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  1. Gauging Interest: Swap Trunks? (SF Bay Area local only)
  2. WTB: Window lift motor for 01' RS
  3. Infineon Raceway Wednesday Night Sept. 17th
  4. Where to dine with the gf?
  5. any raider fans out there wnat a signed helmet?
  6. RS rims with SO3s -- $650obo
  7. FS: Sparco Corsa with bracket and sliders **PICS**
  8. cobb reflash or exhaust
  9. FS CF version 1 cf front lip
  10. Sale: 18" steel grey Subzeros with Yoko Parada Spec 2s
  11. fs: used Kumho ECSTA Supra 712
  12. Cobb reflash and dealer reflash question
  13. holy loud exhaust batman
  14. *NEW* Greddy full auto timer
  15. Anyone with a WRX for sale?
  16. Brand New HKS sport exhaust for sale
  17. FS Prodrive muffler and sedan sway
  18. Stevens Creek Subaru website made me laugh
  19. Thunder Hill Vid 8-27-03
  20. FS: 2004 BBS Silver STi Wheels & Tires, 540 miles
  21. Someone in my complex bought an STi
  22. wtb: stock gauge pod
  23. dynamate
  24. Gauging interest: EDM LHD STi Projector Headlights
  25. FS. 16" Hakka's, Studded. CHEAP!!!
  26. Looking to trade my 04 silver STi wing and scoop for a stock wing/scoop
  27. Need Cel Read!
  28. caravan at elk grove krispy kreme to sacramento meet
  29. Dyno Day Results!
  30. WTB local: WRX OEM wheels/tires.....
  31. Who are you? 9/13 night on 101 south bond.
  32. a day at i-speed
  33. SJSU BBQ Saturday Oct 4th [merged]
  34. wrecked
  35. FS. 17" Subzeros, WRX f/r sway bars
  36. att: ckevin - service appointment?
  37. FS (socal) : Vishnu ECUTEK ECU Stage 0 91-octane latest map
  38. FS: HKS CF/Ti Catback
  39. Who was at AMC Mercado Tonite Sep. 14th?
  40. Looking for a place to roll my fenders in East Bay or Sacto
  41. TT & stock alarm
  42. New smog check procedure effect on Oct 1st.
  43. SFR Slush Series Schedule?
  44. Just got back from Texas
  45. FS: WRX-Specific KYB AGX Struts
  46. FS: Cusco camber-adjustable front strut tops for GD
  47. Eibach's mounted on stock struts $300
  48. Gramlight 57 pros and some car audio equipment
  49. Behave around Santa Cruz Wed 9/17
  50. WRX pulled over on 280 with hood popped
  51. Longivity on RE92s??
  52. Fs: Hks Carbon Fiber Ti Exhuast 3-days Old
  53. FS: MRT fmic & PE1818
  54. '95 Civic SnowPlow on Ebay
  55. FS: 17" Racing Hart CP-035
  56. santa cruz subes
  57. Looking for WRX front calipers.
  58. Selling PE1820 = Need a Stock Turbo asap
  59. exhaust repair??
