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  1. Who is Lic. plate WRXTACY
  2. Rish Ranch Rd this morning?
  3. Where to find MBC hoses...locally
  4. Shameless plug for Local tinting house
  5. stock WRX turbo-back wants out of my apartment - start a smog parts pool?
  6. wrx hood
  7. WRX owners at UCSC
  8. Sighting in New Brunswick, Canada
  9. Sighting: Black WRX Sedan today 680N around 4:30
  10. Tein HA
  11. Car Meet-bay Area-10/12/02
  12. When to Dawn/Zaino
  13. "Best Dayam Detailer in Sacto"
  14. Thinking of seeing The Transporter this weekend?
  15. anyone want my kyokugen lugs (free)
  16. CSUS Sightings and what was with all those motorcycle cops today!?!?
  17. Bay Area muffler shops
  18. Big Woodworking Tools?
  19. Sighting: Newark, Season's Buffet
  20. Suby_Dude a.k.a., Joe....your mailbox is full.
  21. Cops chill spots
  22. Good Body Shops?
  23. Foster City: BIGSWRX
  24. Ski/Board Season Pass GB?
  25. BOZZ catback 4 sale
  26. Wanted: Used Rotas
  27. Who's lisence plate say THEWORX?
  28. Catback+downpipe=full Turboback???
  29. Friendly Carlsen Subaru
  30. Tons of Paintball Equipment for sale - Locally
  31. Who'd I play with on 101 to 280S ?
  32. ALMS this weekend
  33. Who's got the HUUUUUGE freakin wing?
  34. Lunch Tues 9/24 In n Out McCarthy Ranch
  35. where to get good brake pads locally???
  36. Stock '02 Rims with Tires (18kmiles)
  37. any one in the UC/hayward/fremont area....
  38. Car Sterero shop in Oakland/Berkeley?
  39. FS: stock wrx silencer and scoop
  40. Santa Cruz Meet (October Event)
  41. My mom just left me in the dust!
  42. AGGGH car destroyed!
  43. Lamborghini Murcielago Sighting
  44. Another Steven's Creek emerging?
  45. Sighting: Moded Silver WRX fremont 9-19-02
  46. Sighting: Bayfair BART station, it's a wagon this time!
  47. Is this the best pic anyone has of Vishnu Stage 3??
  48. Anyone interested in WRX wagons?
  49. Picking my car up from Carlsen tomorrow
  50. shooting star?
  51. OT: Tell Me What You Think About This?
  52. ATTN: r_master (bat....
  53. my practically brand new volks for sale, CHEAP!!
  54. questions to alpine 7995 owners
  55. Where can I buy the NGK platinum plug in Bay area?
  56. is it me??
  57. Sac Caravan to Travis AFB Car Show?
  58. zion i, scarub, live now
  59. sighting...
  60. rally racing on TV
  61. ProRally Class on Pikes Peak on ESPN2
  62. Really loud WRX in Palo Alto tonight
  63. Prodrive springs are in!!!
  64. when did i-club turn so vile?
  65. the TGIF thread
  66. Sears Point Wed. Sept. 25th
  67. Subaru WRX Driving Class???
  68. Who is out here visiting?
  69. Sighting: 880 South - Dumbarton Bridge
  70. Where to buy Speed Bleeders in B.A.?
  71. Any good windshield company??
  72. Thunder Hill October 12th
  73. WTB: WRX rims...
  74. Alignment Shop Location
  75. any meets goin on
  76. ATTN: Tuners (Link, TEC, etc)
  77. last minute notice: Ferry Costen at 1015 tonight
  78. SFPD Chevy Monte Carlo
  79. Wtb Sti Hood Scoop
  80. I'm famous! :D
  81. Meet
  82. Anyone From Sanjo Want To Meet Up
  83. oh no! not a spirited driving story!?!
  84. Smog test?
  85. Sighting: 3 Subies, 1 intersection (San Carlos)
  86. free: full stock WRX exhaust, $0.00 USD
  87. Close Call...somebody likes me!!!
  88. Need help on Nokia 8260 case change
  89. mexicanpizza, how's the car?
  90. Novato?!
  91. Sac meet pics
  92. Attn: DDMan
  93. German politicians suck...!!!
  94. Wow, I'm Speechless....
  95. fanker is the man who needs to detail your car
  96. !!!Who did I just see stomp a Diablo on sTevens Creek?
  97. How much is my used WRX worth here?
  98. warrenty and car loan
  99. stock boost?
  100. Another CSUS sighting...
  101. FairField Sighting (silver stock sedan)
  102. Needed, NGK Cold 7
  103. Sighting 880N & S: Foolish 1
  104. Help Need Directions!
  105. Moving to the Bay Area, concerned about Mods
  106. Guess what I just bought???
  107. SRO -- WRX Parts..
  108. Too many Andys, therefore, I am changing my name!
  109. fs: axxis metalmaster brake pads
  110. Any Meets tonight Sat. Sept 21
  111. any one goin to leguna seca 22 sept
  112. Car Show Was Great Thank You
  113. Ferry Corsten........even better live!!!
  114. Thumbs up from a Silver WRX on I-80 in Sac @4:20
  115. made it to riverside(safely)
  116. Anyone in Davis gonna need a roomate?
  117. FS: paintball stuff for locals
  118. RBP GC8 with Ralli art stickers?
  119. Stock Wrx parts for sale
  120. did i just see bruclee on 680 east?
  121. Why is SF deserted tonight?
  122. See ya guys around
  123. FS: MBC and STi Replica CF Blinkers
  124. A great auto shop in Walnut Creek, Ca.
  125. it's nice out: impromptu drive departing SF shortly (coast road?)
