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  1. 1 happy REDSTAR Customer!!!!
  2. American Standard Type R
  3. JDM STI Lamps... take 'em!
  4. Stevens Creek Subaru, Satisfied???
  5. There's rice and then there's just plain stupid!
  6. Tint Shop Recommendations - East Bay
  7. Anyone know of hany hat shops in frisco?
  8. Assface sighting...
  9. Oakland Lunch Meet
  10. My bday w00t!
  11. WRX's @ Apple
  12. attn: Seraph
  13. Car Almost Stolen!
  14. Need camber bolts - MY00 RS Sedan
  15. Woah, some people are dumb...*share your stories here too*
  16. attack of the hondas
  17. drag racing this Saturday anyone?
  18. my taxes came today
  19. I80!
  20. FS:$50 MTX 10" Subwoofer& Enclosure
  21. Go Sharks!!!
  22. "Daddy somethings burning..."
  23. Who in Oakland or Burlingame has air tools?
  24. Check Engine Light....
  25. No... my new baby got hurt!
  26. Just a funny [off] Freeway thing.
  27. WRX Sighting in Walnut Creek
  28. Accord V6 w/ External Tach & Shift Light
  29. NASA HPDE event @ Thunderhill on 5/11?
  30. Verdict in on my motor....
  31. Family Wagon toasts S4 sedan
  32. Toluene in Bay Area?
  33. (4 WRX **Sedans**) New **URETHANE** BodyKit Available!! (PICS)
  34. Anyone going to ALMS @ Sears Pt.?
  35. NASA autoX, marina
  36. Have fun at The Rim BAIC'ers!
  37. A blue WRX in fremont
  38. Donutzracing track day at Thunderhill (05/31/2002)
  39. various sightings...
  40. Pics of my accident
  41. s i g h t i n g .
  42. 1st 4 wheel drift in my new baby..
  43. jdm non hid headlamps fo sale
  44. Can Shiv tune a TXS unichip?
  45. OEM Body Kit/ 22b Wing for sell
  46. Walkie-Talkies for sale at office max (good for meets)
  47. anybody got 98 GOld Rims For sale?
  48. Altezza lights taking over...
  49. Aspen White Trunk Lid Swap?!?
  50. Fs: Clear Fender Lenses For Wrx
  51. body shop in east bay (oakland/berkeley)
  52. Good shops in the Bay area for aftermarket parts
  53. Sighting: Jack London
  54. Engine sales in Bay Area
  55. Do you know any girl who loves to dance?
  56. local place to get wallet keys?
  57. ATTN: pillguk
  58. Wanna trade your stock WRX grill for my modded one?
  59. Sightings: speedy GC8
  60. Will cobb/aps turbo back fit a wagon with a trailer hitch???
  61. JDM Non HID installation HELP!
  62. Blue WRX sedan a 23rd & Balboa
  63. would i win??!?!? race??!?!?
  64. RWC lunch meet on monday?
  65. FS: Stock WRX Wagon Rear Swaybar
  66. Bad experience with BOZZ performance
  67. bwoop bwoop to the white rex on 17
  68. blue rs at SAT tests today
  69. Who did I run off the road today?
  70. Best Dealer in Bay Area/Sacramento?
  71. FS - WRB Morretes
  72. WRX WRB on Tidewater in Union City
  73. Some ROTW rally pics.
  74. I hate people
  75. stuff for sale or trade...
  76. swaybar and sideskirts for sale
  77. Gravel = AWD fun
  78. Attn: Shiv
  79. attn: RimRockaz
  80. Got my ass kicked in a race!
  81. Anyone with a FMIC want to sell there stock TMIC?
  82. My first thumb down from a Honda. Feels good.
  83. I-5 s on Friday to LA?
  84. Sears Point Wed. May 8th
  85. Yup, it actually was Chris Webber in that Silver Bently
  86. anyone have videos from RIM?
  87. Davis meet
  88. Sighting 80E sunday night at 9 PM
  89. Black WRX Sighting 101 S
  90. OT: anybody see this guy on Berkeley campus?
  91. no WRXs at sacramento drag strip on Saturday night.
  92. My ROTW Pictures
  93. Blitz gauges Vs. Autometer guages
  94. Broken/almost stolen valence Silver WRX in sunset?
  95. DIY FMIC, have you seen this badass DIY project?
  96. Law School Options?
  97. WRX at the Bayfair BART station parking lot.
  98. WTB: cheap wrx stock shift knob
  99. When to have the next Road Rallye?
  100. Sad sighting
  101. AutoX This sunday the 12th!
  102. FS: STi Muffler rear section only
  103. livermore / eastbay meet anyone?
  104. Never Go To Steven's Creek!!!
  105. CF hoods ?
  106. sheep in wolf's clothing
  107. Crash 101 south...6:30pm 5/6/02
  108. Anyone see the flipped car on Central?
  109. Pleasanton(Spelling?) WRB WRX sighting!
  110. Side note about our operating/oil temp discussion
  111. BF Goodrich "Kick Asphalt" Deal at Pac Bell ???
  112. Copy cat in a white WRX sedan! bastages!
  113. who knows good place for 15K service?
  114. PocketLogger
  115. BMW 330, 328, 325, lol & 318
  116. bay area
  117. About my drunk wrecked WRX
  118. jdm headlamps 750$
  119. new rubber & full size spare
  120. Please talk me out of this!!!
  121. Driver side window squeak?
  122. ALMS at Sears Point, May 17-19
  123. WTB: my shifter trim
  124. Saw a nice GC8 in my housing complex.
  125. Prodrive muffler & THANKS Russell!!!
  126. can i make my own stage 0?
