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  1. In the area 7/25-7/28 - SpeedRing, anyone?
  2. Hey guys, update on my scratch/crack
  3. What kind of subaru things can I get from Korea?
  4. BA WRX owners make me smile
  5. turn signals
  6. N. bay tint and service
  7. anybody know if...
  8. Back to the body shop. This time the suby driver is really at fault.
  9. My custom-build cat-back System, thanks for Emmanuel's Mufflers shop!
  10. Exhaust- Does Anyone Use This
  11. ATTN: Bill (skywalker?)
  12. Window Squeeeeeeking?
  13. sighting: UC silver Rex
  14. looking for camber bolts locally in the bay area
  15. Late, late sighting!
  16. Turbo XS MBC Flutter?
  17. White, debadged, pink badged sedan on 280
  18. T-Hill Track Event on July 26th
  19. Photo Shoot for Local Bay Area People!
  20. whats best route from SF to Santa Barbara?
  21. Who is going to D-Stock for the slush series?
  22. idiot wrx albany plates 880 san lorenzo
  23. Check out Blitz SBC-ID GB!!!
  24. the weekly autox thread
  25. Attn Ciper
  26. first oil change
  27. Xenon HID for $44o
  28. DPT thought my car was a Honda
  29. Hahahahahah!!!!! I still have no car...
  30. very fair deal
  31. Sac meet on Saturday?
  32. Person with the most self-control in CA!
  33. Who put the i-club card on my car?
  34. Sighting: Black GC8 - Colma Target
  35. autox
  36. Silver WRX in Capitola
  37. I was almost ran off the road tonight
  38. OT: Computer Recyclery & Donation
  39. Black WRX screeching tires on Ocala and Capitol Expressway at ~1150AM today
  40. Who did I see on Mines Road today???
  41. Man this is a slow weekend... OT
  42. And so it continues...
  43. I-club Stickers
  44. Sighting: Silver WRX Wagon in Berkeley
  45. HID KIts $440
  46. What a D-stock WRX can do!!!
  47. turn signal wiring for uk300's?
  48. Sighting: miguel at solano mall
  49. Local Dealer Stocking Magnecor Wires & NGK Plugs
  50. For Sale!!!!! (GC8, Turbo Legacy parts)
  51. Caravan to RallyCross?
  52. Want a reason not to buy from Stevens's a few!!
  53. Gauging Future Interest: Sac Super Installfest/BBQ/Pool Party/Video Game Orgy
  54. New member (Vacaville)
  55. FS: Rota Velo 18 X 7.5 45ET Wheels
  56. san francisco drivers
  57. OnE Hit on my Little Cousin tonight!
  58. 2 Sightings on the 80 North of Fairfield
  59. PM Hill Climb
  60. Subie mechanic?
  61. Good "testing" roads/area?
  62. I-Speed and Brucelee on SpeedChannel!
  63. Installing a woofer.
  64. Local sale? HD Sway bar Mounts
  65. More suspension reviews
  66. Represent I-Club!
  67. Car Stereo/Security INFO
  68. 00RS for $5,400
  69. FS: WRX 17mm Rear Sway Bar - $35
  70. Buying Impact Wrench, 1/2" or 3/4"?
  71. tell me your opinion of this Aluminum Spoiler on 02 RS.
  72. GT wheels needed (locally)
  73. Nor Cal car meet July 28th Livermore, CA.
  74. Hey
  75. need advise on C.F. hood
  76. Autox fun run confrontation.
  77. White Jun Wagon?
  78. is BAIC "name" a little vague?
  79. Just got my WRX - thanks to Carlsen
  80. those HATERS did it AGIAN.....
  81. Help with bolt size
  82. GGF Round 14 Results
  83. Who's had work done at Red Star Racing?
  84. For those that have removed silencers in your cars
  85. Sighting: White WRX Sedan on Funston
  86. "Subaru WRX crashed through a house here recently."
  87. Anyone got a CARFAX account?
  88. Bay AREA ONLY FS: MRT/whiteline ADJ. Rear Swaybar
  89. MYCRXSI ... I know who you are, ho'in on the side!
  90. OBS sighting in Alameda...Again...
  91. Vishnu Performance Job Opportunity
  92. WRX Wheels + Tires for sale.
  93. Updated July Sac Meet: Friday 26/ Saturday 27
  94. FYI on the fender plug
  95. JIC Magics?
  96. ATTN: kasio
  97. WRB WRX in Cordelia
  98. i took the day off to.....
  99. Eibach Pro Kit Installation - Where?
  100. Just ordered the Orciari WRC lights
  101. 280 -> 85 Sighting WRB MY02 WRX
  102. rubber floor mats, who's got'em?
  103. Help needed. Will pay. (Not an employment ad)
  104. paintball stores in bay area?!?!?
  105. Any Installfests this weekend??
  106. need to borrow some WRX stock rims n' tires...
  107. EJ20 swap wiring secrets revealed
  108. FS: 98 RS front seats with rails.
  109. Anyone have a MRT front mount intercooler on?
  110. Cute Auto Body Shop. Painting side skirts.....Color NOT match !
  111. New in Sacto...have some questions
  112. How long does it take to get traffic school when you pay SF ticket?
  113. I-80 WEST bound sightings (WRX by Vallejo and another by Fry's in Sac)
  114. WTB 3" to 2.5" hose reducer locally
  115. Holy Freakin' Moley! Bust out the checkbook!
  116. FS: (to active BAIC members only!) tanabe racing medallion
  117. OT: Happy Hump Day Bay Area!
  118. front 99-01rs bumper needed
  119. Thermal R&D mufflers
  120. Jun Eyelids
  121. Future Meet at Golfland 8/9
  122. Whos the yougest that drive a wrx?
  123. BestMotoring videos <- is that old too?
  124. Who's the oldest in BAIC?
  125. Sighting in CV
  126. for all the San Jose evergreen area WRX drivers!!
