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  1. Desperately seeking '96+ Legacy GT
  2. Yeah!!! finally got my car back
  3. SUBY folks at sears point...
  4. How to remove the black side mirror trim?
  5. hi all
  6. cheap South Bay paintless dent fixing or detailing needed
  7. Any interest in OZ SLG's? 17x7anthrcte
  8. Any CA Police Officers?
  9. anyone has OEM WRX front/rear brake kit for sale?
  10. Stock Turbo for sale?
  11. sti/2.5 rs sighting(aptos)
  12. Attn: Subydude Dyno Day Folks!
  13. SOCOM II- Any online gamers here?
  14. Emeryville Meet
  15. Suggest a wiring/audio installer in South Bay?
  16. Timing Belt
  17. anyone with cobb stage 1? can I have a ride?
  18. why not basioc?
  19. STI Injectors, APS Package, and more...
  20. FS: Smoked Steel Rota SDRs with 245/40/17s...
  21. Turlock Auto Plaza Subaru Service....
  22. delete
  23. ANYONE going to import motion jan 17 in san mateo???
  24. GSM Cell Phone Question
  25. 2 count 'em 2 driving adventure opportunities before X-mas
  26. stock CD player for sale
  27. FS: MBP Bumper & Kaminari Lip
  28. Silverstar 9007 on ebay
  29. 12/14/03 Bay Area Toys For Tots
  30. Just ordered my new speakers
  31. FINALLY! Wheels installed. (PICS)
  32. Kicker S10L7, Encosure, Caps, and grill $240
  33. Stuff FS
  34. Jun project crashed (vid)
  35. PWN3D by icy hot
  36. does anyone else have some loud a$$ wipers?
  37. Dealership recomendations
  38. FS: coilovers and other things
  39. GT4 screen shots
  40. Black WRX wagon spotted
  41. Booze Cruise for new years.
  42. OMG...hate the painters next door
  43. Can they atleast to brakes???
  44. Rattling noise...?
  45. fs: apexI n1
  46. breaks question
  47. Post up your Creative Kustoms Side Skirts pics.
  48. FS: PS2 Force Feedback Wheel with 2 games $55
  49. FS: Assorted Magazines - Name Your Price
  50. whos sonic yellow wrx in milbre?
  51. Looking for: Automobile mag Jan 02
  52. FS local : HKS Carbon TI...
  53. WRX 02 stock accessories for sale
  54. H&R Springs
  55. BOV install
  56. Guaging Interest: Possible 49ers Season Tickets for Next year
  57. Video: Full Lap @ Thunderhill
  58. FS: Supersprint Uppipe..
  59. Redline anyone?
  60. wtt 02-03 wagon interior for 04 wagon interior
  61. Gauging Interest : Perrin Springs
  62. FS: Some Stuff
  63. Any Interest in a BAIC Xmas Exchange/Game?
  64. BEWARE: Golden Gate VW
  65. New Greddy 52mmEGT guage 4sale, 100 dollars
  66. Drive/Photoshoot - Mt. Hamilton 12/13 Sat @ 8AM
  67. would i be able to get my clutch replace under warranty with mods?
  68. 03 JDM Headlight instructions...?
  69. Subaru wrecking yards near Modesto, Stockton, Sac?
  70. FS:Kaynz Intake
  71. Help! Oil leak!
  72. Drum roll please!
  73. FS: stock GC catback and some...
  74. who do swaps in the bay area/norcal?
  75. WTB or Trade: Turbo XS High Flow Cat
  76. Paintless dent removal??
  77. Need a job? I'll give you $300.
  78. Cop on N. Mc Carthy Blvd in Milpitas
  79. Anyone have used snow tires?
  80. WTT: Trunks - winged for wingless!
  81. FS: STi V2 Lip, Rims, DP, etc!
  82. FS: SPT option muffler.
  83. WTT: Worx Bov
  84. need help to find tire shop to mount/balance tires
  85. Need XBox Mod Chip locally -- asap
  86. FS:Greddy and Blitz BOV and PE Short Ram
  87. FS: 16" RS (6 Spoke) Wheels/Tires
  88. Anyone do construction?
  89. Is there a decent junkyard around?
  90. Need 2 oem rims w/ re92's
  91. Sighting; Black WRX sedan on 101 by SFO at noon on Friday...
  92. Sightings?? Who are you??
  93. turbo back which is better?
