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  1. AARRGH! 5-car collision
  2. Back From Kong Kong!!!
  3. Scoobie Newbie in Silver 99 RS
  4. Real Video of Thunderhill
  5. Adrian Tang...what is your suspension setup?
  6. New Private Track Day at Thunderhill
  7. Rallycross this last Sunday
  8. Wine Country Fun Run w/loot.
  9. Anyone going to ALMS this weekend?
  10. Dave Rhoades...who are you?
  11. WTB: Stock RS Springs
  12. Raffle finished-
  13. Who wrote thank you notes to sponsors?
  14. i need help with strut decisions
  15. FHI red ver.5 struts, clear corners, red/clear clusters, eiback springs, al hood, et
  16. Anyone in Bay Area with Spare RE-92?
  17. Yahhooo! My parts are finally in!!!
  18. Two sightings, Fremont and Cupertino
  19. Subaru of Santa Cruz keeps kicking total a$$ !
  20. Go Giants!
  21. Brother Converted...
  22. Turbocharged Integra vs. Impreza
  23. San Jose, Saratoga, Santa Clara and any other Subes
  24. Suspension time
  25. Sighting
  26. My First Run In With a Civic, (well kinda)
  27. looking for 93-95 outback...white
  28. Suspension woes
  29. Subies in Santa Cruz
  30. Simple Shifter Question
  31. Looking for NEW dealer
  32. smog testing
  33. Snow levels down to 6500'
  34. Smog II: If I have a 99 I next smog my car in ????
  35. Sports Car Championships @ Laguna
  36. andy gets in trouble... again
  37. Does anyone have a pic of me racing Forester at T-Hill?
  38. BAM - HK Movie Sat?
  39. Watch out at Tully and Capital Expressway, and weekend woes-Leave your front light on
  40. attn catfish
  41. F1 at Suzuka on Fox Sports Bay Area now! NT
  42. Track Day II questions and stuff...
  43. Bay Area Shop Suggestions
  44. New RS owner
  45. Spare some Tamiya model paint?
  46. Snow Camping trip
  47. This Weekend - Summary
  48. I'm in Healdsburg, anyone around?
  49. NEW West Coast Chapter of PI Motorsports...members needed
  50. San Jose Mini Grand Prix?
  51. Anyone in Bay Area with Rear Splats For Sale?
  52. Dave & Busters
  53. BAM in Santa Cruz
  54. where to drive in the bay area?
  55. Subby Stuff for sale...
  56. Anyone seen this increible car?
  57. Subaru of Santa Cruz
  58. Private messages
  59. ARRRRRRGGHHHHH!! Recked my Subi!!!!
  60. Attention: san jose dwellers
  61. Performance Tires for my RS?
  62. recommend Sube mechanic?
  63. Extra 18mm Sway bar Bushings?
  64. Attn: Bay Bridge Commuters (Fastrak)
  65. Hey neil
  66. Need roomie for SEMA
  67. Subaru Event at Altamont Raceway?!?!
  68. Sema
  69. attn: daniel
  70. Warning: don't take parts off of crashed scoobies!
  71. Track Day II: Important, please read !! Long
  72. Hi there!
  73. Hot Chick in an RS
  74. crashed my 2kGT on the turn
  75. Bay Area @home users
  76. attn: josh
  77. This Sunday.. Autox
  78. Tuning Concept back issue
  79. Summary of Dan_E's Casa Installfest
  80. InstallFest this Saturday 10/21 - Last Call!
  81. Impreza sighting in Pleasanton....Anyone here?
  82. I be swayin' now!
  83. SEMA party wagon
  84. Well, I still haven't gotten my car, so I got this instead.... (pics)
  85. Sighting on 24 W...
  86. silver RS coupe on UCSC
  87. BAM: Sears Point 10/25
  88. Sightings, sightings....
  89. Carbon Fiber Dash Kit
  90. Where to get custom mid-pipe in BA?
  91. RANDY! what happened to the driveshaft?
  92. time for another BAM yo
  93. blew out RLH strut
  94. How about BAM at Searspoint on Nov. 1st?
  95. More on broken car
  96. Attn: Angus: Impreza-trackcar appropriate?-kinda long
  97. Atn: brucelee
  98. Rally
  99. anyone wanna help me put in struts?
  100. SEMA - who wants to RallyX???
  101. weeeeee
  102. Playstation 2 Guaranteed by Xmas~!
  103. Got new pics of MY99
  104. Know any shops do service for Scoobie?
  105. dcrawford? was that you on 24 yesterday?
  106. Heh, housing (again)
  107. Anyone wanna swap dashes?
  108. Looking for a website of leagacy
  109. Muddin' in the Bru'
  110. thanks and New STRUT info
  111. sema caravan from south san jose
  112. New Subaru WRX
  113. Pics of my Forester from the track day
  114. 3 New age Imprezas sighted
  115. I recommend this salvage yard!
  116. Boing Boing Boing!
  117. WRX Group Buy???
  118. SEMA - head count, official details
  119. Hey neil check your email
  120. bay area alignment?
  121. get magnaflow and save........
  122. Anything going on this weekend?
  123. stevens creek
  124. South San Francisco
  125. new car....needs!!!!
