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  1. FS: BENT 17" Rota Subzero gunmetal $30!!
  2. FS: Aspen White WRX side skirts $100!
  3. Issues with repairs/service and a dealership/repair shop? Use these 3 letters B.A.R.
  4. NE1 know what CEL 1446 is?
  5. WTB: Stock Grill
  6. RPM Indoor Kart Racing in Sacramento
  7. WANTED dpower ts05s!
  8. Anyone got hookup for NEXTEL phone?
  9. Attn: Stage II + guys - I need to borrow stock exhaust
  10. FS:USED Replica Sti V5 rear spoiler
  11. Steering bushing special 02 WRX installed
  12. Urgent - Brake Service Advice Needed
  13. FS: 17.9" Viewable FLAT CRT Monitor
  14. Where in around SF can i get rally decals
  15. Indoor Go-Karts around San Jose Area?
  16. Good deal on new 2003 WRX?
  17. Happy Birthday Kostamojen!!!
  18. Where to get tires cheap?
  19. FS: Vishnu Uppipe and Power Pulley Kit
  20. FS: Unichip + EMI + MBC
  21. WRX stock rims for sale
  22. FS: Gold painted Stock WRX wheels w/tires & HKS BOV
  23. FS: Alt. pulley, GReddy TT
  24. Roofrack suggestions
  25. Subaru of Santa Cruz rules!!!
  26. Omg
  27. Sacramento lunch meet for Kosta's B-day?
  28. Ecutek Re-Flash
  29. FS or Trade: DDRAM 512MB|PC-2700 DDR333 -SAMSUNG
  30. SF sighting!!! Dope Wagon
  31. Attn: kspek
  32. Who works at Avis Rent a Car?
  33. FS: RB5 replica unpainted GC8
  34. GM6 sighting at Solano College 2/19/03
  35. weird nosie
  36. Gas Prices!
  37. shoe collectors
  38. Sighting: Nut in a blue WRX exiting Riverside onto I-80 Eastbound
  39. FS: Silver STi Hoodscoop / JDM Aeromud Guards
  40. ECUTEK=GOOD Friend's driving=BAD
  41. FS: Kaminari Lip Kit + Wing (brand new)
  42. FS- Local, '99 M3
  43. Attn: Dew-Subaru
  44. Damn...just got a ticket
  45. need center caps for stock wheels
  46. Attn: Christoph
  47. FS: Vishnu Stage 1 ECUTEK
  48. Who would be interested in buying......
  49. A tribute to the truck driver
  50. Davis meet on the 27th!
  51. Thunderhill Park Apr 19th HPDS
  52. yahoo fantasy baseball 2003
  53. I need stock WRX springs!!!!
  54. OT: Looking for help from fellow BAIC'ers
  55. threw a cel on my drive up here
  56. FS: Vishnu Uppipe
  57. Best way to sell a car locally?
  58. check engine light on...
  59. Looking for help to replace timing belt on a CRX?(Sac)
  60. Oakland Lunch Meet Wed Feb. 26, 2003
  61. WTB STI v1 lip or v2
  62. WTB Boost guage and pod
  63. Carlsen Subaru salesman--what's his name?
  64. Bumper cover for sale
  65. Installing the ALK in Bay area?
  66. Thursday Lemans Karting Night!!!!
  67. Windshield is CRAP! - need info....
  68. Good, and affordable Alignment near Redwood City?
  69. anyone going to sac raceway?
  70. Needl Kartboy bushings asap
  71. FS: Whiteline Spings for Wagon $50
  72. WTB: Cheap Wheels for WRX
  73. FS: 17" Rota Subzeros / Falken Azenis
  74. Latest Thread - Vishnu Dyno Day! Its for EVERYONE!
  75. help me
  76. APS TMIC-silver sideskirts-vf22-sti inj.-txs stealth-scooby sport axle-CF hood..ect.
  77. garage sale!!!!!
