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  1. A Day At The Races
  2. Sighting 101S/87S Silver RS
  3. Sears Point Wed. Sept. 18th
  4. Sighting in sac
  5. Changed my front brake pads
  6. Sightings: Redwood City, and Bridgepoint
  7. Upcoming Sac Meet. What day can you show up?
  8. Upcoming Sac Meet. What day can you show up?
  9. anyone want their car detailed?
  10. Mt hammy: does anyone go there occasionally besides the yearly meet?
  11. FS: Comic books
  12. don't be fooled by cheap imitations!
  13. Girlfriend claims wrx sighting in sac
  14. Manteca Sighting!!!
  15. GAH!! I am missing Sears point! What's going on?
  16. Eibach Pro Kit's installed + dent :(
  17. OoOoO WAllPAPer on desktop.....WRX
  18. RE92's Needed
  19. Sighting in Sac ,,, white WRX wagon
  20. does ur car chug?
  21. shocked
  22. Kern @ Subaru SC selling RS mods at cost
  23. Window tinting recommendations?
  24. Saw Jai sighting + tons of other on my bike ride(LA/PA area)...
  25. where in the bay can i play with my suby?
  26. sighted!
  27. Are Strut Tower Braces Worth The Money?
  28. Misc Parts
  29. Whoa! Another sighting! Carroll Ave., Hayward!
  30. OT: BAIC Member's Top 5 CARS!
  31. Did an auto-x today
  32. orange gas light
  33. Latest word on STi in the US
  34. Blitz Nur spec axle back
  35. Hi-Rev Tuners... How stupid can they make us look?
  36. Paintless Dent Removal guys?
  37. talk me out of it
  38. My HKS Carbon TI exhaust might be for sale...
  39. Groovy baby, their rotors!
  40. Got a speeding ticket
  41. fastest youve driven?
  42. LA Report - long
  43. I've never felt so fat in my life.... a suspension question.
  44. Help - Need Music for a Motorsports Video
  45. Recaro's for sale.. again
  46. Any BAIC'ers headed to CRS Rally School & Rally Cross this weekend?
  47. Optima batteries @ COSTCO
  48. G35 Coupe
  49. Newbie here
  50. WRB WRX sighting on Milpitas Blvd.
  51. window tinting in south bay area
  52. Sighting: Black WRX on I-880 S @ 9:00pm exited on Stevenson
  53. Sighting: Rally Blue GM6 2.5 RS on 880 S
  54. attn: ginowrx
  55. I-Club Members would rather eat KK Dounuts than run thier cars at Sears Point?
  56. kyb agx
  57. Doh!
  58. What RPM does your car idle on?
  59. ProRally School/Rally Cross Coming!
  60. Bov
  61. Do you guy's Rave? funny quote:
  62. Small Claims Court-Me vs SOA
  63. any hook ups at saratoga winery?
  64. Bridgestone RE730's Gen2 or Yokohama AVS ES100
  65. Sighting: S.F. (near Geary) 1am 9/10
  66. watchout in Oakland
  67. Who'd i yell "nice car" at today?
  68. I have a date with Carlsen on Thurs.
  69. Got a ticket for speeding... 80 on 65
  70. WTB: 2000/2001 stock RS wheels
  71. Sighted! suby_dude
  72. Hey, got some parts for sale
  73. Sac Meet Role Call - 7:00pm Saturday 9/14/02
  74. Sunrise Blvd Sightings (sac)
  75. is my 1st gear bad?
  76. Who was the WhiteRS that my friends Red Civic Hatch was messing with today?
  77. car show update
  78. What dorifto88 does when hes not on i-club...
  79. sue em
  80. SEMA/ Rally USA
  81. Cottle/85 Sighting
  82. Possibly selling '02 WRX Wagon
  83. HELP! How cool is the Livermore Service Dept.? More...
  84. Sighting: El-Camino SSF area
  85. If you can read this, you're toast!
  86. Anyone Go To Bailey
  87. 3 sunday away....
