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  1. Innovate LM1 Wideband Blowout Sale
  2. Arc / Espelir Over Stock Blow Out Sale
  3. APS, Skunk 2, Borla, Cobb
  4. Deep Freeze Cryogenics Aug Engine Specials
  5. New Invidia V3 Divorced Wastegate Downpipes in Stock.
  6. $1199 VF34 Combo - Back due to popular demand!
  7. Turboxs Fmic:Tmic:Tbe:Utec Extreme Sale + Boostcontrollers Extra's
  8. EJ20 STi ver7 engines
  9. Power Steering Lines are more fires..
  10. Perrin Turbo Inlet Hoses in stock!
  11. HOT new item from Invidia!!! Down Pipe V3 (Divorced Wate)
  12. APS - Turbos, Front Mounts, Exhausts, all in stock!
  13. Turbo XS Blowout Sale
  14. All Helix and WRX/STi power packages are back in Stock!!!
  15. Cobb Tuning downpipes for Legacy GT automatics are here
  16. Hayward&Scott/ScoobySport NA dual tips available right now
  17. Limited time only: Helix TMIC back in stock, guaranteed huge savings!!!
  18. 1 set of STi Pink Injectors in stock on sale
  19. 1 set of STi Pink Injectors in stock on sale
  20. Braille Lightweight Battery and Free goodies
  21. GP Moto Semi-Equal Length Headers
  22. AEM Wideband UEGO Meters on Sale!
  24. GB pricing without the GB, TXS/Invidia/RSR/Tanabe/Espelir/Walbro and more!!
  25. 02-03 CF or Kevlar Radiator Cooling Plates
  26. New Product Bosal Catback plus Borla, Samco, STi Injectors and more
  27. Perrin Turbo Inlet Hoses In Stock!!!
  28. Helix Back In Stock!!!!
  29. Intakes, Exhausts, Headers, Downpipes, Gauges, Upipes, Intercoolers and more :)
  30. Kingpin's Name Your Own Price Sale!
  31. ZERO/SPORTS Exhaust Manifold & World Leaguer Exhaust System!
  32. New Crazy Pricing: HKS, Greddy, Helix, Borla, IHI, STi, PE, etc!!!
  33. Crazy Pricing For Injectors And Pumps (STI, PE, Walbro) !!!!
  34. 2 APS Pallets, 1 Prodrive Pallet, Tons of Invida and TurboXS
  35. PDE Downpipe Clearance! Only a few left.
  36. Momentum EJ5-40T Combo + ITG and Stromung!
  37. MadDad(TM), Borla w/3" Adapter, Bosal, ScoobySport NA/H&S, Stromung
  38. Used STi short block
  39. NX, Nitrous Express Sale!
  40. Exhaust Sale! Koyo, HKS, Power Enterprise! [email protected]@k
  41. Perrin Black WRX Intercooler Hoses, $89 Shipped!
  42. Power Packages: Invidia, Helix, COBB, K&N and Kartboy Blowout Sale!!!
  43. 3 days only!!! VF34 Power Package + Helix TMIC + FREE Option Video - $1749 Shipped!!!