  78. trip precautions
  79. Tahoe condos
  80. Help! Installing front control arm bushings...
  81. Some stuff for sale locally
  82. OT: SQA Jobs...
  83. FS: Locally STI Uppipe $250 installed
  84. My friend is really interested in buying a WRX within the next 2 weeks and just wants
  85. FS: Cusco Strut/Sway
  86. ATTN SF Guys: Anyone Have STi Key Cut @ LOCKWORLD on Geary St.?
  87. AUTOMETER WRX A-pillar Gauge Pods: NEW A-pillar (3) 52 or 60mm gauges, Used (1) 60mm
  88. FS: Stock WRX wheels
  89. FS: HKS SQV BOV Kit for WRX
  90. Subaru Showdown! Saturday, May 3
  91. FS: H&R springs for WRX
  92. Need good DirecTV Installer
  93. Tickets: anyone ever have luck with a trial by declaration?
  94. Worst shop in the bay area
  95. First Trip to the Snow... suggestions?
  96. WTB: Prodrive springs for WRX
  97. Laguna Seca this friday
  98. Attn: 1wrx2nv
  99. free carshow
  100. FS Locally: Subaru World Rally Team T-shirt
  101. My Adventures with Caltrain, or Why Everyone drives to work...
  102. wtb 18 inch rims
  103. Attn: I-speed.
  104. Attn: Owlbooogie
  105. New Guy! (PICS)
  106. Forum for Sac/Tahoe/Reno folks (
  107. Want a ride in the Prodrive WRX w/ PPP?
  108. i am driving up to san francisco tomorrow. where should i go
  109. BAIC Group Pictures (Past and Present)
  110. Just testing the water on rear swaybar.
  111. another subie wreck..
  112. Painting Sideskirts
  113. Need info on prodrive springs
  114. how safe is Oakland Chinatown?
  115. Anyone have 17" Anthracite OZ SLs ??
  116. FS: 02 WRX Stock Wheels
  117. Stay away from Davis!
  118. Place to get springs installed in East Bay
  119. Want: GSM cell phone
  120. FS: Vishnu Unichip w/ PNP harness & HKS FCD
  121. Selling a stock spoiler and some springs
  122. Any one selling used hoods for WRX?
  123. What car magazine do you guys
  124. Where to buy break fluid
  125. F/S: bronze subzero's on kuhmos for $700
  126. Flywheel/clutch -- Will the dealer replace with mods
  127. Reno Meet - March Tenitive
  128. Grand Prix Legends
  129. Buttonwillow anyone??
  130. Got laid off!!
  131. Sighting!!! San Franciso!
  132. Anyone from SF Going To VISHNU Dyno Day Sat?--Caravan?
  133. Caravan to VISHNU DYNO DAY - South Bay
  134. Who was @ MPJ today (Fri 2-28-03)
  135. gc8 sightings + very nice rx7
  136. Where 2 get new tires Locally? Or good deals?
  137. SF Caravan to VISHNU: Meet Stonestown Lot 9-9:30am TODAY (SAT)
  138. ? about gruppe-s
  139. Get your car on TV!!! Bay area backroads shooting at Rallye tonight!
  140. Need Money for Gas Sale
  141. Help!!! Ebc Install!!!
  142. Private party vehicle sale in CA? Help!
  143. 17'Steel gray tarmacs w/ summotos HRZ-II for your stock wrx wheels
  144. Jose Ruiz Vs. Roy Jones Jr.
  145. ATTN: iloveturbos
  146. Some pics from Tahoe
  147. does anyoen know how to wire the lights to..
  148. mbc? which one
  149. U-Pull
  150. Vishnu Dyno Day Results!
  151. Antelope???
  152. BAIC Dyno Day Comments and Results
  153. anyone want to go to roseville automall and check out the lanevo?
  154. SMOG - R U in denial
  155. Garage sale
  156. FS - Various parts hoping to sell locally...
  157. Thanks I-Speed!!!!
  158. Infineon Raceway March 5th Wednesday Night Drags!
  159. Went to Fort Bragg today (Pics, Vid, 56k WARN)
  160. i need your opinion.