  88. Str8 Pipe
  89. Damn Rodents!
  90. Bay Area bike ride
  91. New Meet At Kk
  92. Too many off-topic posts
  93. Webber indicted
  94. STi Type RA Spec C Suspension
  95. need some tires...
  96. Hey, little punk thieves, check this out! bwhahah
  97. New to this forum.
  98. So I made it to LA safely but.... :monkey:
  99. White 00 RS wheel FS... again
  100. Sighting: San Jose Capitol/Tully
  101. Another newbie
  102. exhaust question
  103. *TINT* on the Bay Area (preferrably East Bay)
  104. *TINT* Places to have car tinted in Bay Area? (Preferrably East Bay)
  105. Early warning: Oakenfold at 1015 Folsom on 9/28
  106. Good Subaru styling/tuning shop in San Francisco?
  107. Good Subaru styling/tuning shop in San Francisco?
  108. Mountain View Krispy Kreme'z
  109. On-Topic: Oakland OBS Sighting
  110. Alcan 5000 Rally story posted
  111. FS: Kenwood Z919 Car Head Unit
  113. Hit and Run... Peninsula Bodyshops?
  114. FS: Yakima Mighty Joe Bike Rack
  115. IS300 Drivers are dumb too
  116. Does anyone work for the county of Sacramento in IT?
  117. give a RICER a ticket...
  118. Need Lugnuts ASAP
  119. Santa Rosa Meet 9/15/02
  120. i've been MIA so...
  121. Rockstar!
  122. ATTN: sirs and madams re:nevzwrx
  123. WTB: Used Tires P205/50R16
  124. 92 back at the pumps
  125. Any College Football Fans Out There?
  126. Another ding!
  127. New 2003 WRX STI just out~
  128. Could be worse, you could have bought an M3
  129. Any WRX Wagon has the hitch installed with aftmkt exhaust?
  130. kwik way
  131. LUNCH TODAY Friday Sep 13 (oooh! scary!)
  132. FS: Brand new SONY Cybershot dsc-p9 4megapixel digital camera
  133. Sighting: Red WRX Wagon @ Mission High
  134. If you know this guy....
  135. So Pissed: Bad Honda Driver + flying rock = huge hood scratches
  136. where to get redline?
  137. bloody freaking california tint law
  138. Bad Boy Bail Bond truck drive sucks!
  139. Two pints and a ....
  140. Fs: 225-40-18 Parada Tires
  141. Strange Accidental Photo
  142. Open house at DreamLot Sat & Sun... meet???
  143. Ordered ProDrive springs
  144. Insurance Went Up
  145. where toget fender rolledor cut???
  146. i need a front control arm
  147. Check out what i saw tonight at starbucks...
  148. Scooby brake grooves, travel, feel, vibrations
  149. Best club in the Bay Area?
  150. Kinda Sad, but also HILARIOUS!
  151. tickets for tinted windows and xhaust? have solution
  152. Blown Engine Mount: BAIC to the rescue!
  153. Saturay Night Grudgefest @ Sacramento Raceway 9/21
  154. Hey! Santa Cruz area subes...
  155. Sunday's Windy Roads...
  156. 20mm sedan bar wanted
  157. OT: Any Madden 2003 fans here? (PS2)
  158. wrx rim...needed w/tire
  159. fs:$900 18" P1 Prodrive
  160. Invinca-Shield, Clear Bra installers in Sac-Aub area
  161. Ogre Sighting
  162. Help me officially join the I-Club!
  163. Sighting: Identify yourself!
  164. Turbo Timer???
  165. JUN 600 HP Subaru WRX doing 309 km/h on a *wet* NZ road
  166. What's up witb our local ABC affiliate?
  167. Manual Boost Controller INstall?
  168. does anyone know if there is an actuall logo for the boxer motor ?