  44. Labor Day Weekend Sale!
  45. Blitz, ARC, Greddy, APS, Espelir, Turbo XS, Perrin and MORE!!!
  46. GP Moto's Top Mount Intercooler September Sale!
  47. Weekedn only blowout:ARC/Fujitsubo/Helix/P.MU/TXS UTEC/Invidia UNBEATABLE!!
  48. NEW Best Pricing on Walbro, Turboxs, Perrin, Utec's, Intercoolers etc
  49. AVO Japan - Introduction thread
  50. TurboXS Exhaust systems ON SALE! 5% off prices listed.
  51. 1 JDM STi S202 Titanium Exhaust
  52. 1 Day Only! USDM STi 2.5L Short Block - $1399 plus shipping
  53. Helix Downpipes In Stock
  54. VF34 Package + Helix TMIC + FREE Option Video - $1749 Shipped! And much much more!
  55. Packages Deals +Txs|Ej5-40T|Invidia|Cobb|Injen|Helix|Samco|Borla + ETC ETC
  56. Just Released Invidia Catted Down Pipe!!!
  57. USDM Sti motor Swap, Random parts.
  58. ALL Helix in stock, also lots of HKS, Greddy, Borla, IHI, STi, PE and others!!!
  59. Sti V2 rare closed deck block swap!
  61. Turbos, turbos, and more turbos, best products with best support!
  62. PDXTuning Exclusive *Limited Edition Red* Perrin Front Mount Intercooler 02+ WRX/STi
  63. Got engine mods? Get a qualitiy Fire Extinguisher and mount from
  64. WRX Heads and STi V6 JDM heads
  65. Speedmonkee Radiator
  66. Redline Powerpack Complete WRX/STi Fluid Kit, Free Oil Filter!
  67. XO2 Racing 03-05 Wrx/sti TMIC Top Mount Intercooler Sale!!
  68. Helix Catted Downpipes!!!
  69. Price reduction: Stainless Steel power steering lines..
  70. Cooling package specials! Rad Caps, T-Stats, Shrouds. 15% & 25% off inside!
  71. Helix/Fujitsubo/TXS/UTEC/ARC/RSR/INVIDIA/Espelir/Koyo/BuddyClub/SARD & more!!
  72. 1 JDM STI V7 EJ207 (Early V7) - $2999 + Shipping (Everything else in stock too!!!)
  73. Warehouse Clearance - JDM STI V7 EJ207, JDM STI V7 Hybrid, JDM EJ205 AVCS!!
  74. Fizz Autosports Engine/Power/Exhaust
  75. APS FMIC'S, Invidia Catted Downpipes, Cobb Accessports IN STOCK
  76. Helix/Borla Combo, Perrin, Greddy, HKS, IHI, & More In Stock!!!
  77. Fall Specials: DIY Maintenance, CryO2, STi, Turbosmart, MUCH MORE!
  78. GNV Motorsports September Exhaust and FMIC Specials!
  79. Front Mount Oil Cooler!
  80. Insane Power Enterprise 850CC STI Injector blowout! Turboxs, Perrin, Walbro Specials
  81. Momentum 40T w/Injectors and Pump only $1199!!!
  82. End Of Summer In Stock Blowout!!!
  83. Greddy Need To buy Now! They Are Slicing And Dicing!
  84. OM*G, Cosworth heads are here. (56k run and hide)
  85. Just in! Element Tuning External WG Uppipes, more power, more boost, zero creep!
  86. JDM CONTAINER LANDED - Transmissions, Engines, Suspension, etc.
  87. GTSPEC Gen2 Headers Free Ground Shipping
  88. Exhaust specials, Injector/FP combos, Turbo packages!
  89. F1DYNO Blowout Sale ! Greddy/TurboXS/Invidia/Perrin/Spearco/Apexi/Snow Performance !
  90. Modded STi / LGT injectors
  91. Aquamist and $66 JDM STi Spec C 12L tanks
  92. TURBO XS at the BEST prices from your TURBO XS source, World One.
  93. TurboXS DTEC Boost Controller Pro
  94. Perrin Single Tip Cat-Backs, Perrin Inlet Hoses, GT-Spec Headers, GP Moto Headers
  95. Samco Hose Sale
  96. Amerex Chrome Halotron Fire Extinguishers. NICE! Sale priced from!!!
  97. *** Exhaust Special (Buddy Club and Fujitsubo!!) ***
  98. 1X JDM FXT Motor, $799 TBEs, Turbo Packages, Injector / FP Combos!
  99. Great uppipe w/ gaskets sale! ...only one little catch :-)...
  100. Overstock on Helix Catted DP's
  101. Fujitsubo/Invidia/Espelir/SUN
  102. 2.2 liter OEM closed deck SHORTBLOCKS-here!
  103. Greddy Overstocked Items ....
  104. In stock Turboback Specials!!! $1199 Shipped VF34 Turbo Package!!!
  105. MauroMotorsports STi USED Part-Out Sale
  106. Perrin fuel rails, Sti ps coolers, Perrin BOv's, Misc Goodies.
  107. Prodrive Legacy Mufflers have arrived!!
  108. AVO FMIC sale, used V8 STI RA longblock
  109. Super Engine Parts Blowout!!!! Mahle's, Crower, ARP!!!!!
  110. Walbro Fuel Pumps $78.99 Shipped
  111. Project Car Heaven: EJ20 for sale. Tranny, too.
  112. APS, Cobb, Stromung, 5 ZIGEN, Skunk 2
  113. Braille Lightweight Racing Battery!
  114. Crucial CUSTOM engine services! Head work, extrude honing, flow bench, coating, more.
  115. VF39/VF34s in stock! Injectors/Fuel pumps! Exhausts & MORE!
  116. Walbro Pumps 71.99 shipped! Power Enterprise injectors Turboxs, Perrin
  117. October deals, Perrin, Bosal, Borla, Blitz, TurboXS!
  118. Greddy, APS, Cobb, TurboXS and more!
  119. Free Shipping All Perrin, Stromung, Injen, AVO, Borla + Check Clearance Items!
  120. 1X Gruppe-S Built EJ257, Injector Blow Out, $1199 VF34 Packages!!!
  121. JDM Heaven- Fujitsubo, Sard, Zerosports (instock)
  122. 1X Gruppe-S Built EJ257, Injector Blow Out, $1199 VF34 Packages!!!
