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  1. Cops driving Buicks!?
  2. My Scooby got egged last night...
  3. OT: Anyone want to buy a Harry Potter DVD?
  4. What to do in Sac/Elk Grove Area...??
  5. sighting: WRB Wagon going up Page Mill
  6. Any GC8 with skidplate? Primitive or otherwise
  7. FS or trade: brand new sony DSC-P9 4.0 megapixel digital camera
  8. Oh Be Still My Heart.. Its A New Brat !
  9. Honda Wisdom
  10. FS- Locally
  11. Horsepower for brains (I need brains)
  12. an introduction
  13. I need to get rid of some paintball stuff locally...
  14. Hacking Stock WRX Exhaust for Straight pipe
  15. good place for remachining rims?
  16. Stolen WRX Found !
  17. Stock Head unit harness??
  18. FS: Kartboy SS + bushings
  19. FS: MRT 3" Turbo-Back Exhaust
  20. Blode Chick in WRB WRX Sedan in Hayward??
  21. Next Sac Meet ?
  22. anyone heading to Sac Raceway tomorrow ? (8/21)
  23. wrx for sale
  24. OT - Rant on Parents
  25. Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt! Lightning Bolt!
  26. FS: 02 WRX Wagon in East Bay
  27. Roomate moving out -- cheap room available!
  28. Suby Day At Sears Point Infineon Raceway
  29. '02 RS article in SCC
  30. Alignment Info! (Daniel)
  31. In N Out Wednessday
  32. Subarus @ Sierra College
  33. what are you paying for rent, house only
  34. somebody is watching u
  35. 2 silver sti grill... damaged
  36. Who has done the Torque Convertor mod here?
  37. KK Meet on Wednesday Night? Maybe?
  38. A thing of beauty! & a Question.
  39. volk rims for sale, any takers?
  40. WTB: Stock Silver WRX front bumper.....
  41. Can't part with my car :(
  42. wrb wrx dvc
  43. WTB: used WRX axleback locally
  44. Dyno Day @ ATP 8/31. $60 for 3 runs
  45. WRX beating the Integra Type R in Handling?
  46. I'm about one iota away from exploding at Ron Price Motors.
  47. Silver spoon
  48. need 1 rear sway bar bushing for rex wagon
  49. Momo or Sparco Lumbar support pads?
  50. uhoh I think I have tranny problems
  51. Prodrive P1 wheels for Sale
  52. Any wagon owners want a sedan?
  53. Sighting: Blue WRX/Blue RS at Diamond Heights today
  54. Help on spring install in Sac/EG area?
  55. Tamyra voted off???
  56. ATTN: Scott French
  57. Wagon struts & springs for sale
  58. Who's Black RS w/white rims??
  59. WRX Sedan struts wanted
  60. Allow myself to introduce..... myself..
  61. Back to school time again..
  62. front half of a brand new 02 WRX for engine swap
  63. Chop chop cut cut weld weld LOUD
  64. Santa Cruz Meet!
  65. ;-0
  66. pics from ThunderHill
  67. Searching for SAMCO hoses for WRX
  68. sap
  69. Safc
  70. Who gave me a fatty thumbs up this morning, dwtn SF ?
  71. Anyone in BAIC have TE37s with centercaps?
  72. Who was mountain biking at Quicksilver last night (Wednesday)?
  73. Video Clips from Sac Raceway Wed nite (8/21)
  74. US vs. china in Oakland tonight
  75. NASA Autox cancelled for rest of season???
  76. ATTN: Ravent
  77. 0-ricey in < $60
  78. HELP: What's a good inexpensive intake?
  79. Sighting: Blue WRX w/gold rims getting on 280 at 6th
  80. sighting: altezza lighted wrx
  81. Car shipping back to Taiwan...need help
  82. Help out a fellow GC8!
  83. anyone up for a drive this weekend?
  84. Charity Car Show!
  85. Shorline Safeway in Mountain View
  86. I need a clutch, I need a clutch local, I need a clutch ASAP!!!
  87. turbo silencer
  88. looks like i might be returning to the subaru ranks :)
  89. KK Meet on Thursday's!
  90. WTB: Complete Stock WRX wagon Suspension
  91. Vishnu Performance Dyno Day? 31st?
  92. bov adapter for WRX
  93. EBC Greenstuff Pads
  94. Up for grabs: 2 spots for IREV San Mateo Main Building
  95. Sighting...
  96. auto X on Sunday???
  97. Sighting: 4 WRB WRX's @ stoplight!!!
  98. temporary sjsu parking permits available
  99. something good actually comes out of the mustang forum....
  100. Late sighting : shaved black wrx wagon with exhaust
  101. Anyone here go to SF city college?
  102. K&N Air Filter
  103. Install Fest 8/25
  104. Stock 1999 RS Seats for sale
  105. Stock Shift Knob
  106. Decided to buy my car back...what can I get for the parts?
  107. Dave & Buster Meet 8/24/02
  108. Bianco subaru!! Bad experience.
  109. Need to sell: JE Pistons 9:1 100mm
  110. hot doging if you down
  111. attn: christoph1371
  112. Today's Spottings (8/23/02)
  113. OUCH! Subie Outback Gets Nailed @ 19th & Lincoln
  114. OT: Green, Black or Blue bin for dead mouse?
  115. H&R springs!!!
  116. Spotted Black RS with white rims...
  117. New exhaust system
  118. formerly VallejoWRX important life question...
  119. Attn Mark
  120. So, im down here in the SCIC area
  121. AAAACK! Oil filter!
  122. Sighting on 76 in Juniperro Serra Daly City
  123. Who's WRB WRX passed by me in Danville Yesterday?
  124. Did anyone else just see Makkinen's wheel rip off on Speedvision???
  125. where to get parts painted?
