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  1. Attn: r_master & pio!pio!
  2. MVKK Meets on Thursday
  3. MY '03 Last of the bugeyes???
  4. car repairs update
  5. 801.11 upgraded antennas's? anyone?
  6. FS: Sparco Corsa w/ competition mounts
  7. OT: I gave blood today
  8. WRX hit in sunset by a BMW a few months ago...
  9. sti up-pipe
  10. Maita Subaru prices
  11. need info on restoring my old buick
  12. FS: Rota Attacks w/ tires
  13. FS: Rota Attacks w/ tires
  14. FS: HKS ss BOV & Brand New Blitz DC II TT
  15. Anyone hiring?
  16. Gino Flipped Me Off On 680!
  17. sighting: Blue WRX sedan at ebay!
  18. Lambo sighting (ATTN: KurleeDaddee)
  19. Grassroots tire comp- Falken vs g-Force
  20. Anyone into hardcore?
  21. Tomy sick ? I know why...
  22. What the heck? Debadged Silver WRX street racing in front of my house?
  23. Anyone at Los Positas?
  24. Why is it, that when I post......
  25. Old School Question for Imprezer - or anyone else who might know...
  26. FS: Stock WRX 6 disc CD changer head unit and more
  27. My good lord!
  28. Yeah bill kicks as$
  29. Awwww, Yeeeeaaaaahhhh!!!!!!
  30. I'm bored, sell me something...
  31. HEY USF WRX's
  32. FS: Stock WRX headlights
  33. Attn: Shiv
  34. Attn: Andrew
  35. Trade my Stromung single tip for N1 apexi? (rear section only)
  36. Thank God I'm Not In School BAIC Meet
  37. WTB: stock Sedan rear sway bar
  38. Exhaust Gasket Part #'s
  39. 02 WRX STi gauge cluster on a US car.
  40. HELP: Need Part #'s
  41. BAIC and SCIC track day at Buttonwillow Raceway
  42. Stuff I for sale 02 WRX
  43. Cool suspension packages in the works from!!
  44. Allright, who was it?
  45. where to buy brakes?
  46. Vishnu Stage 0 Questions???
  47. Sighting: 2 girls in a Blue GC8 on Mary in Sunnyvale
  48. Sighting: Someone who needs a beating
  49. in need of a universal exhaust...
  50. wow what a weekend for music
  51. impreza L and rs?
