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  1. AutoX round 2
  2. Fri night?
  3. Selling soon!
  4. Manual boost controller vs Digital boost controler
  5. sighting
  6. what sports do you guys play
  7. WTB: Used VCR
  8. Slicks on an AWD car?
  9. Sighting I-80 East near Roseville
  10. New 2k1 GC8 pics!
  11. What's your favorite tire shop in the Bay Area?
  12. My Wife got hit by a Drunk driver...
  13. Dents fixing recommendation
  14. WRX Tanabe Lowering Springs
  15. CUSCO Zero-2R's
  16. stuffs for sale
  17. BAIC GB on Rota wheels via Redstar Racing...
  18. new guy here, pickin' up silver WRX wagon t'morrow!
  19. Anyone know of a "fun" traffic school...
  20. Fs: Joe P Mbc
  21. HELP NEEDED: Wanted one RE92 Potenza tire for WRX
  22. Sighting Silver WRX Wagon on Hwy 101
  23. Do OZ F1 Cups fit Subies?
  24. Subbies at DVC
  25. Anyone who has had a bad experience with Stevens Creek Subaru PLEASE READ!!!
  26. Which school is better for drivers training?
  27. Who lives south of Grass Valley in the middle of nowhere?
  28. Sacramento
  29. Keeping The Scooby Clean!!!!
  30. Sighting: R34 GT-R in S.F.
  31. Engine Light!
  32. Rear camber adjustment question
  33. E-brake turns... okay? or bad?
  34. Some Stuff for Sale
  35. CRACKER RACING unveiled!
  36. m1 license!
  37. who needs parts/service?
  38. Please read and give me your opinion
  39. fatal accident on Hwy. 4 - Impreza RS involved
  40. OT: Bay Area xBox gurus
  41. need to rant...
  42. FS: Brand New STI fog light cover in BRP
  43. Need info on rally X driver burns? for school
  44. wow..
  45. Who Is in the East Bay?
  46. Aspen white rice
  47. Got a small hit, need help!
  48. ATTN: Skywalker or anyone else with a ski rack
  49. WRX AEM Cold Air Intale for $100.
  50. Warning! Police Activity on the 880 near Hayward
  51. black sedan on 880
  52. Saturday Installs, not happening...
  53. Someone tried to steal my car.
  54. Spotted: '02 WRX with a bunch of rustangs in Byron
  55. Spotted: Blue Sedan at Pet Extreme in Livermore
  56. Help...
  57. If anyone is interested...
  58. SFR Auto-X round 2 results posted...
  59. STi Top Mount Solution Package
  60. Interest in an Alignment Day @ Auto Innovations?
  61. Skyline Boulevard on 3/02/02
  62. Here's a little dealer story..
  63. cluck u
  64. GC8 Sighting: on 280/680 around 2-3pm
  65. Rim of the World - palmdale - may
  66. Lunch in Oakland Chinatown Wed 2/20?
  67. F1 in San Francisco
  68. Simply because I'm happy
  69. San Bruno Paint Shops?
  70. FS: Rota Sub Zeros in Gun-Metal
  71. Looking for a Rally Blue 1999 2.5RS
  72. help for a date on saturday!
  73. Parts dept. ratings...
  74. Bay Area Folks I Have A Guage 4sale
  75. Anyone going to the open track event at buttonwillow 3/2-3?
  76. White parking bulbs
  77. anyone in the bay want agx's or ground controls?
  78. When's the next semi or big meet?
  79. OT: where can I buy a die cast model car?
  80. Any takers for $700 Subaru bucks for $600 OBO
  81. Quickie ? for the Locals...99RS and RWX rims
  82. SLOWRX in Hayward
  83. Sale at Streetwize
  84. Anyone wants buddyclub P1 Wheels?
  85. Any Silver Wrx's want to trade their hood for a CF Hood?
  86. cluck u on 2/26/02
  87. ayapon
  88. Flat tire on Alhambra Valley Rd.
  89. Need Help, Confused
  90. Best looking head lights
  91. Hollister Hills March Event
  92. Fremont People be careful!
  93. under 21 and going to Sugerbowl?
  94. south bay lunch bunch
  95. Sacramento Meet and Drive 2/23 (this saturday)
  96. FS: 2001 2.5rs sedan
  97. Place to get plastic?
  98. Disgruntled customer
  99. hey sacratomato people...
  100. Moving to S. San Jose
  101. congrats
  102. Any 1's wants to Trade for my 22B wing/ trunk lid
  103. Who's the silver wagon on 280N 7:40pm Thurs
  104. BAIC dim sum meet
  105. Body shop in SacTo
  106. HomerJay: You Deserve a Gold Medal!
  107. RBP WRX w/gold p1's at Home Depot (Emeryville)
  108. Hottie in Silver WRX wagon southbound on 101?
  109. Sighting: Cupertino Village
  110. anyone interested in some used rs struts/springs?
  111. Speed trap - McCarthy SJ/Milpitas
  112. Anyone know of a good boba place that's not fantasia?
  113. Sighting - Lafayette
  114. Sparco Lumbar Support
  115. International Joe Luk
  116. Where to get a haircut in Fremont??
  117. tonight
  118. Decel rattle and Carlsen Subaru
  119. meet at great mall on sat?
  120. almaden expwy sighting
  121. wrx got in its first accident tonight
  122. Who's Yellow REX on 280S...
  123. sighting: silver 2.5rs sedan in albertson's, lake merrit
  124. Oh My God
  125. Anyone in bay area have IG7000 alarm?
  126. ce light on boost
  127. Bay Area Wheel Repair?
  128. My car got jacked!!!!
  129. Re:sacramento body shop suggestions
  130. Finally, 1000th post
  131. RS to WRX conversion (Update)
  132. Best Bay Area WRX prices?
  133. How do get a hold of ALAN from ASR?
  134. Sac Sighting (Citrus Heights) Silver Rex Sedan at 2:45
  135. not one, not two, but three sightings today!!
