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  1. Does anyone there have CAI airfilters lying around?
  2. Alarm installers. Who is good?
  3. StreetRyde Performance Install/BBQ/Promotion meet
  4. blue wrx/blue rs at krispykreme/inout today
  5. Just got my new wheels
  6. caravan to sat. bbq in sac.
  7. sighting at new park mall
  8. sighting 280N 730pm by DC
  9. San Jose Meeting at IN N OUT.......
  10. FS: NEC FE950 CRT Monitor
  11. husband and wife fighting
  12. Totally OT but had to post NEway
  13. Joke
  14. thanx
  15. Craziest thing happened tonight
  16. Parents of baby girls, ear piercing
  17. ATTN: christoph1371
  18. OT: SuperBike (kinda)
  19. Sweet Outback sighting
  20. Spotted: Blue EJ20...You're Everywhere!
  21. for sale my new (to me) coilovers JIC FLT-A2
  22. Need stock rims and tires, RS, Legacy GT . . .
  23. Mtn View Silver WRX Wagon Sighting on Middlefield
  24. what is uckk
  25. Round 15 results posted
  26. Need Help
  27. ATTN: BruceLee
  28. FS: WGP 01 autococker
  29. whoring out my bronze Volk TE37K wheels
  30. FS: perrin uppipe
  31. OT: how much would you pay for....
  32. Can You Believe This? It's A Curse!
  33. blue wrx sedan at versign
  34. who did i see today?
  35. NASA HPDE insurance?
  36. TRansMission SWaP?
  37. Help Me Buy My Subby Plz Read!!
  38. list of people who I promised fender plugs
  39. impreza magazine
  40. gas
  41. Im finally getting a tranny for my car!
  42. Sighting: WR Blue sedan in Antioch...
  43. For those who changed your STOCK dash to carbon fiber trim!
  44. 18" or 17"???
  45. Krispys last night was cool
  46. STrut bar or CAI?
  47. Anybody have headlights/driving lights for 02 imprezas that work?
  48. FS: Assorted Goodies
  49. WTB locally: 99-01 2.5RS shift lever...
  50. 1998 Impreza RS 2.5 for SALE
  51. For sale: One sedan WRX muffler in great shape, Wanted: One wagon WRX muffler
  52. Picked up some P1 Springs and got a drive in the SPD car!
  53. Any suggestion for UCKK event?
  54. For sale: leather kit with suede and installation kit
  55. ATTN: STi 4pot front brakes owners!
  56. Good read for those intrested in Strut tower bars + somme other GREAT reads
  57. Any clubs worth going to this Saturday?
  58. Free Webhosting Site???
  59. solving understeer......
  60. pulled over
  61. Blue WRX w/18's and Silver w/graphics etc
  62. HKS Hiper Installed: review...
  63. Late night thread..... Y U UP????
  64. FS: 17x7.5 Advan RC-II w/ yoko avs sports
  65. audio shop
  66. My first mod!!!
  67. DCKK crew.. Want to do something this Sat 8/3
  68. Something in San Francisco this weeked?
  69. Anybody interested in Clear Armor?
  70. DSM Mt. Hamilton meet this Saturday
  71. Anyone wanna crash the Hamiliton DSM with me?
  72. Few things I need to sell
  73. My exhaust sounds MEAN
  74. sighting on Potrero Hill SF
  75. Where is GG Auto in DC
  76. Gas Problem???
  77. FS: Last chance for my unichip and harness
  78. mileage
  79. comming to monterey aug 28 - sept 03
  80. OT: Rant on paypal!!!
  81. sighting: silver wagon might have been kauss!
  82. Sighting: WRB WRX Sedan on University Getting off Dumbarton
  83. I-Speed's Latest Creation
  84. sighting on 280 south 6:30pm (?) San Jose Area
  85. any dirt roads in Northern California to play around on?
  86. code help please
  87. Interesting, but maybe flamable??
  88. Sf Meet This Sat
  89. I need a job for 2.5 months.
  90. WRX subwoofer drawing too much power?
  91. OT: Airhockey
  92. who needs a job
  93. Indiglo gauges (probably) for sale
  94. new to world of wrx
  95. The Most Freakin Official Saturday 8/3 San Francisco Event Thread :eek:
  96. WTB: Actually need to buy...
  97. Why don't we get cool stuff like this?
  98. Borrow a Bra?
  99. Fender/air plugs are here... on me
  100. Is there a local place that will install Hella 500s...
  101. for those with gtechs
  102. Its on AGAIN with SCIC --- Read
  103. Suposed Morette group buy!! Amazing $
  104. Studio for rent in Sunny San Bruno
  105. Sighting: Highway 780-Benicia
  106. SFRSCCA points for round 15 posted
  107. 00 RS wheels (white) for sale
  108. Rally Cross : on-course photos now for sale
  109. Dyno'ed Car Today/HELP-Running Way Rich
  110. attn: tnmn28
  111. How many subys in S.C.
  112. Another Rally X Thank You
  113. Brucelee, real name?
  114. Who could I have seen on HWY 85..?
  115. My first dent.
  116. Caravan from East Bay to 98kPa's place?
  117. Where'd You SF Guys Get Your STi Keys Cut?
  118. How to get your Econobox into the 14's **A MUST READ**
  119. Trouble code p0548
  120. Another dead scooby, luckily we aren't!
  121. Interest in another Sac meet?
  122. Beer Tasting
  123. SJ IN IN OUT on Wednesday.....
  124. NAKAMICHI SP-S6500 component speakers
  125. help me please!