  126. SIGHTING: San Mateo Marriot
  127. It's my Baby!
  128. Sighting: WRB w/ Sivler Tarmacs.. Fremont
  129. Dyno'd my MY03
  130. last attempt.....seeking used silver WRX sedan front bumper....
  131. paint shops in san jose?
  132. what the hell?
  133. 9/21 charity car show pics...
  134. I-Speed, you should too
  135. sighting: McLaren F1! (no pics ;<)
  136. Lancer invasion
  137. Save $10 and I get kicked in the nutsack!
  138. Davis sighting
  139. compulation of motorcycle clips
  140. FS: Speedline Comp-2 w/ Pilot XGT H4
  141. Did you ask for a DigiQ Circuit?
  142. DigiQool!
  143. MBC help
  144. Prodrive GC-06D British Black
  145. Sighting: blue wrx sedan, Tully Rd. Jack in the Box
  146. My review of Mt Hammy: "It's good."
  147. Thanks to the boys @ Car Tunes
  148. Oakland Lunch Meet - Wednesday, 9/25
  149. Front swaybar clunking???
  150. San Francisco area meet on Friday the 27th [roll call]
  151. 2 ? did a search, nothing on 30,000 service
  152. painting hood scoop?
  153. Healdsburg Sighting...
  154. TRADE: WRX headlight mod
  155. I'm so tired of idiotic police behavior
  156. WTB: C Programming book
  157. 101 sighting...Novato...
  158. ProDrive Muffler
  159. Californians visiting Nevada......
  160. Well it was fun while it lasted
  161. Finally, a social club for brucelee!
  162. Any De Anza i-clubbers?
  163. FS Local: PC Parts-
  164. Langka? In the Bay Area?
  165. Question About Cat-Back
  166. FS: Driving Light Covers,,,, Local only
  167. Anyone going to USGP this upcoming weekend?
  168. Help Me Outta- What Is Better
  169. FS: Stock WRX HU
  170. FS: stock silencer
  171. ATTN: Hayscoob
  172. I got a cold
  173. Unemployed - anyone need a software engineer???
  174. 9-23-02 - special day?
  175. Guy I met at 9/22 autox at McLellan (Sean)?
  176. White Comet by I-Speed USA
  177. WRX head to head with Viper at Laguna Seca last weekend
  178. Idea: How about an I-club "Project" car?
  179. dang some people are rich as hell and you dont know it
  180. What type of bulbs do jdm headlights take?
  181. Kartboy Exhaust Hangers (4 of them) : $25
  182. Rota Formels Installed!
  183. Concord Krispy Kreme
  184. Anyone planning on going to SEMA this year?
  185. FS: 4 stock WRX rims
  186. Stocking WRX parts in SF/Peninsula
  187. FS: stock WRX brake rotors
  188. car repair update
  189. FS: WRX Wagon cross bars
  190. FS: 2000 RS Silver
  191. 50,000 miles on WRX
  192. vote for volvo
  193. Skywalker, you've got PM! :D
  194. FS: Vishnu Performance Stage 2
  195. NO longer unemployed!!!!
  196. Subaru Giken WRC style Front Bumper WRB Sedan Spotted
  197. Jittery video, what to do??
  198. Anyone want to go to a comedy show?
  199. Sighting: Black or Grey(forgot) GC8 in San Ramon on Alcosta at 1:20pm
  200. blue wagon w/gold wheels on taraval
  201. Arghhh! Bad day!
  202. smallville
  203. WTB: Stock RS header and Cat
  204. Wheels and Tires for sale
  205. 350Z anyone?
  206. instead of folding in your mirrors try this
  207. anyone flyfish sf bay?
  208. Urgent, Attention Christoph1371
  209. Some highlights from tonight's UCKK meet
  210. WTB: GC8 Wheels and Tires
  211. EJ-20 Conversions: 1/4 Mile Time?
  212. Sears Point Wed. October 9th or 16th?
  213. What are you doing this weekend??
  214. official SEMA thread
  215. FS: STi option shocks and springs
  216. Congrats to SFR AutoX winners
  217. Private Santa Cruz spots?
  218. Join Autoxin'... ish way fun!
  219. Can Your Suby Make It Through This Puddle?
  220. someone-fender plug for sale to SJ in'n out?
  221. BAIC - Suspension Question???
  222. 145mph - thanks to Vishnu Stage II
  223. att: ckevin
  224. 23 PSI on a 1999 RS-T, wastegate broke
  225. i like food
  226. charity car show pics part 2
  227. Sighting : WRXTASY
  228. laguna seca oct 5
  229. chair for UCKK meets
  230. I have 4.5 months... need work/money...
  231. Need Quick magazines!!!
  232. Prediction - D-Stock winner for Slush Series
  233. sighting near lowell
  234. my summer was great!
  235. CSU Hayward students
  236. Sighting: WRB Wagon, I-5 N
  237. Attn: Bill and Andy
  238. FOR BAY AREA Sony VAIO?NV190 Notebook (GB) CHEAP!!
  239. CEL frustration!!!
  240. Go check out Gruppe-S!!!
  241. FS: 20mm FHI Swaybar
  242. Hey Guys, i need brakes... any suguestions?
  243. who knows and how much for a complete WRX swap?
  244. If you see a deer on the freeway, don't swerve, just hit it
  245. 03 Subaru used in bloody crime in Nebraska this morning!
  246. Sighting: Lake Merritt
  247. and im off to my first day at school
  248. Bay Area: Dyno Day this Saturday at ATP in Fremont
  249. My LA weekend pics
  250. New to the Suby Krew!!!!!!!!