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  1. Helix Cams back in stock - $519 Shipped! STi Mounts! Cobb APs in stock! Helix DPs!
  2. Borla XR-1 Catback Exhaust
  3. We've moved!!! In stock blowout!!! Perrin, TurboXS, Pistons, Rods, Turbos and more!
  4. Aquamist Water Injection
  5. Insane Weekend Specials!!!! Specials on: BOV's, Exhausts & More!!!
  6. Invidia N1 & G200 Catback + Invidia Down/Up Pipes @ AF-Performance!!
  7. Huge APS Shipment!
  8. Helix V3 Downpipes - $199 Shipped: Catless / $329 Shipped: Catted!!! Much more too!
  9. APS, Borla, Cobb Access Ports, JIC and Helix V2 Downpipes
  10. 3 APS DR525 FMICs ready to ship! Check here for details.
  11. HKS Hiper and Carbon Ti and GReddy EVO2 exhausts ready to ship and on sale!
  12. Combo Sales on New AEM Boost Controller/Wideband and Accessports!
  13. 05 STI 6sp Complete with DCCD comp/Diff/4x Axles and 3 used VF 39s/Brembos Cheap!!
  14. 35 Cobb Access Ports in Sock! TurboXS Clearance Perrin Clearance Blitz Greddy Invida
  15. Exhaust systems priced to sell!!!
  17. 73.99 Fuel Pumps, Coolingmist stage II specials, Turboxs, Forge, SBR, Perrin specials
  18. wbr front mount released
  19. WACKY!! Turbo XS Catless Turbo Back Exhaust with Uppipe Combo!!
  20. Invidia/Fujitsubo/ARC/HKS/Tanabe/Cobb/Koyo/Blitz/Turbo-XS/Perrin/PE/Walbro/Magnaflow
  21. $50 Factory Cash Back from TurboXS on WRX and STi FMICs
  22. Best Prices on Snow Performance Alcohol Injection Kits...
  23. JDM sti motors, PE injectors, Cobb Accessports, Greddy catbacks
  24. COBB catted downpipes in stock!
  25. Perrinn Exh.Manifold & GT30/35R Kit , Borla hush, DCSports uppipe, and more ...
  26. FP Green Turbos In Stock!!
  27. FS: Snow Performance Boost Cooler
  28. Fujitsubo, Walbro, Koyo, Samco, Wiseco, PE, Sard, HKS, Apexi, Greddy
  29. Cobb Exhaust A Plenty
  30. Helix Injectors, VF22s, VF34s, Helix DPs, Helix Cams, cheap accessories all in stock!
  31. FS: AEM Wideband Sensor/Gauge
  32. Turbo XS Front Mount Intercooles $899 Shipped Plus $50 Chash Back Until Aug 20th!!!!
  33. Turbo XS Front Mount Intercoolers $899 Shipped Plus $50 Cash Back Until Aug 20th!!!!
  34. Alcohol/Water Injection kits in stock
  35. Only Exhausts! *JIC, Invidia, HKS, Greddy Cobb + more*
  36. 2 TurboXS STi UTECs and 1 TurboXS FMIC dirt cheap! Limited time offer.
  37. ALL things PERRIN sale!
  38. TurboXS Clearance Items! 2 STi UTECs, open-box FMIC for cheap, and TXS Intake!
  39. Overstock 3 04 STI Cobb Access Ports 2 05 STI Access Ports FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!!
  40. TurboXS is giving away cash, who wants some?
  41. BUILD YOUR MOTOR! Helix 264 Camshafts, +2mm Long Rod Ratio Kit, Forged Components
  42. 2006 WRX Turbo Combos, Forged internals, Helix Injectors, Helix Cams, & More!!!
  43. Wrx Sti Dp Sale.
  44. COBB AccessPorts FREE overnight shipping plus free shipping on all other COBB parts
  45. Greddy E-MANAGE ULTIMATE Boomslang
  46. Big Crucial Racing parts sale! Cooling parts, midpipes, and more...
  47. Tanabe Concept Blue G Turbo Back Cheap!
  48. Tanabe Concept Blue G Turbo Back Cheap!
  49. TurboXS UTECs and Cobb Accessports on sale. FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!
  50. Cobb AP/ST/SF Intake and Invidia blow out sale
  51. Labor day sale! generous discounts on all brand we carry
  52. 73.99 Fuel Pumps, Forge, Power Enterprise,Coolingmist, Turboxs, SBR, Perrin BLOWOUT!
