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  1. local sti ver. 1 front lip for sale/trade
  2. Snow Driving!!!!
  3. Craig Kelly - Snowboarding
  4. update...
  5. Drift action sat 25th at thunderhill
  6. FS: Straight Pipe Axle Back For WRX
  7. San Mateo/Burlingame Meet?
  8. FS: Tein HA coilovers
  9. sighting: east 80
  10. sac lunch meet again this friday?
  11. Vishnu Uni-chip and MBC For sale
  12. UCD meet this thur?
  13. OT: What happened to the Doghouse (Wild 949)
  14. Pre-order '04 WRX... where?
  15. Cusco zero2R, many other parts for sale cheap
  16. FS: Wagon Tein coilovers
  17. Who has a stock intake silencer for sale?
  18. Anyone wanna come to Kirkwood?
  19. Damn rocks!
  20. Fs: Ae86
  21. Thunderhill 2/8&9 - Running Both Directions w/ Speed Ventures
  22. Got ripped off via eBay...can anyone help me?
  23. Group Buy - Apexi S-AFC II, TRMP wheel nuts...lot of stuff.
  24. FS: Legacy GT wheel x 4 + 1
  25. Way OT: need to buy a leisure suit / 70's disco attire
  26. FS: Cusco front Camber Plates
  27. Tuesday night UCKK meets..
  28. importance of warming up
  29. My Trip To Vishnu
  30. need a door panel
  31. Black WRX Wagon Sighting!?
  32. gbmotorsports/mpjperformance now open to work on your cars
  33. need some help
  34. Two Questions
  35. Props to MPJ performance
  36. need tips on romantic places in Santa Cruz
  37. Anarcite Rims!!!
  38. Omega Tintwerks
  39. Sell me your Cusco OS rear STB!
  40. Please help! Should I drive on this?
  41. FS: Anyone want a FD7?
  42. Selling My Beloved WRX
  43. FS: OEM MY01 RS wheels (with tires)
  44. Check out my inventory for this weekend!
  45. San Jose wagon, projectors, stock rims....
  46. Sneak Preview: Shanghai Knights
  47. Anyone Near Fairfield?
  48. FS: Cusco front strut bar
  49. Red WRX in SF on Friday?
  50. STi pink springs
  51. Can anyone help - need CEL pulled.
  52. FS: selling painted sides skirts
  53. RallyCross anyone???
  54. FS: 18" Wheels with 225/40R18 Kuhmo Tires
  55. Is there a Union city meet this Tuesday
  56. lookn' for a fmic local trade deal
  57. Good shops in the east bay area
  58. Help, my apartment flooded, need advice.
  59. Thunderhill Park - Drift Event
  60. Mobil 1 5w30 Check: Any at CostCo (None SSF)...Other Suggestions?
  61. Need a CEL pulled ASAP!
  62. Anyone with extra foglight?
  63. Fs/trade Mobile system
  64. what tires to use for scca rally?
  65. FS: MRT Up-pipe and some Honda parts
  66. OT: Integra Fuel Question
  67. Uppipe Install?? - Sac Area
  68. Anyone running/plan on running a VF29?
  69. Install-fest @ Matt's House (2/1/03)
  70. Subaru Sighting at Great Mall
  71. Any problems getting to the NASIOC home page???
  72. up-pipe
  73. FS: JDM STi V7 seats and steering wheel w/airbag !
  74. Fs: 2000 Black Integra Type R $18,999 Obo
  75. Bazooka Tri-vent subwoofer For FREE
  76. Subaru Voiding Warranties... anyone see this?
  77. Free tires
  78. Giant MB FS
  79. Another Stevens Creek horror story
  80. Looking for a Co-op in Bay Area
  81. FS: wrx sedan stock rear sway bar and stock foglights
  82. FS: NEW JIC's FLT-A2
  83. Bay area dealership warranty policies?
  84. Blck sedan with black tail ligt on 19th st in SF?
  85. Used WRX Calipers, Rotors, Mounting Brackets, Brake Pads
  86. vishnu unichip
  87. I dont know, I cant decide again... (RS hood on my Green L???)
  88. 2001 RS Wheels and Tires
  89. Somebody stole my exhaust!
  90. FS: Vishnu unichip/wiring harness/EMI
  91. Most likely FS: 2000 RS BRP Automatic
  92. plus 0 sizing on tires?
