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  1. saw 2 Black WRX today
  2. anybody wanna trade bov's?
  3. Just installed the HKS SSQV it!!! :)
  4. FS: motorcycle U-lock
  5. boy are these guys dumb as rocks
  6. Doh! livermorons busted!
  7. Sighting: WRB Wagon w/gold wheels in RWC
  8. Subaru Casa Blanca
  9. Want STI badges, shirts, stickers,...etc.?
  10. Fender bender question
  11. FS: Paintball gun
  12. Best way to get your new car...
  13. Aligment - where? (SF and/or SJ only)
  14. I thought CEL's were for rookies!
  15. mobile one buy 4 get 1 free
  16. Mid penisular places to get car wash
  17. Earthquake?
  18. well, i got vandalized again last nite...
  19. FS: WRX Wagon Crossbars
  20. Got my plates today!
  21. free pick-up lessons in SF
  22. ravent
  23. thx to Diablo Imports for an excellent Vishnu Stage 0 install!
  24. Rally team sponsers
  25. HKS SSQV BOV Kit Install write up for MY02 WRX.
  26. Participants in this months events?
  27. not enough traffic
  28. Just got a price quote what do you guys think?
  29. Sighting - Slvr WRX wgn in Cambrian SJ area...
  30. Thanks Justinm! New (to me) wheels!
  31. Bay Area Import Shows
  32. bike rack + freeway = bad news for me
  33. FS one pair JDM STI headlights
  34. 10 Worst Cars of the Millennium
  35. where to get custom interior done
  36. Attn to the person who said they could bore and o-ring my block!
  37. Need advice about stone chips
  38. FS: OEM gauge pod
  39. Help tar on paint!
  40. RIM Who's Going?
  41. Help make it rain.
  42. THIS SAT & SUN Install Schedule
  43. WTB: WRX headlights !!!!
  44. Thinking of moving to Bay area.
  45. sighting: Blue WRX sedan, 101 N, 2:00 today
  46. Alarm recommendations plz
  47. Where can i get an FPR?
  48. ATTN: Bill, Clear your PMīs
  49. Sacramento Motoring Accessories....worst place in the f-ing world....
  50. Whoa! KRON4 just aired...
  51. Is there an official i-Club sticker/badge?
  52. FS: blue aem cold-air intake
  53. Party on April 20
  54. For Sale...
  55. morette HID and DRL...
  56. sighting: dirty aspen white RS on Pearl Ave
  57. S.F. siting WRX's everwhere!
  58. AutoX school - worst gas mileage EVER!!
  59. Is curb rash repairable?
  60. Apexi Auto Import Vibe
  61. Who Ran 12.9 In SAC
  62. Sighting: WRB Sedan South on I-5 @ 4/1
  63. Got Dents III: Gauging Interest
  64. Old skool BAIC'ers post up your best memories here!
  65. sighting: BRP rs coupe on 280 @11:15
  66. Sighting: White GC8 in Japantown 8pm
  67. Positive Experience Today at Boss Performance
  68. Legacy GT Wheels FS
  69. E3 Expo?
  70. Round 5 Autocross
  71. Hin?
  72. Possible FS: OB wheels/tires
  73. FS. Stock Wheels and tires...
  74. Anyone into Camping?
  75. blitz dc boost gauge and live control unit for sale
  76. AutoX at 3Com
  77. bozz speed downpipe fo sale
  78. My name is ded and Im addicted to speed
  79. G-Tech
  80. BAIC/RIM Stickers and/or T-shirts
  81. Installfest Thanks to BAIC'ers
  82. Check out SCIC's meet...very nice turnout.
  83. Sightings at Santa Cruz Subaru
  84. Bemani, please check your email
  85. OT: High class restaurant in Bay Area?
  86. speaking of that group presidio photo on subary DRIVE mag...
  87. Apexi S-AFC for sale!!
  88. anyone down for cluck u
  89. RS parts for local sale
  90. Installfest pics
  91. dell latitutude for sale
  92. meet april 13
  93. Sightings today...
  94. Anyone?
  95. Question on Suspension
  96. Saturday 4/13, San Francisco?
  97. lame sighting today - vanity plate
  98. I hit 143MPH on 280!! Top Speed!!!!
  99. Pro ECm help!
  100. need info on street racing laws...
  101. Round 5 results are in!
  102. I'm co-chairing Round 6 and I'm calling on i-club
  103. thoughts on mods
  104. BOZZ Gold Supra Dynoed yesterday
  105. Apexi RSM for sale!
  106. Need advice on tint window
  107. sighting on 101 south
  108. Spotted: 2 sick GC8's (pics)
  109. Anybody looking for a Beater to get around???
  110. Bad luck today
  111. Sighting, 680 this morning
  112. Need new Lightweight Bumper Beam
  113. Need to sell S-AFC
  114. anyone up for Sugerbowl on Saturday?
  115. OHV Park CA listings & trips
  116. Almost got in an accident just now..damn camaro
  117. got my tein wagon coilovers
  118. Skyline drive signup for 4/13/2002
  119. Brand new, for sale - Subaru Top Mount Bike Rack w/ crossbar kit
  120. Red Star Racing will be closed this Saturday 4/13
  121. recommend any good exhaust shop in Santa Clara area?
  122. Anyboy in the bay area play football/soccer?
  123. Fs: Bov
  124. Max Speed Almost Reached!
  125. You got it
  126. anyone have a Brullen exhaust?
