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  1. Gino inna Benzo, Yo
  2. warning! to union city members...
  3. Sorry I didn't pay attention (windsheild repair???)
  4. In & Out Meet
  5. Anyone?
  6. Cobb intake for sale!
  7. Anyone Interested?
  8. FS: HID, Crystal White 9007 6000k
  9. '02 WRC SVCDs - Testers Needed
  10. WANTED: Stock WRX Up-Pipe and Header/Exhaust Manifold
  11. WANTED: Stock WRX Up-Pipe &/or Header/Exhaust Manifold
  12. Good Eats in Sac?!?
  13. FS: GPS for Laptop PCs --- $80
  14. Red Star Racing closed this Friday and Saturday.
  15. Help out a College Student (click here!)
  16. Theif Broke in my baby
  17. 101/92 this morning
  18. Carson City, NV & WRXs
  19. So who was that in downtown san jose on 3rd?
  20. What am I doing wrong?
  21. recommendations for first date places in Santa Clara County?
  22. Penninsula Meet
  23. Union City Sighting
  24. Sighting: SF Irving & 8th WRB WRX
  25. ocean beach meet on sat. 23rd
  26. Sears Point Race Recap
  27. SVX on UCB Campus
  28. Northbay: Earth in Upheavel
  29. Can I borrow a tool? weekend of april 6 install timing belt
  30. Sighting: 880N at 7:40pm in fremont
  31. super-rad legacy spotted!
  32. Need to pull error code from ECU local...
  33. Yellow WRX 880S in fremont
  34. Attn: Bill & Chris, my 1st request for non-Subie stuff
  35. Sighting at 11pm, blue 2.5rs on tully/capitol
  36. 2 sightings on Central this morning...2 WRB WRX Sedans
  37. driving school anyone? (not an advertisement)
  38. NBA 2k2
  39. Guilty on all counts
  40. advanced motorcycle safety course
  41. Thanks, RedstarRacing--Tito, Mert, Gino, & Mike!!
  42. Rim of the World Rally
  43. Local with an OBD-II scan tool?
  44. SJSU, 4th St Garage
  45. Good Condition
  46. Whats the Deal?
  47. What changed in 9/01 with the WRX?
  48. Car Shows
  49. Bunch of WRX's in Redwood City today...
  50. rant
  51. check out my scooby mobile weather station
  52. Strange experience on Foothill Expy.
  53. Here is a Good Place to Buy Redline Products
  54. Dynapack AWD West Coast
  55. FS: TE37 16x8 $1250 localonly
  56. sad story with a Z3 2.3
  57. arrr WRX sightings
  58. Check Engine...
  59. Stupid Idea Poll: A "Too much patriotism" Meet & Pic
  60. fender bender on Bowers
  61. vishnu stage 0
  62. Donkey
  63. FS: HKS SSQV's
  64. Hollister Hills April Event
  65. anyone want to trade their stock wrx headlamps for modded ones?
  66. Suspension install/Baby Sacramento-Area Install fest
  67. Sighted: Silver RS (w/i-club sticker) in Dublin
  68. WRX flyby
  69. stock wheels and tires
  70. AAAHHHHH!!! whats worse than braking your arm?
  71. hey neil.
  72. joefong Spotted in Oakland C-town!
  73. Meet anyone!
  74. FS: Scoobysport Cat-back
  75. For all those that pass through Union City Blvd.
  76. Supra TT Vs. WRX
  77. Beach
  78. Help with install today?
  79. what to go with
  80. Bunch O sightings
  81. Tinting
  82. People can be so ****ing stupid!
  83. alumapro bp12 sub/box for sale
  84. I'm relocating to Mountain View! ?'s
  85. Best Place in Bay Area to buy/tune APEX-I S-AFC for my WRX?
  86. FS and Trade: Armrest Extension
  87. B.a.i.c. Irc
  88. Rallycross report
  89. Saturday sightings...
  90. ATT:Imprezar
  91. California Meet?
  92. Sighting at Independence
  93. can we have an IDIOT FORUM?
  94. Subie WRX (Maybe TS) wagen cut in half on freeway
  95. how do i post pics...
  96. Local Place to buy/install Kumhos (Sunnyvale/SC/Mtn View)
  97. Subaru Garage Sale
  98. check out my car...
  99. Sighting: Silver WRX on highway 9 on 03/25
  100. who is up for a drive this weekend
  101. DMS Golds for sale
  102. Who's got the Black WRX in Cupertino?
  103. spotted: blue wrx @ almaden & 85 intersection
  104. filipino comedy???
  105. sighting: blue at Walgreens on north capitol
  106. Sighting, one with picture.
  107. Another poll for you all....
  108. Got Smoked by a CL!
  109. So Bay recommendations for Windshield Repair?
  110. anyone work at NUMMI?
  111. Repair by Subaru Dealer and test for 30 miles
  112. Did Anyone See the Balut Eating on Fear Factor Last Night?
  113. The great "cold air" intake test
  114. Coilover Install help
  115. New Mini's are HERE!
  116. [Poll] Oakland Lunch Meet
  117. anyone nearby (santa Clara) wanna see turbo comparisons
  118. Hey new bay area member
  119. BRP GC8 Coupe siting on 280N
  120. why are people so dishonest
  121. Is anyone commuting from the Elk Grove Area to the Bay Area?
  122. can u find out the answer?