  52. ATTN: Brucelee
  53. Uckk Meets
  54. Anyone play airsoft here?
  55. Fs: Aem Cai & Forge Bov (wrx)
  56. Any intrest in Forge BOV?
  57. Spotted Friday Night 242 racing SS
  58. Any locals with an APS SR-XX turbo?
  59. I want to trade for a wing
  60. A slightly vibration with '03? Normal?
  61. SF Sightings: 5th & Clement
  62. OK, fess up already!!!
  63. I want these SO BADDD!!!
  64. Wanna Move Out???!
  65. Several WRXs just came in!
  66. Any meets at the Concord Krispy Kreame?
  67. Anybody local with WRX Service Manual CD's?
  68. Chrome Polish
  69. WRX Automatics out There
  70. New CA Smog Test
  71. santa cruz and wrx's dont mix
  72. Clear Fender Lense!!! (install)
  73. Sighting Near Great Highway
  74. Boost!!!!
  75. Update on my wagon
  76. I Saw U!!!
  77. Late thread for AutoX 9/29
  78. Wtb: Bov
  79. My roomates prelude got own3d!!!
  80. Smog test for new resident cars?
  81. SCCA Slush Series Photos
  82. RallyX footage - this apex was owned!
  83. I'm Looking for a White 2003 MT WRX Wagon
  84. Honda Dealerships (rarely talked about)
  85. Wanted: Adjustable rear sway bar for WRX WAGON
  86. The BEST autoX day in Sac coming this weekend
  87. Manual Boost Contoller
  88. Dented my Front [email protected]$!^##
  89. Don't know if you've seen this before?
  90. My cars hood won't lock
  91. Thanks I-Club members at XRally at GGF
  92. In need of WRX radiator & MBP front lip. Pls help.
  93. In need of WRX radiator & MBP front lip. Pls help.
  94. Selling my wagon to buy...
  95. Where the heck can I get 3" aluminum bent intake piping?
  96. UP-Pipe for sale cheap
  97. Finally My WRX hahahah pssshhh haha
  98. Subaru Stroker Kits
  99. Need a place to live
  100. FS: HKS turbo timer/harness and STI mesh replica fog covers(silver).
  101. Blitz DSBC SpecR vs. How Much You Overpaid
  102. fs: zerosports splitter $70 + trade stock part
  103. FS: Random Potpourri of Stuff
  104. Help me to find the screws, please...
  105. Anyone Willing to Help?
  106. FS: Littermaid LM950 Cat Litter Box
  107. Drunk Brit Sighting on Industrial
  108. need HELP
  109. Exhaust leak/strange sound after uppipe install.
  110. sighting on 84
  111. FS: set of '02 OBS alloy rims and tires (5k miles)
  112. Seen My Crew?Just Wondering
  113. Anyone have a Greddy BOV in their car?
  114. Davis sighting:
  115. Rally roads in Davis!
  116. Black WRX at SJSU... Parks on San Fernando
  117. Berkeley RS Sighting...
  118. sighting Camero SS CHP pull over a WRX
  119. Thursday Krispy Kreme in MV (MVKK)!
  120. Sighting at De Anza
  121. sighting: THE SICKEST black WRX EVER
  122. sighted: silver WRX Wagon in Santa Cruz
  123. In need of WRX front lip. PLS help.
  124. CAN anyone help me out with Headlight MOD?
  125. Poll: Valet Parking our Cars
  126. Stock 02 WRX rims/tires $275
  127. Sac Raceway Wednesday October 2nd
  128. Chick in a white 2.5 RS at westvalley
  129. Why do people key cars?
  130. WinXP Service Pack 1? Can anyone get me a copy from work??
  131. FS: Brand new in the box Stainless steel up-pipe
  132. ATTN: Santa Cruz I-Clubbers
  133. Dyno Tuning works!
  134. MPJperformance suspension packages now available !!!
  135. and i am off to school
  136. Auto-X Slush Round 1 Results Posted...
  137. Where to Purchase Rota wheels
  138. Paintless dent repair in Sac?
  139. anyone have the willwood brake upgrade ON their WRX?
  140. Radiator high pressure cap function?
  141. Very Sweet Wrx!
  142. Magnum P.I. now a believer, lol
  143. 17" bronze subzero's, brand spankin new
  144. u think Stevens Creek is bad? This will BLOW U AWAY!
