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  1. Reno meet...
  2. Boy do I need some go fast mods!
  3. World Rally Radio Rocks!!
  4. windshield replacement place?
  5. Air\Fuel Recalibrator
  6. coming to SF...any good clubs?
  7. Mesh For HoodScoop?
  8. Changing brake pads, where to buy?
  9. FS: My CUSCO downpipe
  10. how often do you wash your wrx?
  11. Install Day in RWC tomorrow (8/10/2002)
  12. SFR AutoX @ GGF, Round 16 on Sunday
  13. Answer Dis
  14. Alpine Rd (palo alto) Sighting
  15. chased by crazy people
  16. Funny Junk
  17. is it hot right now?
  18. WRC: Neste Rally Finland
  19. my heart beats fast remembering this [shaking head]
  20. Needed....HELP!!!
  21. FS: 98 RS wing $90 pick up
  22. Who has hookups for nokia 8290 faceplates?
  23. WRX stock rims for sale with tires as extras
  24. DR. Lisa is in the hizzzouse
  25. Uppipe installation (place) recommendation
  26. Where do you buy your gas?
  27. Thank God for Volvo!
  28. Stupid brake testing move... roadracers, what do you do?
  29. My Subie is 1 year old!
  30. Black WRX Pulled over in Los Gatos
  31. Did you like Mario Kart? Have you played Gadget Racers?
  32. NEED stock corners
  33. ???95 short shifter???
  34. Theifs...
  35. BAIC Skills!!
  36. 3 sightings in sj area 8/10
  37. FS: Sprintpcs Samsumg I300
  38. Any End of Summer Meets?
  39. audio shop questions
  40. BORED IN SAC: Rock me like a huricane!
  41. Nor Cal and Bay Area auto X or rally ??
  42. RENO Rally
  43. I want to go see XXX, anyone want to join me?
  44. New Accord coupe = Scooby killer
  45. Dyno'd my stage 0 today
  46. F/S: MY BLACK WRX 6spd
  47. My very first challenge hazards a flashin'
  48. Uh, is there an I-clubber who drives a Big Rig or something?
  50. Who's going to the SAC raceway tomorrow?
  51. Who was at Club Sport in a WRB WRX?
  52. anybody been to dallas...
  53. Sears Point Raceway Weds Night Drags
  54. OFFICAL MEET: Battle of the Bay. 8/24 Raiders VS 49ers at Celebrity's Cafe
  55. Friday afternoon, westbound on the BayBridge, who was that blue wagon?
  56. To anyone going to the upcoming UCKK meet 8/13/02
  57. subaru meet at union landing?
  58. GOT a ??
  59. band/song help?
  60. MOMO Race Air Leather installed..
  61. OT: My dog won the doggy day of summer
  62. FS: Stuff i dont need
  63. Best Dealership in the Area??
  64. My side maker...
  65. New to the world of Subaru
  66. good times with I-Speed
  67. OT: Get a free copy of LoTR if you...
  68. and 750 miles later.....
  69. Highlights of Weekend Races: CMI in Sacto &/or Battle of Imports, S. Cal
  70. what happened to the autox thread???
  71. sighting: Van ness and lombard 8-11
  72. Need TINT
  73. Oregon Rally was GREAT!!
  74. chip questions
  75. Yakima Bike roof rack for sale! 89-01 RS
  76. Pictures of Impreza WRC 2002 Interior
  77. Howell Mtn Challenge
  78. Meets on Wednesday or Thursday night?
  79. My rental car and I have this "shining" thing going on
  80. Was anyone here @ CMI yesterday??
  81. Replacing stock stereo
  82. I need help!
  83. Looking for no frills 15 inch subaru wheels x 4
  84. sandbox BAIC football league anyone?
  85. 99-02 RS, Automatic...
  86. option/option2?
  87. Local shop to weld egt bung onto exhaust manifold.
  88. blind spots
  89. Just failed Initial D test...
  90. ATT: KAuss
  91. FS: stock rear sway bar form WRX wagon $25
  92. attn: Imprezer - Got Dents
  93. Need help/suggestions for seat installation:
  94. recommend good body shop
  95. police
  96. Did anyone check out the meteor shower last night?
  97. AVO Intake Kit, got it?
  98. Have badge: will be an idiot.
  99. want to know...
  100. sighting: make your self heard!!!
  101. Lassen National Forest/Park
  102. Sacramento meet FRIDAY FRIDAY FRIDAY!
  103. Sweet Interior!
  104. 30K service pricing
  105. NCIC (Northern California Impreza Club)
  106. Turbo Legacy Rear Sway Bar Wanted
  107. Service in San Francisco? or closeby?
  108. SF caravan to Vishnu?
  109. Fog Horns!!!!.....................?
  110. Santa Cruz comes though again+ S03s
  111. ATTN killer REX
  112. REAL Carbon Fiber Trim?
  113. Is MPJ performance real?
  114. Who here works at E-LOAN in Dublin and has a Silver WRX Wagon?
  115. Pretty amusing...check out this dyno.
  116. possibly f/s my exhaust
  117. need help on tires and rims
  118. So I was on the East Coast....
  119. Need Spoiler Mounting Template!
  120. Stock WRX sideskirts for sale, CHEAP, local only
  121. racing
  122. Lexus help please
  123. Handspring VisorPhone Springboard Module for sale
  124. I need HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!
  125. White wagon w/ JUN emblem, who?
  126. Low # members in the Bizzay?
  127. tires and hks bov for sale
  128. Round 16 results posted
  129. Gonna be at Carlsen today. Lunch?
  130. any chance for BAIC IRC channel?
  131. Birthday
  132. Alex
  133. Exhaust Sound Level result.
  134. whered you get susp. installed?
