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  1. WTB: WRX fog light - lamp
  2. Where did you get your body kits and wings painted?
  3. 46th Annual SF Auto Show wants you...
  4. WTT: My 17s for your 16s...
  5. Peter, who had his silver WRX fix at carlsen today
  6. atten SAC peoples
  7. WTB: upper center panel (clock housing)
  8. Fs: Gold Gramlight 57c With Tires
  9. WHAT performance parts are you selling
  10. FS: Hotchkis lowering springs
  11. Roadside smog ?!?!?!?
  12. Sighting: De Anza and Stevens Creek
  13. sac meet july 5th ideas poll!!!
  14. Best Place For Suspension Work In Bay Area
  15. Sighting: WRX in Las Vegas
  16. Silver WRX Carnage on Brotherhood Way, SF--Anyone Here?
  17. Sighting: PSM wrx sedan with rota sdr's?
  18. Black WRX wagon spotted on Brokaw/Junction rd.
  19. flashing amber lights?
  20. Anyone gota WRX w/ SS exhast in SF/SJ?
  21. fs: stock RE92's
  22. New organization for track days = free membership
  23. FS: Tein RA
  24. In-N-Out Pleasanton Saturday 3PM
  25. Stage 0
  26. Modesto Meet... anyone?
  27. Speeding Ticket Question
  28. tire rotation
  29. WTB sedan rear sway bar
  30. ATTEN: motorcycle guys
  31. Sighting:sb 101
  32. what shop/where can i pick up a greddy front lip?
  33. FS: Hotchkis Springs
  34. Don't go to BIG O
  35. anybody have wrx front rotors for sale?
  36. SFR RallyCross Standings now available...
  37. FS: 20mm Sway Bar, Skid Plate, Short Shifter, Trunk Mat, etc.
  38. FS: Yakima Bike & Ski Rooftop Rack Setup
  39. is it cheap???
  40. bad sighting with photo....
  41. I need a FMIC part ASAP....please help!!!
  42. srt4...
  43. sighting: hercules creekside center
  44. need a name of a comp in the east bay...
  45. Where's a good spot to see the fireworks
  46. which up pipe?
  47. Need to install my springs
  48. Any Location Of Checkpoints Out There?
  49. FS:Yakima Q-tip set up for WRX with extras
  50. FS: Apexi GT Spec Exhasut
  51. Joe P MBC for sale
  52. Encounter with a C5
  53. Anyone want mint oem WRX wheels w/ "new" Conti's?
  54. FS: VOlk SE-37k 18"
  55. <slam> I'm Out!
  56. Sept Rally school registration now FULL!
  57. Preparing to sell the RS
  58. south sac/ stockton area caravan to mt hammy!!
