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  1. EMERGENCY: Must find a wheel!
  2. Options/Accessories worth buying
  3. 3 sightings in San Jose
  4. Is it ok to use Morette headlight in CA?
  5. Need some cheap parts? Local engine tranny etc seller
  6. attn: Ciper
  7. Sighting - House on corner of LG Blvd and Hwy 9
  8. bambi, why?!?!
  9. bambi, why?!?!
  10. Where to buy racing tires (slicks, perhaps)?
  11. Where to buy racing tires (slicks, perhaps)?
  12. sighting summet rd & 17
  13. Great deal, if only I had the money....
  14. Sighting Campbell - Slvr WRX wagon
  15. TGI Fridays Meatloaf!
  16. Blk WRX @ Union City Tapioca Express
  17. Need back issue of R&T, Aug. 2000
  18. fellow BAICr to the RESCUE!!!!
  19. Xtreme WRX on speedoptions!
  20. Just got my grill, stock grill for sale !
  21. Psychotic white 02 2.5RS
  22. RUST on my car already!!!!
  23. Should I bid on this!?
  24. WRX Seats for sale
  25. Coming to the bay area..
  26. Speedring Go Karting
  27. Anyone here live near Laguna Seca?
  28. Yaaaahhoooooooo!!!
  29. Cheap place to Tint Windows in Bay Area??
  30. FS: Stock WRX front brakes
  31. VIdeos from Thunderhill 05/31 with donutzracing
  32. FREE Donuts at Krispe kreme
  33. 2 Stevens Creek Sightings 2DAY!
  34. need help finding parts for my wagon
  35. OT: stuff to do in the Reno/Tahoe area this weekend?
  36. kk meet in daly city on thurs. night?
  37. Help a fellow bay area owner out
  38. Need one stock wrx 2002 rim with tire
  39. Wanna Trade my GFB BOV for your MBC?
  40. How about a KK meet in Mountain View!
  41. Black WRX w/gold stickers in Citrus Heights
  42. Watch out on HWY 9
  43. early notice
  44. Josh who?
  45. the natural order of things has been disturbed
  46. I want josh's job after he's gone!!!
  47. Help i sort of crashed my car.
  48. Digi Q Delay: Digi Q Circuit...
  49. Wrecked WRX update
  50. Sexy GDA... lowered!
  51. FS: DMS Golds 180F/R
  52. who? yoshi!!!
  53. I need a 4.44 differential quick
  54. Blue 99 RS in Folsom
  55. SCCA autoX schedule please post it !
  56. ATTN: WRX ish
  57. Where can I go autocrossing?
  58. SCCA autox round 10
  59. Sighting: Modded Black WRX, Livermore
  60. Sighting in Castro Valley
  61. sighting: CSUH - WRB coming down harder...
  62. Q: Alternative servicing locations, Brakes, & Synthetic oils.
  63. FS: MBC & Gauge pod
  64. Need a favour from someone in the Fremont are who has STi fog light covers on WRX
  65. sighting on Bay Bridge
  66. New CHP Vehicle
  67. Sighting: Foster City
  68. Sac Raceway tomorrow...
  69. Thunderhill S2k/WRX challenge next Week (20,21)**UPDATE**
  70. BAIC Friday Night Meet
  71. neil, call me about c/a plates
  72. interested in a BAIC video????
  73. anyone went to see DJ Shadow?
  74. East Bay Meet - North of 880/580 interchange
  75. Damn Thieves - Asking for Your Help
  76. Go England!
  77. attn suby_dude
  78. Livermore meet? 6/22? at In and Out?
  79. calling stock solo 2 wrx's
  80. Please donate to the Sevag fund.
  81. ATTN: Skywalker and Christoph433498
  82. Sighting: Red WRX on 280 8am (I-club member??)
  83. Sightings in Hayward!
  84. Auto X june 16 atwater ?????
  85. sighting: silver wgn w/ rotas on port royal in foster city
  86. sighting/race in pleasanton
  87. 02 Legacy GT Wheels
  88. Anyone selling RS power mods locally right now?
  89. Whose RBP WRX wagon was that at the Great Mall today?
  90. Proud New Owner
  91. who wrecked their WRX?
  92. DigiQ Order Sent
  93. Father's day Mods.....
  94. US Open...who is watching?
  95. free 'elephant' (bay area)
  96. free 'elephant' (bay area)
  97. Alarm suggestions
  98. Any Reptile Owners Out There?
  99. Oh my God, do I need noodles!
  100. wrx sighting, woodside, palo alto, etc...
  101. Goalllll USA!:)
  102. sunday night sighting,almaden, silver wrx
  103. WRX wagan call!!!!
  104. OT: Anyone looking for a home theater receiver? I have one for sale...Details inside
  105. We NEED an another INSTALLFEST!!!
  106. 15.2 Gallon pumped. Am I just lucky or what?
  107. F***** Thieves
  108. New Livermore Member
  109. Where to have springs installed?
  110. SFBA dealerships help with accelleration hesitaions?
  111. FYI: road grime + tire shine gel + quick detail + crappy subaru paint = stains
  112. Blue Sport Wagon Sighting
  113. STi Update from SOA HQ Employee
  114. tecn detroits
  115. Where I can have "detail" for my car in BA?
  116. Anyone have a tranny mount I can buy?
  117. FS: stock WRX RE92 205/55-16 tires
  118. Custom turbo or JDM Clip?
  119. Needed: Stock RS Cams ASAP
  120. The dark side, I have joined.
  121. Towed and caught running a red in SF
  122. stock wrx rims/tires for sale
  123. recaro sport seats, I really want them where can I get them?