  123. Black WRX sighting in SF
  124. Anyone Have A Borla Setup?
  125. Are we meeting up tonight in the South Bay?
  126. Anyone Know An Inexpensive LOCAL Source for a WRX Hood Protector or Bra?
  127. JustinM was that you?
  128. Bad Timing?
  129. WRX At Exodus...Oh... Cable and wireless
  130. Sighting: Frys, Fremont, 3-26-02
  131. FS: Bose Acoustimass II (10 speakers w/ sub)
  132. Advan Wheels
  133. is the club real slow?
  134. Volunteers needed for RALLYCROSS!!
  135. South Bay Meet/Drive
  136. OT: Job postings @ game company in SF
  137. LL bean subaru clothes
  138. 3 wrx sedans at Nortel
  139. Installfest?
  140. FS: WRX crystal side markers
  141. 2 BLUE WRX WAGON IN SF - one on taraval
  142. Subie-less for two weeks...
  143. Sighting: Sedona Wagon on Moraga /24th Ave
  144. Sighting: Blue GC8 w/subaru graphics on Hwy 4 last week...
  145. Recommended Dealership!
  146. What Subaru Do You Drive?
  147. i hate cops
  148. Anyone know a place to get 17 or 18" Work VS-SS rims in gunmetal/black?
  149. Where does everyone work?
  150. Autocross School
  151. Willing to help with a 3M clear bra install?
  152. Good deed gone WAY Bad!
  153. Weekly Oakland Lunch Meet: Let's Set a Date
  154. Seeking Jr. Software Engineer
  155. Does anyone have a Wankel rotor I could borrow?
  156. Livermore breakfast on Sat?
  157. FS: Apex'I N1 catback exhaust
  158. Buying a WRX??
  159. Sightings @ Stanford
  160. stock rims and tires FS.
  161. attn: alex, imprezer. this might be the beater car you've been looking for.
  162. I had to share!
  163. sighting at Stoneridge 3/28
  164. sightings in Taipei
  165. Sunset District Meet!
  166. Legality of Bolt-ons in CA
  167. strange sound
  168. Crap! Without my car for another 2-3 weeks (kinda long)
  169. my wrx got beat!.... by a mustang?
  170. Rim Rally attendees, IMPORTANT!
  171. Check out my sexy rexy
  172. Rent a WRX ?
  173. FREE: New DVD cases!
  174. Santa Cruz mountains meet?
  175. where can i get a bra for my WRX
  176. Damn I got beat...
  177. Do you illegally use the carpool lane?
  178. test pic
  179. place to get a tranny flush?
  180. something for you Speedring folks
  181. Blitz BOV
  182. Tribute to jz oo7, Jansen's photo of inside the car
  183. wiring harness for TT
  184. Anyone see the huge caravan/meet @ Ocean Beach
  185. Beach burn tonight in San Francisco
  186. Parts research
  187. Anyone seen the security light blink and what is the fix?
  188. grrr got a ticket!!!
  189. Calling all 4EAT WRX!
  190. why do people want to race?
  191. whose WRX.....plate "JP EJ-20"
  192. Sightings on 880
  193. Anybody in the Area, 1.8L Turbo
  194. does anyone have a short throw shifter?
  195. Anyone going to E3?
  196. anyone here ride motorcycles???
  197. Sighting: Maroon GC8 101S After 37 - 8:15pm 3/31
  198. Import tuners @11:00 Sat. night on HWY9???
  199. Got Bored and Photochoped today
  200. Subaru Rally Car Sighting
  201. help me, help my friend...
  202. Who "i-clubbed" me @ 36th and Clement?
  203. Busted in Arizona
  204. race gas in Hayward?
  205. can someone in S.F. help me put on my wheels?
  206. look what I found on Craigslist
  207. 225/45ZR16 S-02 FS 5 for $450
  208. Sighting: "TurboWRXImpreza"
  209. Sac Auto-X April 13/14
  210. RC cars
  211. Can anyone spare a part? or give me info on it
  212. First Mods Done; Cluck U?
  213. New WRX / i-Clubber in SF...
  214. Str**t Racing Posts? read before you delete
  215. hood bra question
  216. The great intake test part II
  217. just got my WRX last week
  218. 02 WRX stock rims/tires FS
  219. Someone Stole My Friggin Wrx Badge!!!!!!!!!!!
  220. WRX isn't very fast
  221. Starbucks anyone
  222. Anybody seen that Qvale Mangusta around town?
  223. Need a favour. MY99 EJ25 Shop Manual
  224. sorry, intake questions...
  225. Need Help Pulling CEL code
  226. S-AFC For Sale!!!
  227. Two WRX Sightings
  228. COBB intake for sale RS 00-01 MAP/ Blue
  229. honda sites and stuff FS
  230. Isnt it fun to commute with fellow I-clubbers?
  231. chick spotted in a STM GC8 RS
  232. Sighting: WRB WRX on 17
  233. sighting white RS stonestown apartments
  234. SFR autox round 5, candlestick park
  235. aem intake owners...
  236. OBD-II scanner in Sacramento?
  237. WRX at Sears Point
  238. FS: NEW Apex AVC-R
  239. thinking of getting a WRX
  240. sighting, blue WRX with a tall spoiler....
  241. FS: Blue Go Fast Bits BOV
  242. 3 WRX Sightings and one was a chick
  243. totally OT: mobile gaming question
  244. Calendar of open track days?
  245. wondering how many i-club members park at wilcox
  246. Please help,
  247. Decelleration Noise
  248. BOV Cheap!
  249. TT install
  250. got a ticket for tinted frontwindows....