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  1. OT: are you prepared for the BIG ONE???
  2. fs 93 rx7
  3. Installation disks 4 Office 2002???
  4. Lunchtime meet in Oakland TOMORROW (Wed 5/14)
  5. Ot: Ot
  6. Mountain Bikers: Does this make you mad?
  7. Krispie Kream Tonight 9pm....
  8. Oil pressure... where ya gonna tap it?
  9. recent racially sensitive posts....
  10. anyone can help?
  11. Yikes! Not a good deal locally!
  12. Extreme Autofest @ Pomona on 5/19
  13. De Anza AutoX Sunday
  14. FS: replica STi strut tower brace
  15. Online traffic school?
  16. Selling My Yellow WRX?
  17. Auto Shipping Company
  18. drag mini cooper
  19. hey bill, your PM box is full
  20. SCIC says Lakers will kick Kings butt
  21. Fs-impreza Wagon Crossbar Kit-brand New
  22. Night Time Fun
  23. Proof Read My Essay If You Got Time!!
  24. Next SCCA Autox
  25. WTB: Kings/Lakers tickets
  26. Attn: mpj_becks
  27. Attn: Mountain Bikers. Help!
  28. Do you guys have a separate set of tires/rims for skiing?
  29. bay area
  30. Girl in a silver WRX
  31. My New Car
  32. OT: Anyone have 12:01 tickets for tonight?
  33. Downtown Oakland Lunchmeat (er meet) TODAY 5/15 (note the correct day ;) )
  34. I Just wanted to say thanks to Local BAIC
  35. MY new car...
  36. FS: Brand New 17"Volk CE28
  37. NEW in Box OLYMPUS CAMEDIA C-3040 3.34 Megapixel Digital Camera, Kit & Warranty $580
  38. Corvette Forum Topic
  39. My PM Box Is Always Full...
  40. hoops
  41. I got the RS back...but...
  42. DMS 50s installed - need alignment in SF
  43. Which AutoX? SCCA, NASA , ???
  44. New Update on MY2003 WRX
  45. FS: stock WRX rims
  46. Anyone know of good rental car deals?
  47. 92.7 FM-trance, dance....
  48. Star Wars: EP2, Anyone at Union Landing for the 3pm show?
  49. Sightning Yesterday on 580 Eastbound...From Dublin to Tracey!
  50. OT: Wassup with the market!!
  51. Fix CEL problem?
  52. OT: any job for PeopleSoft certified IT Project Manager/Systems Analyst
  53. RE: previous Lamborghini Murcielago thread
  54. Any good paint/body shops in the south bay??
  55. WTB: Cargo Net for WRX Wagon
  56. where can i get redline?
  57. Fs: Bov $ Mbc
  58. attn: Randy (ravent)
  59. Anyone know where to rent a WRX?
  60. Strange Oakland Sighting...
  61. Want Cheap Oz Superleg
  62. Want Cheap Oz Superleg
  63. Who's voided their warrantee here?
  64. brucelee: Remember when you made fun of my "pink" bike?
  65. FS: Prodrive WR Sport Muffler..
  66. triple impreza sighting, 280 & De Anza
  67. Do we have a team in Bay area?
  68. favorite internet radio
  69. woohoo i got an interview for a job for the summer
  70. ATTN: Brucelee....ultimaaaaa
  71. Where's a good place to get your windows tinted?
  72. Anything going on this weekend?
  73. Where to buy a racing helmet
  74. RS Spotted in Roseville
  75. The Best Morette Setup....
  76. DIE HARD or Something else!!!
  77. well, off to see...wait in line...for star wars flic
  78. My SUBARU became SUB R
  79. Installfest?
  80. RE Warranty
  81. Are we having a sat. install this wk?
  82. (FM)IC upgrades and CARB
  83. pollage
  84. Union City Rex
  85. Falken AZENIS, Where to get them locally?
  86. local FS: 2 12" subs...
  87. Free R/C Car magazines!
  88. damn, i am graduating in a week
  89. Pulled over Silver WRX sedan on 880N at noon
  90. Best Driving School and What Class To Take
  91. Snowboarding gear clearance/discount shops?
  92. Argh! Brakes rotors look puny!
  93. SPOTTED: White WRX Wagon in Berkeley on Cedar
  94. Attn: joefong
  95. damn speed channel, what the h*ll!!
  96. FS: White 2002 WRX
  97. FS: WRX parts
  98. Blue WRX at Sac Raceway Sat. Night??
  99. any totalled automatic WRXs around the bay area?
  100. wrx sighting....halfmoon bay woodside
  101. its 4:45... going to De Anza??
  102. One more thumps up for Red Star Racing
  103. Sighting: White RS or WRX w/ wing... west bound Dumbarton
  104. Robbed at gunpoint in Vallejo
  105. FS: stock scoop (WR Blue)
  106. any group buy on Vishnu before prices go up?
  107. Sighting, sat night, Space 550, Rimrockaz?
  108. Scooby-dude is the man!
  109. FS: stock wheels and tires(02 WRX)
  110. high speed concern
  111. Attn: PJ
  112. FS 550cc injectors for an RS.
  113. 3rd pick
  114. WRC '02 (Monte Carlo) - SVCD's Finished
  115. Blood, Rain, and Mud (BAIC Mountain biking)
  116. IS WRB color unlucky?
  117. several sightings this weekend! PLZ READ!
