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  1. FS: PS2.. stock or modded.. it's up to you!
  2. CS guys, LAN party @ Hypernet in Fremont
  3. another plug for Santa Cruz
  4. Wanted--EGT guage to fit stock tri-pack
  5. MRT Dealers in Norcal?
  6. Cheapest replacement windscreen?
  7. Attn: Members of the Redstar Rota wheel GB (REPLY ASAP)...
  8. Any Phase II 2.5's for sale? Give it up!
  9. Is there a team meet anytime soon?
  10. Stage zero?
  11. $380 : Fender Fat Strat Guitar Setup
  12. Lince plate: DREWRX, you on here?
  13. I-80
  14. Rim Rally, May 3-4, Palmdale
  15. FS:WRX Stock struts
  16. Cluck U: who's going?
  17. Concillian and Philip - 2001 WRC VCD's rock!
  18. WANTED: Stock WRX Rims & Tires >MUST be in Excellent Cond. w/Low Mileage!!
  19. wrx headers
  20. where should i go for 30000 mile service
  21. Need 3" exhaust for a GC8. Trade?
  22. Sighting: 2 girls in a WR Blue WRX on Lafayette.
  23. Just saw Chris Webber smobin his brand new Bently
  24. How do you fix a crooked steering wheel???
  25. She's baaaccckkkkkk.........
  26. Sighting: Silver WRX Wagon on Washington St. in DC
  27. Questions about adding gauges.
  28. Interesting Cars on the Road
  29. sighting: Oakland Chinatown
  30. Are you a sys admin?
  31. who's selling Black WRX side skirts?
  32. Another sighting: Silver WRX sedan w/ roof rack and Santa Cruz plate frame. ;)
  33. oh the maddness
  34. what would -you- do? keep, sell, trade in?
  35. anyone have an extra laptop bag?
  36. FS: Greddy boost gauge...STILL available
  37. brucelee posting on Craigslist missed connections?
  38. The rain is my fault
  39. Price Alert: Mobil 1 @ Walmart f/ $3.40/qt
  40. Wanted: 00 or 01 2.5 RS 5MT
  41. GC8 sedan on 880N
  42. *Drool* Subaru girls...
  43. 70$ oem steering column mount boost guage
  44. clearbra or stongard?
  45. possible problems w/ engine
  46. FS: Silver WRX Alum Hood without Scoop
  47. blitz dtt or blitz fatt?
  48. what do you think of gold rims on a blue car?
  49. ATTN: Christoph1371
  50. silver wagon sighting
  51. Wanted: Stock WRX Indash 6disc
  52. Who threw a rev at me turning onto Cedar in Newark
  53. new bay area 2.5rs owner
  54. 2 WRX Sightings today!! Peninsula area
  55. WANTED ASAP: Stock WRX Up-pipe & Header "Crossover" Pipe
  56. Bay area visitor. March ~25th
  57. 959 on the ****ing road?
  58. Cool video courtesy of Subaru Japan (Sti & Prodrive models) ;)
  59. Concillian and Philip Thanks from Red Star Racing
  60. "All you can drive for $55" promotion at SpeedRing Indoor Kart Racing.
  61. Tinted by Driving Edge
  62. Where to buy Sway Bars???
  63. Mobile Syn $18.08 5 qts. @ Mtn. View Walmart
  64. April 12: Track Day at Buttonwillow Raceway [UnlimitedLaps]
  65. Two Sac Area Sightings
  66. Any Subie owners from SVALE or San JO area ?
  67. attn: bill, clean out your PMs
  68. My suggestion for some lunch/dinner in SJ
  69. figured out who owns the sub down the street from me
  70. Road out to Stinson Beach
  71. hey brucey! why didn't u wave back! punk! =P
  72. Misc. STUFF for Sale, Local Bay Area
  73. Sightings: Newark and Milpitas
  74. FS: 2002 WRX Rims
  75. FS: Limited Edition Macross dvd set
  76. Items for Sale (Local)
  77. Southbay BAIC Meet
  78. Sighting: 85 North in San Jose
  79. just crashed
  80. PRM inline filter...where?
  81. FS WRX Rim
  82. Just Got a Silver WRX
  83. 18s in Sac?