  123. Nasioc Is Working Again Blowout Sale!!!!!
  124. Apexi Super AFC (SAFC2) SUPER SALE!! $269 SHIPPED!!
  126. Halloween Four Day Weekend Sale
  127. If you love boobies as much as we do, check out our sale!!!
  128. Helix back in stock! Alky Injection! Turbos, Injectors, Exhaust!!!
  129. Brand New Site Sale!!!
  130. SUPER Crucial Coolsafe Thermostat Sale!!! ...cuz summer's over...
  131. Gruppe-S Built Motor Packages! Alky Injection! Helix and much more!
  132. Garage Sale - New & Used Stock Parts
  133. New Vendor!! Invidia and HKS Exhaust Clearance @ AF-Performance!
  134. COBB, APS, JDM parts
  135. Insane Crazy Certified Injector Blowout!!! 2 Days Only!!!
  136. JDM Sti ver7 motor blow out $3799
  137. K&N Typhoon Intake - Wrinkle Red Finish
  138. Buddy Club/carbing/fujitsubo/helix/koyo/megan Racing/samco ....
  139. APS cool air intakes ready to ship!
  140. 2006 Accessports in stock!
  141. Turbo XS, Invidia and Perrin MEGA-HUGENESS-SUPERSALE!!!
  142. One stop shop:VF34 kits,Helix, Invidia, K&N, GReddy,SMP,COBB and DIY 30/60/90k Kits
  143. 2005 STi type RA axle back as new take-offs..
  144. FP Red, Perrin 816 Injectors, Walbro 255L FP - 1 only at $1999 Shipped!!!
  145. APS Parts available
  146. STi GroupN Motor, Pitch, Tranny Mounts Instock
  147. APS, Cobb, TurboXS, Invidia and Prodrive
  148. November Inventory Sale!!!!
  149. November Inventory Sale!!!!
  150. We're starting the holiday season early. Pre-holiday sale time!!!
  151. A few excess items cheap..
  152. Your ultimate engine performance parts source; COBB/PERRIN/GP MOTO/ TURBOXS etc.
  153. [Need2Sellnow Greddy E01+ProfecB ASAP] REG -Txs,Helix,Bosal,Borla,Invidia,NJK,Aps
  154. Invidia And Espelir Exhaust Sale! Lowest Prices Guaranteed!
  155. Super Sale: Forced Air Catless Up-pipes
  156. Injected Performance Sale!! [email protected]@K
  157. New Lightweigtt Battery 11.5 LBS
  158. Xo2 Racing Fmic Front Mount Intercooler Kit Wrx/sti 02-05
  159. Thanksgiving Sale from EAuto!!
  160. STI Utec, Perrin Fuel rails, and lots more!
  161. 71.99 Fuel Pumps, Turboxs Combo's, Injector specials, Power Enterprise! Best Pricing!
  162. GT SPec Manifold/Up-Pipe Combos are Back!!!
  163. JDM Container! Built Motors, Alky Injection, Power Packages and much more!
  164. XMAS Sales - Engine, Exhaust, Drivetrain, Cooling and More!! HO HO HO
  165. 4 day Thanksgiving Weekend Sale
  166. Perrin GT30R/GT35R Downpipe & Uppipe - Pre-order only
  167. Holiday Sale - Borla, Bosal, Cobb, UTEC, Samco, Perrin
  168. Turbo Xs Christmas Super Sale!!!!!
  169. vf34 new for $799 today only
  170. GP Moto Top Mount Blow Out!!! $499.00
  171. Holiday sales:Fujitsubo/ARC/Invidia/Carbing/Magnaflow/TurboXS/Helix/RSR/NEW TANABE
  172. FS: 02-03-04-05-06 WRX/STI Catback EXHUAST + Downpipe COMBO $329.00 SHIPPED
  173. 03-04-05 MITSUBISHI LANCER EVO VIII 8 Catback+Downpipe COMBO $329.00 SHIPPED
  174. Perrin Uppipe/Downpipe Combo (Must sell, CHEAP!!!!)
  175. Sti Utec, Perrin Fuel Rails, Crucial Thermostats, ETC!
  176. Xmas 4 Turboxs/Beat Pricing: +Helix,Bosal,Borla,Invidia,NJK,Aps
  177. Finally! Affordable Injectors (Helix)! Power Packages! Built Motors! Accessories!
  178. ___ X'mas ENGINE/POWER/EXHAUST Super Sale ___
  179. Ultimate Racing GT35R Turbo Kits! Now more affordable than ever!
  180. APS, yum.
  181. 100MM Cometic Head Gaskets In Stock!
