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  1. ALTA Performance
  2. FYI: 0% apr financing for your Scooby
  3. i hate school
  4. Diff lock out bolts available now at
  5. Intercooler Screens for $10? Anyone willing to bite?
  6. FS: 17"x7.5" Advan RCII w/wo tires...
  7. Brucelee and red sedona wagon sighting on 880n
  8. Another BIG THANK YOU to blue-ej20
  9. Step aside NASCAR... we're having 6 Hours of Fun (Sat Oct 19)
  10. Mark your calendars.... Touring and GT coming to Infineon!
  11. Some goodies for sale
  12. Fun with Chemicals at work
  13. New Jammer
  14. Mr. Tommy Wu LOOK real STi type RA scoop splitter.
  15. WTB Camber plates
  16. Tommy where is my Motegi girl pictures.
  18. FS: Go Fast Bits (GFB) BOV
  19. FS locally: Kuhmo 712, 225/45/17, w/5k miles
  20. Sighting: Downtown SJ, 3:15PM, white WRX w/HID!!
  21. Post your favorite Simpsons Quote!
  22. Gasket that connects from Cylinder head to Exhaust
  23. Took some new pictures!
  24. 3/16" 'T' boost solenoid adjustment
  25. Girl in a silver WRX
  26. White Debadged RS in Capitola
  27. sighting: blue WRX wagon btwn noriega and ortega 24th ave
  28. Wanna bash on Steve's Creek? Wanna review a scooby part?
  29. Does anyone paint their UK300??
  30. Yikes! so many wrecks...
  31. ATTENTION: BlueWRXwagon(Justin)
  32. FS: 2 Sparco Torinos, Red
  33. Did anybody have any success getting Giants tickets online?
  34. Trade: WR Blue driving light covers for stock grille
  35. Jdm W/ Hid Headlight: How To Wire The Headlight
  36. Rallye this weekend!!!! Generals posted here:
  37. I need to know
  38. Classic Soft Trim vs.
  39. Sac Sighting Silver WRX
  40. WRX Wagon sighting!
  41. What's your top speed?
  42. FS: Stock WRX rim with RE92
  43. South bay machine shop to tap for EGT probe?
  44. i hate school, yet it is so interesting at times
  45. Two more
  46. The Adventures of RALY WAG!!!
  47. The Adventures of Blue ej20!
  48. NAKED News
  49. Rallispec catback
  50. Auto Cross from 10/13 at 3Com
  51. Mandalay bay or Palms?
  52. Need to Sell ASAP - Alpine MRV-T320 V12 Amp
  53. Anyone want a 20% discount on some Eddie Bauer clothes?
  54. try this again, volk ce28n for damn cheap!!
  55. RS/WRX Conversion 13.1 @ 104.4
  56. McAfee Tech support
  57. need MBP paint to paint morrettes and mesh foglight covers
  58. Song lyrics...
  59. 01 White RS Trade in, in FL
  60. My2004 Sti Orders
  61. MSRP Order
  62. Hellyer disc golfers
  63. Sunday AutoX, back to Gravel Gate Field
  64. UCD sighting
  65. Bonds 600th ball...
  66. 3 inch resonator
  67. Sony Vaio PCG-U3
  68. Anybody want to trade or buy.....
  69. gf's laughing at me...
  70. FS: 2002 WRX - SD/Black/5spd./4k Miles/Like New!
  71. Hassled by the cops
  72. Help - Yakima options for a WRX wagon
  73. Sighting - Silver WRX Sedan on Lawrence Expressway @ 4:20PM
  74. Need 1 '00 RS rim...
  75. Local Fremont -
  76. FS. ScoobySport downpipe and Brullen uppipe used.
  77. Couple Sitings in Santa Clara
  78. Sighting: Silver WRX - SAC
  79. Peninsula Meet???
  80. How Many Points?
  81. Looking to trade my gunmetal tarmacs for parts locally
  82. zero sports wing extension
  83. when the gas light is on...
  84. NBA Fans... MORE Access to games... means more couch time.
  85. Pretty funny flash video!
  86. Anyone from the Sacramento Area?
  87. good college near fremont or sunnyvale
  88. Yet anther Sac Sighting
  89. Zai Jian
  90. ATTN: IgotWRXed!!!!!!
  91. i FINALLY finished!!!
  92. Sighting: Lic. #1BADWRX
  93. Sighting-Blue WRX on Bruceville
  94. Cheap gas!
  95. FS: Blitz DTT DC2(turbo timer/boost gauge)
  96. Best deal on Rota?
  97. aah!! help asap. in san jose looking for ispeed
  98. Turbo XS BOV
  99. free to good home -- WRX wagon rear sway
  100. local stores to fix clutch shudder
  101. Need my Side skirts painted
  102. Highway 37 sighting
  103. OT: bonds... 2 pitches to hit... one ball in the stands... boooya
  104. typical scic
  105. check out sears track day thread
  106. Bazooka Tri-vent subwoofer- bay area
  107. Camber Plates
  108. Advantage: Giants!
  109. FS:WRX sedan, blue, auto
  110. The Giants take game 1 at Anaheim!!!!!
  111. Who has a White 2dr RS with black rims and a red roll cage and red/black interior?
  112. sighting: Hwy 1 at Hwy 92
  113. ATTN: BlueWRXWagon, Justin~~
  114. the number/letter 3
  115. Have you heard of this EBC?
  116. Wheels for sale Local
  117. Sighting in Richmond, SF
  118. sighting 2 wrx caravan on bay bridge sat night
  119. SIGHTING: 02 BLK WRX, Alameda, 2:45a or so
  120. anyone here know a guy named "Algire"?