  53. $1249 VF22 / VF34 Turbo / Inj. / FP Combos, Helix DPs, Cams, Injectors!!!
  54. JDM Motors, Heads, Turbos, PE injectors, all must go, go, go!!!
  55. JDM Motors, Heads, Turbos, PE injectors, all must go, go, go!!!
  56. New from TurboXS: WRX bolt-on bypass valve
  57. Massiv USA exhaust Introduction Sale
  58. We are Crazy for Selling TurboXS and Invidia Products This Low! Cobb, Perrin, Blitz!!
  59. 73.99 Fuel Pumps, Cobb AP, Power Enterprise, Turboxs, Perrin, Forge, Coolingmist!
  60. Great Deals On The Following Parts!
  61. Wrx Sti Fmic And Tmic!!!
  62. TurboXS UTEC STi- $835 SHIPPED
  63. GT35R Kits, Fuel Systems, Engine Internals and more!
  64. 5% off Labor Day Weekend Sale
  65. Perrin Turbo Kit Sale -GT35/30R- Free Shipping
  66. One-off Forged Engines Built by Gruppe-S
  67. One-off Forged Engines by Gruppe-S, IHI Turbos, APs, & other goodies
  68. Tanabe Concept Blue G TBE
  69. 16G and 20G Turbo's, ACT Clutches, IN STOCK!!!
  70. $1599 Forged Shortblocks/$1199 12 second combo/Built Motors/Turbos/Injectors/CoBB AP
