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  1. Sighting: Milpitas Fitness Club
  2. FS: MISC - Xbox games + Audio Equipment
  3. Anyone have a Canon S10 or canon digicam?
  4. FS: MiG 21
  5. Anybody know of a good paint place?
  6. Weird loud "clattering" noise when backing up hill???
  7. I need a master of car audio electronics...
  8. in need of directions from UCD to Arden mall
  9. Wanna buy used ScoobSport wing for GDA?
  10. cheap track day at buttonwillow $125, nov 15th
  11. where to get stereo installed (city/north bay)
  12. the future of sacramento....
  13. Stereo for Sale - Eclipse 5506 head unit
  14. TRADE: Weapon R Intake - Stock Intake (Sac)
  15. What's a good bodyshop up in the Bay Area?
  16. M2 Dual Tip SS or Stromung Dual Tip SS
  17. set of STI 565cc injectors-brand new!
  18. STI or Sparcos
  19. OT: you gotta see this chick
  20. Round 4 results posted
  21. turbo timer install in San Francisco Bay Area
  22. Hawk HP Plus front pads
  23. sighting: silver wagon on telegraph ave, berk
  24. FS: aem cold air intake $120
  25. WTB: 1 '00 or '01 RS rim
  26. Looking for WRX sedan RR sway.
  27. Dublin-Plesanton Car meet 11/21/02
  28. FS: MRT turboback system
  29. OT: BMW warranty! How to handle?
  30. Is it gonna rain?
  31. Inside drag racing: battle of import ESPN2 NOW
  32. Any used Ground Control coilovers for sale/trade local?
  33. Anyone heard about MBRP exhaust?
  34. Anyone here interested in driving too fast and having a great time?!
  35. November Rally School/Rally Cross Still has openings!
  36. A friendly reminder
  37. Turbo timer questions
  38. Thunderhill HPDS - 11/23
  39. ** Workers needed for ITN Rally Sat 16 Nov **
  40. facotry boost solenoid mod
  41. Can someone please tell me if this will be safe
  42. Eahust for sale STI
  43. For you snow guys
  44. New to the forums!!
  45. STi from Germany running around?
  46. Sighting: white GC8 wagon, turboed, badged WRX on 24. 7:30pm
  47. Solberg showoff vids...
  48. SEMA pics?
  49. What is it with these drivers
  50. RalyStr
  51. Ticket Assassins email
  52. ugh, i hate the rain...
  53. Pool Meet? @ Family SF tuesday 11/12
  54. Good Alarm installer in Bay Area?
  55. possibly FS: pair of non HID STi LHD lights
  56. Install places for WRX suspension or help?
  57. Very cool things will be comming from Red Star-
  58. Need Opinions on wheels
  59. Need a cheap beater car
  60. FS: Turboback Exhaust w/Bellmouth Design 2.5" S/S Pipe
  61. can anyone read/speak Japanese?
  62. FS: 89 Honda Accord LX 4doors White 11K miles
  63. FS: Prodrive UK300 Body kit
  64. is everyone OK?
  65. Link Dyno/Tuning/Question Day(s)
  66. God I love AWD!!!
  67. Initial D action sat night at Roseville Golfland?
  68. Silencer for intake
  69. is Ryball alive?
  70. Do U feel safe in Ur Subaru when rain?
  71. 25-28 foot surf Friday afternoon?
  72. Make a donation if you can.
  73. FS: Fresh can of ATE Super Blue
  74. OT: can someone reach this site?
  75. rain sucks
  76. FS: Brand new aftermarket front brake rotors.
  77. OT. English Bulldog
  78. Its Raining and I dont have my Suby
  79. Hey Babymike!
  80. Tito says that the WRX has an open rear diff?
  81. FS: Vishnu Unichip
  82. Newbie WRX question..
  83. Unlimited Laps at Laguna Seca 2/28/03
  84. Am I The Only One Who Gets Tossed Around In The Wind??
  85. Installers in Sac?
  86. josh....
  87. Sighting: Black wrx wagon on Taraval
  88. Help: Need someone to install EGT bung, anyone locally?
  89. Tires for Tahoe?
  90. Free: H1 bulbs
  91. Okay 8:47 and off I go to Palomares RD.
  92. In heaven!
  93. Question to Inital D hardcore fan...
  94. wrx wagon
  95. If you thought the "Type-R" sticker was bad...
  96. Roaming wild pigs in San Jose??
  97. New Region
  98. which Body Kit?
  99. first BAIC snow trip....
  100. Looking for stock intake silencer
  101. Official UCD Meet Thread
  102. FS: 17" Rota Tarmacs w/S03s
  103. Santa Cruz/Capitola - - - NEED HELP
  104. OT: any mechanical engineers?
  105. Storm Surf Pics From Pacifica!
  106. smog test
  107. Help!!!!!!
  108. sighting:silver WRX by BestBuy SF 9:15pm
  109. Anyone go see the Stones this weekend?
  110. Exhausts @ UCKK
  111. Extremely interested in these wheels
  112. Reno Meet! Post Your Schedules!
  113. FS: STi Parts-Seats, Wheels etc...
  114. pity me and my dope new ride!!
  115. Buried Beer During Snowboarding or Skiing?
  116. Who gave me a wave on San Ramon rd in Dublin Sat Afternoon??
  117. Toys For Tots Car Show in Santa Clara 12/15/02
  118. New Rex Owner....
  119. back from SEMA
  120. Way O.T. spyware?
  121. Tires for Bay Area Roads...
  122. Sighting, WRB WRX at cache creek saturday night
  123. For Sale used DMS gold 40's !
  124. Anyone else at work today wishing they had the day off like everyone else?
  125. Anybody wanna help me..
  126. 4EAT Impreza Recall
  127. dock workers are back to work!
