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  1. Santa Cruz: need torque wrench
  2. wife in distress part II
  3. a sad sad day for wrx owners..
  4. Unitentional meet at Tri-City
  5. Kirkwood - Pics from Saturday
  6. Sighting-Blue WRX, Laguna Blvd (south sac,elk grove)
  7. Mt. Hamilton
  8. any rooms for rent?
  9. A story to share with those in BAIC who don't venture into OT
  10. Removing light scratches from bumper
  11. Maaco or other cheap paint jobs
  12. sighting on i 80
  13. Trade Xbox games anyone?
  14. ATTN: ImprezaWRXDriver/ JoeFong
  15. Meet, TONIGHT (Sunday, 11/17) Mcarthy Ranch
  16. FS: Panther + brake pads
  17. lightweight jack for budget racers
  18. Legacy Limited Conversion finished
  19. anyone one here need a vishnu uppipe?
  20. Pick dorifto's major
  21. looking for Danny - san jose..
  22. anybody in the san jose area with a 22b replica wing?
  23. service manual
  24. Vishnu Twin Tip Turbo-Back Exhaust
  25. Niners fan, how did that taste?
  26. Punted already? C'Mon Raiders
  27. hello
  28. Anybody wanna see Pics
  29. P1 lamps and covers
  30. cut his butt
  31. Windshield repair
  32. so who leaked the info about daniel out?
  33. Tahoe Subaru Drivers :(
  34. MSB (Millbrae Starbucks) Meet
  35. rallyX
  36. Who can "balance" my suspension?
  37. hood deflectors
  38. WRX Sightings in San Jose/Cupertino
  39. Sighting in Antioch!
  40. Thunderhill trackday: what to prepare?
  41. Local place to buy stonguard fog light covers in Sac
  42. What interior is best?
  43. I-club friendly sac body shops?
  44. Need Vishnu Stage 2 Installer
  45. Haha! I feel so used...
  46. missfire in #2
  47. Which Name Should I Go By?
  48. Tis but a scratch!
  49. Charity Car Show at Great America
  50. Help needed getting to Thunderhill Rally Cross this Sunday
  51. Who's auto-xing this Sunday? 11-24-02
  52. Looking for Synth Oil deals...
  53. ATTN: Sac area members & Alex
  54. New Sponsor for Sheehan Motor Racing
  55. Anyone going out to see the Leonids tonight?
  56. Holy Crap!!!
  57. looking for a roomate
  58. Thunderhill Trackday 11/23 Advice needed.
  59. Newbie Needs Springs Installed
  60. Two WRX sightings at Goat Rock Sunday and Monday
  61. Santa Rosa Crew! This Sunday to San Francisco Auto X?
  62. WRX sighting: BLUE WRX on Almaden Expwy Sat night
  63. Will it bit WRX?
  64. OT. Brake fade/hard vibrating
  65. Ok, Everyone go back and read your first posts...
  66. sac raceway, 27th of november
  67. attn: skywalker/chris - i-speed
  68. The Best Cat-Back Dual Tip Exhaust
  69. For Sale 99 Yamaha Blue/white R6
  70. Need alignment? Dial in more camber?
  71. What was your favorite thread that you created?
  72. FS to the local folks first...
  73. ATTN: SDR buyers
  74. OT: Car salesman lies
  75. ATTN: subydude
  76. magnetic numbers?
  77. Heeelllloooooooo Bay Area :) (NESIC member moved to BA) Need help finding apartment..
  78. Man, I thought I was screwed...
  79. no0b question: where to get touch up paint
  80. Link Dyno/Tuning/Question Day(s), Part II
  81. Subydude
  82. SV - Laguna Seca, Sears Point, and Streets of Willow
  83. Parkingly Inept Fools...
  84. I'm a n00b
  85. Are we meeting at UCKK tonight or not
  86. Need help NOW - 760 / Vista Ca?
  87. Need help NOW - 760 / Vista Ca?
  88. Daniel (brucelee) Asks: WANTED: 98-01 Wheels with tires! any condition! ASAP
  89. Volunteer in Soup Kitchen during Thanksgiving, where?
  90. attn: Cingular people
  91. UCD peoplessssss
  92. FS: Blitz TT FATT
  93. Offical Nov 19th BAIC UCKK Summary
  94. Honda question... need clutch/pressure plate/flywheel recommendations
  95. Selling WRX Cheap?
  96. Its been fun
  97. Testing...123
  98. UCD people, theft at Cuarto Dorms
  99. Contact information!
  100. Anything good at SF Auto Show?
  101. local stuff /momo/borla/cobb
  102. Who's MBP WRX is getting work done at Sturken Autobody
  103. Who's Going To "Souped Up Sunday" 12/15
  104. anyone down for an i-club meet this sat (23rd) in San Jose?
  105. i am quitting~!!!!!
