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  1. Another one bites the dust
  2. FS: TD04 and Stock Injectors
  3. WTB: 1 or 4 RE92 tires
  4. For sale: viewsonic 15" G655
  5. Good scratch repair in the East Bay??? Help!
  6. Good deal on windows?
  7. Elan at River Oaks subie
  8. i need your opinion
  9. Sighting: 2am on Gellert
  10. What the ... ? Fess Up!
  11. Okay who decided to "race" a GVR4???
  12. WTB:wrx head unit
  13. Friends CRX stolen, please help
  14. Sighting: Century Theater in Walnut Creek
  15. gauge sensors
  16. Spotted White WRX with OEM kit @ Boreal
  17. WRX wheels for sale Mid January-
  18. How do i change my Trany oil???
  19. Highway 49 - Nice spirited run!
  20. guaging interest on my MY01 GC8
  21. Where does the boost go?
  22. Question about car covers???
  23. ckevin having a 2 week vacation again
  24. Any Other Repair Shops Besides I-Speed?--Need One Close to SF
  25. FS: Brand new MRT FMIC
  26. Merry Christmas!!!
  27. Any meets today? 12/26
  28. Anyone Work for an Electronics Shop-Good Guys, Best Buy, etc w/Portable Mp3 Players?
  29. WTT: mp3s
  30. sighting: Subaru Baja
  31. FS: KartBoy Short Shifter+Bushing $85
  32. Anything going on from the 1st - 7th of January?
  33. Baic: help,i got hit & need parts.
  34. Need Bodywork? READ THIS!
  35. Need some parts for my 03 WRX
  36. FS: Brand NEW JIC Coilovers
  37. Who wants to buy my bling bling FMIC?
  38. OT Rant: Stuck in Canada thanks to Osama
  39. California Vehicle Code (CVC) and Lighting
  40. Infineon Raceway 01-01-03
  41. Long Shot, but i will post in anyways.
  42. quality place to paint hood scoop?
  43. i need help
  44. WRX shops in bay area?
  45. Question on wheel locks?
  46. jim hoyd edm/jdm harness
  47. New shop coming soon for the bay area folks
  48. Good Local Zymol Dealer?
  49. blue lights IN wheels = ?????
  50. WRX Sighting! (Well, i see it everyday)
  51. wrx's on sale? best price?
  52. BAIC crew for Midnite Challenge forming
  53. quirky "feature" of front seats in WRX
  54. Sears Point January 2-3rd Weather update
  55. who stocks Pure One filters in south bay?
  56. Late sighting...WRXKEN
  57. Vishnu Needs U
  58. found this on Craigslist, anyone here?
  59. anybody know someone
  60. 2010 Wrx?
  61. Suspicious Looking guy at my door
  62. Car being shown at San Jose autoshow
  63. CDRW Woes
  64. Oakland Chinatown Lunch Meet - Friday, January 3
  65. out the door price
  66. Urgent!!! question on HID JDM headlights
  67. Santa Cruz Meet (Jan)
  68. ATTN: WagonRX(Russel)!!!!
  69. G-Tech Pro Competition
  70. Undercarrage protection: plates that work...
  71. please help!! how do you plug in.....
  72. So is there a 2004 Sti list in the Bay Area
  73. FS: Custom Alignment
  74. Boost Wavering
  75. Happy New To Baic
  76. MVKK tomorrow
  77. Any more brand new WRXs at any dealerships?
  78. sighting: cupertino
  79. Sighting: Sunset Ave.
  80. okay, who recorded the WRC'athon on SPEED and...