  169. Attn: Badwrx
  170. Fs: Sti Titanium Shift Knob
  171. Oct. Car Rallyes and the end of Sept.
  172. for all who have replaced wrx control arms
  173. My new rims/tires!
  174. Wanted to Trade: my rota tarmacs for rota subzeros...
  175. LocalCylinder Head Porting
  176. My parents' logic on Subarus
  177. Legal or not legal?
  178. i-speed, don't you?
  179. Remember the Sonoma Wine Country drive thread???
  180. RS + House? or WRX???
  181. lookin' to buy
  182. 1st Annual Eating Contest
  183. Sacramento SCCA Autocross this next weekend (9/21-22) at McClellen AFB
  184. SF to LV Drive
  185. Tracy Races on Fri-Sat.
  186. Need some new brake
  187. HID bulb
  188. Early warning for the cranky Oakland lunch crew!
  189. 50 year old and WRX ownership
  190. Help! I need a Good tire Place in Menlo Park/Redwood City Area!
  191. Muffler Bearings and Turn Signal Fluid
  192. who was at UCKK @friday?
  193. October Surprise!
  194. front tint ... look and law?
  195. Anyone wanna trade stock 00-01 rims +cash for my Rota Attacks?
  196. Anyone going to Laguna Seca on Sept. 22 for the Extreme Street Race and Show?
  197. FS: summit racing velocity stack
  198. who was racing in Santa Clara early this morning???
  199. Bored at work, school, or home?? Play this game.
  200. Sighting: San Jose/Milpitas
  201. FS locally: Tanabe Racing Medallion Cat-Back Exhaust
  202. Cop pulled me over ....
  203. OT: Anyone here also into BMWs? Check this out...
  204. high school teachers
  205. Anyone goin' to the ALMS at Leguna Seca, Sept.20-22?
  206. KRON 4 @ 4:45 I saw a blue WRX waggon with OZ's
  207. takeoff on the UCD meet... who goes to SFSU?
  208. Anyone like Golf?
  209. Bay Area Motorcycle Clubs
  210. crap... first CEL... and an intermittent one... who can pull???
  211. check this out cash prize!!!
  212. FS: radar detector
  213. White WRX Wagon at Sears Point 9/8
  214. Charity Car show updates
  215. did my friend get a good deal on a 2003?
  216. FS: Premium Sound Package
  217. What to do in San Francisco?
  218. cheap DIY and a deal
  219. Late notice: South bay lunch meet??
  220. Subaru Trailer Hitch for sale locally.
  221. cheap DIY and a deal
  222. What board do V-Dubbers read?
  223. FS: stock WRX mid pipe --- $60 o.b.o
  224. Anyone Willing To Let ME Rent Your Helmet?
  225. to the 87 emailers and the 23pm's
  226. Sighting!!
  227. AAA membership discount
  228. Getaways
  229. Sacramento Subaru Owners...
  230. Cat Back Exhaust vs. Turbo Back Exhaust??
  231. newbie here
  232. Driven: Freddies Phat Stage 2 WRX!!!
  233. Virus alert !!!!
  234. Girl (Mike) sighting on 880s
  235. 76 gas
  236. Sighting: black purple 01Legacy in San Francisco Chintown
  237. Can any SF'r going to the UCKK meet tonite do me a favor
  238. Paul Oakenfold at Ten15 on Sept 28th
  239. New TurboXS Turbo-Back Exhaust, Link with with Serial Link for sale
  240. Care & feeding questions
  241. RX-7 Dyno Day this saturday
  242. pics of chris at pimp-n-ho
  243. Charity Car show. Who is going?
  244. My car is really sick & dealership is lagging
  245. The price he is asking is incredible.....
  246. I want to see some track days and racing!!
  247. 707 Meet? Vallejo/Napa/Fairfield/Vac
  248. Ok, finally some easy to download Sac Autox vids
  249. Asa Fr1 Wheels
  250. Windsurfing???