  94. WTT: My apn cda9807 for your stock six disc
  95. FS: 02 WRX Sedan 4EAT
  96. Liberal Wagon Bodykit
  97. exhaust question
  98. Sighting: Sedona Red WRX in the City
  99. FS: STi Injectors
  100. speed trap listings
  101. We got him!!!
  102. Wanted: 02 WRX brakes
  103. Need SILVER Stock 02-03 WRX parts...
  104. Anyone live near wal-mart?
  105. AEM Big Brakes + SS Brake Lines Howto (56k beware!)
  106. FS: Stock Strut assemblies, 2003 Sedan
  107. Neeeddd Yooouurrr Heellp Ticket! =(
  108. help wheel bearing?
  109. high volumn dealership near Sac/Bay CA?
  110. FS: Used JIC FLT-A2 coilovers
  111. Tint Question and Plug
  112. can someone give me a ride in their wrx?
  113. Idiots and their civics
  114. Encounter w/ audi a4
  115. Anyone have anthracite 17" Superleggeras?
  116. Idiot Driver!!!
  117. FS: Blitz Nurspec Touring Exhaust
  118. Sources for Grounding Mod wires
  119. WTB: 4 OEM tires for cheap (RE-92)
  120. Thrasher Camcorder for sale
  121. FS-1960 Chevy Bel Air 2 Door Sedan
  122. washer and Oil filters
  123. WTT: gauging interest in swapping my STi trunk for 04 WRB WRX spoiled trunk (small)
  124. Cannondale Mountain Bike for sale $450 obo
  125. Alarm installation
  126. Air Fuel Install On Rs M3 Ecu!!!!
  127. first power mods
  128. FS: ver 7 STi gauge cluster
  129. FS: Might sell Panasonic 50-Watt Sirius Radio-Ready CD Receiver (Head Unit)
  130. HWY 9 and close call w/ big rig
  131. Tint Ticket....what do to?
  132. Thin-skinned Suby
  133. FS: P7's with Pilot Sport A/S
  135. FS: Power Enterprise short ram
  136. police presence?
  137. Question about auto x
  138. Where to get the OEM underspoiler kit unpainted?
  139. FS Locally In San Jose: Greddy Type S BOV
  140. FS: 17x8.5 Advan RG
  141. FS: Brand NEW Gen. IV + Stromung dual tip catback
  142. Anyone know if the Dunkin Donuts at Granite Regional Park in Sacramento closed?
  143. Heads Up!
  144. JDM Theory: 1st Annual JDM meet - 01/04/04 Japantown
  145. stuff for sale
  146. Driving direction to Mt. Hamilton PLZ
  147. gpmoto elbow
  148. SF Region SCCA STX in 2004 - Who's in?
  149. FS: shift knobs - sti titanium - momo air race carbon
  150. F.S. or For trade Gruppe-s sti replica carbon wing + stock wing
  151. Congrats moreHP-Ben!!
  152. Any way to get '02 AGXs (rear) by Christmas?
  153. Did anyone feel the earth quake?
  154. 49ers
  155. FS: MBP STi Grill
  156. Upcoming car rallyes in N Cal.
  157. Sighting; Blue 04 WRX in Stanford on El Camino Sun 11pm
  158. turbo xs turboback not a full three inch?
  159. Have Eibachs, but want linear springs.. Ideas?
  160. Racing in San Francisco?
  161. 27" Sony XBR TV for cheap
  162. FS: 2 49ers tickets for 12/30 against Seattle
  163. if you have been thinkin' about getting some new rims...