  84. 2000 2.5RS becomes STi
  85. April 6/7 Sacramento Cup Autocross first round at Cal Expo (How bout a Meet?)
  86. Im Finally Apart of the Club
  87. brucelee sighting
  88. Who to go to for Warranty service, Maita or Gold Rush in Auburn?
  89. Looking to find ( wanted ) legacy wagon
  90. I want a Broken WRX MAF...
  91. People at Santa Cruz Subaru
  92. DoorKnob Sighting?
  93. what is the best way to ship wheels
  94. what boost controller do you guys use?
  95. Whose BRP coupe on Decoto....
  96. Do You Ever Drive Off With Stuff On Top of Your Car?
  97. My PM box is empty now...
  98. Can't believe I got away!
  99. Snowboarding @ Dodge Ridge
  100. Berkeley Sighting: Red Head Chick in an RS
  101. Sears Point Open-Track day 3/30-31
  102. 3 sightings n sac/roseville
  103. Got a 540i; WRX wagon for sale!
  104. 2000 RS OEM silver rims for sale! Local...
  105. Will work for mods....
  106. Mendocino National Forest report
  107. so many sightings...
  108. Makinen on our side now?
  109. Want snow tires on Stock rims ....
  110. List your favorite tuning shops!
  111. 4SALE: Stock WRX Springs, Struts, & Front Swaybar; Used Only 2500 miles!!
  112. FS: Apexi Tubro Timer
  113. Local FS : 4 Steel wheels 15x6 & extras
  114. Sighting from the 12th floor
  115. What Company Delivery Car to NY state!
  116. cluck u
  117. Anyone have RL-7s in a 16" size?
  118. Kum-ho to Ta-heo
  119. NewDimensions=WRXparts2
  120. OEM RS supension for sale
  121. hey chunky monkey
  122. List your favorite REPAIR shops
  123. Anyone have friends with white RSX?
  124. OK, Who was it ? (sighting)
  125. Help.. I was in GB for rotas and got left out
  126. help! Buying used WRX, Wagon vs Sedan
  127. anyone like Tapioca drinks in here ?
  128. R1 for a 2.5 RS?
  129. of gauges and things
  130. where to find SS brake booster cheap?
  131. WTB: WRX passenger headrest
  132. Sighting on el camino
  133. dropped?
  134. Whose rex unloading at Sac Airport? (was on TV)
  135. i must have a bullseye painted on
  136. Anything Happening this weekend?
  137. Stromboli Lunch Bunch!
  138. Redwood City sighting
  139. Wrestlemania! Can anyone host?
  140. Great place for service in the Sunset
  141. Sacramento Raceway, Tonight - 03/13/02
  142. HELP! need aftermarket intake ASAP!
  143. Yes!
  144. I'm Sorry Guys
  145. Blue WRX around Santa Clara
  146. ne1 here into blink182 and for sale
  147. carbon fib wing 4 sale
  148. FS: Minnam Turbo kit
  149. Are any after market intakes legal in CA?
  150. Race This Weekend
  151. let's start a meet at ocean beach
  152. wanted: stock 02 wrx sedan sideskirts.