  126. Heeeeeelp!! (SEMA- urgent)
  127. Housing, I know...
  128. Uumm.. leased a new car. Don't kill me.
  129. Anyone here attend UC Davis
  130. just got a speeding ticket
  131. where to buy break pads in BA (preferably SF)
  132. Subarus in SJSU
  133. Shifter Pros...
  134. Kumho ECSTAs for sale
  135. White 2.5RS coming out of RC Carlson!?
  136. Denny's by 2pm
  137. URGENT: SEMA tickets....can anyone get them from....
  138. Burning smell!
  139. Searspoint on last Wed.
  140. Attn: Ravent
  141. Wrecked RS, considering parting out
  142. Who is that guy on the motorcycle?
  143. tires for winter
  144. WRX Ver. 6 vs. Evo Ver. 6
  145. BRP sighting
  146. Any local people selling stock RS rims?
  147. Want Strohmung? Potential trade...
  148. Silver RS sighted in San Jose at Lundy Post Office!
  149. back from SEMA
  150. My RS is the most modded in SF (not bay area. SF only)
  151. OT: Need win2k pro cd key ASAP!!
  152. FS: ACT clutch kit and primitive racing 15lb flywheel
  153. Another BRP RS
  154. We should get together...
  155. Check out!!!!!
  156. Tahoe trip
  157. Subaru Service centers?
  158. Hi Everyone
  159. Anyone need free crush washers?
  160. RS with a "powered by Mitsu" banner?
  161. New track days in the works.
  162. M5 joining the family
  163. New Years Eve in Tahoe
  164. FS EJ20 Turbo set up
  165. who is it that lives in Reno and works for TYCO?
  166. Painting in the East Bay
  167. Rally Australia -- Subaru Third After First Stage
  168. Homer Jay
  169. SEMA pics online!
  170. Who's Impreza at the Pizza Meet?
  171. hey neil, tag your it
  172. Parts For Sale in Bay Area
  173. Install fest NOW
  174. DIY clears still up for grabs
  175. FS or Trade = my 17 inch speedline pero r's
  176. RS in WC?
  177. Parts still remaining!!!!!!!!!!
  178. Anyone interested in these parts?
  179. WRX group buy part II
  180. Any Berkeley SVX owners out there?
  181. Parts FS
  182. Rally Blue South 280 in SF
  183. Who's rolled 2.5RS?
  184. Willow Springs track day with Team Unison (celica club) Jan 26th.
  185. anyone Want to trade MY00 rims for MY98 rims?
  186. Can't post!
  187. Need some help...
  188. Blue RS on Geary
  189. t-shirts
  190. Blue RS Headed East on Willow (Near 84/Dumbarton)
  191. Anybody going to the International Auto show?
  192. Redline Prices!
  193. anyone else having trouble updating user info?
  194. Does anyone have an unistalled ALK?
  195. 1/4 mile today!!!
  196. has anyone driven stick w/o synchomesh
  197. Blue RS at Safeway in Pacifica last night
  198. widebody kit for imps!!!!!
  199. world gym sf?????
  200. Anyone with V5-V6 seats needed
  201. Where can I get ATE SuperBlue?
  202. Track Day II
  203. Wagon Andy
  204. Any place to put down deposit for the WRX ?
  205. Autoshow BAM??
  206. Digital Boy comes to Fremont for a REALLY limited time engagement!
  207. Is this someone's Impreza?
  208. Track Day II Part II- Date announced.
  209. ATTN craigc
  210. Track Day prices and URL ! Let's get it on!
  211. My 1/4 mile time
  212. Q for autoshow attendees
  213. Randy -- THANKS for steering wheel help
  214. Possible move to San Francisco...need help.
  215. FS-2 RE92's, BO
  216. Cheap computer needed!
  217. Post your ICQ #'s here.
  218. will be around SF area on wednesday
  219. Sighting in Discovery Bay?!?!
  220. Sighting near SJSU-Black Impreza
  221. 880S Sighting at 9:50PM
  222. RS Wheels For Sale
  223. need advice on speeding ticket i got...
  224. what do you think about these rims??? pics!!
  225. Someone messed up my baby!!!
  226. Thinking about selling my WHITE stock wheels
  227. Looking for Leagacy Website
  228. Impreza siting i think
  229. Black RS sighting in Saratoga, near REI, OfficeMax
  230. clear fog light covers
  231. BRP sedan sighting at great mall
  232. MY98 Stock Springs
  233. IMPBOY what do u have done to your car?
  234. Friday lunch at D&B???
  235. Fremont Spotting
  236. Internal Light Problems and more
  237. I went to the autoshow in SF on Saturday
  238. San Jose Airport sighting
  239. Trueno AE86 Corolla... experiences?
  240. Track Day: Willow Springs: Streets of Willow 1.3 mi all day for less than $100
  241. Any BAM's up north?
  242. New Bay Area Scuby Owner
  243. Custom Alignment
  244. whats up with the new site???
  245. band-aids for subies
  246. I need a large gif or jpeg of NASIOC emblem!
  247. California Tint Laws
  248. 2000 2.5 RS For Sale
  249. Who went to Racing Schools?
  250. Drag race hunting tonight!!