  81. Sightings in San Jose on 1/1/03
  82. Attn: Adam From Fremont
  83. out the door price for wrx nowadays
  84. SOA Rep: Mike Pelkey
  85. Looking for rear strut top hat
  86. Decal Makers....Would like help
  87. which would you go with vishnu or scoobysport
  88. FS: LA Clippers Hats
  89. turbo gc8's
  90. got jacked
  91. Vote for the new California quarter...
  92. FS or Trade: Tein HA's
  93. Non sticky->>> Krispy Kreme Doughnut Rallye this Sunday!!!
  94. Mitsu Lancer debut in LA auto show, live webcast
  95. International SJ Autoshow
  96. Was there a UCKK meet yesterday?
  97. help a brother out
  98. Kudos to the Subaru Recycler in Rancho Cordova + Sighting
  99. For Sale:Stock WRX wheel/tire combo
  100. Any Mid-Late '90 Subbies for sale?
  101. possibly selling my WRX wagon...
  102. sacto..when is the next auto x?
  103. FS: Four RE92s Like New
  104. Legal Rally / Race options?
  105. place for tint and alarm in S.F.
  106. Curb Rash
  107. 4Sale: NEW CUSCO Rear V-Brace (WRX & 2.5RS) & HELLA Supertone Horn Kit
  108. help with a s-afc
  109. wtb: stock front end links
  110. WB: Stock up-pipe needed~
  111. fs: 01 rs rims/tires
  112. UCD Meet!
  113. MOMO Magnetic Ski Rack
  114. Sacramento Area People!!!
  115. Obligatory BAIC STi Thread
  116. Recommend mechanic in Oakland / Berkeley?
  117. any good wrx dealers who sell red taged or us4ed cars for a good price
  118. Anyone WTB a g4 powerbook 1ghz 1gig of ram superdrive 60gig?
  119. shak'en in santa cruz
  120. extended warranty worth it?
  121. Emergency. WRX OEM part needed
  122. Help me decide! Seat, Headers, or stuff for moms car?
  123. A little help? - Make PIAAs come on with high beams?
  124. Kudos for Santa Cruz Subaru
  125. Trade:Laptop for Unichip
  126. ex-beginings of a turbo kit for sale
  127. Car trailer needed -- anybody in Sac/Davis area?
  128. Attn: KillerRex
  129. liquidating my ride ('02 wrx) -- buy stuff
  130. Is anybody down to party?!?
  131. FS: Cusco Rear Strut Brace
  132. FS Vishnu EMI adapter & harness
  133. FS locally: STi titanium shift knob.
  134. just got the ride... advice needed
  135. Who works at 5th and Cedar?
  136. FS: 2 Omori WRX-Look gauges!
  137. who works at a credit union in dublin?
  138. painted side skirt
  139. Gas Fume Smell!!!!
  140. Actual Good Dealer?
  141. Snow chains in bay area??
  142. FS: Pro Music Equipment - Must Sell! low $
  143. FS: STI GP/N Tranny Mount
  144. FS: Xbox games
  145. Anyone else waiting a long time?
  146. UC Davis Sighting
  147. Selling WRX bumpers CHEAP
  148. need nice parts? look here, my car is getting parted out
  149. ATTN. SQUISH 'Dan"
  150. FS: Dastek Unichip & MBC
  151. Red WRX siting in San Mateo
  152. odd question about california law
  153. FS: '02 wheels and tires
  154. STi in milpitas?
  155. good dent place in south bay?