  127. Whose Black wrx at ASP in Daly City?
  128. Just installed COBB double adjustable shifter!
  129. tubing fabricator???
  130. Attn: Andyc
  131. Photos from May 4th BAIC Headlands Run
  132. Selling a Pair of Altezza BC for your Sedan
  133. Good place to buy tires in San Francisco?
  134. Class Action Lawsuit against SOA
  135. Got an OEM WRX exhaust for Cheap?
  136. Rim pics anyone?
  137. whos a good contact over at Santa Cruz Subaru...?
  138. WTB: fully assembled stock WRX wagon suspension
  139. FYI- Changed Name: A4Killer>WRSport
  140. carfax help!
  141. FS: Performance guage pack...
  142. WTB: factory CD player...
  143. Help, I need more info on WRX Sti's
  144. Picture of my RS-WRX Conversion at ROTW!
  145. cleaning garage, tires for sale
  146. OT: quick, what's the device used to control lines of people...
  147. Attn: topcover
  148. Pikes Peak
  149. Who was at Sac. Raceway Tonight?
  150. Whose heavily modded 98 RS @ Sac State @ 7pm?
  151. Taking Orders - MY2003 WRX Yellow Sedan
  152. OT: what happened to z95.7???
  153. is 13.8 a good 1/4 mile on a stock wrx motor?
  154. Clear Bra
  155. Skyline Drive this weekend
  156. Whats going on at De Anza???
  157. OT: What was that big explosion ?
  158. Is there going to be an Install-fest this weekend???
  159. stalled wrb wrx sedan @ westbound 24 yesterday (08/05/02) evening?
  160. stock WRX wheels for sale
  161. Did a little comparison research on clear bra
  162. Anybody heard about the boost monkey?
  163. STI Fuel pump?
  164. WTB: Stock Side Skirts
  165. ha ha... found it!!!
  166. Do you guys get **** thrown at your car???
  167. Do you guys get things thrown at your car?
  168. Do you guys get compliments thrown at your car?
  169. Do you guys throw money at your cars?
  170. Do you guys get thrown off the horse when you hit it?
  171. OT: Who has a professional scanner that handles 35mm slides?
  172. Invite to run Thunderhill w/ S2000's and other cars this June
  173. What Do You Guys Think?
  174. who wants to have another meet?
  175. Who'll Intall Mounts???
  176. Official BAIC APC euro-light burn/bash-a-light-athon
  177. anyone have a stock WRX intercooler they want to loan/rent out to me?
  178. ANOTHER heavily modded GC8 (White RS w/ blue stickers @ Howe/Arden in Sac @ 1:15pm)
  179. need some street racing info from people near Sears Point and around here in San Jose
  180. Krispy Kreme tommorow Fri night!
  181. I have to get rid of some stuff.
  182. Any one go see Carlos Mencia last night?
  183. headlight connector replacement?
  184. Airborne Mazda takes computer course at Heald College
  185. Daly City In-N-Out, tonight, however freaking late you want!
  186. is $345 a good price for a windshild???
  187. need to sell!
  188. LunchBreak: M3 driver with small balls and a big imagination, but an OK guy
  189. Atwater AutoX this weekend. . .
  190. Do monkeys throw poop at your car?
  191. Do you guys throw monkeys at your car?
  192. boost guage
  193. Looking for an RS
  194. 17" Rims For Sale
  195. Wheel Locks for OZ SL - LOCAL!?!???
  196. Installfest this weekend?
  197. attn: Bill
  198. Your Thoughts Please
  199. attn: BongMan
  200. 6"x2" scratch is no more, thanks to Berkeley's Panel Craft
  201. Attn: Lanny
  202. Paint/install Morettes & factory side skirts
  203. Modded Black WRX Wagon on Sloat
  204. Borla Exhaust
  205. Sighting: SF/daly city, Asian female in a white STi!!!
  206. ok.... SAturday night quiz....
  207. Fair price for a local WRX...
  208. sold wrx, have parts for sale
  209. F/S Stock WRX 6 Disc changer MINT
  210. OT: Cats Hill Criterium W123
  211. JDM STi lights install help
  212. official BAIC insomnia thread!
  213. hey doggy... u on?
  214. sbci-id install help
  215. Brucelee the Master Crossposter- 7 threads
  216. sighting...
  217. Happy Birthday Eric and Connie!
  218. Possibly FS: stock MY00 RS rims...
  219. BAIC... we need your input....
  220. Got ticket=WTB a used Apex'i N1 Silencer
  221. FS: Stock Black Side Skirts
  222. Mountain Biking Anyone?
  223. Haha, I'm not that stupid!
  224. SAMCO Blue WRX IC hose for sale
  225. speeding ticket question
  226. Any of You guys got PocketBike???
  227. not for the faint of heart.... (VERY graphic!!!)
  228. Sorry, Another written Declaration Question
  229. attn: joefong
  230. OT: reason not to get drunk at bars/clubs/etc...
  231. FS: JE Pistons 100mm 9:1, Phase II Block
  232. Car Back!
  233. 555...
  234. wanna get dirty again???
  235. hey joefong
  236. FS: joefong
  237. what's a joefong???
  238. Go kINGS!!!
  239. OT: Brucelee's dream come true...
  240. FS: Brand new Rio Riot (still shrink wrapped)
  241. Earthquake.... 5.2
  242. hey TurboWRXImpreza
  243. anyone looking for volk rims?
  244. Gonna start work in San Mateo in July suggest places to live?
  245. Met Suby_Dude today and got my STI grill...
  246. 5/13 Earthquake
  247. FS: 2002 White WRX
  248. Anyone sleep in their car?
  249. Half price drop on PS2 in US
  250. [email protected]@k At This......