  59. Wednesday Night Drags : SACRAMENTO (July 9th)
  60. Any excellent body shops (San Jose)?
  61. wtb stock wrx passanger sideskirt
  62. Looking for stock midpipe for an RS
  63. Guaging: blacck or used CF RS hood trade for L hood
  64. Tinting windows
  65. Sales tax question
  66. Silver STI sighting Trade Zone Blvd
  67. help installing Morette HID
  68. Canyon Run before the big meet sunday.
  69. 45,000 mile service
  70. Happy B-Day manong Ralph!!!
  71. Solano County, Contra Costa County and Davis Caravan to Mt Hamilton
  72. Yet another happy tint customer
  73. WTT 18's dpower for Rota Slipstream+cash
  74. Livermore: Mod friendly?
  75. 4 Toyo Proxes FZ4 for sale
  76. south sacramento / stockton / livermore caravan to mt hammy
  77. SF DC Caravan to Mt Hammy
  78. Davis EVO's
  79. Tint ticket? One way out
  80. rims + tires - $1
  81. blitz nur spec racing catback
  82. FS 17" Anthracite P1s with new Kuhmo Escta 225/45/17
  83. wanted: infineon photos from June 28-29
  84. Silver WRX in Burlingame (Putnam?)
  85. FS: Stock WRX Seats
  86. Need few parts
  87. FS (Sac/Bay Area): 15" OEM Steel Wheels
  88. stickers on sale now
  89. You Fwightened Me
  90. attn: UCDavis Peoples
  91. Eibach prokit brand new open box!!!
  92. FS: BLitz FATT TT $50
  93. Mt Hamilton; Final List, Please Check and Correct
  94. Case dismissed wooo!! Question..
  95. WRX/SRT4 Meet at lake bereyessa
  96. F/S Subaru Cross bar kit (flat)
  97. FS: TV, VCR, Camera, hmm some car parts
  98. STP/Subaru Site
  99. Gauging Interest - do you need a new computer?
  100. has anyone bought a NEW OEM wing
  101. Muffler
  102. Need to know about people donating money at the park! ASAP
  103. UCD pics from 7/10...hopefully.
  104. shops that shave tires?
  105. Oakland LUNCH TODAY! Friday July 11th
  106. Windshield replacement
  107. Wrecked Silver WRX Wagon, Burlingame
  108. Buyers remorse! Selling brand new gold SDRs
  109. Fs: 02-03 Subaru Impreza Real Carbon Fiber C-west Style Front Lip Spoiler
  110. The OFFICIAL I have nothing better to do than complain about NASIOC thread
  111. lots of mods to install, mpj there? comments...
  112. Brake Pads
  113. FS: Ganzflow, Skid Plate, Bike/Ski Rack, Sway Bar, etc.
  114. FS: 18" Bronze Rota Battles and Falkens
  115. Anything going on Saturday Night?
  116. Sac area tint? Go to Eclipse.
  117. Just installed GFB bov! I'm lost and concern.
  118. custom mount for ARC bov???
  119. cracked cv boot
  120. FS: Autometer Air/Fuel Gauge *Brand New*
  121. Fairfield,Vacaville,Davis Caravan [email protected]'n'out
  122. FS: Oakos MBC
  123. WARNING: Everyone that his been in contact with me the past couple weeks...
  124. Lovell and Freeman Fatally Injured During Oregon Trail SCCA ProRally
  125. any good machine shops around???
  126. Mt. Hamilton Meet
  127. Mt Hamilton Meet PICTURES!!!
  128. Sighting: WRB WRX on HWY 9/37
  129. Thank You brucelee and the rest!
  130. FS: rollbar, seats, wheels, etc...
  131. FS: 1998.5 Audi A4 Quattro 5 speed, sports package, extras, SF Bay Area
  132. MORE Mt. Hamilton Pics
  133. Anyone in here know where to buy the cheaps price for rims??????????
  134. Livermore Subaru
  135. Gt spec2 header,wheels,uppipe for sale
  136. How do I find my car's build date?
  137. Subaru Focus group...
  138. exhaust gasket
  139. What does bouncing off the rev limiter do?
  140. Junk Sale
  141. Thanks Auto Innovations!
  142. FS: Tenchu 3 wrath of heaven PS2 video game
  143. FS: 1969 Pontiac Firebird 350
  144. "Newbie" vinyl mixn' equipment
  145. FS: H&R sport springs
  146. white wrx driving next to me on 280 tonight
  147. Specials are always cool..
  148. Sacramento People..Ideas on body shops?
  149. WRB RS @ Laguna Seca Sunday 7/13
  150. Parts and Misc. for Sale
  151. FS: Zone of Enders 2 2nd runner PS2 video game
  152. Bike people...Monterey/Laguna Seca this past weekend.
  153. FS: Greddy Evo Catback
  154. UTEC for Sale
  155. cel fix I can find in BAY AREA?
  156. FS: Miata. Be Like Fishguy.
  157. Pleasanton In-N-Out meet, Saturday, 3PM
  158. Wharf to Wharf number
  159. Offically Joined the club
  160. F/S: GC CF hood
  161. argghh! parking tickets!! what now?