  145. OT: Best pho in SF/DC?
  146. Anybody wanna sell me a Turbo/FMIC/Injectors/Fuel Pump?
  147. Header install Shopes in S.F.?
  148. Sighting: Silver WRX Sedan, Plate: MPRZAWD
  149. FS: OEM Rear Diff Protector
  150. FS IBM Thinkpad Laptop
  151. Question on the Boral header in CA
  152. Calaveras Road wrecked Rex
  153. If you like the outdoors and pain...
  154. ATTN: noel/gilbert Delos Reyes
  155. Greetings for Albuquerque
  156. Sunday, I saw a Black WRX Wagon parked on Geary St.
  157. I am shooting out to Japan next month-need anything?
  158. Have a set of SSR 17X7.5 50 offset with new Conti Extreme FS
  159. FS: Locally JDM HID lights
  160. Post your favorite movie quotes?
  161. BAIC hits 100,000 posts!
  162. Sighting: Green headed Krispe Kreme dorks
  163. Anyone want a free XBOX?
  164. UCKK was great
  165. HW 237 10-02-02 11:30am
  166. AAAARGH, must vent! Stupid car dealerships
  167. 2.5rs in sunnyvale
  168. ATTEN: Imprezer
  169. Install-Fest or something this Saturday (Oct 5)
  170. San Jose, CA i- club members
  171. Joke of the day..a lil entertainment for ya.
  172. The Subaru Bajas came in!
  173. A freakin Toyota Matrix XRS reved at me!!!!
  174. FS: Black Subzero with polished lip
  175. FS: 5Ziegen cat-back exhaust
  176. FS: RE92's w/1200
  177. Snow!!!!!!!!!
  178. Rally Workshop on Tulip Course Notes
  179. Whip em out Wednesdays
  180. You Sac/Davis folks!
  181. Filipino history month
  182. Advertising
  183. Any WRX folks have a coolant leak?
  184. i-speed van concepts..what do you think
  185. FS/Trade. UT 2003. bayarea folks
  186. I shall hereby Endure the "Enduro" (SCCA Autocross this weekend at Sac)
  187. TINT place?
  188. ANYBODY in fremont area got a code reader?
  189. THINK Before you Street Race!
  190. 9/28 Rally X results
  191. sighting: BAD-ANDY --- bandy!
  192. When/where is next Auto-X?
  193. Anybody in Mtn View area w/ OBD scanner?
  194. MP3 CD Player for WRX
  195. ATTN: R_Master
  196. Bay Area Installer Needed - body parts
  197. i just did a quarter-mile... in the DIRT!
  198. Picked up my car today! Going back tomorrow
  199. PIAA--the Brigtest I've seen so far
  200. Interested in Rallying?
  201. Do you have a Favorite Commercial?
  202. hey, how was Oakenfold?
  203. Moving Sale...... Electronics and misc Magazines
  204. ScoobySport Turbo back used any offers ?
  205. anyone here work by sportmart in daly city?
  206. Help with names...
  207. Good Body Shop on Peninsula?
  208. My Digi-Q craped out!
  209. Hey San Jose members can I come to in n out?
  210. Do I deserve a red-titled name?
  211. Spilled octane booster all over, what should I do?
  212. Info on UTEC
  213. My Legit Copy of Office XP is already activated by someone else...
  214. 10-3-2002: Page Mill claims another! :(
  215. I-Speed? How much?
  216. fs: re92 cheap
  217. My WRX inventory for this weekend.
  218. Attn: Miguel or Lisa / Re: Fairfield In and Out Gathering
  219. question: HKS SSBOV
  220. Sighting: S. Main/Creekside in WC
  221. Two 350Z sightings
  222. I need to locate a Subaru junk yard.. anybody?
  223. Where To Buy Bspt Tap Set?
  224. Who thinks Ilicano should be a language instead of a dialect?
  225. good service depts?
  226. Sacto
  227. WRB Wagon hit on 880N
  228. Northern California Rally School/Rally Cross
  229. Alcohol in Engine?
  230. Need help, any good graphic/logo designers out there?
  231. Forgotten Sighting: Blue WRX Sedan @ Sac Raceway 10/2/02
  232. Who was playing tag with me on hwy50?
  233. sighting:lowell parking lot
  234. Whats a good BOV?
  235. Whats there to do this weekend????
  236. Anyone deal with Bianco Subaru?
  237. $800 for custom sub box, amp box buildout?
  238. hks BOV
  239. good place to get springs installed
  240. For Sale: WRX clear rear corner Tail Lights for 2000 Impreza RS
  241. FS: Stock WRX Sedan Swaybars
  242. attn subywan-kenobi
  243. oil filter
  244. Help with tire fitment
  245. Parting out my 2000 RS
  246. Best Buy meet Union Landing.
  247. ATTN: Dorifto
  248. I'm so ANXIOUS waiting for my new wagon
  249. attn: Owlboogie
  250. HELP on installing bushing?