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  1. Misordered, Used, Extra Item Clearance Sale: IHI Turbo, Perrin TMIC, HKS CarbonTI ect
  2. New Invidia V2 Downpipes 249 SHIPPED!!!
  3. Power Adding Products and Packages On Sale
  4. Invidia Downpipes in stock
  5. Go Fast Bits - In Stock for Immediate Shipping!
  6. Gt30r Bolt On Turbos In Stock
  7. Get it here first! TechWorks Engineering WRX cat-back!
  8. Uppipes, Pullies, Turbos, injectors and more all on sale!!
  9. QTP Tri Y Header w/ New Optional EGT Gauge
  10. Borla WRX Headers Blowout Super Sale
  11. TurboXS Tuner and UTECs in stock
  12. Cat-Back Sale!
  13. One set of Power Enterprise 800cc!
  14. Helix In Stock!!!
  15. Put that Subie on a diet with the Braille Super Lightweight Battery
  16. FP 18G and Green Turbos in Stock
  17. Apexi, ARC, Blitz, Tanabe, Greddy, PE, Espelir, Top Speed, 5Zigen
  18. PDE Catted Downpipes - WRX/STI
  19. More Cobb Stuff in stock!
  20. More TXS: STI UTECs, UTECs, Tuners, FMIC, Exhausts ready to go
  21. Last Day of the Month Absolutely Ridiculous Crazy Ass Sale
  22. Hayame WRX Catback Exhaust $395 shipped
  23. alpha werks Stainless Steel WRX Exhuast Manifold $325 shipped
  24. TURBOsmart, APS & more
  25. TurboXS Utecs
  26. Used STi Intercooler, Turbo, Exhaust
  27. APS, Walbro, GFB, more bits
  28. APS,Cobb, PROVA, Stromung, PDE, and Prodrive
  29. Clearance Items
  30. Copper Exhaust Gasket Kit
  31. Local TurboXS Offer
  32. EBAY factory JDM Sti 2.0L v7 ECU CHEAP!!
  33. $489! Tanabe Super Racing Medalion BLOW OUT!
  34. Greddy WRX/STi Blow Off Valve Kits
  35. End of the Summer Exhaust Sale
  36. Free Shipping Apexi, Greddy, Turboxs, Gp Moto, Espelier
  37. Amsoil products in stock!
  38. The September Invidia, HKS, Greddy, RS*R, Perrin and many more Sale @ Wired Speedlab
  39. Ti exhausts and NA Intakes
  40. Inventory Clearance before the move.
  41. Super Exhaust Sale
  42. JDM STi Seats and Prodrive groupN Shift Knob
  43. STI Utec Instock
  44. 30% off on all SPT parts at Langston Subaru
  45. Fmic, Tmic, Headers, Walbro, Now Shipping
  46. Get Hung! Hangman Hangers
  47. Fujitsubo Power Getter Cat-back FOR WRX/STi
  48. GReddy FMIC blow out!
  49. GFB, Stromung, APS Cheap!!!
  50. Greddy FMIC Blow Out $850 Shipped
  51. Cobb 04wrx, STI, Forester access ports+more
  52. Wired Speedlabs Inventory Clearance Sale RS*R, Perrin, Invidia
  53. Helix BACK IN STOCK, again!!!!
  54. Helix Power Package 2!!!! 350HP, $1749 Shipped!
  55. JDM Ver3/4 555 STi seats and more!
  56. Apologies from Gruppe-S for Multiple Posts
  57. JDM parts, Power Packages, Helix, and many many more!
  58. STI UTEC Blowout ($975) and Package Deals
  60. Perrin Special
  61. Turbo Specialists! IHI, TD05-TD06, 18G,20G,25G, SuperZilla, and larger custom turbos!
  62. New! Godspeed Oil Coolers Official Release!
  63. 3.25 day madness-Don't lose out.