  126. Help! Spring install!
  127. Removing roof rails from my wagon???
  128. buncha signtingz N sac: green RS!!, RPB RS, wrxs....
  129. i spy a WRB WRX and a Silver WRX in Sac
  130. OT: Lost my voice
  131. cryogenic treatments?
  132. What's wrong with Vishnu's website?
  133. Anyone local w/ a Laptop
  134. Possible WRX headlight redesign?
  135. Please help... car won't start...
  136. Great big phat thumbs up to Subaru of Santa Cruz!
  137. Need help finding a song
  138. wtb: velocity stack
  139. Hey Shiv (Vishnu) what happened?
  140. Mr Tint: Opinions/Experiences?
  141. Man, McClellen is a darn cool Autocross Location!
  142. Sighting: WRB Sedan on Highway 280
  143. ATTN: Impala SS Auto Xer
  144. Any WRX sedan rear sway bars sitting around?
  145. Sighting Blue RS at Seven11
  146. Stock RS weight?
  147. Anyone in Sac with OBD II CEL Checker?
  148. Saw an R.33 GT-R at the street races tonight.
  149. Anyone know any good temp agencies?
  150. That time again BURNING MAN!!
  151. Sighting: Asian driver in black wrx
  152. JDM STI Uppipe Installed!
  153. Straight pipe sound clip/video
  154. next sac meet 8/31 9/1??
  155. Sighting: Down Marina Blvd, San Leandro, around 2:30 or something!
  156. Vishnu Performance......
  157. Berkeley
  158. uk300 lights
  159. Hanging out at I-Speed
  160. reasons I like the wednesday night drags better than auto-x
  161. sighting in palo alto..
  162. espn 2/ PIKES PEAK weeeeeeeeeeeeee
  163. SCCA Auto-X, round 17
  164. No SFR autoxes for a month.
  165. Dent repair in Sac?
  167. Travis A.F.B./Fairfield in&out meet
  168. Attn: Stankfootz
  169. Free-play on trunk lock
  170. Sup guys
  171. F-40's and F-50's and F-1's oh my.
  172. Guess what I just saw on my way to work?
  173. wrx snow driving
  174. License ralywgn 2002 silver WRX with BBS 17 inch at SUN?
  175. How many BAIC have fmic
  176. How does 1240lbs w/240 HP 0 - 60 in 3.5 sound?
  177. Guess what?...
  178. What is the best muffler out there?
  179. Can anyone in sac help me install a HU?
  180. parts for sale :)
  181. Anyone Using STOCK Headunit & Sub Wiring Harness to Run a Bass Tube or Custom Sub Box
  182. What does a stock clutch feel like???
  183. Who did I see this morning??
  184. A cheap and effective mod for your 5MT!
  185. s.c./17 sighting, black GC8?
  186. Sears Point Wednesday 8/28
  187. 100 Octane @ Bay Area 76 Stations ?
  188. Dear lord! has it come to this?
  189. Does a yone have a MBC lying around?
  190. Borla!!!!
  191. Anyone in the area...
  192. Speedring on Thursday. $30 for 3 runs
  193. Does someone have my stock jack?
  194. Just out of curiosity ??? vishnu...??
  195. question
  196. got pulled over
  197. chris' detail
  198. T-Mobile any good?
  199. Garage Sale
  200. Anyone looking for a nice Type-R?
  201. SFR SCCA Round 17 results posted
  202. MPREZYA, you email me yet?
  203. Super Sonic and other pics.
  204. Oakland Chinatown Lunch Meet - Friday, 8/30
  205. who can air brush? Marc "O.B."
  206. Need Rim Advice.
  207. Dent Repair in Berkeley/Oakland?
  208. Stage Two testers?
  209. Anyone installing an uppipe in the near future?
  210. An invitation to STX
  211. Contact of "California Auto Tint" plz
  212. Best *AUTHENTIC* Indian cuisine in the South Bay???
  213. Sac Raceway Aug 28th!
  214. Body Shop Recommendations?
  215. Aftermarket shocks...
  216. I need 17" tire's?
  217. How to get track time????
  218. Gauging For CF STi wing on my GC8...
  219. ATTN: topcover
  220. I need your opinion
  221. Ladies, take stock of your undies!
  222. Pearl 3 piece Drumkit for sale
  223. wrx sightin highway 85 to 17 south
  224. painful journey
  225. Looking for 3 BAIC WRX Owners that are Interested in a 18" Full Size Spare Rim/Tire
  226. morning roll call...
  227. speaker help please
  228. SpeeD LImiterz on AUTO WRX
  229. ok, who wants to be the next evil OBS?
  230. ahhhhh import revolutions.........
  231. Need help ASAP!
  232. Demolished Prodrive rims at Carlsen, white WRX sedan
  233. okay... who is this ROLLING THUNDER customer...
  234. So I'm happy and sad at the same time.
  235. OT: The BAIC Non-Hijacking 80's TV Show Thread
  236. Bay Area Dealerships...
  237. Best Subaru Dealer in Sac
  238. Got my uppipe from Redstar today, who's gonna hold my hand?
  239. Sighting: Black GC6 with STi treatment
  240. ATTN: KillerRex
  241. Got nothing better to do this Thursday night (Aug. 29) ?
  242. FS: Ver.2 transmission
  243. Doh! Opinions needed
  244. Need WRX Service Manual
  245. FS local - VF34 still in the box
  246. FS: stock WRX cat back
  247. OFFICIAL: BAIC Tire Thread
  248. does anyone remember...
  249. Sunday, Mclellan AFB in Sacramento
  250. Black WRX w Hazards on 880S Fremont