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  1. COBB, APS and JDM motors / takeoffs
  2. Wilkins Subaru brings you Turbosmart!
  3. NGK Sparkplugs USDM STi fitment ONE STEP COLDER
  4. JDM STi RA Version 2 Closed Deck Block, & 02 Legacy B4 RSK
  5. Free STi Carbon Fiber blinkers w/ Gruppe-S Headers Purchase !
  6. Tiny sale :)
  7. Huge Exhaust Sale Invidia and Helix in stock and for shipping
  8. Valentine's Special at! Give Love to your Scooby!
  9. TurboXS & Perrin In stock!
  10. VF34 & VF22 turbos back in STOCK ! !
  11. New Pricing on Prodrive PPP's and Mufflers
  12. Japan container landed ! JDM motors & tranmissions !
  13. XX Tuning and the DealMaster is back!
  14. Going with a BIG Turbo this spring? Look here!
  15. Turbo xs utecs and more
  16. Perrin Intake Blow Out Sale till 2/26/2005!!
  17. Fujitsubo / JDM Spec Turbo Back Exhaust System - 2 Sets Only !!!!
  18. Going HELIX!
  19. Clearance Sale (Power)
  20. Spring Is Almost Here Super Sale
  21. STi version 7 engines parting out and more....
  22. Innovate LM-1 Basic Kits $349 Shipped
  23. Oil Filter Sale Is Back Again :ends 2-28-05
  24. 10% Off Shopping Spree Weekend Engine/Power/Exhaust
  25. Helix Exhaust, Catted Downpipes, etc. back in stock!!
  26. Helix Exhaust, Catted Downpipes, VF34 Turbo Packages back in stock!!!
  27. US STi Motor Swap sale
  28. New Helix TMIC, Exhausts, Catted Downpipes, and VF34 packages in stock and shipping!!
  29. WRX PnP UniChips now Only $579.99!!
  30. Helix (finally), Borla, Samco, Perrin, IHI, Exedy Instock!!!
  31. Helix/SMP combo deals! + IHI/Perrin/TXS...
  32. New Vendor=Sick Deals inside! PE,Walbro,Exedy,ACT,Stoptech
  33. Magnaflow TITANIUM kings are here-Lowest prices on earth!!!
  34. March 05 Garage Sale @ Wired Speedlab!!
  35. EAuto March special FREE SHIPPING
  36. Helix, Cobb, Perrin, PDE, and Cusco
  37. M-300 wideband O2 sensor kit $313 shipped
  38. Turbo Accessories: BOV (in stock) sale!
  39. STREETTUNERS ARE HERE get them while they last!
  40. APS, Invidia, Perrin, Cobb, Turboxs, IHI and More!
  41. March Specials - Invidia, Perrin
  42. 2 More Element ECUs for STi including 05 model in STOCK!
  43. Exhaust solutions at Daddy's SCP
  44. UTEC's in STOCK!!!
  45. All Cobb aps, and street tuners, Aps,Stromung PDE
  46. Import Image is a Perrin dealer- Upgrade your WRX, STI, BAJA, FORESTER, LEGACY!
  47. Great Deals on Walbro Fuel pumps and STi Injectors!!
  48. 15 Espelir Exhaust Systems only 499.00 shipped!!! Click for Pics and Vids!
  49. JDM Motors landing at Chaste
  50. New Parts Arrived
  51. Helix Downpipes Baby ;)
  52. Import Image Turboxs, Perrin, Walbro specials UTEC BLOWOUT
  53. re: USed WRX Drivetrain, Twin Scroll Turbo and other goodies!
  54. Till the end of the week crazy sale on TURBO XS Parts. Especially TMICs!
  55. Helix Flex Uppipe Super Sale !
  56. SUPER Inventory clearance SALE- lowballers special :) TXS, COBB AP & StreetTuner
  57. Blitz Clearnce Sale!!!
  58. Happy St. Patricks day from your friends @!
  59. Cams for your WRX!
  60. 5 STi UTECS in-stock! Looking for these to go quick!!