  127. Yes! A week in a Cavalier!
  128. Where to get STi foglight covers?
  129. I saw a new Lambo...
  130. Hong Kong
  131. Blitz BOV and Blitz intake causing a weird noise..
  132. Apexi Items for sale!!
  133. Sighting in Mountain View
  134. Windshield repair needed
  135. help on ticket (not speeding)
  136. FS: turbo xs type h bov
  137. OMG! Saw a Honda w/ Darth Vader Hood
  138. sighting that really pissed me off.
  139. Does anyone have a WRX flywheel they want to give me?
  140. tire pressure
  141. FS: 2001 VW Jetta 1.8t
  142. sighting on De Anza blvd.
  143. autox round 6
  144. Help with suspension install?
  145. Dented Hood
  146. UCSC sighting
  147. OT: Changing Lanes or Frailty?
  148. Parting out my ride.......take your pic!!
  149. New Sighting
  150. oh my god a check engine light
  151. Strange story - is this possible?
  152. Nevermind
  153. do people have something against parking correctly?
  154. GVR4 meets WRX
  155. Still trying to get rid of MRT header system for RS...
  156. Brand New parts for sale
  157. Maybe visiting soon...
  158. sighting: WRB Wagon on Center
  159. people going to the installfest this weekend 4/13
  160. sighting 4/11 on Calif St
  161. What HS did you graduate from? (or if you are currently attending.)
  162. Oakland Chinatown Meet
  163. WTB: RS Exhaust and might need some opinion on ticket!
  164. Good Ol' Dad Showing Subie Love
  165. AARGH (tires for AutoX)
  166. ATTN: Gino / Redstar reps.
  167. FS: WRX stock side skirt
  168. How Do You Get Rid of Old CRT Monitors?
  169. props for Kwik Way muffler/exhaust shop
  170. Need welding!
  171. Trade! my custom Exhaust on your RS Exhaust!
  172. Sighting...Alameda Naval Air Base.
  173. Who is the person selling the 84' GL wagon?
  174. install meeting this weekend 4-13
  175. Round 6 course preview
  176. attn: RimRockaz
  177. attn: hayscoob, clean your PM box!
  178. Anyone here got there Unseatbelt ticket before?
  179. attn: RimRockaz
  180. Your first car...
  181. New Impreza
  182. Bad News My Friends
  183. HKS Carbon TI w/ kartboy hangers..<3 it!
  184. Sac area Anyone familiar with Paint protectionstuff?
  185. BLACK WRX in FC sighting..
  186. Sighting, one of the dopest looking subes around!
  187. Buying WXR - where to get the best deal?
  188. FS: Recaro Sport seat, sliders & bracket
  189. Travis AFB?
  190. Santa cruz beach sighting
  191. Got a ticket!
  192. Flying, blue 2.5RS in San Francisco... who?
  193. anybody local wanna buy my mil?
  194. Maybe FS STi Rear Seat for GC8...
  195. 4 sighting in 3 hours...
  196. Modesto WRX & Owner featured in local (Sac) TV news interview tonight!!!(KCRA #3)
  197. FS: Full Yakima Bike Rack Setup
  198. Close call on the motor!
  199. Someone with car fax - please check.
  200. Anyone got the hook ups?
  201. Tilden Park sighting yesterday (saturday)
  202. black WRX wagon sighting 880
  203. hot import meet? search dead...
  204. Whiteline Springs for sale
  205. I love it
  206. Which one?
  207. Who has LPs?
  208. I did a straight pipe thing
  209. Deep Scratches and Turtle Wax ColorCure/Chipstick
  210. wanna help me with the headlight mod?
  211. could use some help on seat belt problem
  212. modded silver WRX at Wendys ~1030PM (Saturday)
  213. a round of aplause for veloLexus
  214. ORganized Ride No. Califronia...bay area
  215. Winds
  216. who went to incubus last night?
  217. Know anybody selling tires?
  218. Mini Meet on Mt. Diablo
  219. FS: stock wheels and tires...
  220. Good Audio Installation in RWC
  221. Still have stock rims and tires...
  222. cluck u 4-16-02
  223. Attention "gareth" good news...
  224. WTB: Stock WRX sedan rear sway bar
  225. scooby-do air freshner at PepBoys!!!
  226. DJ rates?
  227. can anyone recommend a plumber
  228. fs: greddy evo catback, brand new!! $475
  229. FS: Pair of CORBEAU Carrera with sliders and the bracket
  230. Crushing Stock "bov"
  231. BOOST CONTROLLERS(manual)
  232. OFFICIAL: "Got Dents III" Sign Up & Info
  233. traffic school
  234. 22800 for a wrx ok?
  235. Hehe, I am now the #1 poster from the BAIC (surpased Daniel!)
  236. 2.5RS's, how much would they REALLY go for?
  237. Looking for a used L, Legacy, or XT6 - Keep an eye out.
  238. Sighting, In front of Ohlone 11:30pm
  239. Sighting on 237East in Milpitas at 0716 this morning.
  240. Need some info///
  241. Bay Area rules
  242. URGENT: Need Reliable Shop in Vacaville Area! (Gauge Install)
  243. Hey Andrew, what happened to your signature pic?
  244. anyone have a camera mount I can borrow?
  245. speed shops in/near downtown Oakland?
  246. WTB: Stock down pipe and mid pipe.
  247. Automated Enforcement in CA
  248. 2 sightings in RWC
  249. 14 by 5 1/2 with 5x100 bolt pattern and 99% remaining tires
  250. Friday Night Matchups?