  135. 2002 WRX Wagon for sale
  136. sounds like a firewall issue
  137. Alignment shop near Tracy?
  138. Since I'm getting no response in the forum it belongs in...
  139. Anyone have a stock WRX mid pipe they dont want?
  140. ATTN OwlBoogie
  141. SOA will host a track day at Portland International Raceway (PIR). 10/27
  142. Any Tila Nguyen fans?? She'll be in the bay tomorrow.
  143. The first numbers are in
  144. Rim repair in Sac?
  145. Borla exhaust on a WRX sedan???
  146. Where can I buy Subaru World Rally Team license plate frames?
  147. Anyone in the market for an NSX?
  148. red 2.5rs sighting
  149. Sighting: Tues 8/13, Berryessa & Jackson/Flickinger
  150. Local parts yard????
  151. Two (maybe more) Auburn sightings (One was a prodrive decked out WRX...)
  152. License suspension question
  153. ATTN: who was the blue WRX 101N today right after SJ IN N OUT meet?
  154. Torque Converter Available for WRX 4EAT $300
  155. The Official I dunno how to get to Vishnu, so lets caravan there thread :D
  156. Going down to LA this weekend
  157. MPJ/Red Star BBQ Mug Shots
  158. Picts from In & Out meet 8/14/2002
  159. CANT SLEEP!!!! someone help
  160. Any Bay Area folks have issues with WRX Seat Bolster fabric wearing out?
  161. Where can I find ....
  162. Alex sighting on Richmond Bridge
  163. attn: Kosta
  164. Anyone know good shipping options from euro to here?
  165. Diecast WRX sweet!!!
  166. Diecast REX in blue
  167. 2.5 RS AutoX'ers?
  168. I need your help with your numbers..
  169. FS: GC foglight...
  170. recommended mechanic?
  171. the raiders are sucking....
  172. MY00 2.5RS stock rims vs. MY02 WRX stock rims
  173. Who owns a white WRX in Daly City area?
  174. FYI: crack down on week-end ricing...
  175. well illegal racing made it on TV and a WRX wrblue is on the tube
  176. Possible $ @ Sear Point sept. 7-8
  177. Were any i-clubbers at chevys in foster city tonight?
  178. My pics and movies from Shiv's
  179. The Power Of Vishnu
  180. You guys are gonna kill me on this one :(
  181. Man I totally can't concentrate!
  182. Wow, found a job I might apply for...but...
  183. Attn: Freddie, Wackie, and other track junkies...
  184. FS: Subzero 17x7.5 w/kuhmo...1 day old.
  185. JIC's are in!
  186. WANTED: RE92 - 205/60/R15 in Sac Area
  187. Warming up WRX's?
  188. FS: Blitz Power Meter & SBC-id (Local)
  189. who are the good installers/tuners in the bay?
  190. First report on ALCAN 5000 Rallye
  191. My WRX Stolen !
  192. SpeedVentures at Buttonwillow - 9-20-2002; only $125
  193. BAIC vs. SCIC
  194. I'm too lazy + post whore please help...
  195. Attn: Badwrx
  196. Need help...Burnt headlight wiring
  197. Does anybody on BAIC have anything better to do than have a rap contest against SCIC?
  198. Hi All, I'm in LA just got back from the 100 mile canyon run!
  199. FS: WRB Wrx in the San Francisco area
  200. FS: Brand New Rota's "Wife SALE"
  201. What to do in Monterey?
  202. Any good place to install Hitch? for how much?
  203. So how much is a ticket for street racing?
  204. Sightings (8/17): Blaze and BRP (pics)
  205. Factory Manual Backup CDs
  206. FS: subaru in dash 6 disc changer
  207. How much would shipping be from Chicago?
  208. Uppipe Gut Day in DC
  209. Who do you have and how's their service (insurance)
  210. FS: Sprint PCS Touchpoint 2200
  211. Ok. Last time posting this-- ridiculously low price for Rockford Amp AND subs
  212. Ebay is the place for idiots
  213. Subaru Garage Sale II
  214. WRC Sighting ?
  215. Lesson of the day.
  216. FS: 225/40/18 YOKO Paradas
  217. I wana see some wrx's at sears point this wed!!!!!!!!!8/21
  218. No reverse...?
  219. FS: Ducati 748S
  220. anyone else use their car as a stress reliever?
  221. New subie member~ getting the 2003 WRX today
  222. Need a favor!
  223. stupid question about the board...
  224. 2003 WRX question
  225. Selling a 2002 2.5rs in sept.
  226. Subaru's 1,2,3 at halfway on ALCAN 5000!
  227. wrx uppipe
  228. Upcoming track days?
  229. JDM Uppipe + Installation?
  230. great sighting from our Friday meet in Sac
  231. EGT Bung installation?
  232. Anyone going to American Le Mans at Laguna Seca next month?
  233. Stevens Creek Subaru sucks big time!!
  234. I'm back, and so is the car!
  235. Can someone gimme a ride? make that two rides?
  236. 6 Alarm Fire @ Santana Row
  237. steven creek subaru
  238. Would anybody like to help me install an uppipe and egt probe?
  239. WRX on CBS Evening News tonight
  240. Anyone go to The Monterey Historics this past weekend?
  241. SF Sighting....8/17--Silver..
  242. (URGENT) Can anyone get agold of Bill (skywalker)?
  243. Man, we are getting surrounded by Morons
  244. Silencer Removal Question...
  245. To All: Moderated or not?
  246. nevzwrx you have mail
  247. Local resource for brass "tee"?
  248. Getting paranoid...
  249. Who can help me install an AMP? I don't trust stereo shops....
  250. right side roof molding