  61. Only 3 Espelir JGT500R Catbacks left in USA. 499.00 shipped while supplies last!
  62. VF34's in stock
  63. JDM Container Just Landed, Engines, Transmissions, and other goodies!!
  64. Espelir JGT500, Blitz SBC i-DIII, Apexi Power intake. ready to go
  65. Wlabro 255 lph fuel pumps $90.00 Shipped
  66. JDM Goodness - V8 motors, Wiring Harness, etc
  67. Import Image Specials- Turboxs, Perrin, Pullies, Misc Goodies...Check inside!
  68. Helix WRX catbacks & Gruppe-S headers in STOCK !
  69. WRX EVOlution Special's on TurboXS-Perrin-LM-1's-HKS-BORLA-STi-PE all in-stock!!
  70. JDM EJ20 V7 STi Engine Swap
  71. Old Website Out, New Website Coming soon! Clearance on everything!
  72. Local Turbo Xs Utec Deals in the Northwest.
  73. Spring Special 25% Off Factory Subaru Parts & 15% Off SPT Sti & Performance Parts Eng
  74. is now!
  75. Complete 350whp Kit for WRX's Instock
  76. GReddy BOV's
  77. Used APS Twin Tip Turbo Back Racing Exhaust
  78. Turbo Kit 400-500hp Garrett GT 30/40
  79. Pe 850cc Injectors For Sti
  80. AEM EMS Standalones now on sale for WRX
  81. Tons of Borla Exhausts systems in stock and ready to ship!!
  82. Agency Power BOVs at insane prices!!!!!
  83. Bosal, Borla, Helix, UTEC's and more
  84. Perrin Manual Boost Controller Special
  85. Excellent prices on Power Upgrades for your Subaru
  86. 1) AEM WRX plug in EMS
  87. AVO high volume fuel pump
  88. HKS EVC V electronic boost controller
  89. New Product! PLX Wideband 02!!!
  90. Borla, GFB, Perrin, Samco Instock & Read To Ship!!!
  91. GP Moto and GT Spec Headers, VF22s, Thermotec Wrap
  92. UTEC, Greddy Turbo kits, Magnaflow TI, RS-R, Helix TMIC, limited availability!!!
  93. Everything Free Shipping Sale!! (Blitz, Greddy, HKS, Helix etc ..)
  94. Helix Flex Uppipe Super Sale ! !
  95. ScoobySport NA Exhausts for immediate delivery
  96. Super Spring Sale HKS, Apexi, GReddy, Blitz, Helix, IHI
  97. Used Sti Parts for sale
  98. HKS & PERRIN intake system
  99. 04-05 STI Short Block
  100. Special pricing for EcuTek Reflashes until May 9th
  101. TurboXS, Cobb, K&N, Perrin, Invidia Sale
  102. Silent Auction Gp Moto Titanium Turboback
  103. World One 2.5L Short Blocks 500 WHP Capable. Stages I, II, III, and IV.
  104. Turbos Turbos and more turbos! You name it we build it! Now Thermotec Warehouse!
  105. IHI VF30 Turbos in Stock
  106. World One Performance the BEST place for TURBO XS Deals!! Videos
  107. VF34's and VF22's ready to go!
  108. jic exhaust
  109. New Product- Gruppe-S Light Weight Bumper Beam
  110. PLX R-500 released officially!
  111. Cobb Tuning? We've Got It - We've Had It
  112. BORLA "Hush" Dual-tip Exhaust - 3 in stock now
  113. TurboXS FMIC/TMIC/UTEC major clearance prices + more!
  114. XX Tuning Spring Clean-up Sale FMIC blowout!
  115. HKS Carbon Ti & Hi Power, Greddy EVO 2 Exhaust In Stock!
  116. WRX and STi cams/dual springs/retainers/seats in stock
  117. New Zerosports Cool Action IC Splitter for Impreza
