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  1. I-Speed USA, can we do it?
  2. Why is my gas mileage so bad?
  3. Sacramento & Alignment
  4. help with cel (eastbay)
  5. anyone want porterfield or hawk brakes
  6. Bay Area STI Owners ?
  7. FS: Unsued K&N Filter Cleaner
  8. this is ghetto
  9. catless with Prodrive
  10. FS: X-Box + 5 Games
  11. Autometer Electrical Boost gauge help.
  12. anyone knows how to fix the loose side mirror?
  13. I just got Tickets to Kings vs Jazz Game 5!!!
  14. WTB- local, early 70's car...
  15. Hansel Ford/Santa Rosa/Trade in Silver WRX Sedan
  16. NEW parts/ used parts
  17. Parts for sale
  18. Attention Gino/MPJ
  19. suspension shop in S.F.?
  20. ROTW Friday Night meet/greet...
  21. WTB: silver used morettes
  22. FS silver 02 wrx [email protected] San Rafael Mitsubishi
  23. 2003 Dream Machines
  24. FS: Bosal 3" Cat-Back
  25. FS: Triplus/UK300 headlamps in excellent condition.
  26. coilover rebuild place in Bay area?
  27. *Sigh* Now I need a new fender...
  28. Just saw a new style WRX
  29. Review: YOKO AVS ES100
  30. Sac Area folks: Barsotti's = Go there for car work stuffs!
  31. X^2 and L&L Hawaiian BBQ at DCKK this week
  32. '91 Galant VR-4 in Windsor 4 sale
  33. 4/29 Blue Wagon AM Sightings
  34. martial arts
  35. Lotsa Suby's!
  36. Platypus rally service location at Rim
  37. If I don't return...
  38. FS: Vishnu Power Pulley $145 / OBO
  39. Trade SSR's + SO3's for stock
  40. Need Correct Alarm Install
  41. 76 Race Fuel coming to Redwood City
  42. Joe P MBC for sale
  43. MARIN & SONOMA DRIVE SUNDAY MAY 11 - more notice this time!!
  44. Kirkwood Managment blows!!!!!!!!!
  45. Fess up who was it racing on 680 this morning!
  46. Atwater - Autocross
  47. F/S Stromung 2.5 Dual tip Exhaust
  48. shoes
  49. WTB: dunlop w-10
  50. Sighting, Silver Sedan on i-80
  51. Custom Manifolds in Bay Area?
  52. FS: new wrx fender
  53. SOUTH BAY Window tinting??
  54. hitting up specifically Stockton people
  55. RIM of the World Rally
  56. I saw you WRB 2.5RS
  57. DO NOT have your car Serviced Under Warranty at Ron Price
  58. WTB: One OEM foglight cover lense
  59. GC8: Sell my your Apex N1?
  60. Need!! 2 Toyo ProxesT1S. 50% Tread. 225x45ZR17
  61. S-Squared BBQ May 17th in Sac
  62. Looking for Professional Detailer in Sacramento
  63. '04's are showing up now, go take a look
  64. FS: WRX Digi-Q (JDM mini RC car)
  65. Totally Confused and umm...Shocked!
  66. Help with Cell Phone Service
  67. DSM go boom!
  68. atten pbchief2
  69. good place to repair wheel
  70. Gruppe-s CF STi replica wing
  71. Machine shops in the area.
  72. trunk+spoiler for trunk(no spoiler)+200
  73. Help me decided guys!
  74. FS: wrx parts: cusco, stock, rockford
  75. OEM Center Guage Housing
  76. What mbc would you go with?
  77. Joe P MBC
  78. FS: blue ,2000 sedan 2.5rs,42k miles