  124. SFR SCCA round 10 results posted
  125. best prices on wrx in the bay
  126. How fast did you go on your WRX
  127. Mt. Hamilton
  128. Springfest in RWC! (installfest)
  129. Monte-Carquinez Road Rallye
  130. Mountain biking this weekend?
  131. Hmm...looks like I'll probably be a REAL i-club member sooner than I thought!
  132. fs locally, stock wrx stuff
  133. Axed
  134. Paint sideskirts for $80
  135. Anyone else see the 03 Cobra?
  136. UC Krispy Kreme Tuesday Meet!
  137. attn: kurlee daddee
  138. OT: question for audiophilez
  139. whose WRB wagon at Gateway Center in Concord?
  140. Cheap tires - Yoko AVS Intermediates
  141. Buttload of used parts to sell
  142. Interesting drive to work on 280 + Sighting...
  143. Silver WRX Wagon at Nokia Parking Lot
  144. Sighting: 6/18 5:30 pm Silver Wagon 880 - Alameda - Impala SS?
  145. attention: WRX ish
  146. last minute RWC lunch meet!
  147. Someone thought my WRX wagon was a KIA
  148. Sighting!
  149. Thumbs up from a blue CG8, last Friday evening, who?
  150. Reminder: Lunch Today - Chinatown Oakland
  151. sightingZ in santa clara + a bastard story
  152. Sighting in Mountain View!
  153. Downtown Oakland Sighting...
  154. Not BA - but close
  155. Som Of [email protected]#@h!!!!
  156. More OAK WRX Sightings - PSM's
  157. How much tax, doc fee, title, etc have you paid?
  158. anyone know suby_dudes last name
  159. Cobb street cams and CA smog
  160. Does any one meet in Sac Town?
  161. Ok...who raced my buddy's turbo'd GSR today?
  162. One More Oaktown sighting...
  163. Sighting @Thornton & Fremont intersection tonight at 1050
  164. I Love S4
  165. Spotted: 280 north around 4:10 pm
  166. Lafayette Reservoir BBQ Meatfest - July 21
  167. New WRX's $300 over invoice!
  168. free pass for winston cup @ sears pt
  169. Dear God, I am so jealous...
  170. Graduation
  171. Should I have worried?
  172. F/S Stock WRX deck...
  173. This Saturday! Thunderhill, im selling my spot! hurry!
  174. OT: Video Game Artist - Job Opening where I work
  175. OEM front grill ????
  176. Just got home from Thunderhill
  177. Got pulled over by a CHP........
  178. Please Help
  179. July = Subaru Month
  180. White WRX spotted in Daly City
  181. People can be such tools...
  182. anyone looking for a spacious studio/apartment?
  183. attn. owlboogie
  184. need help scanning CEL code
  185. four corners drivers post here
  186. saw a black wrx
  187. Dumb people at KK in DC
  188. tint place in sac?
  189. South Bay Import Shops?
  190. Where can i buy Morette FAST !
  191. Who has Rota 17" wheels?!
  192. Sighting: Redwood Rd.
  193. Anyone who has had work done at Red Star Racing
  194. Carlsen Subaru tech...
  195. FS: 2002 WRX wagon (WRB)
  196. 2 tires for sale...
  197. apexi turbo timer for sale
  198. attn: wrxellent
  199. FS: Volk Racing wheels TE37k (Bronze)
  200. Sacramento Mini-Meet: TONIGHT (June 21st)
  201. bored.....
  202. Who held up the instructions for a vishnu stage 0 kit to me at the light ?
  203. Loud-ass wrx in Palo Alto?
  204. Place to get fenders rolled in Bay Area?
  205. Whoooooo Hoooooo!!!!!
  206. Spied a silver WRX wagon!
  207. Personalized Plates...
  208. Silver GFB BOV 4 Sale!
  209. Mullets are making a comeback!!!
  210. stooopid SUV drivers!!
  211. Uh...I think I just had an epiphany
  212. silver wrx on great highway last night
  213. Was there a meet at the great mall last night ?
  214. ATTN: scoop
  215. East Bay Fire Sale (WRX Wheels, Tires, and Sway Bars)
  216. Long, twisty drive next week (29th/30th?) Highway 25
  217. Guess what happened on my lunch break today.
  218. test
  219. Attention Gino!!!
  220. Blitz Intake for SALE!!
  221. Skyline Drive tomorrow 6/23
  222. sighting silver RS on 680S pleasanton
  223. Sighting: Palo Alto Blue REX...
  224. Concord Sighting (White WRX)
  225. FS: Borla header and 18mm sway bar
  226. Blue WRX spotted in south san jo
  227. woah. saw not 1, but 2 TRUENO's last nite!
  228. Sighting/mini meet in sac KK
  229. Goodies for sale locally
  230. So what do you do to fellow WRX owners that dont wave?
  231. Thunderhill Symphonic track day. 10 more needed.
  232. WTB: used 17" tires for my 17x7 rims w/a few miles left on'em
  233. Need a good paint detailer in the central valley
  234. Where can I buy Defi d-gauges for cheap??
  235. Blitz SBC-ID/Power Meter where?
  236. Help! I need a place to live
  237. Sighting: Silver WRX Smashed into center divider HWY 1
  238. All Black WRX in Berkeley
  239. blue-ej20 sighting
  240. insurance help in east bay...
  241. attn gino!
  242. ATTN: Delicious Speed
  243. Hwy 25 Cruise this Sat!!! Long twisty run!!!
  244. FS Locally:
  245. Anyone want to trade their Silver Wrx hoods for CF Hood?
  246. FS: 2 Giants vs. A's Tix Saturday 6/29 @1:05
  247. It was a Long wait...IT IS HERE!!!
  248. Visiting Area, Travel Questions
  249. Ok, who owns a SRP WRX Wagon in Willow Glen?
  250. FS Locally: 17mm rear swaybar