  93. Carlsen Subaru Service Dept
  94. Spring Install Help
  95. Wooohoooo Just accepted job offer!
  96. vishnu uni-chip 4 sale...
  97. Green Valley Subaru
  98. need some help..who wants to take a ride in my car and play "name that sound?"
  99. WTB: 20mm wrx sedan rear swaybar
  100. FS: Cusco camber plates
  101. 4 Blue WRXs rolling in the WVC parking lot
  102. I need a job!!
  103. how much is my car worth?
  104. FS: 2.5L engine & ECU
  105. FS: Bosal DP in Classifieds
  106. where to get helmet for autoX
  107. FS: Tanabe Super Racing Medallion (SRM)
  108. FS: Brand New Subaru Silver Side Strakes
  109. any shops that let you 'play' with alignment?
  110. oil problem
  111. fs: straight pipe
  112. 02 wrx black AUTO wagon 4 sale $23K
  113. Friday Night Drive?
  114. suspended license
  115. Upcoming Car Rallyes in Cal.
  116. Paint shop recommendation
  117. WTB: Stock WRX Muffler
  118. Need a Weekend job!
  119. Where is Motul Available?
  120. Towing package?
  121. what was that site with crashed wrx?
  122. STi pink springs
  123. Another victim of a hit and run
  124. ok, fess up!
  125. Who around here sells PIAA P-SW H3 bulbs?
  126. FS: Silver JDM Aeromud Guards
  127. 2-2-03 Solano County Meet Pictures
  128. Friday (1/31) Sighting: eastbound 24
  129. Anyone Want 1/2 painted wrx wheels?
  130. Need interior work done, but where in san jose
  131. Best paintless dent repair in the Bay Area?
  132. 2001 Rs
  133. Import Motion - Sacramento, Feb. 8th
  134. WTB:Stock sedan rear sway bar
  135. Sticker on inside left window
  136. Sacramento Raceway 3-5-03
  137. attn: [email protected] performance
  138. fs: panasonic df88 and palm m105
  139. stolen fog lights
  140. where to get emblems shaved?
  141. Any of you guys check out the Sacramento area Dunkin Donuts?
  142. Where did you get your Kyokugens (or other wheel locks) removed?
  143. 2002 chevy trailblazer 4x4 LT for sale!
  144. Tahoe
  145. Stock WRX Rims and Tires on Ebay....
  146. Attn: BAIC AutoX'ers
  147. TRADE: my white STI GRILL for BLACK STI GRILL
  148. Bodyshop near Mountain View or Palo Alto?
  149. Blackalicious playing in Davis Feb. 26th
  150. 3 advan RCII's gold + tires for sale
  151. FS: Stock WRX wheels for sale
  152. For sale: Vishnu unichip & boost controller
  153. Pool after DCKK
  154. anyone have stock injectors i can borrow. please
  155. Sighting Vasco Rd Tuesday 9:15 pm
  156. Time for another North Bay meet!
  157. Almost 12's with 4EAT
  158. First Day to the Track>
  159. I need an IT job in Sac
  160. WTT: Black trunk lid w/ spoiler for plain black trunk lid
  161. i-SpeedUSA Strikes Again!
  162. Dealer/Service in North Bay?
  163. My car got stolen!
  164. Anyone play HALO? (Xbox)
  165. 2001 RS Wheels and Tires
  166. anyone have a crank pulley laying around?