  162. Wentworth Springs
  163. Pizza and Beers In Los Gatos - July 20th
  164. better price on installs?
  165. Need opinions on next mod!??
  166. SPEED World Challenge..anyone?
  167. good place for dent removal
  168. FS. local onlly NX interchiller system cheap
  169. WTB: stock WRX IC for WI project
  170. chp
  171. Cost of new doors?
  172. FS: Blitz Nur-Spec Alexback
  173. next paintless dent removal day
  174. FS: Axle Back Exhaust and others
  175. FS 03 Sedan Unpainted sideskirts
  176. Radar Detector is useless in bay area freeways...
  177. Used UTEC for sale
  178. Sighting 7/17 SF Powell
  179. got my car back
  180. Visual Orgasm
  181. Sears Point next weekend
  182. WTB: Impreza Cross bars / bike rack
  183. S-Squared Up-Pipes are now available !
  184. FS: '02 WRX, Vishnu Stage 2 upgrade (340HP)
  185. Sighting: Burlingame
  186. Comming to Sactown 7/21-28
  187. I am bored so i thought i would post this
  188. I'm in SanFran this weekend!
  189. Crazy ass in a taurus.
  190. 2 Sightings: Greenback Century Theaters
  191. Fiberglassing
  192. ...
  193. Who's bored in EG/Sac tonight?
  194. FS: stock wrx wheels/tires!
  195. FS: 17mm Rear Swaybar
  196. Bolt Pattern???
  197. Sighting: '04 2.5RS - WHITE - El Camino in SAC
  198. anyone want to help me install a sti v1 replica lip?
  199. anybody have a passenger side corner light?
  200. WTB Jordan Jersey
  201. attn ckevin: i PMed u
  202. FS: STi muffler
  203. pics that my cousin took from HongKong.
  204. FS: 2002 WRX Silver sedan 5MT
  205. Tinting?
  206. Recommendations for shop get short block put in.
  207. Bay Area people
  208. wtb bov
  209. Good Bay Area part shops?
  210. Ding King - anyone use it? Know where I can get one?
  211. FS: Stock WRX Subwoofer/Amplifier
  212. MEGA Northern California Road-trip Offical Post
  213. So i found a pretty good teriyaki place in my area (EG)
  214. Sighting - Fri 7/18 - Silver STI - Century theater
  215. Parting out 2001 2.5rs...
  216. Santa Cruz Costco now has Gasoline
  217. LeMans Karting and D&B
  218. alignment question
  219. Who's going to Thunderhill on Friday (7/25)?
  220. FS Local: RS -> WRX brake swap parts.
  221. Experience with Green Valley Subaru?
  222. Delta Dash?
  223. Toys R Us has some $20 WRX R/C cars...
  224. Free 100 Octane - This Thursday
  225. UCKK dent repair on WHICH Tue?
  226. AWDconvert - I need you to call the shop
  227. Monthly Bowling - 7/27 8PM @ Cloverleaf in Fremont
  228. WTB: GC8 Aftermarket Struts
  229. Anyone here going to hula competition at the end of August?
  230. FS in Sacto: Stuff
  231. jdm lights
  232. RS parts and other stuff for sale
  233. What on earth do you guys do for fun?
  234. 2000 Outback F/S
  235. Pleasanton In-N-Out meet, Saturday 26th, 4PM
  236. Thrice
  237. AWD Dyno centers in Bay Area
  238. go karts
  239. WTB : Impreza 2.5 RS
  240. Santa Cruz County speeding crackdown
  241. Saw my first STi in person.
  242. Sac/Davis area - Do you need a room mate?
  243. Need to borrow Exhaust silencer!
  244. Anyone have a single PIAA H4 15660 55/100?
  245. Anyone for front Koni Inserts?
  246. FS: TurboXS Stealth Back
  247. FS: Solid Foglight Covers for $60 Brand New
  248. Anyone Have a Spare Coil Pack??
  249. American LeMans at Infineon this weekend?
  250. Anyone here ever work as a video game tester before?