  118. Blitz, Power Enterprise
  119. In Stock Specials TurboXS, Cobb AP & ST, GP Moto, Perrin
  120. Turboxs (Fmic,Utec +Tbe Lowest Around) Invidia, Gpmoto + More
  121. Hot-Subaru CINCO de MAYO SALE - One Day Only!
  122. May 05 Specials @ Wired Speedlab!! Invidia, AEM, Hondata, Walbro and more
  123. May Madness Sale! Rim of the World Super-Duper Specials !
  124. TurboXS In-Stock Sale! (UTECs, Tuners, FMIC, TMIC)
  125. Turbosmart, Unorthodox Racing, HKS, STi, Filters, Gaskets & More!
  126. Defi Sensors
  127. May Exhaust Extravaganza! HKS, Greddy, Apexi, TurboXS, Perrin, Bosal!
  128. SARD Parts are here!
  129. Turboxs Perrin Walbro STI injector/pump combo's Best pricing in town!
  130. GP Moto 28LB Titanium Turboback (Steel DP w/ Titanium Catback)
  131. For N/A guys only! (EJ25 SOHC, or Phase 2 EJ22 SOHC)
  132. PerfectPower w/ Tuning Cable and Software $459 Shipped.
  133. SUN Automobile Cyber Speed Voltage/Grounding System
  134. Borla, Helix, Perrin, Samco
  135. Borla, Helix, Perrin, Samco
  136. Moving Sale, everything must go, Aquamist, TurboXS, IPD
  137. 2nd Change MadDad(TM) Velocity Uppipe/Header deal
  138. TurboXS UTEC Super sale, limited time only! Unbelievable :)
  139. 3 day sale: JDM Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valves for QUICK oil changes
  140. SMP, TurboXS, Perrin, STI Pinks, IHI Turbos, Espelir, ETC.
  141. GP Moto 3.0" twin tip exhaust discount
  142. Record Inventory Levels!!! Need To Sell Asap!!! ARC, HKS, FP Turbos, Perrin, TurboXS
  143. Heads Up! New Prodrive Shipment (and new Prodrive products) Coming Soon
  144. TurboXS FMIC's, UTEC's, Intakes CHEAP!
  145. 2 Containers landed! JDM STi's Forsale
  146. APS, Turbo XS Exhausts and Intercoolers, Perrin Fuel Rails, Borla Exhausts
  147. Fujitsubo Exhaust System US SPEC (Header, Downpipe and Cat Back) - In Stock !!!
  148. Kingpin sales post..
  149. APS, Borla, Cobb, GP Moto, Greddy, Helix, Stromung, Prodrive
  150. APS, Borla, Cobb, GP Moto, Helix,
  151. Jun, Wiseco, STi, Greddy, Gruppe-S and MORE POWER SALE !
  152. HKS Carbon Ti Catback for WRX/STi on special!!!
  153. Super HKS Specials For All WRX / STi . Check it ~!
  154. GNV Power Packages now for sale! Stage 0, 1, 2 and 3 released!
  155. APS, Invidia, TurboXS and More!
  157. IHI VF34s and VF22s IN STOCK! APS SR40, SR55, and DR65 as well!
  158. Edo Performance
  159. TurboXS Memorial Day Weekend Sale! 10% OFF EVERYTHING!
  160. Too low to list - Borla Legacy GT catbacks
  161. Cobb DOWNPIPES for LEGACY GT - the long wait is over!
  162. ScoobySport NA / Hayward&Scott Uppipes/Downpipes Immediate Availability
  163. 20% off Genuine SPT performance parts
  164. JDM/USDM Motors (STi/WRX/FXT) & MORE in stock !
  165. GP Moto Closeouts - SMOKIN' DEALS
  166. Summer's coming blowout, Stromung, Borla Header, Perrin, STi Block, PDE Closeout!!!
  167. Invidia and Worx Clearance Sale @ Wired Speedlab!!
  168. 375HP Packages in stock! IHI VF34 + Fuel $1349!! Ecutek Available!! Also EJ257 SWAP
