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  1. Was at the races and saw white 2.5 RS
  2. FS\ Brand new HP6540C Complete Computer setup for Cheap!!!!!!
  3. rims?
  4. IM ID/ICQ numbers
  5. Track days @ Buttonwillow, 2-24,25, 01
  6. Track days @ Buttonwillow
  7. Help! Need body shop advice...
  8. 00/01 Silver 2-door sighted parked @ SFSU
  9. I never see you guys
  10. Feb 3rd, Karting Smack Down Details!
  11. FS: MY00 Sivlerthorne Sedan
  12. Stuff for sale....
  13. stuff i need to make my car stock
  14. Yeah! 500th Post!
  15. White 4-door RS?
  16. Anyone in the Bay Area have some decent used tires they want to sell?
  17. Moving back to Denver in mid-March...
  18. Local source for race gear?
  19. Autox on Feb18th (sunday) 3Com park
  20. Anyone have a spare stock midpipe?
  21. New WRX or 2.5RS
  22. SC group buy question!!!
  23. Black RS sighting in San Jose
  24. SC options - invoice/msrp/open??
  25. Moving to Cali
  26. WRX or RS?
  27. Started my new job!!
  28. please help: stock intake system needed
  29. ATTN: Imprezer
  30. Track Day II Update 4: Bruce F from Subaru SC attending etc.
  31. Track Day Hotel Rate Discount
  32. Speedtrial, 2/10 @ Thunderhill
  33. Help me hunt this sucker down!
  34. Install fest
  35. check this out
  36. For Sale: MY98 Front Lip Spoiler
  37. rallycross ?
  38. newbie...first post
  39. FS: Pro-Tec Ace Snowboard Helmet
  40. Need address to Karting Smack Down Today!
  41. Need to get EGT probe installed. Help yo!
  42. North Bay subaru service center?
  43. FS: Goodies from my MY00 :)
  44. Where can I buy WRX wing or spoiler(cheaper or better)?
  45. attn: ravent
  46. Track Day II: Update 5. Drivers handbook etc.
  47. smackdown results??
  48. Whose Red RS on 101S?
  49. BAM Beatdown
  50. Need stock exhaust, please
  51. Albany Ford/Subaru WRX
  52. Anyone want a Cool Air intake?
  53. TEC II and 2000 Impreza 2.5RS
  54. SFSU, Black 98 RS
  55. Prices for transatlantic car shipment?
  56. Shopping: Stromung DT?
  57. Alex, you coming by for my exhaust?
  58. Brand new BRP Coupe in SJSU. Anyone?
  59. SC Group Buyers.......
  60. SF rallycross
  61. Track Day FULL! Waiting list started!
  62. White 4-Door in Roseville
  63. CE light problem please help me!
  64. Does anyone want a full sized spare?
  65. my vision of the Bay Area... :o)
  66. White RS on 280 caused accident confess!
  67. Track Day II: Update 6: All docs online.
  68. Where can I get Jet-Hot coating in the East Bay?
  69. Where can I find a trustworthy auto repair shop in Bay area?
  70. scooby shop is needed in central cali!
  71. Any good tinting shop around Sunnyvale?
  72. FS Stock 00 rims and tires
  73. SC new cars arriving March 1st !
  74. Yet another RS at SUN PAL01
  75. Rendezvous
  76. Sacramento Autorama
  77. FS: STi front carbon fiber strut bar
  78. FS / Free -- suspension bits and stuff
  79. It's wet out...
  80. Anything to do in Salinas???
  81. Leguna Seca March 3rd
  82. European Impreza Pictures! FINALLY!!
  83. I will pay you $150...
  84. Is there snow at the Lick?
  85. New Non Professional/Non worker Speedring record!!!
  86. Where can I paint my lip cheaper in SF or SJ Bay Area?
  87. SC Subaru Group Purchase OTD final pricing
  88. RS sighting on 101 N
  89. Clutch Shudder
  90. Help me -- stock swaybar bushing needed ASAP
  91. RallyCross?? Anyone in Bay area do it?
  92. pics are up
  93. SC Group Buy: I might want to trade WRX sedan for WRX wagon
  94. Track Day Guys: Do we want a scooby only run group?
  95. Crossposted: FS: used GAB Revo Stroke II Coilvers
  96. where local for header coating?
  97. White sedan 280/101 3:00PM
  98. VALERO gas?
  99. Lifts for rent?
  100. someone post link to pics of 2002 yellow wrx
  101. New in town!
  102. where can i get my wheels powdercoated??
  103. Bay Area Dealers
  104. Attn: Matt Monson
  105. WOW, nice car!
  106. Road Dyno? Anyone heard of this?
  107. selling my brospeed/subaru muffler
  108. Carbon Fiber / Fiberglass Molding?
  109. Where do you guys take your cars for work?
  110. Still have Rims and stuff for sale...
  111. moving
  112. Auto-X in rain?
  113. May be going to work for Pixar.
  114. Sacramento/McClellan AFB Auto-X?
  115. Return of the Jedi?!
  116. Track Day on the 23rd. Pray for clear skies!
  117. BAM?
  118. How much to replace wheel bolts?
  119. FS: CUSCO COMP-2 suspension
  120. Official Recall by SOA on O2 sensor (ATTN: Imprezer)
  121. Need Brake Pads Before Track Day, Suggestions?
  122. Cars at UCSC
  123. Is there any muddy places to go drive our cars around?
  124. My wheels got wasted...Need Help.
  125. SC Group Buy License Fee?
  126. Car Parts SCCA Discounts
  127. ATTN: AndyC do you still want to look at the Brospeed muffler?
  128. ATTN: daniel
  129. So Who'se gonna let me ride in/drive their WRX!
  130. Renting an Airfield...
  131. crashed my car, please help!