  121. shhhhhhhhh... baic is sleeping
  122. Crashed black WRX on 280 (next to 380)?
  123. BAIC is Awake!!!
  124. Selling Stoptech
  125. Sanders puts us back in....
  126. GG Fields and SCCA
  127. Anyone got a stock WRX up-pipe for sale
  128. take a look!
  129. eh
  130. STI Genome Boost Gauge Installed
  131. Gauge Cluster Bezel
  132. Curb Scraped my Rotas, replace or repair?
  133. Bad day for bay area sports
  134. Today's autox
  135. Fix it ticket for modified exhaust!
  136. STX or ESP???
  137. CA Angels and Dominos conspire to kill me!
  138. Anyone in south bay able to pull codes?
  139. where to get fenders rolled
  140. Warranty coverage on convertible rear window (OT)
  141. Sighting: Black WRX Sedan going west bound on HWY 12 @ 0815 hrs.
  142. FS: paintball gear in Bay Area
  143. Angels Win, Angels Win, Angels Win!!!
  144. Big ITN Car Rallye Nov 15-17
  145. Anybody have a Mini-DV camera?
  146. RS/WRX parts for sale
  147. possible selling wrx
  148. FS: Stock WRX headlights(painted)
  149. ANOTHER embarrassing moment brought to you by...
  150. Racetrack Porno Names
  151. wanted MBC
  152. Wagon owners unite!
  153. Consequences for speeding... HELP!
  154. where to fix door dings?
  155. wrx sedan unite!
  156. pink i-badge suby in davis
  157. GD/GG owners unite!
  158. Info on where to get my wrx worked on
  159. sighting!
  160. 2.5 RS for sale
  161. Post your AIM handles, er other net messaging handles!
  162. illegal street racing
  163. funny honda video...
  164. Round 3 results are up.
  165. looks like every one is back!!
  166. looks like every one is back!!
  167. looks like every one is back!!
  168. Demoted???
  169. Finally got a job. Shot at the BIG TIME!
  170. WTB: wrb rear lip from stock kit
  171. Oil change at Albany Ford-Subaru
  172. Scu
  173. Couple new Mods (XM, MP3, Temp display Mirror)
  174. WRX Short Block Rebuild
  175. 18" Wheel
  176. 18" Wheel
  177. 21% Discount on Gas
  178. Group Buy help~~ for zerosports spoiler...
  179. Autodimming/Compass Mirror for sale
  180. where to get side skirts painted? Uppipe Install
  181. Wanted : Stock WRX Muffler BAIC
  182. WHO Works at ATT Wireless Store
  183. WHO Works at ATT Wireless Store?
  184. OT: Anti Gray Davis Rally.
  185. Only One Window Works
  186. WTB Used RE92s
  187. side skirts question
  188. FS: stock wrx side skirts
  189. FS: WRX sedan rear swaybar
  190. Good Karma Giveaway: Wagon 17mm Sway Bar
  191. Big, flat, empty parking lot in north SJ to have a play in?
  192. URGENT: Need plastic polish @ UCSC
  193. My 87 supra for sale on ebay, pass it on
  194. Retarded Craigslist posting...
  195. Sighting-Red GC8 Going North 99 to Arden
  196. Mobil 1 5qt containers... where are they?
  197. Giants CHOKE Big Time
  198. where in sf to get sideskirts painted?
  199. Weekly Sacramento Meet
  200. Really off topic - Honda Civic Q
  201. Sti headlight leveling switch
  202. Post the Price of ur Subaru!!
  203. Post-Whores... ignore this thread!!!
  204. missionary position?
  205. Did you see the Stevens Creek ad?
  206. its nice and cold....
  207. FREE Tickets for the circus
  208. Angels Win Again, looks like Angels in 5
  209. WRX masterminds read this
  210. riced out turbo civic hatch 1, dorifto88 0
  211. Painting Side Skirts In SJ
  212. where can I get my T68i Unlocked locally?
  213. How did you install the EGT probe? Who did it?
  214. For my Hardcore music Fans...
  215. White SVX, lowered with gunmetal 16s! Anyone know this guy??
  216. Midterms, Grrrrrrrrr
  217. clear some myths about smog in CA?
  218. So a cop tried to catch me racing today
  219. FS: Classic Car and BMX
  220. Dishwalla tickets from 106.5
  221. Two Auburn sighting tonight!
  222. click here if you have nothing better to do this saturday morning & afternoon
  223. The Giants WIN!! The Giants Win!!!!!!
  224. KAuss are you ok?
  225. Great day for me at Sears Point
  226. So I just got home from the emergency room...
  227. UCD meet on Nov 1?
  228. UCD meet on Nov 1?
  229. UCD meet on Nov 1?
  230. Sears point 10/30/02
  231. blue WRX with gold rims spotted!
  232. My crash... What happened.. Pics to come
  233. Mini WRX meet at Pac Bell last night
  234. OMG! SPDUSA website updated
  235. Joltdudeuc
  236. Oakland Lunch Meet: TODAY @ NOON (10/24/2002)
  237. Sighting: 80 east @ Northgate.. GONE BAD
  238. initial d
  239. Any Linux configuration gurus out there?
  240. PF Chang's China Bistro... good? no?
  241. What to do on Friday night...
  242. WHO in SF can pull codes for me
  243. someone buy my stock wheels!
  244. suck jean at it again
  245. WRX Morette HID opinions suggestions
  246. Loud noise above 120 Mph ?
  247. What's going on with i-club decals?
  248. Silver WRX sedan @ UC Petco
  249. Prodrive Muffler
  250. Shields is Kostamojen?