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  1. Update and items for sale
  2. Need some Bass? FS: PPI Amp, JL Audio Sub, Q-Logic Enclosure
  3. my new license plate!
  4. Where to get swaybar ?
  5. So how far would you go to show your love....
  6. Car Wash Poll
  7. FS: TEIN WRX wagon Coilovers and some other goodies
  8. Which dealer for oil change
  9. Where in the $*(&%#!!! is a *constant* +12V power source?
  10. this makes me smile when I open the hood
  11. Arghh! Curbed my wheel bad!
  12. FS: stock shifter
  13. 4-pot brake
  14. North Bay - Tinting
  15. ok whose buying all the wrx motors from the sac wrecking yard???
  16. Reminder: Kirkwood Season Pass $299
  17. SV WRX Challenge - Big Track at Willow Springs July 12th!
  18. Avoid: ToyEast (ToyZone), Hong Kong based store
  19. FS: Brand new 52mm electronic Greddy boost gauge (black face)
  20. DigiQ Update
  21. Turbo GSXR600 anyone?
  22. You give me your Crank pulley and $20 and I'll give you my Unorthodox one.
  23. Stock Spoiler Riser
  24. Yet Another DigiQ Update (YADU) !!!! Could it be?!
  25. Let's see your favorite magazine girl model
  26. is drilling into ur radiator a real bad idea? (HELLA supertone horns install)
  27. which is the longest thread...
  28. Installfest this Saturday
  29. HKS GT Turbo Kit
  30. If anyone in the sac area wants to do the "headlight mod"...
  31. how cool would this be?
  32. DigiQ's are here and inventoried! Ready for distribution!
  33. The offical KK meet driver's name thread
  34. What happened to Alex?
  35. Trouble posting?
  36. anyone interested in oil drain valves?
  37. WRX/ RS Rims/Tires and Front Seats
  38. C&D releases review of Nissan 350Z!
  39. FREE: blizzard race skis
  40. Premature Seat Upholstery Wear
  41. NBA Draft Today at 4:30 (for those who cares)
  42. Question about a Vendor????
  43. My00 forsale
  44. Place to shop for new wheel in south bay?
  45. I just got mine and worth it
  46. Experiment: Anyone have a stock RS header/midpipe for an Experiment?
  47. Who's WRB sedan in Oakland?
  48. Pledge Declared Unconstitutional, What the...
  49. Let's Play a game:)
  50. Silver WRX on 80 east
  51. Help: Need a dent taken care of
  52. Sac Meet This Weekend?!
  53. ATTN: Chris the manwhore
  54. -10lb aluminum drive shaft for WRX $500-$600
  55. wow some crazy stuff from ebaymotors
  56. Who was cruising WC?
  57. Events Calendar
  58. meet at DCKK tonite?
  59. I Got Arrested In Morgan Hill
  60. Who was this?
  61. War Craft III in playing!
  62. Silver 2.5 RS w/ski rack on 101 Wed Night
  63. Sighting: Silver WRX with Anthracite? Wheels on Wolf
  64. Owl Boogie
  65. Modded Headlights for sale- Bay Area
  66. please help me...
  67. STUPID THIEVES [email protected]#[email protected]$ Someone stole my friend's hybrid civic.
  68. fun read- Street Racing IS crap!
  69. if any of you are bored...
  70. what's wrong with this pix... or is I CLUB having some DB issues?
  71. WTB 20mm sedan rear sway bar
  72. OMFG!! Hot chick as a cop in San Jose!
  73. Anyone a fan of Transformers?
  74. Anyone have WARRANTY problems?
  75. AutoX at Golden Gate Fields
  76. i got arrested in morgan hills by a hot chick as a cop...
  77. FS: Stromung single tip mild steel $280
  78. CHP cracking down on 17, except for truckers....again
  79. subie day at sears point
  80. goodbye...
  81. *URGENT* RE92s needed now.
  82. New Antioch Siting
  83. From the mag. girl thread!!! You asked for it now you got it!!! Time to Vote!!!
  84. I need torque specs...
  85. This is what happens when you street race...
  86. FS: WRX(stock) tires and wheels
  87. Sac meet for Initial D marathon?
  88. Do you turn your own wrench?
  89. Need to get a nice scrape fixed...
  90. yakima Q78 clip for sale
  91. East Bay Area body shop recommendations
  92. Woohoo! I get my car back today!
  93. ATTN: View Askew
  94. Need helpt with Pivot TACHO Lamp
  95. STi WRC Oil
  96. sighthing.. white RS in palo alto
  97. Sacramento autoX next month (attn 9balljoe)
  98. You guys think I can fight and win this ticket?
  99. Help please, 02 RS Cusco OS front strut bar installation...
  100. Supra (and whatever) hanging at Baker Beach today
  101. wTB Greddy Front lip
  102. Bruce Lee's famous Quote!
  103. Dyno Day Fun!!!
  104. CRACKED my front bumper!!!!.
  105. OT: dinner time, the union of rice and vinegar
  106. Bridgestone Potenza S03 deal @ Auto Innovations!!
  107. woo hooo
  108. sweet
  109. WTB CF hood 4 GC8
  110. Sighting: WRB Sedan 280 Metro Center 6/29
  111. D&B's meet july 27th
  112. illegal racing....