  64. Rallysport direct everything sale. Engine Suspension Gauges and more
  65. Returned Perrin Top Mount $499 shipped
  66. SMP Specials - Radiators, IHI, Ground kits, Heatshields
  67. Filters, Gaskets, and Extras!
  68. JDM ARC goods
  69. We got yer '05 Legacy GT exhaust right here.
  70. Used Parts off of the World One STi
  71. Go Fast Bits Pulley Kits!
  72. Fizz Autosports Engine/Power/Exhaust
  73. Overstocked on IHI Turbos! Clearance Sale!! (IHI VF22)
  74. Special: STi reflash + Perrin injector special
  75. GT Spec, Helix and Perrin
  76. Invidia exhausts Samco Hoses AMAZING PRICES!!!!!!!
  77. Overstocked: Walbro Pumps, Headers, & Turbos
  78. Cat Delete Pipes
  79. Espelir JGT500 Exhaust (FREE Install) + Active Super Down Springs + Active GT Springs
  80. WEEKEND QUICKIE!!!! - Outrageous Sale
  81. Electronic Boost Controller Super Sale !!!!! (HKS, APEXi, BLITZ, GREDDY)
  82. APS SR30 Turbo closeout
  83. Invidia Product line Clearance @ Wired Speedlab
  84. ZEROSPORTS Products for WRX, STi from JAPAN !!!! Only from Edo Performance
  85. Brand New Invidia uppipe $149.00
  86. Espelir Catback and Perrin DP Combo
  87. Kingpin blow out.
  88. Mauro's Sale on Exhausts, Intakes, BOV's, and More!
  89. A small introduction, GReddy FMIC and EVO2s, other products to come...
  90. Perrin Manual Boost Controller
  91. NEW ARRIVAL: Complete Oil Cooler Kits
  92. Invidia Headers, exhausts, Perrin MBC, Greddy profec B, RSR @ Wired Speedlab
  93. SMP Radiator Blowout
  94. New lower prices on Perrin Items
  95. :) Invidia WRX Header has arrived @ Wired Speedlab
  96. LM-1's, GP Moto, TurboXS, Perrin, Ross, Eagle, CP, GT Spec, Aeromotive, NGK, Walbro
  97. ARC HKS goods Blow Out
  98. October Sale at Precision
  99. Super Moving Sale on QTP Products
  100. Lightweight Crank Pulleys $99.99!
  101. "Junque" Sale
  102. Chaste Auto Blowout!!!!!
  103. iON/Brullen equal-length header systems (For N/A guys with dual port heads only!)
  104. New Low Prices on Espelir Catbacks, Perrin Intercoolers,IHI/FP Turbos, Element ECU's
  105. New item - Bosal Uppipe w/heat shield and flex joint
  106. Sonin pullies and uppipes, the best for less.
  107. NEW Injen FMIC
  108. Parts for EJ25 N/A(Cams,Valvetrain,Equallength header systems,heads,high C/R pistons)
  109. HKS / Blitz Super Sale ........
  110. Accessports, and used performance stuff
  111. Samco, Perrin, Borla Sale!!!
  112. Before SEMA sale- APS Prodrive Whiteline Progress and more
  113. Spooky Halloween Special at - Free Shipping on Everything in stock!
  114. Halloween Blow-out -- Trick Or Treat -- One Week Sale
  115. Gaskets, Filters, Plugs, Anything!
  116. Silencer Delete Elbows - $39.99 Shipped!
  117. Just in! NEW GReddy Profec Type-S and other things
  118. The November Garage Sale @ Wired Speedlab
  119. Power Enterprise Injectors !!!
  120. STi UTEC In Stock - Free Shipping
  121. WRC Parts have arrived
  122. Paypal Only Special Red Hangers
  123. HKS/Power Enterprise/ZeroSports/Apexi
  124. TurboXS STi Utecs
  125. Helix, Perrin, Borla, Samco In Stock
  126. DIY'ers, attention: Silicone couplers, reducers, T-bolt clamps, more...
  127. Helix back in stock!!
  128. Silicone Couplers, Transitions, Bends, T Bolt Clamps
  129. STi UTEC
  130. Purging dead stock, You WILL save!
  131. RalliTEK Consignment Room Getting Full!
  132. In stock now oil coolers and lightweight batteries
  133. SMP Heat Shield Lowered Pricing - through XMAS -free shipping
  134. Perrin Weekend Special
  135. WRX and STi UTEC In Stock!!! Selling Fast
  136. Pre-Thanksgiving and Christmas Power Sale
  137. New shipment of IHI VF22 turbos!
  138. Container Landed! V7 STI, V7 STi and Spec C
  139. SMC alky kits, GP Moto, Walbro, Slowboy Turbos, LM1, Intercoolers & DIY parts
  140. Aquamist Winter Specials
  141. New site- New Parts
  142. ESPLIER JGT500 in-stock ready to ship
  143. Cobb 3" Catback in stock only 3 left +more
  144. The ultimate in engine management
  145. TurboXS Sale Free RSD Windshield Banners
  146. Never-ending Engine/Power/Exhaust thread: GReddy, AEM, DC Sports, etc.
  147. TurboXS back in stock.
  148. Turkey Day Sale - Smokin shipping
  149. Chistmas Turbo XS Exhaust, Intake, and UTEC Sales from World One!
  150. Holiday Special 25% Off Factory Subaru Parts & 15% Off SPT Sti & Performance Parts
  151. Till the End of November Sale
  152. APS product closeout
  153. Cusco Turbo Heatshields, HKS EVC, Defi BF's, STi Utecs (and more)!
  154. Uppipes and pullies christmas specials!!
  155. ZEROSPORTS Exhaust manifold BARGAIN!
  156. K&N intakes for STI and WRX.
  157. Aps, Cobb, Pde, Stromung All In Stock
  158. New shipment of JDM motors has landed!
  159. Prodrive stage two for 02 WRX $1100.00 Shipped
  160. Plug and Play wiring harness makes your wiring chores easy!
  161. GREDDY EVO2 cat-back STI 2 instock
  162. The XMAS HKS, Invidia, Apexi, Perrin, RS*R, Hondata, AEM Sale @ Wired Speedlab!
  163. The December INVIDIA Super Sale!
  164. Invida "V2" DOwnpipes
  165. Turbo XS Sale!
  166. UTECs, Intake Elbows, FMICs
  167. UTECs, Bosal and Helix
  168. Who needs Santa Clause with these prices!!!! Perrin, TurboXS,GT Spec+ STI UTECS!!!!
  169. Various Items Blowout
  170. X'mas New Year specials
  171. COBB 02-05 WRX 04-05 STI Accessport sale
  172. Merry Christmas from Wilkins Subaru!
  173. Weekly Xmas Special: DC Sports Uppipe Install Special!
  174. "Need more power for your car?" SALE!!
