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  1. sighting at ikea
  2. How's Diablo Service?
  3. kinda weird/odd/funny thing someone told me today...
  4. ej20 swap
  5. the unemployed economy report.
  6. looks like game 7
  7. Sighting in SF (WRB sedan on Fulton, Monday) , Ed was that you?
  8. Costco carries 5w-30!!!
  9. How are fines for speeding tickets calculated?
  10. test
  11. Marginally stupid front end design for New Age Impreza
  12. Wings West WRX Pro wing no light @ $168.11
  13. Anybody going to SDSU next semester?
  14. Hole in my floor!
  15. GC8 sighting @ Marine Center in Redwood City
  16. Attention mprezya!
  17. Subie owners at Google?
  18. who owns the blue WRX wagon in Santa Clara?
  19. bay
  20. Please Help
  21. Please Help
  22. Sac region Auto-X's in June!
  23. Meet Joel today
  24. need help finding a good body shop
  25. Summit road/Soquel/SJ road sighting
  26. Met another WRX owner in Castro Valley
  27. California Meet
  28. who wants a job?
  29. SF Sighting
  30. STI Suspension....
  31. I'd love to sell some stuff locally.....
  32. Time to buy...
  33. How do you post pics?
  34. What does Hollister Hills have to offer a WRX?
  35. Wanted To Buy a 90-94 Legacy
  36. CA Meet Dates
  37. Daios sighting
  38. I curbed my rims #!#[email protected]
  39. need 1/8-28 bspt pipe tap for EGT install
  40. OT: Corpses in Carpool Lane
  41. Happy Friday!... or is it!?!?
  42. Wtb: Oem Up-pipe
  43. sighting on 680/242
  44. Most "secure" wheel locks, some ideas
  45. New WRX this weekend...
  46. socal I-club vacationing up to bay area i-club
  47. black wrx sighting @ hwy880, 10:30-11:00am
  48. shiv stage zero vs. turboxs stage 1... where to put da shells
  49. Lunch @ Palo Alto!!!!!!!!!!!!
  50. this weekend....6/1
  51. FS: Greddy 60mm Gauges
  52. Junk yards or wrecked cars? Anyone know?
  53. need exhaust, anyone selling?
  54. Good aligment place?
  55. The keith Tour, 2002
  56. Sighting: SF, California St.
  57. Go Lakers!!!
  58. Go Sac!
  59. Accident! What to do?
  60. White WRX sedan for sale (reposting)
  61. FS: $680 RS Gold Rims with RE-92 Very good Condition PICK UP ONLY!
  62. Sighting...Stanford
  63. Share your good weekend eveyone - World cup on road, NBA game 7!!!
  64. pics from Thill
  65. Sighting: Southland Mall/La Playa Dr., Hayward Sat. morning.
  66. FS: 225/50R15 V700s
  67. XPel Clear bra air bubbles - advice please
  68. Go Banana!
  69. Photos from our 6/1 meet
  70. I Left my White WRX Bit Char-G @ Lafayette :(
  71. White WRX in SF n/ body work??
  72. Sacto - Location to watch game 7
  73. The Traditional "what did you think of the meet?"
  74. AWD Dyno day!!! early as next weekend (June 8th)... need 9 people...
  75. Yet another SAturday Night Brain Twister....
  76. OT: Where to buy cameras in the south bay?
  77. Antioch Sighting
  78. San Francisco Union Street Fair. Anybody?
  79. Can you get out of a Excessive Speeding (100+ mph) Ticket
  80. Test
  81. Sighting:Black WRX By Krispy Kreme
  82. For Sale : 2002 WRX WRB
  83. FS: Some weight lifting equipment
  84. anyone interested in a Malibu Grand Prix meet?
  85. WTB: used 15" tires
  86. Attn: Lakers Fans
  87. Sighting 6-2 on Potrero Hill
  88. New WRX Owner!
  89. New WRX Owner!
  90. Attn Calvin aka rimrockass
  91. Sightings today
  92. Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat!
  93. Subaru Shops /
  94. Please give advice on "selling a car"
  95. Teins are coming and going in my car today.
  96. FS locally: 3 RE-92's <10K miles
  97. SpeedRing Meet
  98. Stock restrictor vs 3/16" vs Grounding Mod *revisited*
  99. FS: APEXi Boost Guage
  100. Trail Riding...
  101. FAO Imprezer (Alex)
  102. Automotive Recalls and Technical Service Bulletins
  103. Sighting - 5/31 WRB wagon Winchester on ramp to 280
  104. Lotsa Lafayette Meet Pics... including the pHaT composite!
  105. My new WoRX
  106. sighting: UC CENT 25/ BORDERS WRB sedan with blue/yellow winshield banner
  107. sighting: blue wagon with gold wheels
  108. help: weight of synthetic oil
  109. FS: 92 Si Hatch Hybrid
  110. FS stock wheels and tires
  111. WTB: custom PNP adaptor for STI headlight
  112. WTB Traffic cones for auto-x practice??
  113. Bit Char-G
  114. need to find a smog shop!