  182. New Greddy Full Turbo Back Titanium Exhaust+Everything Else
  183. Ho Ho Ho... Jolly old W1 is here with Turbo XS, ARC, Greddy, Perrin, and Invidia!!!
  184. Kingpin Inventory Blowout!!
  185. An Oil Cooler done properly! Affordable Injectors! Power Packages! Built Motors!
  186. AVO Christmas Sale
  187. Christmas presents you want to find under your tree. Invidia|Helix|COBB and More....
  188. APS D/R 725 Intercoolers!
  189. APS, Cobb, Stromung, Borla, and Skunk 2
  190. Unbelievable Sale TurboXS DTEC Boost Controller Pro
  191. S202 Complete SWAP Ultimate JDM Swap!
  192. STi Pink Injector BLOWOUT SALE **$350 Shipped**
  193. December Uppipe/Downpipe Blow-out
  194. Invidia Specials !!!
  195. FREE INVIDIA Uppipes
  196. Turbo's Galore!
  197. On the Eighth Day of Christmas....
  198. Downpipe Holiday Sale - Invidia, Perrin, Helix
  199. JDM ZeroSports Exhaust Package and More Sale!
  200. Complete 22,000 Mi. USDM part out! Complete 2.5L motor, 6 sp, more.
  201. Element Built EJ20 Long Block
  202. JDM CONTAINER: Turbos, Injectors, Engines, Helix Parts, Exhausts, Oil Coolers & more!
  203. 1 APS SR40 in stock ... will beat any price
  204. Awesome Pricing on Process West Oil Coolers and MORE!
  205. Crazy Helix Downpipe Sale! Helix Uppipes Back in Stock !
  206. RalliTEK WRX Stage1 Holiday Special
  207. New Process West Distribution
  208. TURBO XMAS NEW Prices-Turboxs,Momentum,Perrin,Greddy,Invidia,Helix,Cobb
  209. JDM VER8 twin scroll drivetrain, JDM STi ver7 engine, 6 speeds etc...
  210. Kingpin Misc. Blowout
  211. You want it, we have it sale! Cosworth, Cobb, TXS, Perrin, etc.
  213. BLOWOUT- Greddy T67 $2550 SHIPPED
  214. Mahle/Crower/ARP/Samco/Koyo/TXS/PE Super Winter Sale! We Will Not Be Undersold!
  215. 25% off all SPT parts from Langston plus a surprise!
  216. Fuel Management Package Deals and More!
  217. Exhausts! Cheap! Look!
  218. Exhaust Sale! - Invidia, Perrin, RalliTEK, AVO...
  219. After New Years TurboXS Blowout from GNV!
  220. New Years Clearance Sale - ARC, Espelir, Turbo XS, and Perrin
  221. Perrin and Borla Performance Products, NEW YEAR SALE! FREE GIFTS INSIDE!
  222. Aerosim Research Blowout Sale
  223. Overstock specials: Invidia/Cobb/Walbro/STi/Magnaflow/Fujitsubo/RSR/TXS/Helix
  224. Defi Gauges and Pods instock/onsale
  225. Perrin GT30R and GT35R Turbokits, Borla Exhaust Special! Free Gifts Too!
  226. TurboXS, Perrin, Worx tuning, Samco, Cusco, ALL IN STOCK!
  227. ITG Panel Filters 25% off 1 Week Only!
  228. 2006 Specials - Maintain Your Subie!
  229. Built STi V8 Longblock, Helix, Jet Hot Coated Headers, Turbo Packages...
  230. Perrin EBCS sale
  231. Turbo XS Madness!!! We've even got crazy package deals too!!!
  232. TurboXS sale & Greddy Exhausts, BOV, T67 Turbo Kit, HKS Hiper and Carbon-Ti
  233. AF-Performance January Fiasco!! AEM/Apexi/Invidia/HKS/Greddy and More!
  234. New CRUCIAL exhaust parts, Cu-Seal gaskets, and more!
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  236. Access Port, COBB, APS, JDM motors and trannys
  237. JDM take offs and new parts
  238. Borla, Bosal, Cobb, Helix, TXS and Samco instock
  239. Tein 05+ STi Flex Coilovers- 1 set instock
  240. Engine Performance Upgrade Specials @ AF-Performance!!
  241. Greddy Exhaust Specials!!!!
  242. Over Stock Clearance Sale!! Must Go!! Sale!!!!
  243. Borla STi & Hush with 3 Inch Flage Adapters
  244. All Invidia Catback, Downpipes for sale!!!
  245. Turbo XS FMIC, Downpipes on sale!
  246. 60 Sets of STi Pink Injectors!!!!!
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  249. Process West oil coolers for your WRX or STi
  250. SMC Alcohol/Water Injection system!!!!!