  161. Misc stuff for sale
  162. WTB: 1 used S-03
  163. Thursday Lemans Karting Night!!!!... again
  164. Tapioca Tea meet, take 2!
  165. FS: Cheap, WRX wagon springs and struts. Local only
  166. NEVSWRX loud-a$$ car
  167. My new smoked tail light!
  168. SRT Video
  169. Friday morning (3/7) Mosquito Ridge run from Roseville @9am
  170. Sighting: Black WRX w/ wheels in Vacaville (Squish??)
  171. First service: Which dealer? SC or Carlsen
  172. Oakland (Montclair) RS sighting...
  173. Best north-of-peninsula dealer?
  174. Feb 2003 Best MotoRing
  175. Rear Fog Lamps
  176. FS: More WRX Goodies for Sale
  177. Possible Used Parts FS: hks carbon ti-$475, hks bov-$165, injen intake-$85
  178. Trip to Track
  179. Krispy Kreme Rally tomorrow and Sunday
  180. EVO 8 @ Mistsubishi Serramonte
  181. someone sell me your stock EGT sensor!
  182. Where to buy JDM Bumper Support?
  183. anyone want to trade wheels?
  184. Thunderhill Track Day
  185. Rim Of The World Rally ( May 2-3, 2003 ) - Who's Going?
  186. WTB: stock 3rd cat
  187. Anyone interested in APS?
  188. Toyota Shop in North Bay?
  189. Time for another meet in Fairfield on 3/23/03
  190. When's the next local Auto-x?
  191. Who Went to Sears Pt. (INFINEON) Yesterday?--Buddy Blew Up His Type R!?
  192. Wanna trade trunks?
  193. Tinting
  194. Oil Plug Thread Size
  195. attn. edzwrx
  196. what class am i in? (auto-x)
  197. Any hoodscoop painter recommendations?
  198. Death and mayhem on Doughnut Rally!
  199. Swaybar special with installation for WRX
  200. Looking for Sumitumo HTR+
  201. check that swaybar...
  202. New copy of THPS4 for GC $40.00
  203. 03 WRX sedan price cut?
  204. need help with projectors & HID
  205. Any MAC guys here??
  206. FS Locally: 1 set Prodrive PFF-7 18X8 tire/wheel Package
  207. Mosquito Ridge Rd drive (again) 3/8
  208. crappy day...
  209. Falken Azenis or Kumho MX's????
  210. suspension for gc8 needed(local)
  211. GC8 parts for sale
  212. Is it just me or is I-Club down?
  213. Buying a GC8 2.5RS local?
  214. Local FS: AEM Short Ram
  215. anyone comfortable with adjusting the tie rod?
  216. FS: Slightly Used STi Hood Scoop
  217. Representing the rosa area! woot woot
  218. Stock wrx rims and tires for sale
  219. blue wrx that was at the tracy runs
  220. F1 fans.... its our opener! australian gp...\
  221. oil change..check for leaks...
  222. oil reading before service maintenance
  223. FS: Prodrive Springs
  224. Traffic Violation Question
  225. New Price $240 for MY01 RS wheels!
  226. New Style WRX's?
  227. I still can't figure out where the smell is coming from.
  228. dyno in central valley? who wants one?
  229. How much you spend so far?
  230. sell me your exhaust
  231. Looking for RED WORKS(WRX)
  232. WRX engine "may be" for sale
  233. Would anyone be interested in this deal?
  234. ATTN: Sac Area heading to Berryessa on 3/16
  235. Test drove the EVO VIII
  236. 2000 RS Rims for sale
  237. OT: does anyone have a bro at UCR named Fred, aka Frogger, 1st year/
  238. FS: Silver JDM Aeromud Guards
  239. Debadging
  240. Strange smell - lookin for help if possible...
  241. EVO @ Vishnu
  242. Who's Silver WRX on Silverlock Court????
  243. Help: Where Can I Purchase Heat Wrap
  244. Infineon Raceway 3-12-03
  245. Possibly FS: LHD STi Headlights with HID Kit
  246. WTB: stock 02-03 WRX wheels
  247. Last chance, 17" wheels AND tires for $199 (yes, all 4)
  248. Sighting: Brand New White Wagon
  249. STI V7 springs
  250. WR Blue Wagon - Tinted Windows