  71. WANTED V8 left side cams and valves
  72. Ultimate Racing T3/T04S Turbo Kit
  73. mspt specials--
  74. TurboXS - $25 Cash Back on WRX Fuel Rails (MY2005-MY2005)
  75. JIC, Cobb, Invidia, Stromung, Helix, Borla and Aps
  76. Special Pricing: Titek, Invida, Helix, HKS, DC Sport, Apex'i
  77. Titek DP's & Turbo Back Specials, JIC MAGIC, Invidia, HKS, Greddy ++
  78. Titek Innovations WRX/STi Upipes, Downpipes & catted Downpipes! In STOCK ready to GO!
  79. Downpipes, Uppipes and Catbacks!! Package Specials!
  80. Big & Rare STI JDM stock
  81. Cobb Access Ports All Years In Stock FREE OVERNIGHT SHIPPING!!!!
  82. 3" axleback adapter
  83. Yeah, we're Kartboy whores!!
  84. Exhaust sale!
  85. September Sales Event: Everything Zero/Sports and Power Enterprise
  86. Gruppe-S 4-1 Headers/$1599 Forged blocks/VF22s/Built Motors/Turbos/Injectors/CobbAPs
  87. SBR's BOV/WG/MBC Sale!
  88. TurboXS Summer is nearly over (SORRY!!) SALE
  89. APS Cobb Cosworth Prodrive TurboXS HKS Greddy Invidia Forced Performance!!
  90. Helix Downpipes $199 Shipped!Gruppe-S 4-1 Headers/$1599 Engines/VF22s/Turbos/Injector
  91. madness....shortblocks, used exhaust, more
  92. Slowboy Racing SBR Brand Parts Sale!
  93. Crucial Racing Uppipes! Pre-order now, ship next week! + cooling parts sale still on!
  94. H6 Shortblock forsale.
  95. IHI VF22 Package - $1149 Shipped (3 at this price)!!, Cobb AP available
  96. Invidia N1, G200, Downpipes and Up-Pipes on Sale @ AF-Performance!!
  97. Fujitsubo RM01A Exhaust
  98. APS FMIC-Titek Exhaust Blowout-HKS-Tanabe-Magnaflow-Invidia-Blitz-TXS-Cobb and more!
  99. Perrin Performance Product Sale! Borla Hush Special!
  100. Tanabe MONSTER Cocept G Blue! turbo back!
  101. Insane October sales!-73.99 Fuel Pumps, Perrin, Turboxs, Power Enterprise
  102. Buddy Club Racing Spec III Exhaust!
  103. WBR500whp FMIC
  104. 1 Turbo XS Hardware Kit for a Turbo Back Exhaust
  105. Samco Hose Packages
  106. EJ25 Turbo Engines in stock, EJ25 Turbo Long Block ($2599), 2006 Plastic Reservoir
  107. COBB * TurboXS * Perrin *Invidia *Greddy *Blitz * Clearance Sale!!
  108. Invision Performance Exhaust/intake/downpipe Sale..
  109. FP GREEN 8CM Combo! EJ25 Turbo Engines
  110. Titek Uppipe and Downpipes. Check out our special promotion
  111. FP GREEN 8CM Combo! EJ25 Turbo Engines, Greddy EVO 2 (STI), Gruppe-S Headers!
  112. Greddy, HKS, TiAL, Prodrive and More!!!!!
  113. COBBAP & Helix 860cc ($999)*GREEN 8CM Combo! EJ25 LongBlocks*Greddy EVO 2*4-1 Headers
  114. APS STI TMICs in stock! Ready to ship TODAY.
  115. COBB down pipes,Access ports with free overnight shipping and Ver 7 JDM engine
  116. FREE TurboXS BOV or Radiator Peformance Pack w/ every TurboXS TMIC Purchased!
  117. 04 STI gas tank
  118. $175.00 SS midpipe
  119. Blow Out Sale! Items At Cost!!
  120. Pulleys, hoses and more ready to ship
  121. Slowboys Engine Internal Sale!!
  122. ARK/AEM/Apexi/Blitz/Invidia/Injen/Fujitsubo/GReddy/HKS/RSR/Tanabe/JIC/Titek
  123. Massiv - USA Best Deal of the year sale
  124. Boost Controllers, Turbo Timers and Blow off Valves : all priced to go!!
  125. Process West V mount - Take a look!
  126. DeatschWerks Injector Sale EJ20 & EJ25
  127. APS CAI, Cobb-Like Short Ram, Gauge cluster bezel, other misc
  128. Garret GT3076R Turbos!
  129. Tanabe Medalion Touring Cat-Back Systems back in stock!!! 93dB!
  130. Cobb & TurboXS
  131. 2.5 Engine Part Out
  132. WBR500whp fmic/3"Axleback/3"Midpipe/Exhaust Adapters
  133. INSANE Cobb Access Port & Fuel Sale!!! Also EJ25 engines, Greddy Exhausts and more!!
  134. Slowboy Racing's Cat Back Exhaust Sale!
  135. Pre- SEMA sale!
  136. 1 TurboXS UTEC for the STi on heavy clearance -- 35% off retail.
  137. Invidia Downpipes and Catbacks in stock and on sale!
  138. cobb, spt intakes, perrin, invidia, greddy
  139. VF34 Combos Back!! Cobb APs running low!! EJ25 engines (built), Greddy Exhausts!!
  140. JIC doubles prices on full Ti catbacks. We bought all remaining in US at old cost 4 U
  141. Cobb AccessPort 2005 & 2006 WRX in stock.
  142. Borla, 1 GT35R kit, APS, Bosal in stock and lots more
  143. 5% off all Perrin Equal-Length Headers for the STi in stock!
