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  1. FS Local: Perrin Rear Swaybar
  2. Ukiah STi wreck?
  3. hello all
  4. looking at 98 OBS at Schiller's Subarus - any advice?
  5. FS: STi Axle Back (muffler)
  6. Need new wiper blades!! What do you guys recommend?
  7. FS: 2004 WRX OEM Floormats
  8. FS: OEM Parts And Other Stuff
  9. Dumb question available..inquire within
  10. Sighting: WRX as delivery car
  11. WTT: Defi Link V2 60mm EGT for Link V2 60mm Oil Press
  12. want to trade WRB trung w/ stock spoiler for STi spoiler/trunk? Get that sleeper look
  13. Windshield replacement in Sacto?
  14. FS: GFB BOV - Cheap!
  15. Boreal / Tahoe
  16. SIGHTING on I-5 northbound
  17. FS: WRX Stock Suspension ~500 Miles
  18. big o tires a good place to do awd alignment?
  19. where to get Yakima stuff in the Bay, quick-like?
  20. Thunderhill 11/24 is almost full!
  21. FS soon: Stromung catted DP/Midpipe + prodrive catback
  22. FS (Stuff)
  23. STI Floormats
  24. anyone in the sac area have a trailer?
  25. Sears Point November 12th. Final Wed. Night Races
  26. Two Thumbs Up, S0-3's and Rain
  27. I need a wagon... I have a sedan...
  28. Want rear camber bolts for $10--today only!
  29. Must sell my STi !!!!
  30. Coastal Mountain Drive and BBQ -- November 15th, 2003
  31. Stolen: 91 240sx SE hatchback
  32. FS Local: Stromung Cat Back 3"
  33. Gauging Interest FS Locally--SYMS V2 Grille
  34. Alien vs Predator: The Movie
  35. what do u think of this new shirt design
  36. will uppipe on wrx pass smog?
  37. FS: DSC-F707 digital camera - $500 obo
  38. silver 04 wrx on 580 this morning?
  39. WTT WRB WRX Spoiler/trunk for RS spoiler/trunk
  40. white 02 wrx for sale dont pass this one up its a steel...
  41. FS: New Blitz fmic
  42. ATTN: Subydude
  43. Stevens Creek Subaru sucks period
  44. WTB: stock bypass valve
  45. Best Times at SpeedRing (Tuesday Night)
  46. blk wagn with bronze volks
  47. meet in s.f.
  48. FS: Used Catz H1 HID kit
  49. FS: PS2 game megaman x 7 MINT condition!
  50. FS: Bally Total Fitness Membership
  51. AutoX slush round 4 results
  52. Ultimate Kicker Sub Setup FS $500
  53. FS 00 RS w/wrx conversion
  54. In Need of Help. Job Wise.
  55. STi axle back
  56. riight112
  57. OT: prank caller
  58. 02 wrx silver hood
  59. FS: STi axle back and Apexi n1 catback
  60. UCKK nights???
  61. I hate motorola phones/cingular service
  62. G-Tech pro meters on EBay for $37
  63. FS Locally- Used Boxer-briefs "limited edition"
  64. 7:30 PM at It's A Grind Coffee House for Friday Nights
  65. srt got owned
  66. FS:Used Turbo XS RFL BOV kit $140 delivered/pickup
  67. FS: Blitz TT, EBC and Other Parts
  68. FS: Parts
  69. FS: sti axle back
  70. Sighting: Blue WRX sedan in Roseville w/ a Blitz FMIC
  71. anyone have warriors tix for monday vs. suns?
  72. counterstrike anyone?
  73. WTB: stock WRX wheels
  74. chec out this bad boy (rx7)
  75. Why haven't I got my BAIC hoodie/Tee Shirt?
  76. FT: gruppe-s helix uppipe w/ flex
  77. WRB Busted who are U
  78. SEMA pix
  79. rain + re92 = holy [email protected]#T!!!
  80. FS: Ion yellow H3
  81. FS: Stock WRX Muffler.
  82. WTB: Playstation2
  83. FS Local: Burton Boots & Bindings (Step-ins)
  84. FS: RS stock rear swaybar 13mm
  85. off topic i know, but has anyone seen this around the sunset? or anywhere?