  126. attn brucelee, re: rallye
  127. Thanks for today! It was fun!
  128. Morettes or MOM?????
  129. Couple new mods and notes (swaybars, exhaust)
  130. FS : Barely used (2 weeks) Differential Protector
  131. AWD carz always have a front fender GAP?
  132. Thunderhill Rally X pics. up!
  133. Question: Is I-Club the only automotive-related board you read?
  134. Me and WRX making friends (sing it with me)
  135. FS(pick up only): STi version VI seats front/rear
  136. Stevens Creek Subaru
  137. FS: set of gold '98 rims w/ tires
  138. when do you shift
  139. Chris, your car could look like this!
  140. EIBACHS Installed!!!
  141. what was that website again?...
  142. Mountain View theater...Jizz on the f'n seats!
  143. Lowering Springs for sale....
  144. Saw 2 Track Model 350Zs yesterday!!
  145. Pictures from 8/3 SF/PCH Outing
  146. Hi, folks. Looking for jobs in Bay Area
  147. Calling SF/DC local Subaru FI TUNERS
  148. bayarea
  149. sighting Lawrence & homestead 4:30 pm sunday
  150. Free Dyno Runs for Local Stock WRX's
  151. take over my paymemts
  152. help w/ direction to ThunderHill track event
  153. Some fun stuff
  154. lets scam suby dude
  155. Am I the only one? (Flack Jacket On)
  156. WRX USA, who are you?
  157. Need Used WRX
  158. Does anyone here know someone in Austin, TX?
  159. Anyone got an Aspen White 02 Sedan Bumper laying around?
  160. OT: HealthNet primary physician reccomendation? (SF)
  161. DOH! Auto-X Sat and Sun 10&11
  162. sighting: girl w/ WRX in DeAnza
  163. OT: anime fans, what should I watch
  164. first time audio installation
  165. my OBS dyno Day results
  166. Free Stuff.....
  167. Almost Smacked by 2 Girls on 19th Ave--Anyone Here?
  168. Bay Area Dealer Service
  169. clunk or rattel sound
  170. OT poll: Marina chicks or Mission chicks?
  171. Engine and Tranny Mount Install?
  172. Dinner with WRX ish before UCKK?
  173. No loaner car @ Carlsen?
  174. Don't you just hate it when....
  175. Anybody local with a Delta Dash?
  176. Anyone Ball @ Lowell High Lately?--Gonna Go Today
  177. FS: stock wrx side skirts
  178. Before servicing, dealership asked where I got my car
  179. What are you listening to?
  180. blow off valv. on or off help asap
  181. Cingular Sucks *****.
  182. Christoph13717's Body Double
  183. Need Help Finding New Wireless Carrier...
  184. Local items FS
  185. Anybody want to meet for dinner before UCKK?
  186. GDB Sti Seats, steering wheels etc for sale-Bay area
  187. Local help needed replacing stripped stud...
  188. Used Oil
  189. 11 sec. wrx FOR SALE!!
  190. photos of KKK meeting krispie kream kars
  191. Who can sell me a set of OEM WRX SIDE SKIRT?
  192. Noobie...
  193. Pics are up of the accident...
  194. What are the fares for the various bridges in the bay area?
  195. How many californians does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
  196. drag races on Aug. 11 in Sacramento
  197. I need a navigator NOW!!! HELP!!
  198. rim?
  199. Experiences with Oakland (Downtown) Subaru?
  200. August 17th AV6 Meet
  201. You know what I HATE...
  202. driving @ spd lmt on fast lane
  203. here I go again... need to buy a car!
  204. anybody interested in the griffin kit
  205. Anyone going to Sac Raceway for Wed Night drags ? (8/7)
  206. Updated Arwen Pics! *NEW MODs to Date*
  207. Check-up @ Subaru Santa Cruz
  208. Want to know which is the loudest/quietest aftermarket exhaust on your WRX?
  209. Stock 2002 WRX Parts F/S
  210. wrxken's Sponsored WRX interior photos
  211. Do you work at the subaru dealer? need a favor
  212. What kind of wheels do you have?
  213. Meet at Vishnu?
  214. Uh Oh...Catastrophy strikes!
  215. revised sacramento meet friday 16th
  216. Need of WRX02 Windshield
  217. any BAIC attending UC Davis
  218. Warning...MTV racing documentary on at 10:00PM tonight
  219. What's Up White JUN WRX Wagon?
  220. Picts from IN & OUT tonight
  221. in n out(capitol/tully) meet results
  222. MTV true life: streetracer !!! tomorrow
  223. FS: stock wrx muffler
  224. BLue Scooby WAGON sighting.....
  225. WRB sedan on Travis
  226. Anyone Going to CMI Race in Sac this Sunday?
  227. Sighting Silver sedan, san mateo bridge 9:30am today (thurs)
  228. best place to try/buy auto-x helmet
  229. SVT Mustang guy has good taste
  230. Heads up! Perseids Meteor Shower Aug. 12th
  231. Exhaust pipe custom fabricators. Suggestions?
  232. Boost Gauge recommendations
  233. How's the STX class in the Sac region?
  234. FS: 2 guinea pigz
  235. WRX NB badging?
  236. How about a Sac Area meet at a LAN Arena???
  237. I think you guys smoked an orange Mustang b4?
  238. Movie clips from 8/7 at Sac Raceway
  239. FS: BRAND NEW Godspeed Uppipe
  240. Anyone going to BB KING Blues Festival?
  241. Mountain bike for sale
  242. Filipino Rap
  243. Another Bay Area Section
  244. Can I get get AVO products in the US?
  245. My transmission solution.
  246. Green Valley Subaru say's ok 2 warranty
  247. I hate this.....not again. I've almost had enough.
  248. MTV documentry?? anyone watched?
  249. Santa Clara Sighting
  250. intercooler grill... anyone interested?