  79. parts for sale
  80. Can I debadge my 1.5 year old car???
  81. S-03's and Snow Adventure
  82. Injen CAI for sale
  83. Rim of the World: How did it go thread
  84. i am breaking my built motor in so i am driving up from so cali
  85. Art Car Project... need local help
  86. FS: WGP Sniper II paintball marker
  87. Good body/paint shops in san jose
  88. FS - Stock Rims/Tires
  89. FS: Helix dpownpipe
  90. BBQ by the Beach. May 24th, Baker Beach, SF
  91. I need a CHEAP car
  92. Best Body Shop in Sacramento - Izzie's
  93. Trade Stock Rims for ProDrive Exhaust
  94. Kostamojen! Kostamojen!
  95. Sighting in SAnta clara!
  96. Extreme AUtofest vs AMA
  97. POLL for changing day of MARIN SONOMA DRIVE
  98. Oakland Chinatown Lunch Meet - 5/8
  99. EGKK!! Thur @ 7:00PM
  100. STi Sighting
  101. FS: A Few WRX Parts
  102. Wrx parts for sale
  103. ** Saturday 10 May - Marin Sonoma Drive **
  104. anyone know a website i can order oem parts from?
  105. I Got My New Shoes
  106. JUNE 25th (wednesday): Sears Point/Infineon Raceway Drag Event
  107. FS: Stock WRX pedals
  108. busted in carpool lane
  109. Local engine builders
  110. WTB: laptop...
  111. For Sale; UTEC 2.5b and accessories...
  112. FS 3" bosal catback twin tip muffler
  113. Going to SF for vacation soon...
  114. Yosemite Memorial Day Weekend
  115. Silver WRX w/Black Eyes in my Hood--SF...Anyone Here?
  116. UCKK Tonite Show Of Hands!!!
  117. Local FS: MY00 2.5RS rims...
  118. How much would you pay? <need help in SF>
  119. Well I made my move from WI to CA
  120. Thunderhill Raceway... June 20.. HPDE event!
  121. SAC GUYS!! - BBQ on the 17th @ S-Squared ( new shop )
  122. Paintless dent removal day... who was the dude from october-ish that did it????
  123. FS: M2 TMIC & Upipe
  124. Mosquito Ridge Rd drive/meet - Memorial Day MONDAY
  125. Rim of the World 2k3 photo essay
  126. How hard to remove/install rear bumper?q
  127. Sighting: White WRX on 19th Ave Sunday!
  128. HIN Long Beach - May 24th
  129. California Exhaust Laws
  130. New to the Forum
  131. Armijo High School Ase Program To Host Car Show
  132. FS TXS unichip & RFL BOV
  133. OT: best Cellular Service
  134. A cool billiards place in SF area?
  135. Oakland Chinatown Lunch Meet - Tuesday, May 13
  136. Moving to SF: Will I pass emissions?
  137. FS Local: Exhaust Components
  138. needed locally: fuel filler pipe
  139. FS: Stock WRX 16in rims and tires super low miles
  140. Thanks GB/MPJ!
  141. black rex in csuhayward parking lot
  142. So you want to go for a drive do you...
  143. FS: NEW Blitz Nur-Spec Axle Back...
  144. Sunnyvale, read an OBD code tonight?
  145. What Clubs/bars do you hang at in S.F.
  146. Two RE92's for FREE !!!
  147. Reminder: It's Mother's Day this Sunday
  148. Pictures - Reno Meet 5-08-03
  149. whos rs was i infront of the other day by stonestown?