  113. FS local: stock wrx springs
  114. San Fran ~ San Jose Subarus
  115. nice to meet you (sighting/pic)
  116. Tein Suspension and Sway-bar?
  117. FS (Locally): '90 VW Golf Wolfsburg GL $1800
  118. subaru day @ sears
  119. FS locally: Sony CDX-C90 and XDP-210 EQ + bonus items...
  120. 1st GGF AutoX this season
  121. CAREFUL...very stealth COP CAR out there...
  122. Tahoe - Subaru paradise
  123. Black or white???
  124. audio shop
  125. Sighting?
  126. Best for Suby - Car Wash/Wax
  127. Sighting: 2 wrx wagons & 1 2.5rs sedan on 85 South
  128. McGyver, please check your pm's . n/m
  129. Up Pipe
  130. Need.. more... hp.. & tq.... :)
  131. Wagon SunRoof from Santa Cruz
  132. Rolling on 18" Bronze Rota Battles
  133. I'm coming to visit!
  134. does WILCOX wheel looks good???
  135. Bob and Andy's Excellent Bike Adventure (Warning - lots of pics)
  136. Slvr WRX Sedan w/spoiler sighting
  137. anyone has been Subaru Bo's Imports Specialist in Hayward???
  138. Are they facelifting the Impreza?
  139. SAT prep courses!
  140. Where to buy a JDM grounding strap?
  141. got my car tinted
  142. Where to go...
  143. anyone? vishnu stage 0 install
  144. bay area weekend driving
  145. just curious
  146. OT - reprint price?
  147. SF people wanna roll to UCKK tuesday
  148. Help! CEL woes...:(
  149. this should be the i-club R/C Car...
  150. Where to go to get uppipe installed?
  151. All those who attended HIN in San Mateo On 3-29-02 i think
  152. Hwy 25 Run Sun 7/21!!!!
  153. Installs this weekend
  154. UPDATE: my lil wagon :)
  155. Any more Sac meets?
  156. BBQ day at redstarracing with MPJperformance
  157. Hot Import Nights - Chicago *PICS*
  158. Where are you guys going for the Holidays?!
  159. 17" Bronze Rota Attacks on Silver WRX
  160. Round 11 Results posted
  161. 2 week delay for vishnu stage 0?
  162. Fast and Furious 2... casting call
  163. A/C smells?
  164. sighted!
  165. Concord Siting
  166. Great song to drive to.
  167. Check out my crack/scratches!!
  168. Subarus gay?
  169. FS: STi/SPT rear bushings
  170. WTB: vs0
  171. wassup ronc1!!
  172. Attention: Gilbert De Los Reyes
  173. Laserland sighting
  174. Capitol IN&OUT Sighting
  175. Attn Ciper
  176. Anyone have a 2 5/8 A pillar they want to trade for my 2 1/16 A pillar?
  177. UCKK Meet
  178. road trip!
  179. [email protected]@k At This.....
  180. South Bay shop who can tap/weld EGT probe?
  181. FS: WRX Rims/Tire's $350 drop off.
  182. Oakland Chinatown Lunch Meet - Today
  183. Lawerence Expy. sighting
  184. Bay Area Hip-Hop Listeners!
  185. WTB: stock shift boot
  186. Subaru Irony
  187. Calling BigMike!
  188. Where can you buy Zaino wax in S.J.
  189. The Hottes Model
  190. Sunday's AutoX @ GGF, CALL FOR WORKERS!!!
  191. WTB: 17" Tire's (good Set)
  192. Catless Stock JDM pipes
  193. WRX Wagon For Sale in Sept
  194. OK you "do it yourself"er's what the....?
  195. My New Toy...
  196. WTB GReddy lip or sti lip v5
  197. rice?
  198. Alex...bozz
  199. Who was at electronics botique last night?
  200. selling Godspeed up-pipe
  201. Northbay auto-x
  202. Brucelee needs a ride to Spundae Party!
  203. blinking lights!
  204. Which Area/city Is The Most Wrx In Usa???
  205. Rant - idiot arrogant "friend"
  206. Who's WRX wagon in Pittsburg today?
  207. Palm Desktop for Sony Software?
  208. Deez.... nutz?
  209. anyone out at sears point drags last night?
  210. OT: Arm our pilots
  211. FS: Recaro SRD (RED)
  212. Best Fireworks Display in the Bay Area?
  213. Any problems with Vishnu STG-0?
  214. FS: AEM cold air intake
  215. Need Advise on a LCD/DVD setup!
  216. Rally Tires!
  217. Guiness Book of World's Record
  218. SpeedRing
  219. OT: Who has to work today?
  220. OT: Hip - Hop Lyrics
  221. Here's a little story about the 1st 45min in my OBS
  222. How long do you think my tranny will last?
  223. New to the Club!
  224. sighting
  225. hello.. new member
  226. see... sometimes a little BLING BLING is good...
  227. Need TS/RS stock rims & tires
  228. ATTN: View Askew (paul w/ the coil overs and LHD sti lights)
  229. How much you pay for insurance?
  230. WTB Re-92 or other cheap tires
  231. HKS or TEIN Suspension?
  232. Sac Meeting maybe tonight?
  233. Blitz EBC Install
  234. San Jose area members help
  235. WTB NOW: 52mm gauge pod
  236. Dose this car looks familiar
  237. CP Suspension problem!!!!
  238. Anyone going to Sacramento Raceway tomorrow?
  239. 19th Ave Sighting 7/4/02 thumbs up
  240. WTB: WRX horn
  241. ATT SonOFSAM
  242. WTB Lip for GC8
  243. Sighting: Eggettes 7/5
  244. Sighting: WRB in Oakland 7/5
  245. Not that anyone cares...
  246. WRX stock suspension, and swaybars...
  247. Who wants to buy an 01 RS?
  248. Somebody broke into our house!
  249. Hwy 25 Run Sun 7/14 *Date Changed*!!!!
  250. ATTN: STi Sev