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  1. FS: Zero sport replica Splitter
  2. I Really need advice guys(ticket problem)kinda long
  3. sighing blue wrx capitol exp
  4. Rota Wheels
  5. Wrx??
  6. Oakland Chinatown WRX?
  7. Ques! On Cutting the Sti key...
  8. OT:stereo shop/installer search
  9. How do you remove side skirts?
  10. I got nailed!
  11. Paint shop in Sacramento?
  12. i-club card left on my wrx
  13. Attn: BADWRX
  14. US Evo = Lancer Turbo?
  15. ATTN: luna sea
  16. Attn: Subie Dude
  17. Who wants a TT Supra 6spd
  18. lets go see teamsmr
  19. 2 Sightings: 880-S and Alvarado Blvd
  20. Pismo Beach = WRX fun
  21. For Sale only for GC8
  22. Introducing the Outback Super Sport
  23. Round 12 -> Thanks
  24. joe fhhhhhhhhhhhong
  25. Camaro CHP
  26. junkyards?
  27. Sorry to say so
  28. For those of you who like to have a little laugh.
  29. StreetRyde Performance Install/BBQ/Promotion meet
  31. WRX car alarm flash light FOR SALE
  32. I wasn't at the Rallye because.......
  33. Extreme Autofest San Jose
  34. M3 for sale
  35. ATTENTION: Brucelee
  36. Hottie spotted in a 2002 black OBS on 80
  37. Someone put an EJ20 in this please!
  38. body shops in area?
  39. STi V4-5 steering wheel.
  40. Dent Fixers in SAC
  41. i'm baaaack!
  42. Traffic School Suggestions
  43. ATTN: The person who does blue STi keys (SubieDude?)
  44. Sacrameto I-Club meet on July 13
  45. I-Club Meet at MAITA SUBARU in August
  46. Page Mill Run Tonight
  47. any wun close to SF with a 95 impreza
  48. All those shoppin for a WRX
  49. there a meet tomorrow?
  50. SIGHTING: blue wrx/101 to 280 overpass 9:30pm 7/8/02
  51. Spotted: silver RS in Roseville
  52. hay i need some help.
  53. Do it yourself dent remover!
  54. Mt Hamilton Run July 14th: Livermore Group Post Here!!
  55. ATTN: windfactory
  56. who else wants the VCD for tonight 8pm Krispie Kream
  57. Lafayette Reservoir BBQ Meet - July 21
  58. QUICK HELP: I need my wagon tinted.
  59. Attn: Dan
  60. Rallye fun after Mt Hamilton
  61. MY2003 Subaru BAJA
  62. Let the mods BEGIN:)
  63. For all those who ride motorcycles
  64. MEET: DigiQ Pickup at Daly City Krispie Kreme
  65. ATTN; BruceLee
  66. Some people...
  67. Beware of Mt. Hamilton, Dem Cops Be [email protected]
  68. Turbo back exhaust?
  69. N.E.R.D. sighting on Haight today
  70. For Sale ASAP...
  71. shipping from taiwan
  72. Door ding!!!!
  73. brucelee posts on craigslist?
  74. Dent Pro
  75. jus came from the 8pm krispy cream meet
  76. UCKK pics 7-9-02
  77. Two WRX Sightings
  78. ATTn: christoph1371
  79. Thoughts on Rallye-ing
  80. Is this old news? *WRX Comp.)*
  81. for those cannot get the VCD or game copies last night...
  82. FS: WRX sedan stock swaybar
  83. FS: 1999 Ford Ranger 4.0 w/ ~47k
  84. Got a ticket for "gridlock"!!
  85. What would you do?
  86. anyone has ever done anything in custom aAlightment Mtn View?
  87. See what we started...
  88. What's happened to GodSpeed
  89. CA gov strikes again...
  90. USTCC Round 4 at Buttonwillow, CA on July 13 & 14
  91. Feedback: did i just waste my money?
  92. 2000 BRP sedan for sale
  93. crashed wrx
  94. Mt. Hamilton at night
  95. Free slurpees @ 7-Eleven
  96. rear sway bar off a WRX sedan
  97. Stevens Creek Subaru WRECKED my WRX.....
  98. WRX Wagon Sway Bar
  99. Read this and tell me what you think
  100. STI Engine and 6spd Trans on EBAY!
  101. sighting: yellow WRX sedan with morretts in RWC
  102. Question abt painting my splitter
  103. OT: Crazy Bike Movie
  104. How many BAIC cars going to RallyCross?
  105. Any recommended body shop in San Jose/South Bay area?
  106. It really pissed me off
  107. Good service for allignment at Tires Plus in Hayward!
  108. OT: Motor Cycle School Suggestion
  109. OT: Anyone play airsoft?
  110. Whos going to Ohlone this Summer Sem??
  111. Anyone going to see TOOL tomorrow night?
  112. anyone have experience w/ inflatable/rigid inflatable boats?
  113. why mt hamilton
  114. FS: lottsa stock WRX parts + Unichip w/ harness
  115. Time stamp error?
  116. Where in SF can i fix door dents?
  117. free Organic party
  118. ATTN: Subie Dude
  119. My car looks half-new now!
  120. What kind of animals have you guys ran down before.
  121. nice lights! (sighting)
  122. I just paid $4.09/gal!!
  123. OT: anyone going to laguna seca this weekend?
  124. Red Star Racing will be closed on
  125. OT (Boat?)
  126. Mt. Hami Caravan from Oakland? Joe Fong?
  127. FS: tarmac 17" flat black w/ 712 Kumhos
  128. Let's see those ugly Car Magazine models.
  129. Fast and the furious filming on Hamilton today.
  130. Mt. Hammy videography
  131. Splat vs. Arwen or Modified Spyder vs. Stock WRX wagon
  132. Anybody want a 2 month old full face helmet?
  133. OT: $120 to pull Honda CEL?
  134. ScoobySport Special Edition from Ohio..
  135. sactown, vacaville or davis area, mt. hamilton on sunday?