  115. 8th Ave between Balboa and Carbillo, WRB Sedan
  116. Help me Quick!
  117. Carlsen Subaru Service Dept - Thumbs UP!
  118. Big Thanks to Santa Cruz Subaru
  119. Got Dents III???
  120. You will all be so happy
  121. Has anyone painted side skirt?
  122. FS: Bits leftover from my STi wagon suspension conversion.
  123. Go Lakers !!! (Game 1) 06/05/2002
  124. MV sighting(s)
  125. Get Ready to RallyCross!
  126. Sighting, Ygnacio Valley Road
  127. SFR Rally Cross soon to be a Reality
  128. Official Site
  129. lost the scca membership
  130. Best Dealer to get a Subaru in Bay Area
  131. Stuff for sale...
  132. R34 vs 86s
  133. SCICer Visiting
  134. Wangan Midnight video clip! It's a video game!
  135. Subaru owners in Vacaville or Davis
  136. Two sightings on my way to work...
  137. gauging interest: For sale gold rota subzero and kumho
  138. BAIC Scavenger hunt...
  139. pol
  140. need windshield, who should i go to, andhow much am i looking at
  141. Return of MY VEGGIE..muahahahahaha
  142. You Looking for a BRP 2000 2.5RS Coupe?
  143. Pics of My JDM WRX STi!
  144. fender rolling
  145. where to get 60mm A-Pillar pods or 60mm Defi gauge pod for GC8
  146. Digi-Q (Mini RC) *UN-group* buy?
  147. sighting: white gc8 coupe.. in palo alto area.
  148. WTB: WRX sedan rear sway bar
  149. Silver WRX w/ Moroso headlights and STI wing?
  150. Vishnu Stage Zero
  151. Livermore WRX/RS sightings
  152. Who's out there with a RS still and also NA?
  153. Sighting: Silver RS on University Ave this morning.
  154. wtb: recaro seats in the bay area
  155. Headlight bulb replacement
  156. attn adrian tang, or anyone who has his email
  157. Sighting: Palo Alto at Celias.. GC8 coupe.. anyone here??
  158. VERY DOPE black WRX sedan sighted in SF.
  159. Anyone want to goto another BBQ/meet this weekend?
  160. Wanted for testing: Stage Zero WRX
  161. Sighting...Oakland...
  162. I need to sell my 2001 RS seats!
  163. Want a fix for that pesky CEL light?
  164. What was the name of that go karting place in Sunnyvale?
  165. Rim of the World 2003 to be divisional only
  166. Stock Boost
  167. AIR/Fuel Ratio Guage
  168. 4 Sale: Turbo kit minus I/C and intake piping, Stereo equipment...
  169. Spotted: Two WRX's at Summit Store
  170. Almost a Scooby Sandwich in San Franciso
  171. Marina autox on sunday...
  172. Attn: 98K and psoper
  173. FS: 20mm rear sway bar
  174. ATT TurboWRXImpreza
  175. Trading cars
  176. Anyone have Scooby Sport exhaust?
  177. Saw something funny this morning...
  178. FS: stock fog lights
  179. 3M Clear Film Protection Installed On Lights
  180. insurance
  181. FS: GREDDY muffler
  182. Digi-Q purchase update, please be sure to check!!!
  183. Digi-Q purchase update, please be sure to check!!!
  184. Missing it already
  185. Fast/Furious car in sf??
  186. Update On My Car
  187. anything going on tonight? (friday)
  188. Got my first thumbs up today
  189. The Mandatory Autocross Thread!!!
  190. OT: Welcome to India
  191. Would anybody help me install Indash LCD/ DVD!
  192. New WRX owner and happy 'bout it.
  193. hieroglyphics
  194. Scooby Doo
  195. Nervous Silver WRX Owner At Japantown?
  196. SCooby RUn (San Mateo) - June 17th
  197. Ahhh... nightmare!!!
  198. Sighting at Great America employee parking lot
  199. who works at mylex? 3 wrx
  200. Another confused Vette owner
  201. Got bored, so took some pictures
  202. Any of you with an Auto older legacy or Imprezza
  203. FS: 4 - Toyo Proxes T1-S 225/40/18 tires
  204. sightings: Dynasty restaurant. SJ. off Story rd.. and a highway 24 sighting
  205. Help me find this song guysIt's
  206. Looking for an Impreza?
  207. >Satuarday Sighting< Discovery Tint .
  208. What is up with 880 construction???
  209. parts for sale
  210. Burlingame Ave.
  211. Bruce Lee and Porkchop and MPJbecks
  212. How much should I pay?
  213. how much did you guys pay for your WRX?
  214. Oakenfold and Paul Van Dyk in SF next weekend
  215. My Evil Twin
  216. Leda suspension in real world
  217. FREAK driver!!!
  218. honda tech bbq...
  219. Good place to get Audi parts?
  220. I love having the gas tank on the right side
  221. OT: Web Developer looking for work in So Cal
  222. Any one got this problem? (plastic edge of the windows)
  223. Subby Meet In Davis
  224. ~70% Eclipse of the Sun this afternoon! Come see!
  225. Installed my Tein H-techs!
  226. Legacy GT For Sale
  227. WAL MART ALERT: new mobil 1 for $18 for 5 quart jugs...
  228. Anyone has experience with BOZZ (good or bad)?
  229. just got my blitz boost gauge..,
  230. My WRX got owned!
  231. attention: Joe Fong
  232. Tanabe Racing Medallion Exhaust?
  233. Subaru recall..
  234. Sighting: 7th ave, Sunset. (photo)
  235. Boost Guage installation
  236. sighting: ryball?
  237. My STi in the US theory
  238. Turbo Engine Oil Consumption?
  239. for sale: 2002 wrx wagon
  240. FS Local Kenwood Double Din
  241. Anyone in Antioch want to meet?
  242. Hollister Hills trip revisited? plus logging roads!
  243. Subaru Meet In Davis
  244. Digi-Q UnGroup Buy Price List is here!
  245. your thoughts -Albany service runaround?
  246. My friend thinks I-club is "cute"
  247. Our moderator a traitor? (Or, I Know What He's Getting!)
  248. The most secure place to keep your wheel lock key...
  249. If you wanna feel like your car looks cool...
  250. WTB WRX front seats (prefer local)