  144. Overstock Sale!!
  145. Slowboy Racing's Bottom End Parts Sale!
  146. COBB and APS instock and ready to ship
  147. Helix Turbobacks (catted/non), Cobb AP's, VF34's, Helix Injectors, 4-1 Headers
  148. COBB TUNING Street, Race Downpipes, Cat Backs, Turbo Backs IN STOCK, NO WAITING !!!
  149. TurboXS Halloween and Pre-SEMA Special, with freebies! UTECs, ICs, Exhaust, and more!
  150. BC, Titek, HKS, JIC, PE, STi, Tanabe All On Sale!
  151. Slowboy Racing Sale for Oct 30-Nov 3
  152. Element Tuning GT65 Rotated Kits Ready to go! FAQ Inside!!! PICS and Plots!!
  153. Dyno Flash go fast parts sales ! HKS, Forge, Walbro, Perrin
  154. Cobb, Prodrive, Invidia, APS, TurboXS All in Stock!!
  155. Fall Cleaning House Sale! Turbo XS, Cobb, Greddy, Invidia, Perrin, Blitz
  156. Slowboy Super SEMA Sale
  157. SEMA Week Turbo Kit, TiTek, and TurboXS Craziness! GT65, GT52, GT49, 20G, and 18G!
  158. HELIX V3 uppipe(EWG) Ready to ship ($199!!), VF34 Combos, other good stuff!
  159. Turbos Turbos Turbos! Also Thermotec and Tial Products-New pricing!
  160. JDM! Aqua & Prova - The Biggest Deals!
  161. Cobb products GALORE...
  162. $74.99 Fuel Pumps, Perrin headers, Turboxs, Power Enterprise, Coolingmist!!
  163. Slowboy Racing Head Parts Sale!!!
  164. Chassis dyno And Tuning Available
  165. JDM specC4U new stock
  166. COBB Access port ver 2.0 pre order plus more COBB and APS
  167. FS: Slowboy Racing SBR-GT14 Turbo with Internal Wastegate $1390
  168. DPR Conical valve spring kit & Plasma direct Ignitions
  169. FS: APS 65mm Cold Air & Flip open Radio Pocket
  170. Free Shipping on ALL Cobb 3" Downpipes and Cat-Back Exhausts
  171. Perrin, Zerosports, K&N GT-Spec and more in stock!
  172. 1 Cobb Accessport for 2006 STi in stock -- brand new. Not V2.0
  173. Borla, APEX'i, Blitz, good times for all.
  174. Turbo XS/Perrin/Invidia/GT Spec/Power Enterprise/Walbro/Hallman
  175. Cleaning House Sale! Used and Old Inventory
  176. New Shipment!!! TurboXS*Perrin*Invidia*Cobb*Greddy*Blitz*Apexi
  177. APS, Borla, Helix, Cobb, Bosal, JIC and 1 GT35 Turbo Kit
  178. STI Length I BEAM RODS!!
  179. AEM Products - AEM EMS, Tru-Boost, UEGO, Tru-Time and gauges!!!
  180. APS/Tanabe/Blitz/HKS/Perrin, Best on Invidia/Magnaflow/Cobb/TXS
  181. Making the perfect sleeper -- TurboXS stealthback + Prodrive axleback packages!
  182. Garage Sale: Helix, Cobb, Pauter, etc. Plus CRUCIAL goodies on sale, in stock!!!!
  183. Ultimate Racing External Wastegate Up-Pipe with TiAL 44mm Wastegate
  184. New Cobb Accessport 2.0 $695 Order yours NOW!!!!
  185. Perrin FMIC & TMIC Intercooler Sale!!
  186. Slowboy Mid-Nov New Stuff!!
  187. Cobb, Prodrive, APS, FP ALL in STOCK!
  188. AEM, TiAL, Precision, CP, Brian Crower, and MORE!!!
  189. APS and COBB mega store
  190. Thanksgiving and Christmas specials!Synic Motorsports header exclusive!
  191. WB02 Combos, Helix V3 EWG Uppipe, Turbobacks at $599, WRX Access Ports!
  192. 10% Off Entire Website to celebrate the Holidays!