  86. Anyone with a truck or van wanna help me out?
  87. where can i eat dinner on thanksgiving, east bay?
  88. GT Spec II or Gruppe-S Headers on their 02-03 WRX
  89. FS: JDM V7 RA motor
  90. Sighting: Parkside, SF
  91. Happy birthday Vincent
  92. WTB: stock intake, stock exhaust and dp
  93. AutoX Slush round 5
  94. Fs: My2002 Wrx Ecu
  95. Problem with my car - help now!
  96. Sacramento Sooby club?
  97. FS: Eibach Prokit
  98. WRX Parts for Sale
  99. please delete this
  100. Spotted: 2 hot chicks in a Silver 02/03 WRX wagon
  101. STI/WRX stereo wiring diagram?
  102. Wanted: Anyone have anything I could use for my ghetto turbo kit laying around???
  103. WTB Silver STI BBS wheels w/tires
  104. Cheapest place to buy Mobil 1?
  105. FS: STI take off V7 suspension
  106. its been over a year now at this club...
  107. 100 octane in San Jose area
  108. FS: 17x7.5 +48 Prodrive GC07C Wheel W/ Bridgestone S03
  109. any videographer is the hizzaus???
  110. SUBYDUDE Dyno Day @ ATP! Which Day Works Best For You?
  111. Noob looking for places to shop aftermarket and for installs.
  112. kirkwood
  113. tint ticket
  114. Video
  115. White WRX with STi rims in front of longs in Novato/Marin?
  116. I WTB your 17inch rims w/tires
  117. WTB your STi cat back
  118. Where to get ding king in SF?
  119. Car was just broken into... Need alarm Recommendations
  120. WRX wagon sighting
  121. FS: Zex Dry Nitrous Kit (barely used)
  122. Wanna trade cars?
  123. Dual Mufflers / exhaust
  124. Looking for ride to OC 11/24 in the PM
  125. Drift/Grip Event at Buttonwillow on Dec. 5th 2003
  126. FS: Brand New Anodized Red WORX BOV
  127. question about vishnu dyno
  128. GPMoto Turbo Back Exhaust ?
  129. WTB: Your STi Tires (re070)
  130. borla still fs
  131. Help: Need stock boost restrictor
  132. jdm bumper beam
  133. blk wag at gruppe s on sat
  134. fobman
  135. FS: Steel Grey 17 inch subzero rims w/ Azenis
  136. Anyone have biotech contacts?
  137. Blue STi spotting on Sunday
  138. What happened to Captil In&Out Wed Nights?
  139. Overboosted...DOH!, am I screwed?
  140. Momo knob for sale
  141. Any interest- Gold SDRs for sale
  142. East Bay shop suggestions?
  143. Alignment in Santa Rosa area.
  144. Where to rent a Subaru in San Francisco ?
  145. Gauging Interest: STi Trunk Swap
  146. Whaddup
  147. Where to rent a Subaru in San Francisco?
  148. 2nd Annual Canned Food Tuner Meet
  149. FS: 2000 RS Parts
  150. FS: A'pexi N1 Coilovers
  151. SF Auto Show - work the SFR SCCA booth for a few hours, get a free pass
  152. MVKK SLAM and Hwy 9 Fun Run 2nite!
  153. Need a Toggle Switch
  154. FS: Replica STI Carbon Fiber Wing
  155. 1WRX2GO license plate, blue WRX, parks at Northpoint and Stockton in SF?