  153. Cones anyone?
  154. Did I see Kostamojen's car?
  155. 2 sightings: south fremont/680
  156. Can Someone Explain Something for Me?
  157. Getting my STi key cut
  158. Sighting---1st I580 West 2nd Richmond bridge W.
  159. For Sale: WRX sedan, 12K miles, $20,000
  160. WANTED This Weekend! Stock WRX Header/Exhaust Manifold-Will Buy or Trade My $1200 MRT
  161. WRC France
  162. Sighting: Yellow WRX in South Park
  163. SIGHTING: Yellow WRX on 280 south in SSF Wednesday Morning
  164. Funny van/supra commercial
  165. header
  166. San Jose people want to give me a lift?
  167. Stongard In Livermore
  168. Brucelee Sighting
  169. FS: New K&N replacement filter for MY00
  170. Anyone got the soccer game "WINNING ELEVEN 4" for playstation ??
  171. Soon to be for sale: Split Second Programmable MAP
  172. Silver WRX wagon at Sportsrack
  173. I dont get this..
  174. Redline retailer?
  175. Who's Silver WRX in Greenbrae
  176. USTCC at Sears Point This Weekend
  177. Has anyone heard of...
  178. Local FS: WRX stock wheels and tires
  179. Where in SF Can I Rent An Engine Crane?
  180. who follows the warriors?
  181. B.A.I.C. Meet/drive
  182. FS: Factory Cross bar kit + mighty mounts
  183. FS: Stock WRX wheels - - - 400 or best offer
  184. Bill and Chris's Non-Install Fest, Well this weekend only...
  185. just got a speeding ticket
  186. Heading up to El Cerrito...any place on the way there to pick up exhaust hangers??
  187. My car is here...
  188. who did I see???
  189. who did i see too??
  190. Sac meet before AutoX in Cal Expo ?
  191. LOL: Will pay $15 for KB SS install
  192. anyone seen WRC game for it out
  193. How to get from Sac to San Fran paying least tolls?
  194. another KK meet in DC
  195. Do We Have a Starting Time for "GOT DENTS II"?
  196. We need a northbay meet or drive.
  197. Central Valley Meet
  198. Mendocino Nat'l Forest: when should we go?
  199. Any mechanics looking for a job?
  200. Sighting WRB WRX around 9PM
  201. Snow experience @ Alpine Meadows
  202. Any Sacramentonians headed to Sears Point on Sunday?
  203. FREE: 90-92 Civic Si/Hatch Car Cover
  204. Who is the new white RS at UCSC?
  205. whacky weather
  206. Bike Rack Assistance Required.
  207. Best of both worlds!
  208. pics from the (non) installfest
  209. Another one bites the dust
  210. attn: Brucelee
  211. Traffik School recommendation
  212. Cop on I-5 in minivan
  213. inside my car.....
  214. WRC for ps2 is pretty tite!
  215. Hey Andrew, was that you....
  216. BOV sound clips for those interested. ;)
  217. Dreaming... Of a White Subie...
  218. The things we do for our cars...
  219. attention gagan!
  220. kneedragger's car
  221. GC8 on decoto in front of Marina store
  222. oakland back in tha day!!!
  223. HEY!! any good window tinting places?
  224. Anyone play drums?
  225. Sac Area/east Bay 2001 WRC VCD copies
  226. what's the closest drag strip?
  227. Has anyone done the TXS Unichip resistor mod in the Bay Area?
  228. ATTN: Christoph1371
  229. Any upcoming track days???
  230. CE Light Again! This Time ECU Reprogram Needed
  231. cluck u
  232. Thunderhill Lap times
  233. Any "ravers" on the board
  234. attn: brucelee....
  235. The BAIC 4 season rallye series continues:
  236. SFR autox times are posted.
  237. Very sad day
  238. looking for a Brat
  239. Bayarea WRX wagon prices
  240. sorry double post
  241. STI wagon???
  242. attention those who have subie hookups!
  243. sighting time.....
  244. Sac State/Howe Ave. BRP GC8 RS sighting
  245. who is running eibach springs w/ kyb/agx's? Need local opinion
  246. Just got my car back after 2 weeks!
  247. Mid-Penninsula Lunch Bunch!!!
  248. Azeni RS in the Bay Area?
  249. Question about spiders in Cali
  250. Looking for an RS MY99 passenger seat