  128. fun fun!
  129. n00bish question
  130. Turbo timer poll: help me choose!
  131. can you really eat a tic tac without biting it?
  132. stock wrx rims for sale
  133. FS: Possum Link ECU w/ harness
  134. Can anyone PLEASE host WWE Survivor Series? Andy and I will chip in to pay for it.
  135. Help...CA State Residency Question
  136. tranny shop recommendations in south bay?
  137. Paintless Dent Removal?! Anyone?
  138. Bulb Size
  139. Black WRX buzzing up and down Balboa, circling my block
  140. Where did everyone go?
  141. Man threatened to kill me
  142. Sighting: Senoda red 2.5RS with a huge ass wing!
  143. Funny FOX NEWS reporter broadcasting information about Jay Lo's new song....
  144. What wrong with the I-club
  145. FS: 89 celica... cheap
  146. idiot driver S4 wagon @ redwood shores
  147. Santa Cruz Meet - December
  148. Luckiest man alive!
  149. South Lake Tahoe/Reno?
  150. News Flash: Subaru Santa Cruz tech's are fallible!!
  151. ATTN: Diranged
  152. FS: Unfortunately - UTEC
  153. Need loaner boost control solenoid for testing -- any WRX will do
  154. JOSH TOOK OUT THE :monkey:
  155. New WRX: headlight question
  156. Redline Oil or something else
  157. who are u...
  158. FS: A ton of 12" singles any dj friends?
  159. Broken Windshield and DMV identity info
  160. Where to get paint
  161. Best Driving Spots In SF
  162. OT: caller blocking
  163. Free Who wants it...
  164. 01 VS 02 RS tranny
  165. sighting
  166. hey everyone
  167. Silver 4 door RS from Green Valley Subaru 9/2000
  168. Free Stock WRX spoiler!
  169. To everyone at the millbrae meet on tuesday....and anyone else who likes to laugh
  170. Do any of you work at Safeway?
  171. Replacing glow plugs same was as Spark plugs?
  172. Sighting: girl in blue wrx driving on 80 near vacaville
  173. Paintballing in the Bay Area anyone?
  174. fireball question
  175. Need place to weld BOV on (sac)
  176. Oakland lunch meet - 11:30 today!
  177. STI in the US... (?)
  178. Any meets happening on this Saturday?
  179. Jobs in Cali?
  180. FS: Stock WRX Wagon Suspension
  181. no more hood scoop envy!
  182. Any subaru mech's want a side job?
  183. Andrew I need Help
  184. who wants
  185. wife in distress
  186. Springs?????
  187. Check this out!
  188. MUST SELL in 15 hours!!
  189. We picked-up Pro-Drive!!!
  190. sti stencils
  191. Attn. r-master and joefong Uni-T filters are in
  192. JDM WRX sedans or Euro-spec WRX Sedans
  193. Attn: anyone up in Davis
  194. Initial D
  195. 1000 miles
  196. anyone here have warriors season tickets
  197. CF hood ?'s
  198. Need Advice
  199. which exhaust is the .......
  200. Aerosmith!!!
  201. 10 more days...
  202. ATTN: Bad Andy (badwrx)
  203. Anyone work at LSI Logic???
  204. 2002 EJ20 -> 1999 Legacy Conversion Rumor - Sierra Foothills
  205. FS: M2 Turbo-back Exhaust (Dual-tip)
  206. Geekz... For u!
  207. $6 WRX Models @ Fry's???
  208. Does anyone here have a a/f Gauge installed?
  209. Some funny SH#T about the new STI
  210. OT: Snowboard Binding and Kirkwood
  211. WANTED : Local supply for Spline lug nuts!
  212. Help with deciding a downpipe!!!
  213. Storm Damage
  214. WRB on 101/Woodside
  215. The Sacramento Autoshow is great this year!
  216. used AEM CAI for sale
  217. Wanted: Car-Body person for repair work
  218. I HATE SuperCuts
  219. Sac Weekly meet ?
  220. Our President is SMAAAT!! :p
  221. top 10 reasons why WRX has bad milage?
  222. NO DOUBT concert
  223. BMW Films: Ticker
  224. I saw the new Sti!
  225. ATTN Adobouarexnrice....
  226. So what exactly happened in OT last night?
  227. i give up!
  228. OT: (since OT is down) Good site for wireless web/3g info
  229. Controversy at UCD
  230. Fastest WRX in the Bay Area??????
  231. Sighting in front of De Anza College
  232. My WRX inventory for the weekend.
  233. some stuff for sale
  234. Uh... is this right?!?
  235. Lombard St.
  236. For Sale:HKS carbon ti
  237. Bring Back the MONKEY
  238. Wacko Jackson pic inside - DO NOT CLICK UNLESS YOU'RE PREPARED!
  239. update on car, check engine light again!
  240. test
  241. This is NOT a post about the Monkey
  242. WTB salt water aquarium
  243. Wheels for sale enkei cdr-9
  244. Gas fume smell with AC.?
  245. Does ANbody know where daniel lives???
  246. Anyone carry Hawk pads in the bay area?
  247. GC8 & GM6 turbo build
  248. arrrrgg....
  249. FS WRX Side Spats
  250. Sacramento Raceway 11-20-02