  136. Who's silver WRX parked on El Camino..??
  137. Left my spare and trunk carpet at Auto-X
  138. OT: Rockclimbing anyone?
  139. Mt. Hamilton midnight run???
  140. Homes in the Hills
  141. Good place to go skiing?
  142. FS: Stock WRX rims & tires
  143. bulk carbon fibre?
  144. joltdudeuc sighting
  145. 5Zigen Cat-Back Exhaust
  146. Who says Mondays suck?
  147. FS: 1999 VW Jetta VR6
  148. cluck u on 2|26|02
  149. rant rant
  150. Anyone can Donate me a GC8 Trunk!
  151. Break in time!
  152. question
  153. We need some new smilies.
  154. SF Sighting: Divisidero and Fell
  155. I'm bored...Pick up lines courtesy of another msg. board
  156. z06 and WRX WRB Wagon Video
  157. who plays paintball
  158. For local sale: C-West Rear Underfin Spoiler for GC8
  159. need help fixing a "noise"
  160. (flat) towing your WRX
  161. Gc8 crash on Highway 9 - I-Club?
  162. 1:43 Scale WRC Subaru
  163. I shall call you Subaru City!! Lake Tahoe
  164. Man the stock speakers really suck
  165. Oakland Ave sighting...
  166. i saw a "saw jai"
  167. Hak Po Street, Mong Kok, HK
  168. Harrison OBD-2 scanner, any taker?
  169. big driveway, garage, and lotsa free time in san fran
  170. I-club decal - help me decide
  171. Does RedStar Racing do tires?
  172. Cobb's CARB cert woes. Opinions wanted.
  173. Front plate tickets
  174. Any Subbie owners have Dirt Bikes?
  175. East Bay weekend Run
  176. Attn: Christoph (or anyone else that cares)
  177. Stock Intake Silencer Needed
  178. Stoneridge Sighting today 2/26
  179. Blue GC8 with Gran Turismo decal on rear bumper. In the Hidden Glens couple days ago
  180. REX Owners: Does any one have these?
  181. Got my car back together
  182. BAIC singles or couples?
  183. my tranny temp install
  184. 2002 WRC ???-CDs. What do you think?
  185. Does anyone work on Maude/Mathilda with a WR Blue 02 WRX??
  186. FS: Greddy 60mm mech. boost gauge
  187. How to rice your computer
  188. Anyone know an affordable Saturn mechanic in Sacramento area?
  189. Course MaP for SFR Round 3 @ Oakland
  190. sea otter classic?
  191. First scratch
  192. where's a good place for a mattress in Santa Clara Cty?
  193. Captain Boost Has Returned!!!!!!!!!!
  194. Thouroughly whooped like a donkey by a 2.0 Jetta today
  195. Lets Get a Meet Going
  196. Ok, so whose gonna stop by this weekend to help me do my rear-swaybar conversion?
  197. for kneedragger
  198. who's white wrx in hayward?
  199. Anyone at Subaru Santa Cruz Sat the 2nd?
  200. anyone have stock struts?
  201. MEET this weekend??????
  202. Whose brand spankin new Rally Blue WRX at Sac State?
  203. Track Day - (HPDE) - DonutzRacing at Thunderhill on March 22, 2002
  204. Need help pulling CEL code
  205. anyone wanna have mini-meet in Daly City?
  206. OT: Local source for Bit Char-G Micro R/C cars?
  207. antone here have friends with 2nd gen eclipses? stuff for sale.
  208. about those front plates (and other laws)
  209. i want clear coat/polish on CF hood..but where!
  210. DVC silver wrx
  211. MKIII Exhaust...
  212. DIRT ROAD EXPEDITION: Mendocino Nat'l Forest
  213. EJ 20, what type of exhaust system do you have?
  214. Acura spit on WRX
  215. Import SEMA
  216. sighting: silver wrx sedan on 85 south
  217. Auto-X round 3...
  218. window tinting ???
  219. FS: Poly bushing set
  220. I just keep posting Petaluma sightings..
  221. Just had a fender-bender
  222. FS: Handspring Visor Edge
  223. Sighting @ UC Davis 2002 WRB WRX w/rims
  224. Anyone goto DSR for tuning?
  225. so DIYs, what are you guys using?
  226. Do any of you guys know what a crankshaft sprocket retaining tool is?
  227. Helpfull Subie Dealers??
  228. Stock WRX suff FS
  229. attn: silberex
  230. For Sale: Fender Fat Strat Guitar Package NEW
  231. $280 - X-Box + PGR + Optical out -
  232. Sliver wrx on Mt. Hamilton
  233. what have you done to ur wrx?
  234. New Clutch!!!
  235. someone egged my car AGAIN...
  236. For all those technical poeple out there...
  237. Anyone in the area have a Level10/protorque TC
  238. engine & tranny mount install recommendation
  239. Electrical Help wanted
  240. totaled RS on decoto ramp
  241. Sac Sighting Blu WRX
  242. back on the road
  243. Whose SRP coupe has the plates...
  244. Anyone know a local shop that can bore my block?
  245. New rally game
  246. check out this "dirt" road...
  247. hybrid WRX turbo shop in the bay area...
  248. Huge parts sale - going out of biz
  249. Suggestion for gauges
  250. Anyone with an MKIII or II Exhaust?