  118. It ain't driving, but anybody run Bay to Breakers?
  119. Spiky tach at high RPMs
  120. Random stuff for sale
  121. The Has Curse Struck
  122. massive meet in New Engand
  123. Is it legal to "play ambulance"?
  124. Candlestick Park AutoX, Sunday May 26
  125. Friends fly free SJ to LAX, 6/7 to 6/9
  126. Holy Hail!
  127. Joint venture between Nissan and Toyota
  128. Cluck U meet: 05/21/02
  129. Tuesday, 8pm Krispie Kream
  130. Game 2, what is your take on this?
  131. FS: Piaa 9007 superwhite headlight
  132. Where can I play in the mud?!
  133. Who was at Ron Price Today
  134. Aftermarket parts shop nearby?
  135. Defi Gauges...
  136. FS: Couple things
  137. Trade? for my GReddy Universal Pods
  138. BG2 owners: I need help
  139. Another Subie Rear-Ended
  140. FS: 17" P1 Silver
  141. So, anyone get hit by any of those Tornados?
  142. My fender and hood got owned tonight. :\
  143. Wanna get PAID for your OPINION
  144. FS Turboxs RFL BOV
  145. oil change in RWC???
  146. Lunch TODAY (5/21) in Chinatown Oakland
  147. WTB: Silver WRX Wagon
  148. WTB: single RE-92
  149. custom WRX roll cage
  150. FS: Stock WRX Skirts
  151. Happy Birthday Odyss3y!
  152. who is an ae86 fan?
  153. Dual cup holder anyone?
  154. Local place to get Carbon Fiber hoods?
  155. She is finally Mine!
  156. Attn: Bill aka Skywalker
  157. FS: Stock Black WRX Side Skirts
  158. BAIC Web Page?
  159. My new identity!
  160. Midweek humor: Evidence that marriage also exists in the animal kingdom
  161. Can I get a ride in Hayward???
  162. FS: Set of four RE-92 with 4k miles $150
  163. Joefong
  164. Spirit of America shop tour on Saturday
  165. Craigslist post...
  166. FS: Stock WRX wheels/tires
  167. Ummm, where to buy...
  168. bayarea
  169. Sighting: Blaze Yellow - SSF
  170. STI Front Lip/STI CF wing
  171. No more B-pillar rattle! Yaaaaaaay!
  172. Anyone want a J&S Ultrasafeguard V1 and dual monitor?
  173. SHE's HERE
  174. Club scene this weekend
  175. Fix Cel Problem?
  176. SS Back, and Cool WRX sighting
  177. Do you double take after you park your car?
  178. Help me find an apartment or room
  179. Sighting: silver wrx sedan on lawrence expwy
  180. Street School June 1st
  181. OT: Final Fantasy X International, and FF11
  182. Did I just see you behind Albertson's in Livermore?
  183. subaru recalls? have you seen this page?
  184. WTB: AW coupe wing...
  185. Attn: Matt (Concillian <sp ?>)
  186. Poor RSX owner :-(
  187. WANTED: Full Time Job (Computer Hardware Area)
  188. STi kick R34
  189. Hey I registered on April fool's!!!
  190. sighting in folsom
  191. New Here and question.
  192. so long and thanks for all the freebies!
  193. sightings..only 10 or so....
  194. please tell me I'm not the only one GD RS in the Bay!?
  195. Dreamcast system for sale
  196. Lunch! Now!
  197. Bruising Egos in Redwood City
  198. Using Turbo timer as boost gauge
  199. WTB locally!
  200. anywhere in the bay i can pick up a high flow fuel pump?
  201. Team SMR stuff
  202. My personal coolest sighting in East Palo Alto!!!
  203. Mini-Install (Sac-area)
  204. Local Sway Bars?
  205. Off-Topic (what topic?): My little sister makes as much as I do. What the hell?
  206. Selling my 17" wheels locally
  207. Friday Sightings....
  208. Imprezident Sighting on 880
  209. My new identity...
  210. White Wagon on Lawrence at 1:30am
  211. Finally!!!
  212. FS: 99 RS wheels
  213. I LOVE Canyon runs!
  214. WTB: RE92's used...?
  215. Sighting on 101N near airport
  216. Nerd in WRX sighted
  217. What are you paying for WRX Insurance?
  218. Saturday night QUIZ (Part deuce)!!!
  219. Tommorow at 3com....
  220. FS: Stock 02 WRX Wheels w/ Bridgestone RE92 Tires
  221. My wife says,"...
  222. Looking for Dealer that stock boost gauges close to Fremont
  223. Anyone got a stock RS shifter for cheap?
  224. That was Awesome... love the Lakers
  225. Labor fee ?
  226. fs: Set of Greddy 52mm gauges
  227. Tassajara Hot Srpings; Can a Subaru Get There?
  228. Late Night Run
  229. Bay Area Celica Club...COPYCATS!
  230. Gutting a CAT?
  231. My first speeding ticket (need some advice)
  232. World Cup big fans!
  233. FS: stock RS25 catback (500miles) CHEAP! $25
  234. FS: dell laptop --- $450
  235. Where's the mandatory AutoX thread?
  236. Anyone work for Cingular or have hookups?
  237. living in Santa Clara drives me up the wall
  238. I Almost Died Saturday Night!
  239. The Subaru Curse is true
  240. AWD dyno in Fremont
  241. Busted! -but careless and unsafe?? (long)
  242. Palm ODBII
  243. 2 GC8 sightings monday
  244. Attention Chinese Jun !!!!
  245. Another Last Minute Lunch (5/28, 12:00pm)
  246. some stuff for sale...
  247. Pre-meet Meet! 5/31 Banana Island, Daly City
  248. BayArea dyno day, 2wheel or AWD cars.
  249. 40,000 miles on my WRX
  250. mountain biking this weekend 6/2/02