  106. Sightings: Silver GC8 Pleasanton on Santa Rita and Ogre Croatian
  107. Who's going to Sears Point this Weekend (11/23/24)
  108. so this guy wont post on i-club
  109. So, where is everyone going?
  110. I Drifted!
  111. Can you say no to a bucket o' fortune cookies?
  112. Did you guys check out "Beat the Devil"?
  113. Just Sayen whats up to all my I-Clubers
  114. Baic People
  115. Fun on Hwy 17...
  116. TeamSMR Needs Help ASAP
  117. Injector Install question
  118. I'm staying.
  119. Drift Videos
  120. Attention BADWRX
  121. attn: Dahveed
  122. Apex'i N1
  123. Best H3 Lights
  124. for sale Turbo and STi injectors
  125. FS: new sti injectors and vishnu unichip!
  126. Stuff for sale
  127. question on this sunday's auto-x
  128. FS: Next week..HKS Carbon TI exhaust
  129. BAIC Only Forum?
  130. Gauging Local Interest in buying my WRX
  131. Transmission & ABS Fixed
  132. Okay so it is true! T3/T4 on a WRX :)
  133. Directions to Thunderhill Performance rally School
  134. Last Minute DCKK Meet (THURSDAY)!!
  135. Help: Is there anyone who can aid me in doing my springs?
  136. Hey what's the deal with the New Site??
  137. UCKK "Cool Crowd"
  138. Ok. What in the name of poop is going on?
  139. Anyone down for a San Francisco meet on Friday 11/22?
  140. Where to by D.A.D. seats?
  141. FS: BMW MotorCycle R1200C
  142. Hello all is this the forum where people left from or are they still here lurking???
  143. Sunday drive Dec 1, "Drive through Tree"
  144. Where to get Married?
  145. dorifto got new wheels, sin tires
  146. Local Shop w/ Kartboy?
  147. FS: 02 STi front seats+your WRX front seats $875
  148. Dealers Look Here
  149. Any local AEM vendors?
  150. WRC 2002 Season recorded!?
  151. Attn 1wrx2nv
  152. tires
  153. Sighting 2 RS's on 19th ave near SF state
  154. Who's going to the RallyX this Sunday?
  155. Anyone Down for a Concord meet next weekend??
  156. pullover?
  157. OZ SL Wheels
  158. Anyone have a TB exhaust?
  159. Possibly For Trade Or Sale: 18" Battles
  160. FS: front end cover, wagon
  161. FS: Stock WRX Wagon Crossbars
  162. Bird poop
  163. FS: Axleback straightpipe for WRX, $80 obo
  164. FS: ROTASUBZERO W/Kuhmos 17's
  165. FS: Rota Bronze 17" $650 include your wheels
  166. anyone have an extra tv
  167. FS: WRX OEM wheels & tires
  168. Track Day - Sears/Infineon
  169. Missed meeting you guys
  170. What is the best gear oil?
  171. What's the coolest...
  172. WTB: RE92s
  173. GFB BOV ... anyone want it?
  174. Thunderhill Rally X results
  175. Jaos Adventure Rally soon Dec13
  176. fs: palm m105
  177. Good/cheap paint shop in the South Bay (San Jose)
  178. Link Dyno Tuning Day 12-14-2002
  179. FS: Stock Exhaust
  180. Tire replacement question
  181. The Niners are getting whooped!!!
  182. Visiting from Washington...are snow tires legal?
  183. FS: REV Impreza Vol.28/ Vol.12
  184. dent repair place in san jose area?
  185. Somone plz help me!
  186. Redstar Racing in Hayward
  187. New 18in silver subzero w/polished lip for 550.
  188. Weekly BAIC Meets
  189. ATTN: christoph1371
  190. can any1 help me intall ALK at uckk?
  191. room for rent
  192. Might be selling Volks--local
  193. Who was on North Sunrise at 5:45?
  194. Can anyone burn DVDs
  195. Looking for Employment
  196. Good Bay Area shop?
  197. FS: WRX OEM wheels and tires
  198. For people looking for a good job
  199. Here are the results!!!
  200. PLZ HELP: Best Place in SF Area to Get Digital Pics Made Into Photos?
  201. FS. Brand new Nokia 8390, cingular phone
  202. FS: New Blitz Nur Spec catback
  203. got my car back!!!
  204. selling tein ha's for sedan
  205. Can someone w/ Ledas give me a ride?
  206. Local place to buy and have PIAA installed??
  207. FS: Blitz SBC-id/PM-id Verison 1...
  208. Pacific Bell Trying To Sell Our Private Information
  209. In the B.A. just saying Hey
  210. Sears Point Sunday Dec 1st LAST DAY DRAGS!!!!
  211. Here are our new toys
  212. (SF) Putting my turbo back on - few questions, etc
  213. For Sale localy ('00 front lip and rear splats - both silver)
  214. To the moron in the blue WRX in my neighborhood---Hidden Glen
  215. Happy Thanksgiving everybody!!!
  216. Concord KK meet - Saturday 11/30
  217. Need help w/Tires
  218. fs: aspen white sideskirts
  219. FS: Vishnu Harness(Add a piggyback w/o cutting your ECU)
  220. sighting '02 black wrx....
  221. Anyone here have a CISSP?
  222. Does gruppe-s have a shop???
  223. - the "relaxed" I-Club....
  224. OM party Sat night
  225. OT: Just Saw Solaris
  226. Higher Octane Needed
  227. i just got a ticket for speeding, and my dad gave me the storm
  228. turkey stages pre-emptive strike!
  229. possibly for sale, STI version 1 front lip (WRB)
  230. Word up to BAIC!
  231. tapping for oil temp/trans temp
  232. Sears Point last week
  233. New Local Vendor
  234. Subaru Santa Cruz saves the day (again)
  235. Vid: E46 M3 vs Euro-Spec STi in Israel
  236. FS: 15" OEM steel wheels
  237. how do i touch up a scratch?
  238. Re Posting, 18' Silver subzeros w/polished lip for 550
  239. 4 or 5 quarts??
  240. FS: stock WRX front rotors
  241. #1 impreza? Yp. Right here in the bay
  242. A great tower in San Francisco.
  243. Subaru Santa Cruz -- great experience
  244. WTB: Stock 02+WRX hood (local)
  245. FS stock WRX springs
  246. MSB meet is moving to San Bruno Starbucks SB^2
  247. Recommend body shop.
  248. Can u say TAPIOCA??
  249. Oakland Chinatown Lunch Meet next Wednesday or Thursday
  250. anyone try this solenoid fitting mod?