  150. FS STi grill (blue) $150
  151. FS: Modded stock headlights, close match to STi projectors
  152. Painting bodywork: Shops in Mid/Upper Peninsula?
  153. Auto-X vids finally up!
  154. Need a stock wrx owners help (east bay or sac area)
  155. Clutch Shudder, which Sac dealer is best?
  156. Armijo High School Ase Program To Host Car Show
  157. Amazing Sighting
  158. FS: Tein Flex with EDFC coilover system, Cusco front sway
  159. FS: Full 3" Bosal Catback, Twin Tip *PICS*
  160. FS: 17mm WRX wagon rear sway bar
  161. PR-Last Ditch Racing Completes Rim of the World!
  162. Behold the power of Goo Gone!!!
  163. Rear Swaybar for sale???
  164. FS Stromung 2.5 Dual Tip
  165. OT: help me choose a new regional or local bank
  166. FS: gruppe-s uppipe
  167. Bay area STI availability?
  168. SE-R vs. Honda on tnn
  169. Redwood City Sighting -- come on, fess up.. :)
  170. KTVU Channel 2 News Sighting :) WRB WRX + Clear Corners
  171. Help? Accident Fri. 5/9 SOMA - witness?
  172. Clutch job specials for May :)
  173. MRT brake brace/bracket, what are they for?
  174. Whiteline steering bushing back by popular demand
  175. FS: saab 900 intercooler + other stuff
  176. Tool rental place...
  177. I Need A Subaru Jack!!!
  178. Need Help Subzero's
  179. Bianco Subaru, Corte Madera service
  180. FS: Two hydralic upright style jacks
  181. Exhaust #5123234: Cobb catback
  182. Bought a blown WRX engine and am
  183. Picture to upload?
  184. Should I get a 2003 or 2004?
  185. Thought I would give you guys first dibs...
  186. Help, I am obsessed
  187. attn: madlib
  188. Video Recording (audio)
  189. Sac Area front tint....where?
  190. FS: Trek 5500 OLCV carbon race bike, Specialized Stumpjumper FSR-XC
  191. FS: Helix Dp & Uppipe
  192. Sound system for sale
  193. FS: Springs
  194. regular stock of mobil 1 synthetic at walmart for $3.80/qt
  195. FS: WRX diff. protector
  196. Wtb: Tmic
  197. FS: Vishnu Uppipe
  198. help me with colors~~
  199. matrix reloaded
  200. FS: 225/40/18 Kumho 712s (2 only) LOTS of tread
  201. New SoCal vendor -- nice prices
  202. FS: STi V7 Muffler
  203. Crazy Willie's Parts Sale!!
  204. F/S Custom Catback
  205. 4pot pin retainers?
  206. duel at de anza - 5/18
  207. FS: Front Seats from '98 Legacy GT, perfect condition and cheap!
  208. Tonight; Full moon and lunar eclipse...
  209. What to do w/ my Subaru Bucks?
  210. Sighting of JC12UZ at Daly City DMV
  211. I need an extra set of hands
  212. subie sighting last night in stockton near walmart
  213. summer jobs?
  214. fs: blitz nur spec catback and bozz speed dp
  215. Just received our APS order.
  216. OT: Honda Rear bumper metal holes?!
  217. 3 WRX sightings in front of Sac State
  218. anyone in the bay area have a pocketlogger?
  219. WTB: Impreza 2.5 RS
  220. need tranny help for sat. 5/17
  221. Gauging interest: selling wrx seats
  222. New Message Board....
  223. Sighting: Blue WRX Gold Wheels
  224. Stock sub for $75
  225. need a bumper job
  226. FS: 4 re92s taken off before 15k mark
  227. Auto Innovations - eight thumbs up
  228. WTB - Old Laptop PC
  229. WTB - Stock 02 Blue, Silver, or White WRX sedan
  230. Hey Art!!!
  231. Paintless Dent Removal Day this Sunday... check it out
  232. Local sale? HPI Nitro RC truck!
  233. HELP! my tt doesnt count down
  234. I ate at Vlade Divacs restaurant last night
  235. FS: RE92's w/4k miles on them
  236. Party Next Month....
  237. From S-Squared, thanks for all that came to the bbq
  238. sighting at hoop-it-up sac: WRB w/ gold SDR's
  239. Some May 24th BBQ News
  240. I apologize to the black WRX Sedan on 880N, 5-18, 12:30am
  241. WTB: stock downpipe and muffler.
  242. Stock Parts
  243. Super BAIC Events Sticky!
  244. anyone need 100 octane
  245. FS: 2 Kicker Comp 12" in kicker enclosure
  246. help! need stock wrx caliper
  247. Bay to Breakers
  248. FS: straight pipe muffler replacement
  249. My Rota Battles for your rims and tires
  250. 100 octane off Vasco...