  169. S-AFC II Black special Buy $295 Shipped
  170. PerfectPower w/ Tuning Cable and Software $459 Shipped.
  171. Cobb, Cusco, GP Moto, Helix, and Perrin
  172. Prodrive Oval Tip Mufflers - JUST ARRIVED.
  173. IHI VF34 Power Packages in stock, STi injectors in stock!
  174. Finally ESPELIR catback back in stock: 3 ways to make a turbo back for under 850.00!
  175. SARD Parts Now Available Through RavSpec !!!! (all in stock)
  176. Custom Oil Cooler Kit, SUN voltage/grounding, ARC titanium panel /oil catch tank etc
  177. Must See Deals Pricing Posted - JSC Speed
  178. New JDM Container just landed ! JDM H6/FXT/WRX Motors & MORE !
  179. We have ITG Air Filters in stock and ready to ship!
  180. Closeout Special on Unorthodox Lightweight Pulley Sets for WRX/STi in BLACK
  181. ARC - Oil catch tank - Pulley Cover - Radiator Shroud
  182. Fujitsubo Legalis-R and Super EX Exhausts in stock
  183. New shipment of Prodrive just arrived!
  184. STi Pink Injectors, Power Enterprise Injectors, and Walbro Pumps
  185. Super Samco Sale!
  186. SSI Track Spec Kit / Video / GP Moto
  187. Don't wait for custom headwork - Cosworth 10K RPM Heads IN STOCK
  188. Gruppe-S June Specials ! JDM Motors, Turbos, Exhausts and MORE !
  189. Extreme Sale: Utecs,Fmic,Exhausts(PM US)-Turboxs,Helix,Greddy,Invidia,Bosal,
  190. PDE Uppipe/Downpipe Installed Specials
  191. MadDad(TM) Exhausts and more at Daddy's SCP - good stuff inside
  192. Helix catted downpipes and uppipes back in stock!
  193. Sale: Sbc Dc, Sbc Id, Air Impulse, Power Meter, Intercooler Splitter, Timing Belt!!!
  194. Garage Sale! Miscellaneous engine / power parts
  195. Blow Out On Blitz, Power Enterprise, And Zerosports!!!
  197. Invidia, HKS, RS-R, Greddy, Koyo, Magnaflow and more...The NASIOC blowout!!
  198. Process West Front Mount Oil Cooler - In Stock!!
  199. 2 Invidia G200's WRX Brand New $565 Shipped
  200. Engine Clearance ! Must Go Now ! Pricing Only Good While in Stock !
  201. Lots of Invidia In-Stock
  202. Cusco Turbo Heatshields and Radiator Cooling Panels!
  203. Best Pricing on Walbro, Turboxs, Perrin, STI Pink Injectors
  204. Sexy HOT Summer sale!
  205. Borla/Bosal Turbobacks
  206. Borla and Bosal now available at GNV Motorsports! Check it out!
  207. TXS/Invidia/RSR/HKS/Greddy/Tanabe/Koyo/Magnaflow and more, the NASIOC blowout!
  208. Helix Catted Downpipes in stock + TurboXS blow out
  209. In Stock Ready To Ship!!!!
  210. EDO Performance sale on Zerosports, HKS, Greddy, Power Enterprise, Blitz
  211. Only At Crucial Racing!
  212. Prodrive Oval Tip Mufflers / Free Shipping
  213. Operation - INVENTORY BLOWOUT - Too many brands to post - COME NOW @ Wired Speedlab!!
  214. 4th of JULY WEEKEND SALE!
  215. Fujitsubo Super Exhaust Sale!!
  216. STI Injectors, VF34's, Turbo Combos, and Engines now in stock!!!
  217. FP 18g shelf cleaning sale $850 (ported and polished)
  218. 2005 One-week Inventory Liquidation Sale - Everything Must Go (and At Insane Prices!)
  219. 4th Of July Sale!! STI Injectors, TurboXS Clearance!
  220. Huge Part out bargain sale
  221. TopSpeed's "STI" Power Packages
  222. Borla "Hush" cat-back in stock. Get 'em while they last!
  223. PE and STi Injectors, STi & WRX.
  224. Huge Exhaust Sale! (Borla/Stromung)
  225. Fujitsubo Exhaust System US Spec
  226. APS Muffler WRX/STI
  227. BORLA SELL-OFF! Last ones in stock!
  228. Part out and (With added Pics) and Fujitsubo Sale
  229. Complete V3 Sti drivetrain!
  230. Custom T3/t4 turbo kit!
  231. PDE UP/DP catted and catless prices
  232. World One Performance Website v3.0 Launched! Lowest Pricing Ever for 1 week!!
  233. All summer get an extra 5% off on HKS, Sard, Fujitsubo, Apexi, GReddy, Samco
  234. RalliSpec Clearance Sale
  235. Summer Clearance: Power Enterprise, Perrin, GPmoto, Samco, GFB, Borla
  236. Lots of popular items back in stock: Helix and others...
  237. Bosal Uppipes $159 shipped, Bosal Downpipes $319 shipped
  238. Parting RSK B-4 engine T Turbos ect
  239. Axis Stg2 block, JDM Take off's, Turbo kits!
  240. New! TurboXS rear section for Forester XT!
  241. Performance Design Engineering Downpipes and Uppipes
  242. Til next Monday only! VF34, Pink Injectors, and Walbro Pump for $1199 shipped!!!
  243. Turbos Kits, Injectors, Perrin, HKS, Greddy, PE, Axis, Koyo & More Instock
  244. Norm Reeves Summer Super Sale!! Invidia, Cobb, GReddy, K&N and much more
  245. Momentum Turbos
  246. Only 1 at this price! Helix Turbo Back and Gruppe-S V2 Header Package - $999 Shipped!
  247. PDXTuning's Online Grand Opening Blowout!
  248. Special on TurboXS TMICs and FMICs!
  249. VF34 w/Pinks and Pump $1299!!
  250. Fujitsubo Power Getter and RM-01A - USDM Spec