  132. Best place to buy a helmet in SF
  133. WRXs in Marin?
  134. Pic from yesterdays auto-x
  135. What are the proper ways to a racing hobby/career
  136. Track Day Convoy
  137. Selling my 2000 RS BRP
  138. Cheap intake for sale
  140. Subaru of Santa Cruz could not be any better!
  141. where is the best auto parts store?
  142. Wanted: 1 stock rear strut top, and help with a suspension job
  143. If Thunderhill gets rained out
  144. O2 sensor recall letter
  145. wats up neil
  146. Bieffe Predator Size Large Helmet for sale: $170
  147. Wanted: Front and Rear Skidplate
  148. Stuck in the mud?
  149. lowering my car ?
  150. What is Angus's phone number, important!
  151. Need new or used track tires ASAP
  152. Trackday, go or no go?
  153. 2 Trackday spots for sale! $220 each.
  154. FS:stock exhaust
  155. Stock RS Radiator anyone?
  156. WRX at Track Day
  157. Still FS: MY00 Wheels
  158. FS: Weapon R airfilter cone/Yellow
  159. Did anybody tape the Grammies????
  160. Any WRX's "Stoping buy" at area dealers???
  161. BIG track day info post from jonathan...
  162. "Suburu" celebration at Thunderhill Park
  163. What is the actual invoice for a WRX
  164. attn: Daniel aka. brucelee
  165. Any first Allocation WRX's still availible at dealers?
  166. Autox results are in.
  167. SCCA fire & Safety School
  168. Where to buy in the Bay Area
  169. First track day PIC post :)
  170. Anyone going to LSIR next weekend?
  171. 1/4 mile, Sears Point 3/7
  172. Video of WRX at Thunderhill
  173. Hella Products
  174. Please tell me it wasn't a Scooby..
  175. Hella Supertone Group Buy!
  176. Lots of scooby sightings!
  177. Need stock exhaust, please
  178. Recaro Sports FS
  179. Speedring anyone?
  180. Autox this Sunday. Who's racing?
  181. Impreza servicing near Cupertino
  182. Another Track Day Rave!
  183. My entire exhaust system for sale!
  184. Anybody need a ride to get their wrx?
  185. '02 engine in a '98?
  186. I'm in...
  187. Need help installing EGT sensor
  188. latest update from subie of sc
  189. Door sills for $60
  190. Spotted RS in Los Gatos
  191. Body Shops?
  192. Blue 5-spd Wagon Available
  193. Hmm... Auto-x/Track rentals!
  194. Silver 5-spd WRX sedan available at $750 over invoice
  195. Already?!
  196. WRX Aluminum Flywheels on sale.
  197. Anyone else told today?
  198. Anyone interested in buying one seat?
  199. anyone ever shipped wheels?
  200. Sighting...MV
  201. Has anyone installed the oem oil cooler?
  202. Working on a car this Saturday in Novato
  203. Speedvision in Oakland
  204. urgent, need help regarding custom alignment
  205. Looky what I got in my garage
  206. New 4 wheel drive car
  207. Sube from Switzerland!
  208. Bruce of SC kicks ass! (again)
  209. 2 WRX available at SC Subaru at invoice + $750
  210. More praise for Santa Cruz Subaru
  211. Any one have a Ver.5/6 or wrc wing they want to sell?
  212. Props to WRXGIRL
  213. 95 wrx sti for sale
  214. Any RS owners w/exhaust in Oakland area?
  215. Stock cd player questions? Please help.
  216. White 4-Door at Galleria
  217. Selling a car in CA...
  218. neil
  219. Trade my first allotment yellow your blue
  220. WTB: MY01-02 Rims and tires
  221. RS anyone?
  222. SF Bay Race Team Running WRX in USTCC
  223. Autox on March11th (this sunday)
  224. P1 fog light question
  225. looking for a few items. anyone got one?
  226. AWD Dyno in San diego (repost)
  227. WTB: 93+ Impreza, west coast
  228. March 10 - Import Saga !
  229. RBP Cpe sighting
  230. Anyone know of any good job openings for....
  231. Urgent Message To ALL Bay Area Members
  232. It's gone ...
  233. Alex, stop calling me instead of Shiv! =b
  234. A custom license plate for all you new WRX owners, get it while you can.
  235. anyone interest in buying my 89 mr2
  236. I need to contact Randy; help?
  237. Motul in the Bay Area?
  238. Hella horn Group Buy - closing 3/15/01
  239. TE-37 rims and Leda Suspension for sale!
  240. SC WRX GB
  241. My vids done finally...
  242. Where's the best deal on a WRX locally?
  243. Attn: Brucelee (Music CD)
  244. Rally School...
  245. CRS Rally/autoX school 3/24-25/ Ridgecrest Ca
  246. highway 17 impreza territory
  247. Rim repair, who knowz of a good place?
  248. Great America
  249. Anyone going to be in Santa Cruz Tomorrow?
  250. Double sighting in SF 3/9