  164. Just got outta the hospital...
  165. FS: As new Perrin fuel rails and STI injectors
  166. rc clubs
  167. FS: Whiteline and Kartboy Suspension Parts
  168. Anyone have an AT&T wireless cell phone they don't want anymore?
  169. Forester XT or WRX Wagon...
  170. FS: BN Hawks pads for Subaru 4 pots
  171. piston slap rod knock...engine overhaul
  172. Just got an STi Under MSRP from Diablo Subaru
  173. WTB: PIII 1Ghz/133 FSB Mobo
  174. New Borla Headers
  175. Just got into SJSU
  176. Wtb: Hks Ssq Bov
  177. have a very SUBY xmas!
  178. sugguestions no Allignment/Corner balancing place??
  179. speed shop..
  180. how much is a WRX motor?
  181. ohhhhhh the irony
  182. Its not too late to take your SUBY out to Laguna Seca
  183. Good roads in Fremont?
  184. Autostarters
  185. WTB Stock Front Sway Bar/Trade for Cusco
  186. Driving to tahoe - chains?
  187. Tires for sale
  188. I need to borrow two stock wrx wheels, can anyone help?
  189. Wrx Sedan Rear Sway Bar 4 Sale!!!!!
  190. Anyone wanna lend me a set of M+S rated wheels & tires?
  191. Japan region DVD's - how can I play them?
  192. Ticket Question
  193. What ever happened to
  194. WTT: MPB debadged wingless trunk for trunk with wing
  195. cel p1312
  196. Good Racing CLubs in San Fran Area?
  197. DVD recorder...
  198. Miata Rental?
  199. $100 Value GoKartRacer Gift Car For Sale $80
  200. Airsoft Game
  201. I need a stock turbo, will trade for a VF34
  202. STI TMIC to trade for stock WRX TMIC
  203. dealers?
  204. Sti
  205. taking advantage of the weather!
  206. FS: Defi link Unit 2
  207. New kicks and.. ES100's or RE92's for snow?
  208. Who wants to Trade Trunk/Wing with an STI ?
  209. Free Tires
  210. FS: Cusco Type OS-T V-Brace
  211. Happy New Year
  212. Sti in hayward....for sale.
  213. ATTN: OneManArmy
  214. Cusco rear sway for sale/ trade
  215. have a very SUBY new year (I-club dup!)
  216. SpeedVentures at Sears Point (Infineon), Jan 24th and 25th!
  217. 225/50/16... on my stocks???
  218. Driving schools?
  219. Total painted sideskirts from group buy
  220. **video***...
  221. FS: Brandnew S-03 tires
  222. I left the world of Scoobys but i'm coming back
  223. Soooo,...any DUI's
  224. WTB: OE tires (set of 4)
  225. selling jic coilovers preferable san jose area
  226. FS: oem replica rear lip
  227. help! Need sparkplugs
  228. Revisited: Inaugural Bay Area/Suby Card/Poker Night
  229. Greetings from Italy!
  230. FS: stock muffler
  231. Why are you guys such fart knockers?
  232. FS: Brand new Samco IC hoses
  233. Cusco Brand new adjustable rear sway bar cheap!
  234. FS: STI Stock Tires (Installed)
  235. owner of blue 02 WRX at lowell?
  236. Looking for Compustar dealer/installer in Sac area
  237. F/S Greddy TT and Stock 6 CD Changer
  238. FS: 5-Zigen MK-5 wheels with Falken ST-115s
  239. new to BA, need engine work!
  240. Laguna Seca Track Day - 1/3/04
  241. FS - Greddy Turbo Timer
  242. vidoegraphers... are ya?
  243. wtb stock third cat
  244. So i got a speeding ticket
  245. WTB: 17inch Rota SDR Bronze/Dark Silver
  246. FS-wingless trunk springs
  247. wheels
  248. know of any good body shops?
  249. Looking for that Online dating story.
  250. Subaru H.D. Sway mounts... did you see this?