  193. DeatschWerks BRAND NEW 565cc EJ20 injectors (like STi pinks)
  194. TurboXS Holiday Madness -- Crazy Package Deals!
  195. AccessPORT 2.0 Thanksgiving Raffle Promotion
  196. Forged 2.5 - $2299, WB02 Combos, Helix V3 EWG Uppipe, Turbobacks @ $599, WRX Cobb APs
  197. Perrin's New Product!! Just in time for X-Mas!!!
  198. Slowboy Racing's End of November Sale!!
  199. Holiday Specials on APS, TXS, Cobb, Invidia, etc!!!
  200. $$$Samco hose CLEARANCE!$$$
  201. POWER package. Manley, Mahle, ARP, Brian Crower.
  202. Holiday Specials on Alcohol/Methanol/Water Injection kits...
  203. Vf-34 Turbo's In Stock $849.00 Shipped!!
  204. Forged 2.5 - $2299, VF-34 Package IN STOCK, WB02 Combos, Helix V3 EWG Uppipe
  205. Buy and AccessPORT-Win an iPOD nano 4GB
  206. Uppipe&Downpipe($299)/TD0620G($849)/VF34s($839)/GS650LR Engines/Perrin GT30R/Cosworth
  207. Holiday Specials on Alcohol/Methanol/Water Injection kits...
  208. Ultimate Racing GT35R Kits, Fuel System Upgrades, Engine Internals and MORE!!!
  209. Slowboy's Sale for the Week of December 3rd.
  210. Bolt on Subaru Big turbos!
  211. Winter Performance Special
  212. Huge end of the year sale!
  213. Power Parts!!!! HKS-GReddy-Defi-TurboXS-Cobb-Perrin-APS-Cusco-Fujitsubo + much more!
  214. Tis the season specials!
  215. $500 RS*R EXMAG WRX/STI 80mm
  216. TurboXS, PERRIN, Prodrive, Samco, Borla, Ansa, Denso, Helix, Kartboy, Koyo, HKS, OA
  217. GMoto's Crazy Sale on TurboXS, Invidia and Perrin Exhaust components and more!!!!
  218. APS, Cobb, Prodrive all in Stock!
  219. Take a leak....
  220. Perrin Crinkle Red FMIC blowout price
  221. STI 565cc/Up&Dp($299)/TD0620G($799)/VF34s($839)/GS650LR Engines/Perrin GT30R/Cosworth
  222. VF34&TMICpak($1899)/Tanabe G/UP&DP($299)TD0620G($799)/GS650LR Engines/Cosworth
  223. Xmas Sale!!! Perrin and Titek
  224. Element Tuning GT65 Turbo Kits and TurboXS Holiday Packages continue!
  225. Spec C 12 Liter I/C Tanks
  226. Cobb Tuning AccessPorts V2.0 In Stock !!!, Get them before XMAS !!!
  227. AP 2.0 in stock. Woot!
  228. AccessPORTs v2 in stock + COBB deals = happy holidays
  229. Pre-Order Pricing without the delay
  230. Holiday Tuning Sale: Injectors, Wideband O2, Boost Controllers
  231. COBB Access Ports v2.0 free overnight shipping
  232. $74.99 Fuel Pumps, Cobb AP, Perrin, Turboxs, Power Enterprise, Coolingmist!!
  233. Cobb V2 Access Port Package $849.00 Free Install/tune!!! Turbo Packages & More!!!!
  234. 2.5L Access Port, IN STOCK!
  235. Cobb Access Port V2!! TurboXS Madness Sale!! Blitz, Invidia, Perrin, Exhaust Specials
  236. Cobb Accessport V2.0 in stock @ GNV -- ready to ship!
  237. RallySport Christmas Sale!!
  238. Cobb V2 Ap 899 Installed/tuned,
  239. Cobb V2 Ap Package $899, Vf34 Pack $1239, Helix Rr500 Avaliable And More
  240. Stage2 $1395 shipped
  241. Stage2 $1395 shipped + Cobb,HKS,GReddy,Tanabe,Titek,Invida,kartboy and many more!!!!!
  242. AEM Gauge Type Tru Boost Controller Sale - Plenty Available!!
  243. Slowboy Racing's New Years Sale
  244. Jdm Parts- free shipping on TurboXS, Perrin, Invidia, Injen, Cobb, Apex, Kartboy, etc
  245. New Vendor! Build Short Blocks&components. Check Out!
  246. APS, Borla, Helix, Cobb, Bosal, JIC and 1 GT35 Turbo Kit
  247. Methanol and Water Injection Systems by Coolingmist
  248. Methanol and Water Injection Systems by Coolingmist
  249. Hydra! 04 STi! So Cheap it Hurts.
  250. Gruppe-S 4-1 Jethot Header/Cobb V2 AP Pak $899/VF34 Pack $1239/Helix RR500 Turbo