  136. black kyokugen lugnuts for sale
  137. KK Meets?
  138. My first monkey goes too.... and the envelope please!
  139. Fremont people caravan to D&B for Mt Ham
  140. Blue WRX Day in the Valley
  141. I'm looking for something...
  142. fs stock wrx side skirts
  143. any good kung fu/wushu place to work out in the south bay?
  144. FS Forge BOV
  145. Any other Choy Lay Fut practitioners?
  146. East Bay: D&B & Mt. Hamilton Caravan
  147. what do you have planned for the weekend????
  148. ...
  149. its my birthday!!!
  150. Way OT: Question for any Ebay sellers.
  151. Took BAIC sticker off my car....
  152. wTB Greddy lip .
  153. Z06 Owner gave me thumbs-up
  154. Anyone know of any good glass shops?
  155. Segway in SF!
  156. White WRX pulled over in Sac
  157. meeting tonight?
  158. tint in sac
  159. Yo!- SONofSAM!
  160. San Diego dealers?
  161. See yall tomorrow, GOOD NIGHT!!!
  162. Filipino comedy part2 with the Superfriends
  163. WTB: Digital Camera (no video cam offers please)
  164. HID Lights
  165. Mt. Hamilton Today
  166. at least they didnt key it...BUT *ish*?
  167. Finally got a new job!!
  168. FS: Used Viewsonic A90 monitor
  169. Need body parts for WRX
  170. More Mount Hamilton pictures
  171. ...body shops in the bay...
  172. Redline 5W30
  173. WTB: Redline Tranny fluid and Rear Diff fluid
  174. $1000.00 prize for Fastest Subaru
  175. teamsmr finish @ buttonwillow
  176. Attn: christoph1317 I found your license plate
  177. Window Tint Shops in South Bay?
  178. Attn: Joseph (From Livermore Mt Hami Meet)
  179. Holy Drift!
  180. Whose debadged RS was at Back40 BBQ tonight?
  181. Wanted: Torque Converter for WRX
  182. Pro Auto Body and Repair in sac?
  183. Take a ride with me up Mt. Hamilton (video)
  184. SPEED CHANNEL preview....
  185. Waranty fix needed for Power Steering + DMS mods
  186. FS: Car stereo Equipment
  187. black Recaro SRD + rails
  188. Oakland Chinatown Lunch Meet
  189. ATTN: Mt. Hami Photographers/Videographers
  190. WANTED: Feedback on BAIC Sonoma Wine Drive
  191. We need a new Moderator
  192. Wot, no auto-x thread ?
  193. Please buy this... PE1820.
  194. Any installfests this weekend?
  195. nice meeting ya, rumi...
  196. Black WRX on Travis AFB this evening?
  197. golden gate fields
  198. Ex Pat returning home needs to sell scooby
  199. WTH? 13mm allen wrench? Where to buy locally
  200. Anyone going to Sears Point 7-17-02 ?
  201. Asthma Inhaler or Injector?
  202. My Rental car...
  203. Considering moving back to the Bay Area
  204. Ok, who is this here?? Fess up!
  205. WRX Shops in California - newbie in (Sacramento)???
  206. Up-pipe install help.
  207. When will the Clock strike 5?
  208. Anyone here a Gran Turismo fan?
  209. Do you like to know when someone sucks?
  210. Sighting on Irving 22nd WRX wagon
  211. Repeated Sac Sighting
  212. Subaru Rally Posters
  213. Auto-x July 21st...Santa Rosa Airport
  214. Who waved to a BRP GC8 on 84E and then got pulled over?
  215. Umm i need help...800 bux on a cel bill
  216. What subaru stuff can I get from CHINA?
  217. OT - quitting sucks!
  218. SCCA Auto-X, round 13 - Subaru Cup results
  219. 2003 WRX Spec R1
  220. Steven Creek Subaru Boycott- Gauging Interest
  221. meet in fairfield friday
  222. BA7GENZ.COM West Coast Meet Invites You!
  223. Moving Back Home from S. Cal!
  224. I wanna buy RS!
  225. ATTN: Ayapon
  226. Praise for MRT!
  227. bling bling
  228. Sighted: blue wagon with gold rims and dorky driver
  229. Service at Livermore Subaru?
  230. Sighting: Two silver wrx wagons N280 @ 9:45am
  231. Back Bumper Got Scratched Yesterday
  232. FS: Used S-AFC
  233. Hollister Hill off-road park -- Thurs.
  234. 10w30 or 10w40?
  235. Evil sighting in sac
  236. Sugar in the gas tank
  237. HID Group Buy
  238. A plea for a big favor!
  239. 2 WRX San Jose sightings/waves today
  240. UnionLanding Boarders WRX sighting
  241. OT: Jason Kidd 2 D Warriors.....
  242. Tiny R/C vehicles
  243. Redline GB
  244. Which shop in the Bay Area knows how to tune an Apexi S-AFC
  245. ATTN: ViewAskew
  246. I'm going to buy a WRX - need some advice on a dealer...
  247. And so it begins...
  248. CEL question???
  249. Finland Stage WRC, 8/8-8/12
  250. blue WRX that I saw on I-880... with euro plate & gold rims