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  1. can someone out there help me???
  2. "$20 for Unlimited Autocross runs Sunday the 1rst"
  3. car show HELP!!!
  4. Anyone goin to Import Revolution this weekend?
  5. So what's going on in SF this weekend?
  6. Vishnu Perf DYNO SPOT OPEN
  7. ATTN: Scooby Snacks
  8. sighting wed night, black wrx, 80->5 in sac
  9. ucRiverside
  10. Are you ready for another rally Cross???
  11. Post-Whore-R-US
  12. Can I borrow your WRX manuals?
  13. FS: scooby sport turbo back
  14. Schwingy Cheap price on HKS Hiper Exhausts
  15. BAIC people get first dibs
  16. BAIC: OEM stero for WRX FS
  17. bay area driving/racing schools
  18. did anyone catch this cartoon?
  19. EddyRS Sighting
  20. Ghetto!!! Steel Wheels for Bros that ROCK!
  21. anyone wanna help me do an easy install?
  22. Woohoo! Spoiler mounting template!
  23. Baja Sighting,.. is this the first?
  24. Bat Bridge sighting....
  25. Sightings in Davis 8/29
  26. Whos wrx in San Leandro?
  27. cKevin! help with CEL PO508 "idle controller malfunction"
  28. WTB: Borrow or rent, that is
  29. Lawsuit against Stevens Creek?
  30. FS: WRX Stuff...Aftermarket and Stock
  31. Silver WRX sighting!! On 80 EAST!
  32. good price, 02 sensors?
  33. Mountain View KK pics
  34. Car Rallyes in Sept.
  35. install fest?
  36. question on tint film types
  37. Spotted BLACK & WHITE WAGONS On 9
  38. Dont get your car serviced at Stevens Creek Subaru PERIOD
  39. White 2.5RS in San Rafael? WRB 2.5RS in Albany?
  40. Anybody want an armrest?
  41. 1800 miles and no tickets!
  42. Let's Post A Big Sticky Reading:
  43. Smilies damnit, I want smilies.
  44. Seriously considering selling my car.
  45. Pulling WRX OBD2 Codes
  46. Rant: Cop Explosion
  47. Who hangs out at In & Out in San Ramon at night?
  48. Class Action Lawsuit (02 wrx)
  49. brothers hit twice in as many weeks
  50. Can you guys believe that Subaru is covering up a tranny redesign in the MY03 WRX!
  51. warning for anyone who drives in san jose
  52. off to pimp n ho
  53. Chp
  54. WTB: all four 215/45/17 from local...
  55. You were spotted by NY Times!!!
  56. the glow?
  57. BLACK WRX @ HEALD off of harding...forgot your name but thanks
  58. best suspension people in the bay
  59. Helping drivers aviod being revenue-pawns
  60. Wireless in Sac?
  61. Grill/Screen?
  62. OT: Cymbals for auction
  63. NHRA Import shootout @ Sears Point
  64. AWD burnout on a WRX
  65. 360 on a WRX
  66. 20 inch rims on a WRX !
  67. Lunch meet tomorrow on the Penisula?
  68. 1 week anniversary! and i got HIT!
  69. WTB: black kyokugen Lugnuts (local area)
  70. another pig thread
  71. FS: Yakima bike rack, BAIC only
  72. FS: wrx sedan rear swaybar
  73. Auto-x Sept. 22 Santa Rosa Airport
  74. Sightings 8/31 - Berkeley and SSF/DC
  75. Who's got the best price on some LHD JDM headlights?
  76. Met BOZZWRX today!
  77. WRX sighting 8/31 Santa Clara Billiards
  78. Attn: StankFootz or Drift088
  79. FS: 15" steels with rubber $50
  80. Whiteline Adj. Swaybar Question
  81. dipping wheels
  82. FS: 2 8" Subwoofer Box Enclosures
  83. sighting on 680 in san jose...
