightings
  81. Where to get windshield fixed?
  82. Skyline drive signup for 2/16/2002
  83. Am I nuts for going to Steven's Creek for maintenance?
  84. OZ Superleggeras in town?
  85. Sighting: And an apology
  86. attn odyss3y
  87. WRB WRX with morrets on height st SF
  88. Bill or Chris? (or anyone else for that matter...)
  89. Meguiar's "tech" on C&C this past weekend...
  90. YEAH~I am recording WRC on Speedvisvion~
  91. For those of you who financed your car through the dealership...
  92. cold air intake
  93. cluck u
  94. attention blue WRX with gunmetal rota subzero that goes to the Milpitas races
  95. code pullers help please.
  96. clutch shudder...
  97. How often do you guys meet???
  98. ATTN: girl
  99. Looking for cheap oem RE92 tires
  100. Who has WRXs in Pinole?
  101. anyone know if diablo moved to dublin yet?
  102. DAVID at J-Motorsports
  103. I-5 (sacramento) debadged WRB wagon sighting
  104. Where's a good place to get a haircut, Santa Clara/San Jose?
  105. Blonde in a black RS
  106. Sighting, Alborada Apts, Fremont
  107. Sighting - Oakland Chinatown
  108. South SF sighting: white 2.5RS on.....
  109. sighting - san felipe park
  110. Want to Trade? K&N for ITG
  111. SHIV, what were you doing on Bowers Ave this morning?
  112. Who's going to the CalRally school/X in Ridgecrest???
  113. Who has a story with Cops and Turbos?
  114. Who's wrb wrx in hayward???
  115. Visiting SanFran
  116. Sighting: Silver WRX parked near Safeway in Belmont
  117. Sighting at Motor sports dynamics in Sac off of arden
  118. sorry to post this again... (spoiler)
  119. Milpitas Meet?
  120. Oakland Sighting...
  121. my ticket
  122. Some fellow WRX owners aren't very nice. :p
  123. sjsu students read please!!!
  124. How many have actually experienced WRX abs problem?
  125. oakland meet?
  126. coolant leak
  127. Okay, who "zoomed" me on 101 South...
  128. New Lancer...just read my copy of motortrend...
  129. Sighting: BRP WRX on 580W before Pleasenton
  130. ARE there any another gals on BAIC?
  131. Any good roads near Walnut Creek?
  132. Yellow wrx sighting
  133. Need directions for you area...
  134. Just Faxed It In
  135. MEET ON THE 16th of FEB !!FREMONT
  136. Sighting: Black WRX Sedan, livermore
  137. Sac State Parking lot sightings
  138. snowboarding
  139. Anybody else going to Sac Raceway this saturday?
  140. Sighting: Blonde girl in black WRX in Santa Clara
  141. please
  142. cluck u next tusday
  143. dealers?
  144. Windows all fogged up
  145. Sac Sightings
  146. FS: APEX Super AVCR (Brand new!)
  147. Local guys: Defi for sale and possibly morrettes
  148. Finally...the 1K mark!!!
  149. boy... i wish my sedan had...
  150. My Cell Phone Has Been Changed
  151. Silver WRX at SCU with exhaust
  152. anyone sellin their black wrx?
  153. Lumbar Support
  154. Anyone know where i can get a stereo mounting bracket?
  155. attn: odyss3y
  156. Wow, a cop jocked my Santa Clara no less!!
  157. Stock height MY00 RS w/ Prodrive 18's to roll or not to roll fenders?
  158. FS: Minnam Turbo kit
  159. Even More Sac WRX Sightings (Roseville too)
  160. Emissions question
  161. anyone got their k&n or itg panel for sale
  162. Great Service at Carlsen
  163. usual fri night 237 In&Out meet
  164. Cracked front wind-sheild!
  165. Subaru Santa Cruz Saturday morning
  166. nice silver WRX in Berkeley
  167. Sighting:
  168. subachad, you gonna rallye with us tomorrow?