  167. More WRX Parts for Sale - Stock + Aftermarket
  168. Paintball Retirement Sale
  169. Roseville Sighting: Wagon w/ wheels and club sticker (at Bel Air)
  170. online video game rentals
  171. some questions about "dings"
  172. SAC/Davis Area place to install my DP?
  173. Uppipe installed at MPJ
  174. Grand Opening Party
  175. FS: 4 oem 15'' steel rims w/tires 205/60/15
  176. emissions
  177. Which grade oil are you using in the Bay Area?
  178. "Ground Mod"
  179. clear coners on the front fenders
  180. Need to borrow a nose bra..
  181. Vishnu Unichip $200
  182. Handbrake Turns
  183. Another Roseville Sighting (By the automall, blue sedan)
  184. Official Sacramento Drag Day!
  185. Vishnu Stage II and EMI after 3000 miles
  186. Feb. 17th Bracket Drags at Sears Point
  187. Mosquito Ridge Road Trip Photo's (AKA the "Sunday Drive")
  188. FS: gold subzero's 17x7.5
  189. Help me find a Legacy Turbo near Sacramento
  190. Sighting: Silver WRX at Chevron in Concord
  191. Spring Cleaning - Stuff for Sale.
  192. union city meet?
  193. front license plate screws -- size?
  194. BAIC shirts and Hoodies... the last of 'em
  195. Mounting WRX seats in non-Subaru cars
  196. Vday Lunch Meet - Oakland Chinatown
  197. Uppipe and install special for Feb..
  198. Anyone here close to Bozz?
  199. WTB locally: stock turbo heat shield
  200. New idea for 4 seasons Rallye series
  201. whose turbo RS at 3COM last weekend?
  202. Clutch install shop/dealer around Sac
  203. MTB->Ethanol=CEL?
  204. FS: 18" Steal Gray SubZero's
  205. Tranny fluid in solano county
  206. CHEAP gas in SF???
  207. 4Sale- Axle-Back Straight Pipe
  208. fs: 1992 RS
  209. 17" bronze subzero's w/ tires for your stock wheels
  210. APC 1000 RackMount UPS (local) for sale cheap...
  211. Vishnu Dyno Day - 3/1/03
  212. Witnessed a Criminal Act Today
  213. FS: rims
  214. Marin County Dealerships...
  215. rims
  216. Employment Opportunities?
  217. WRX Wheels
  218. Progress Sport Springs For Sale - So. San Francisco
  219. subaru meet in sac
  220. DMS 40's for sale
  221. ATTN: Ckevin of Carlsen Subaru
  222. autoX in Sac
  223. FS: Brand New Phoenix microlight, 4300k HID kit, 5 year warranty
  224. Free RE92 Tires
  225. Wtb Gfb Bov
  226. Sightings
  227. CEL help needed!
  228. help installing springs
  229. thinking of selling my RS
  230. fog light fasteners - i need help!
  231. Photo Shoot at UCKK 2-18-03
  232. PLZ HELP: Where to get **3M** or STRONG Double Stick Tape...Been 2 Home Depot, Kragen
  233. Cost of new 2003 WRX
  234. Black WRX Sighting 280N 9:30PM
  235. can you do this?
  236. 17inch Rota Subzeros-steel grey w/polished lip
  237. Good shop for maintenance?
  238. Help! Need an oil filter!
  239. Black plastic piece on rocker panel 2003 wrx
  240. Attention ckevin of Carlsen Subaru
  241. Refer me to a shop / dealer?
  242. Trade 18" D-power for your 18" Rota Attacks
  243. FS: WRX front seats
  244. Clutch Shudder Knowledgeable Dealership
  245. Need Highway 88 Info (Carson Pass)
  246. Looking for backcountry snowboarders
  247. Guaging Interest: Anyone want my rims/tires locally? (pretty cheap price)
  248. 2sightings friday. 1 blue wrx in west sac 80E and silver wrx in orinda<-GDA?
  249. Moving from Chicago
  250. FS: NEW Aspen White OEM front lip $140!