  84. cleanin out my garage....stuff fs local
  85. Got our new Baja today.
  86. DID Autocross TODAY
  87. Has anyone gotten a ticket for having JDM headlights?
  88. goodbye subipals!
  89. BBQ Invite to ALL: Monday, Labor Day
  90. It's Official, I'm Back!
  91. attn Bemani, DDman, Kosmojen, Takumi Fujiwara
  92. Turbo Legacy sighting in Stockton... I-speed?
  93. Mid pipe install help
  94. MMMMM police cars
  95. sightin:WRB sdn. Fremont. Corner of paseo padre/ deep creek
  96. Someone turn on the AC (and sighting in PA)
  97. Proud new owner =]
  98. Double silver wagon AM sighting 280 N
  99. Ticket Blues ,,,where am I in this mess?
  100. Front License...
  101. spotted: black wagon on hwy 108 near sonora pass
  102. Dyno Sheet
  103. FS: NEW pair of Black Sparco Corsa Seats
  104. Subaru owners around here suck :(
  105. In Benicia today?
  106. New in Sacto...what's there to do here?
  107. How much for 03 WRX?
  108. Spotted a clean silver WRX wagon in Oakland..
  109. Black RS @ UC Tapioca Express
  110. Sighting in Tracy
  111. sighting 9/2 1:45pm
  112. Dog House (94.9) question. What did they do to get suspended?
  113. mini meeting in south sac
  114. Proud Co-driver of 03 WRX
  115. roof dent!
  116. exhaust question
  117. u in time-out????
  118. new subaru
  119. My findings about: Upgraded parts in MY '03 transmission
  120. scoobysport or podrive?
  121. sited: black wrx w/bronze wheels
  122. Re: Got Dents III (Fellowship of the Dings)
  123. Found a new playground!
  124. Attn: I-Speed
  125. windshield repair shop (south bay)
  126. insurance?
  127. Install-Fest on Sunday? Anyone?
  128. Sighting - EVO?
  129. a lil help here
  130. Posted Pics of our USTCC WRX
  131. Tein RA's FS
  132. True Subie Enthusiasts Only!
  133. Who in the East Bay/Tri-Valley is down to Shoot Hoops?
  134. Thursday Night in Mt. View?
  135. How do you change your name?
  136. Fs: My01 Rs
  137. Pre-Registration now open for Rally Cross
  138. Question: Can you chrome plastic?
  139. Name change...
  140. a set of kuhmo 712's for sale
  141. Sonic Yellow Sedan on 101 sighting
  142. RS part
  143. FS: New Autometer Gauges
  144. Im coughing, that means its going to rain soon
  145. Been playing with my new WRX
  146. where to get LOJACK tracking system??
  147. Not satisfied with Maita body shop
  148. Hey Ayapon, your PM box is full
  149. Diranged Sighting
  150. Be Safe out there
  151. Sac Raceway tonight??? Is there racing?
  152. Source for SS brake lines in the Bay Area?
  153. FS: 4 Stock WRX rims - $300
  154. where to go to pull CEL on WRX
  155. Street Ryde Performance
  156. Sighting - BRP 2.5 RS
  157. Grainger Solenoid
  158. Sightings! Yellow WRX's Everywhere!
  159. sighting today
  160. sighting
  161. FS: HKS Carbon Titanium Exhaust
  162. Sighting: Ohlone's tall Croatian
  163. Has any one seen these?
  164. WTB: Beater car!
  165. Wanna Trade Hoods? (RS owners)
  166. Sighting, Hayward, MBP WRX Wagon, It was...
  167. Sighting: WR 2.5RS and WR Wagon @ RCN building Foster CIty
  168. 3 different sightings in 1 hour in same parking lot!
  169. Installing a Turbo Timer
  170. Hey all you CSUS (sac state) folks...
  171. Sightings: San Ramon/Pleasanton
  172. Why do GIRLS!?! keep applying @ my work!?!
  173. Need to get rid of this
  174. FS: BOV and shift nob
  175. subaru s202 STi
  176. FS: Cherry Blossom "i" badge
  177. Official BAIC Rant Your Job Thread!!
  178. FS: Geniune Prodrive RB5 wing-BRP
  179. Thinking about selling my car... RS-T
  180. Team USA looses
  181. 09:35 [Diranged] Eibach must LOVE that adviritising..