  156. Window tint all around
  157. I'm selling my car
  158. Modded Blue 2.5 RS in Intel SC12 garage
  159. Possible Ramifications of deleting 2 cats?
  160. Sighting at Dave & Busters in Milpitas
  161. wrb sideskirts.....$60 plus trade of your stocks
  162. FS - Legacy Turbo 15" alloys - Nor Cal
  163. Tahoe
  164. I must have broken some kind of record today...
  165. Gold Oz Superlegerras 17x7 for sale
  166. Prodrive Rims for sale
  167. Fs: Utec
  168. Sighting: White WRX with Gold Subzero's in Fremont
  169. Tint job
  170. StreetRydePerformance Meet
  171. sl's
  172. Where can I pick up some decent exhaust hangers
  173. Infinenion Raceway January 20th
  174. looking for an L
  175. Low Price: X-Box and X-Box games for sale
  176. FS: Anyone need a 19" TV?? $45
  177. Whileline rear adjustable sway bar 20-24, with mounts Brand new!
  178. Tein Wagon Coilover users
  179. FS: Pioneer system
  180. Rally for Donuts anyone?
  181. just got a ticket.. what happens now
  182. Sacramento Lunch Meet
  183. Defi Pod Owners
  184. Who's selling their Rex?
  185. WRX 16" Rims and tires For Sale
  186. Kurlee's Garage Sale
  187. WRXLink Fueling Fixed! Big Price Drop!
  188. WTB locally: used SO-3
  189. WTB: Rex Wagon 5 speed in Bay Area
  190. speeding ticket invalid if name written down wrong?
  191. WRB stock hood scoop for sale
  192. Arm rest extension for sale + trade
  193. ISO: Stock intake
  194. Heading to Tahoe
  195. Places to source a 2.0L short block and/or heads?
  196. Sighting - Silver WRX Oakland - Broadway
  197. sleeper subies
  198. FS: Pioneer System
  199. XBox games ! Lowered Prices! Local
  200. FS: HOnda parts.. JDM ITR 4-1header
  201. ECU reset after silencer removal?
  202. Do you need a FULL size spare???
  203. Import Motion - San Mateo Jan. 18th
  204. MRT Alloy End Links for sale-Bay Area
  205. 2002 Giant AC2 mtb for sale or trade
  206. Oakland Chinatown Lunch Meet - Week of 1/20
  207. FS: Vishnu Stage Zero Unichip
  208. Yakima Roof rack for sale for bikes
  209. Sighting- RHD blue GM6!!!
  210. NEEDED rear 4.11 rear diff
  211. FS: stock wheels w/sp5000's
  212. Want to trade my Steel Gray SDRs for your Silver SDRs?
  213. We are now a Prodrive dealer.
  214. stupid ass guy!!!made me hella mad!!!
  215. how do u remove the silencer???
  216. FS: Blitz SBC id
  217. Possible Sighting: Christoph1371
  218. FS: MY00 Impreza RS, Blue 4-Door Sedan
  219. where can i get cel pulled?
  220. P1 Prodrive 17"x7 Black Bay Area
  221. FS: Nippon Racing Evo's
  222. FS 2002 Sliver WRX 5 speeds
  223. Stock wrx seats for sale
  224. my 1000th post
  225. The Official Daylight Solano County Meet: TODAY @ 3pm!
  226. FS: Stock WRX up-pipe Gutted
  227. Sighting: White Sti?
  228. Ohlone students... anybody here?
  229. FS: Stromung Midpipe WRX, $100
  230. Where is there a good place to get your side skirts panted in N. cali area
  231. FS: OBX Straight-Thru Axle Back Muffler
  232. Anyone with a MRT in Bay Area?
  233. 17mm WRX wagon rear sway bar for sale
  234. FS or Trade Pioneer System
  235. FS: MRT 30mm SPrings & KYB AGX Adj. Struts
  236. FS: Eibach Rear lowering springs
  237. cel help IN SAN DIEGO
  238. OT but local: Anyone need a temporary roommate in S.F.?
  239. Washer and Dryer for sale
  240. was there another person in your car...
  241. Stock Wrx Turbo Back Exhaust
  242. Need set of OEM Lugs for 02 WRX
  243. Oakland Chinatown Lunch meet -Wednesday 1/21
  244. FS: stock WRX sedan struts
  245. Good Car Audio Shop for Deal on 10-12 Gauge Wire & Distribution Block in SF Area?
  246. Blue Sti Seats $1650 Pick Up In Bay Area.
  247. tinting windows in SF
  248. FS: Omori 60mm Boost Gauge
  249. Car show this weekend
  250. Where can I get Rotas ASAP?