  60. My New Wheels! :) (Question and PICS on the way..)
  61. WRX on Howard St San Fran getting parking tickets
  62. WTB: camber plates/bolts for wagon
  63. 9/15/03 280N Sightings
  64. black and gold in SCC
  65. Bayhill shopping center
  66. Truckload of STis
  67. WTB: FL Half Shaft 2002 WRX Wagon MT
  68. Anyone dynoing @ ATP with a TMIC
  69. Next UC Davis meet?
  70. HKS exaust silencer question
  71. FS: Brand New OEM Silver Side Skirt Spats (02-03)
  72. Anyone headed to Bay Area from Sac Area this week?
  73. CA Bay Area - Place to have my puppies ears cropped
  74. THunderhill Rally School 9/27
  75. FS: Sparco Corsa with bracket and sliders **PICS**
  76. FS : Vishnu ECUTEK and boost gauge
  77. S-Squared BBQ #4
  78. 18 subzero with S03 ,dynamat,helix downpipe
  79. FS-yakima Lowrider racks
  80. Anyone need a washing machine?
  81. mouthwash burns
  82. FS: stock rear sway and stock muffler
  83. FS: Steel Gray Rota Actions
  84. FS: Vishnu Stage Zero (unichip) $800
  85. Anything going on in Sactown this weekend?
  86. VIDEO! Wednesday Night Drags, Sears 9/17/2003
  87. Anyone for used Rota SDRs? (Gold)
  88. FS: lots of goodies!
  89. this is the fastest car evAr!!(no its not another srt4 thread)
  90. Spring compressors
  91. Anyone interested in a brand new STi at MSRP?
  92. FS: Kaminari CF Hood
  93. San Fran residents
  94. Black WRX wagon license plate STI WGN spotted
  95. Oem 02 Wrx Black Wing
  96. Annoying #@#($ Sport-bikers on Howe Avenue!!! (Or should I say, future Calamari...)
  97. Anyone Going to NASA's Infinion Track Day Next Month?
  98. FS or WTT HKS carbon-ti catback
  99. new ski and snowboard stuff
  100. Wtb: Cf Lip For 03 Wrx
  101. WTB: Bowflex
  102. STI exaust measurements
  103. WTB: WRX OEM Speakers/Tweeters
  104. FS: 2002 stock rims, $150
  105. Who has a TurboXS Type H-RFL BOV?
  106. Anyone wanna trade Morettes for JDM Headlights ?
  107. wheres the water coming from?
  108. engine mod for WRX
  109. Silver STI with removed wing spotting: Roseville
  110. Getting married, Need a ring??
  111. UC Davis meet Fri. 9/26/03 @ OTH
  112. FS Locally: Vishnu Unichip
  113. Where are YOU staying? (thunderhill 9/27)
  114. question about a ticket
  115. The One Event Everyone Must Attend!!!
  116. Engine check light
  117. Window Tinting??????
  118. fs: stock uppipe and turbo back
  119. whp vs tranny strength question
  120. Ride request in STi (Bay Area)
  121. NASIOC / DECALS! Who wants?!
  122. Hi Everybody!
  123. F4i plays with Black Wagon w/Exhaust, and Rims
  124. Stolen AutoX Civic Si
  125. Wentworth Springs Drive 10/12/03
  126. attn: fremont area
  127. OBDII Scanner in san mateo
  128. Spring install and alignment
  129. Thunderhill RallySchool and RallyX questions
  130. FS: Michelin Pilot Sports (2)
  131. body kit cheap!!!
  132. Car wash
  133. Paintball this weekend
  134. Cruise
  135. Jerry C.
  136. Due to short gearing?
  137. Window tinting in SF / Oakland
  138. any military members?
  139. C-west V2??
  140. Turbo Timer Voiding Warranties?
  141. How 'bout them A's!!!
  142. stuff to get rid of
  143. fs perrin pulley
  144. Bay Area Exhaust Coaters (like Jethot)?
  145. Irev oct 11
  146. Update to my Stolen Si!!!
  147. FS Local: Gram Lights
  148. B.a.i.c. Shirts! Sweaters!
  149. Exhaust Swap for BE Legacy
  150. FS: 00' RS Wheels (sacramento area)
  151. are there any meets tonight?
  152. Anyone got a WRX 6-cd changer for sale locally?
  153. Last AutoX for season. Reno SCCA. Lets all go!!! 10-11,12
  154. Anyone else signed up for Thunderhill 10-17
  155. fuel leak
  156. Bay Area Rollcage Fabrication?
  157. WTB: stock right tail light
  158. Snowboarders and big company employees look here/help me.
  159. Whiteline comfort anti-lift kit for sale
  160. For Sale Locally: Stock rear sedan sway and stock muffler
  161. Dealers who fixes clutches\trannies under waranty?
  162. Passing State Ref w/ Vishnu Pulley?
  163. NASA Jerry is running for Governor!
  164. hey you guitar players w/ WRX wagons
  165. WTT: Silver Trunk w/ wing for wingless trunk!
  166. fs: stock wrx catback
  167. OBD-II Reader!! needed
  168. Check out an idea for BAIC car "tag"
  169. @#$&# Smashed my car!