  182. Daily at about 9am, Webster @ 20th, Oakland , Blue WRX...
  183. Sightings - Castro Valley BART
  184. <_98kPa> "and my ****** ownz j00"
  185. Sjsu
  186. I hate this
  187. Anyone have an MBC (Dawes!?) I could borrow for a day?
  188. UCD meet
  189. Monday Night Football Meet: 9/9 - 6pm at Celebrity's Cafe in Dublin
  190. Bleeding WRX braking system
  191. WRX mod concerns in CA
  192. Finally got the WRX aligned
  193. ot: dog kennel
  194. Bay Area Rota Attacks
  195. Buying Wrx this weekend any tips?????
  196. WANTED: WRX (F) and H6/2k Legacy (R) Rotors and Caliper Brackets
  197. WTB: GReddy front lip
  198. TurboXS Turbo-Back, Link,STI Injectors, M2 Uppipe 4Sale Locally!
  199. Import Revolution San Mateo,CA 8/31 **500+PICS**
  200. Restaurant in Hayward for a quick dinner?
  201. RE: cel conversation at vishnu dyno day
  202. a 6 year old installed my alarm
  203. NHRA Drag Races at Sears Point, 9/7 & 9/8!!!
  204. What is it that makes the BAIC so popular?
  205. About time.
  206. _-=SIGHTiNG=-_
  207. Oakland Lunch Meet: TODAY @ NOON
  208. FS: genuine Taiwanese made Japanese lantern lamp - once owned by brucelee!!!
  209. Anyone going to CSU Hayward?
  210. Attn: pio!pio!
  211. Possible interest in a HUGE (and by huge i mean more than two cars) Sacramento Meet
  212. Lookin' for wheels...
  213. Installed my front/rear cusco swaybars..
  214. Sighting: Tricked out white wrx on taraval today
  215. Original STi altezza taillight will be on next gen. WRX...
  216. Lawn Care
  217. Anyone else coming out for Rallye tomorrow?
  218. a little help needed; turboxs stage 1
  219. Alignment place in Sac?
  220. OK, Sunday, Sears Point, Imprezer: Are you going to meet your deadline?
  221. A decent joke for my fellow BAICers!
  222. Celebrity's Hottie Pics
  223. Niners in the Super Bowl this year?
  224. Resonator removal? (on the exhaust)
  225. So, who again, is going to be at Sears tomorrow to RACE?
  226. OFFICIAL BAIC MEET: NHRA Drag Racing at Sears Point Sept 7&8 POST HERE FOR ROLL CALL!
  227. WRX vs ALTEZZA
  228. FS: 2003 WRX Stock wheels w/tires
  229. EAST BAY Carpool On Sunday The 8th: Meet at UCKK for the NHRA Meet
  230. Need Everyones Help Starting New Career
  231. Attn: WagonMonster!
  232. Decent mod-friendly dealer service in Sacto???
  233. donut rule?
  234. used clear turn signals
  235. Road shot gun in a supra TT
  236. WTB: Stock Axleback for WRX
  237. Installs today, afternoon only
  238. Kit Car Show in San Leandro
  239. Look what got beat with the ugly stick!
  240. SCIC territory?
  241. The new car!
  242. Vishnu Stage 0
  243. Sighting: Springlake, going to 880 south 8:20 a.m.
  244. I was wondering if stevens creek subaru was a good place to get my engine rebuilt?
  245. Ahh to hell with secrets!
  246. Got pulled over by Milpitas PD...
  247. Roseville/Auburn/Pville/Sac area folks want to go for a drive tomorrow? Sunday 9/8/02
  248. DIYers... a place to rent a shop (w/lift)
  249. OT: your top 5.....
  250. I used to 98kPa