  127. east san jose
  128. Northern California all car meet Sunday 7/28 Livermore, CA.
  129. BAIC wagoneers - YELLOW!!!
  130. place to change brake pads (oakland)?
  131. Rock Climbing at Planet Granite
  132. is your car handling anything like this dude?
  133. daniel is #1
  134. Honda Civic - max possible hp with all the trimmings?
  135. Offical Keith and Pete tour 2002 info!
  136. O.t. American Idol is on
  137. FS: New Age STi seat (Front pair only)
  138. who copys key near fairfield???
  139. APEXi AVC-R Dash Mount
  140. OT: I bought a new Scoob!
  141. Ignoring everyones' advice, I got an HKS exhaust ;)
  142. Race gas anywhere in Sac.?
  143. I need some help... Front Sway bar install on WRX Wagon
  144. Who's got the biggest butt in BAIC?
  145. Anyone know where i can get Recaro seats Bracket???
  146. Mt. Ham Pics HERE
  147. OT: Street Luge in SF this Saturday!
  148. Sighting By Mayflower in Milpitas
  149. sightings....
  150. youpers, here's your sighting :p
  151. Back to reality.
  152. s i g h t i n g s .
  153. wassup
  154. Sighting on Stevens Creek
  155. I am ready to purchase SPRINGS now!
  156. Weekend motorsport events....
  157. There is a cute female pizza delivery driver at Dominos in San Mateo
  158. Anyone down for an East Bay Meeting Place?
  159. AutoX round 15
  160. anybody local wanna buy stock (black) sideskirts off a wrx?
  161. Sightings today
  162. I have an iclub member living down the street from me!
  163. FS: my honda civic
  164. charity car show on travis
  165. FS: Stock WRX Shocks/Struts, Springs & Front Swaybar Almost New!!
  166. Rallycross Caravan
  167. OT: Health Plan <joke>
  168. Sighting: White WRX on 880
  169. help
  170. Fast and Furious WRX??
  171. de-badging: where is a good place?
  172. OT: Fantasy football league!
  173. Matthew... email me
  174. crappy subaru paint?
  175. team mobile good?
  176. Anyone had issues with In n Out?
  177. any sightings on central/lawrence expwy?
  178. 10% off all Lunch or Dinner for i-Clubbers!
  179. dinner tonight in dublin
  180. Need the stock WRX hoses.
  181. Forget about turbo, go with this
  182. Loaner exhaust for MY99-01 - smogs well
  183. Blue WRX sedan parked next to silver 'stang in MV
  184. What to do this weekend?
  185. Post your Thunderhill stories here!
  186. SCCA Membership $25 and Solo2 Info for 16-25 yr olds
  187. Sighting Livermore Silver GC8
  188. All Read! Proposal!
  189. im so mad now! i need to vent...
  190. Good/Bad @ Stevens Creek
  191. stop mod....
  192. Rent Your Car And Need Stock Intercooler Asap!!!
  193. Portable DVD w/ 7" LCD
  194. Do I need to get a CA's drivers lisence ?
  195. WTB: stock WRX ecu
  196. Rice Boy picking
  197. Got a question for anyone who moved to Cali about dealing with admissions
  198. Sti trunk Emblems
  199. for sale Axxis Ultimates pads
  200. Man, what a rallyx
  201. FS: Stromung Single Tip Muffler $160 (GC8 Only)
  202. Honda??? LOL
  203. Formula One (F-1)
  204. Impreza total = Impreza total - 1 :(
  205. Action Rally shots... Of your cars
  206. M-Life
  207. Register car in another state
  208. sti & wrx logo wanted
  209. Palo Alto area-Please help!
  210. Live coverage or Orciari Install
  211. FS: set of stock RE92's
  212. blue rs with SUBARU windshield banner in dalycity/westlake
  213. S: set of stock 15" Outback wheels
  214. Pricing my WRX is driving me nuts!!!
  215. anything special in Australia?
  216. Kind of need a quick Answer
  217. How about jacking your car up?
  218. RallyX Videos...
  219. black gc8 in Palo ALto
  220. Got pulled over by a cool cop
  221. need stock turbo inlet hose
  222. Weekend Sightings: 7/27 and 7/28 - Daly City & Berkeley
  223. Where is a place that can inspect brakes for free?
  224. FS: Turboxs Muffler
  225. Any Legacy or Forester owners in here?
  226. Damage from rallyx??
  227. Got a WRX, selling my MY00RS and mods - wheee!
  228. Round 15 autoX, what happened?
  229. Be Careful Of Cops on Skyline!!!
  230. I GOT LUCKY..sorry IS300 dude
  231. I-speed today....thanks!
  232. Bay Area Driving School with Skid Pan?
  233. WHEW!! Sure Are A Lot of WRX's in the Bay Area!--More than S. Cal?
  234. RallyX Times?
  235. ATTN: Bill or Chris
  236. Why are you such a loser that you didnt Rally this weekend?
  237. Borrow a service manual for MY01 RS
  238. Oakland Chinatown Lunch this week.
  239. HKS Downpipe facts and an incredible price!
  240. Alignment at Auto Innovations, Awsome :)
  241. Window Tinting in Redwood City
  242. Thanks to all that came to Rally X 2002
  243. 205-55-R16's
  244. Who knows the contact for our SOA regional Rep?
  245. Sightings: Brucelee and BigMike approx. 4:15pm
  246. looking for good Ducati owners forum
  247. local people w/ GC6's and STi keys
  248. Chris or Bill (I-speed dudes) check your emails
  249. golden gate auto in daly city
  250. Krispy Kream Meet JULY 30th