  169. 4 Davis sightings, at 1 intersection... in 45 mins!!! and a new Masserati!
  170. Sighting: Pinole Valley/Castro Ranch/Alhambra
  171. Just got back from Sac Raceway
  172. Subaru Santa Cruz service RULES
  173. Okay, who's Silver WRX wagon w/Morettes - black WRX with SuperLeg's?
  174. I'm moving to Oregon
  175. FS: 16" ADR DTM Wheels
  176. Sighting: black wrx sedan
  177. FS and Trade: Armrest Extension
  178. Place to get car track ready
  179. Sac sightings fer days
  180. 02 dog white wagon at Ikea
  181. VIP girl sighting on Decoto!!! LOL
  182. who's black wrx wagon?
  183. Court Appearance Wed
  184. FS: 2 pc133 256mb sdram kingston sticks
  185. CE light...
  186. Santa Cruz Subaru
  187. No front plate ....ticket!
  188. My window got cracked today
  189. Rallye Challenge Pictures?
  190. Northbay sighting
  191. International Auto Salon...
  192. down pipe question
  193. cluck u
  194. Where is "discovery tint " ??
  195. Made a mod wishlist today..
  196. Who's wrb blue in stockton with morettes?
  197. sighting: who's white WRX
  198. on ramp speeds?
  199. wrxellent check your email mang!
  200. utada hikaru first love flash clip
  201. "kong hey fat choi!"
  202. Photos of Laguna Seca Trackday up
  203. Where to install STI short shifter
  204. Whose WRB sedan at Kings Academy traffic test?
  205. Hey ginowrx @ redstar racing
  206. Whats up with Downtown Subaru in Oakland?
  207. Wanted: Momo Race airleather
  208. Russell Racing Course Gift Certificate for Sale
  209. EddyRS->What's going on with the WRX conversion?
  210. WTB: Crystal Clear side markers
  211. WRC '01 VCDs 5 copies
  212. Same sighting X2 in South Sacramento today!
  213. MP3 meet @ In-N-Out Friday Feb 15th
  214. Um... Why did I just see the Rancho Subaru Recycler on Battlebots!?!?!
  215. snowboards on top of wrx wagon
  216. any spare STOCK TD04L laying around?
  217. Norcal rallyx places?
  218. Sighting: Silver WRX sedan on 17 & 85
  219. HKS exhaust?
  220. Wanna-be angel eyes on a WRX....
  221. V-day is tommorow...where to get flowers!
  222. Stock rims and tires...
  223. Sighting: WR Blue Wagon w/ no rails
  224. Attn: Imprezer! Got Dents
  225. OT: Our First Commercial!
  226. hurry! get your Lotto tickets! NOW!
  227. WRX Wagon at hp in Palo Alto
  228. I got a Civic for sale... a daily beater anyone ????
  229. sighting: white wrx wagon - still have dealer plates in cal state hayward...
  230. Pickin up WRX on V-Day=True Love
  231. How many sightings u see a day?
  232. anyone need stock WRX parts?
  233. h&r coilovers
  234. where to get oem body kit?
  235. Saturday drive?
  236. Anyone down to Subaru Santa Cruz this Sat
  237. Who does clutch installs?
  238. new STi is it for real yet?
  239. FS: Clear Fender Lamps
  240. My impressions of Stevens Creek & Santa Cruz dealerships
  241. Wanted: BOV
  242. Ticket--no front plate--Sac.
  243. Round 2, 3Com Park
  244. Just got my bonus check... what should I get?
  245. silver WRX wagon w/stoptech's in front of Togo's?
  246. WTB: WRX Platinum Silver Hood
  247. Check Engine!
  248. new tattoo shop in sj
  249. Selling my RS, anyone in the Bay Area interested?
  250. Just got my first Subaru: Any Bay Area Stores have WRX suspension parts for sale?