  170. anyone want to run Mosquito Rd in Placerville tomorrow?
  171. FS: New Tein EDFC & Autospeed front bumper plate
  172. FS: 00' RS wheels, available in Bay area
  173. fs: eibach pro-kit springs for 02-03 wrx
  174. EBay thief reveals tricks of the trade.
  175. Crappy crappy day but looking forward too...
  176. How do you up load Pictures here?
  177. FS: Apexi AVCR and AFC
  178. Car Audio Question for Local People
  179. sighting first street livermore
  180. Need asap:rear break hoses..
  181. Looking for used 17x7.5 Rota wheels w/ tires
  182. Sacramento Dragway on October 8th!
  183. Formula 1 on TV tommorow
  184. VIDEO: B.A.I.C. mt. hammy picnic
  185. the movie basic weird
  186. now is the time to buy a SUBARU
  187. STI Stereo Question for anyone
  188. Trunk Question - Answer ASAP!!
  189. anyone from trivalley goin to s squared on the 4th?
  190. Anyone know where to buy rays lugs locally?
  191. grill
  192. FS: WRX Wheels w/ Awesome Tires
  193. Sept-28 SFR RallyCross Results Posted...
  194. FS Locally: Stock rear sway sedan and stock muffler
  195. Is anyone up for a santa cruz meet this friday?
  196. OT: For sale - 2000 Nissan Frontier CrewCab SE V6
  197. Last Try- OEM Wheels for sale CHEAP!!
  198. WTB - OEM Wagon roof rack crossbars
  199. WTB: 17' White or Gunmetal rims with tires
  200. FS: Nice Black 2.5RS
  201. FS: Local Misc stuff for WRX and testing waters for TBE
  202. Thunderhill 10/16 Track Day
  203. bbq at the beach 10/12 (seacliff beach)
  204. Trade: GC8 clear bumper lens for ur stock orange lens
  205. ABS light on. Need help.
  206. Str-PIMP'n YO!!!
  207. B.A.I.C. Shirt/Sweater Orders... get them in
  208. WTB: WRX Wagon Tonneau Cover
  209. Final Rally Cross awards for SFR Series
  210. FS: Prodrive Axleback
  211. fs:eibach pro-kits
  212. FS: ProECM
  213. FS Local: APS TMIC
  214. Vishnu 304 flex uppipe
  215. FS: AGX w/ Perrin lowering springs
  216. FS:Greddy 60mm gauges/Rota slipstream
  217. FS: Sparco Corsa - $222.50
  218. Funny Thing Evar
  219. HP pulled me over for STOCK STi EXHAUST!
  220. body shop
  221. I'll be visiting the Bay Area, and would appreciate a few suggestions (Hotels)
  222. HKS Turbo Timer Install question....
  223. Who's running a Helix Flex UpPipe?
  224. Silver 02/03 WRX spotted on 880S - 9:30sh last night
  225. FS: Cobb Tunning Catback
  226. Thunderhill RallyX pix 09-28-2003
  227. a question for dealers...
  228. need an RS sedan
  229. Recovered AutoX Civic...Crime Doesn't Pay.
  230. Driving Edge = Best Tint Service
  231. Why is this guy getting pulled over?
  232. WARNING to those parking at Arden Mall
  233. My 2.5RS is still for sale, Price Lowered!
  234. help - looking for less than MSRP on STi
  235. FS: Scoobysport 3rd cat Eliminator
  236. 2.5 RS parts for sale
  237. S. Sunrise Blvd. Mr.STi / Mr. S-RT4
  238. Alpine lowers prices to $39 everyday
  239. Paypal help needed from my local guys!
  240. Local Vendors : Lug nuts for sale?
  241. FS: MBP STi Hood Scoop $100
  242. 10/22/03 - Private Drift and Grip Event at Buttonwillow
  243. FS; ProECM $175
  244. STi Carbon Wing Owners: HELP ASAP!
  245. Fs. Yakima Snowboard/ski racks for wrx
  246. ATTN: ALL... final chance to order BAIC Shirts/Sweaters
  248. New Autobot
  249. selling my 02 wrx wagon
  250. Unsure of what to do when the A$$ slides out!!! help!!