  175. New DualProc STI Utec, Tuna, Injectors.
  176. TurboXS Goodies
  177. Special Deals for NASIOC Mambers only!!!
  178. Gt Spec Header/Up-Pipe Combos!
  179. Stocking Stuffers and Christmas Gifts
  180. This stuff is practically free, used engine parts within
  181. Boomba Racing Fuel Rail
  182. 05 COBB AP, all other cobb parts in stock, APS
  183. New STI Utec with exclusive PDXTuning tuned maps - 2xAquamist System1s
  184. Holiday Season Sales !!! Till End of Year
  185. JDM STi Motors and Clip From GC8's
  186. Blitz ID III Blitz SBC Spec S
  187. BLitz SBC ID III Blitz Dual Spec S Blitz RVIT Blitz Dual Turbo Timer
  188. 5 More STI UTECS in stock, Come and Get em...
  189. GT Spec & GP Moto Headers
  190. AVO '05 Legacy GT Catbacks Finally Here!!
  191. Zero/Sports Header Zero/Sports Up-pipe blow-out Power Enterprise Turbo Blitz
  192. JDM STi engines, new ver9, ver7, STi Forester, USDM STi etc.
  193. Bosal Uppipe, Bosal Downpipe
  194. Tons of savings
  195. STi short blocks ready to ship
  196. Last minute why not sale!
  197. Oil-air-fuel filter sale
  198. RalliTEK Used Parts Auction - Aftermarket Take-Offs / OEM Parts
  199. Scanmaster 3 Scan Tool / Datalogger in stock and on sale!
  200. GT Spec Sales $97 Uppipe!!
  201. GT Spec, Perrin, TurboXS Sale!!!!!!
  202. Holiday Specials @
  203. Post X-mas Sale
  204. JDM STi Motor Take Outs!
  205. TurboXS Stealthback Exhausts
  206. End of the year specials at!
  207. New Years Special
  208. Helix Catbacks & Downpipes (catless & catted) back in STOCK!
  209. One STi UTEC with remote switch - $950 shipped!!!
  210. Perrin, STI, Helix, Greddy, & Espelir In Stock
  211. Turbo Specialists! IHI, Mitsu, 16G,18G,20G,SuperZilla, and customs!
  212. WRX Drivetrain Cheap
  213. January Specials for NASIOC at!
  214. Gruppe-S V2 Headers & Helix Components back in stock!
  215. Thinking about TXS STI/WRX UTECs, TXS Exhaust, intakes or IC's? You must call W1.
  216. Koyo Radiators deep discounts
  217. The January 05 Garage Sale @ Wired Speedlab
  218. Sti Block
  219. The RS*R & Invidia Super Sale Free Shipping!
  220. Exhaust products free shipping
  221. Hardcore Engine Parts and Assembled Motors
  222. Holy Used Parts Blowout
  223. Sard In Stock
  224. Nothing says I love you like Invidia V2 downpipes
  225. EXTRA 5% off on already low prices !!! - A'Pex-i, Greddy, HKS, GT SPEC, Samco ...
  226. Helix Downpipes and K&N Intake for STi!
  227. Holy used parts... blowout!
  228. Great Prices on all Engine Mods: Exhausts, Intakes and Much More ***FREE SHIPPING***
  229. One day only Friday 1/14 super sale on all Turbo XS products and exhauts
  230. Some Parts for sale
  231. New and used parts blowout!! (JDM V8, Fujitsubo, Helix etc...)
  232. Invidia V2 Downpipes Galore !!!
  233. Japan container landed! Lots of JDM engines!
  234. Japan container landed! JDM engines & VF34 turbos !
  235. Invidia G200 Exhausts
  236. GP Moto, SSI Skid Plates, IPD Sway Bars
  237. Borla, Helix, Samco, Perrin, IHI, GP Moto
  238. Perrin, TXS, Helix, Borla, Agency Power and much much more!
  239. Till end of week (friday) Crazy sale on turbo xs products and exhausts!!
  240. All Perrin, Whiteline and Invidia on sale!!
  241. Apexi, IHI turbos, Helix, HKS, & Tein in stock !
  243. Used WRX and STi parts! Lot's of parts!
  244. New Vendor Specials!! (TurboXS, Borla, Perrin, and Many More)!
  245. APS Products IN STOCK!!! New STI Tumbler Deletes and more!!!
  246. VF22s, Walbro Pumps, PE Injectors, UTECS, TXS TBEs
  247. Worx, Invidia, Perrin, HKS + More Sale @ Wired Speedlab Feb 05
  248. Clearance sale
  249. HKS Carbon Ti Exhausts $735 shipped
  250. Helix, HKS, Power Enterprise, Apexi in stock !