  156. Free Prostate Cancer Treatment for Men in California
  157. Dermotoligist recommendation in the south bay?
  158. WRB stock spoiler + sti shift knob for sale
  159. any advantages to 0W30
  160. Baic T Shirts!!!
  161. Subydude Dyno Day! 12-20-03 at ATP!
  162. WTB Local : WRB eyelids and fog covers
  163. What turbos are you guys using?
  164. milpitas speed trap tonight
  165. FS: SSR Competitions(anthracite)
  166. parts for sale
  167. tesing the waters on some goodies
  168. anyone have a scan tool? truckee, CA
  169. Free RE-92 in Fremont
  170. FS: WRX Winter Tires and Wheels
  171. WTB: stock rear top mounts
  172. Livermore Valley Roads
  173. Sighting: WRB STi on Elkgrove Florin and Calvine.
  174. Who will be at the track this weekend... Sears Point 11/23
  175. STi crashed on Capitol and Aborn (San Jose)
  176. FS: Two Blitz FATT DC III Turbo Timers
  177. new WRX owner
  178. EDM + HWY 80 in the Snow = Pitted Headlights
  179. Lake Tahoe area nightlife?
  180. WTB: Stock WRX tires
  181. ***swap Meet/greet****
  182. hey baic folks, post your dyno results
  183. where to drive in fremont?
  184. i won a bet
  185. Sylvania Silverstars 9004 twin pack NIB
  186. FS: 02-03 WRX OEM Rear Lip Kit--WRB & NEW in box!
  187. My Stepmother is selling her '98 Spyder GST
  188. BLUE STi from chinatown (if your in this)
  189. Where to get new tires???
  190. FS: Tein S-tech spings OEM Headlights
  191. I hate laptops :rage:
  192. the right 18s
  193. FS cheap kaminari cf hood
  194. Tung Kee Noodle Meet in Milpitas - what day?
  195. ATTN: Tartay
  196. White WRX spotted
  197. White Grupp-s bug eye on 680 Mon. am?
  198. URGENT: Dyno Day People Pick New Date!
  199. WTB strut top mounts
  200. Black '02-'03 WRX Sedan at Genentech
  201. WTB: US STi wheels or SDRs
  202. painting the stock side skirts
  203. quick question about aragon high school
  204. White WRX Wagon @ PixieLand
  205. FS: 17" Anthracite SubZero w/Polished Lip
  206. 30k Maint - need new clutch, brakes, bla bla bla..
  207. Just got speeding ticket, need help!
  208. some stuff fs
  209. Meeting about new race tracks in Atwater
  210. FS: Livermore - Stock Axle-back, Skirts
  211. Roll Call 4 Laguna Seca 11/30
  212. Tung Kee Noodle Meet Dec. 7th Sun @ 11:30AM
  213. 11-26-03 Stockton Sighting 12:14 AM
  214. Photos from Thunderhill Track Day
  215. gauging interest wtt apex w/s catback for prodrive axleback
  216. SPINNER HUB CAPS almost hit me!
  217. WTB: '02-'04 OEM Intake Snorkus for WRX
  218. Subydude DynoDay 12-6-03!
  219. F/S Cusco Front Sway + trade stock sway
  220. Power surge ?!?!? HELP
  221. Straight pipe (axle-back) for WRX
  222. FS: Racing Sparco NSII 16x7 +35mm bronze $300
  223. Snow. Where's it at?
  224. FS local: Borla Header
  225. Sellin some toys
  226. Price Estimations on Painting...?
  227. Sac/Sears raceway?
  228. its 515am and im going to work
  229. Be careful driving around this weekend
  230. Sighting: Larkspur - Blk Wagon with mods
  231. Anyone doing the South Cali ProSolo in March?
  232. BOV Problem?
  233. FS: APS TMIC and more...
  234. FS: Perrin Uppipe...
  235. the fellaz
  236. How come my wrx cant pass 7000rpm on first gear?
  237. Stainless steel welders?
  238. mod friendly service
  239. Someone busted my window. Suggestions needed.
  240. Installing @ my garadge on 12/5 all day
  241. possibly fs:jdm headlights with hids
  242. Sylvania Silverstar for sale
  243. Anyone else have a CRAP Tday?
  244. fs:blitz sus intake
  245. FS: Morette's w/HID
  246. Where to buy .....
  247. spotted: yellow 02/03 WRX w/ altezzas on N. 1st st. San Jose
  248. Funny noise after 14000rpm in first gear?
  249. Upcoming gimmick car rallyes this weekend
  250. Tin Snips