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  1. Gruppe-S Inventory Adjustment Sale
  2. ACT Heavy Duty Clutch Kits @ AF-Performance!!
  3. Cusco Hyper Single and Twin Plate Clutches in Stock!
  4. Free Cusco Shifter Bushings w/ Clutch and Flywheel Combo for WRX! STi Packages Too!!
  5. Exedy Sport Clutches/Flywheels WRX & STI
  6. Cusco Tarmac Center Diff In stock!!
  7. Ingalls Power Stick In Stock Ready to Ship!!
  8. TiC June Driveline thread
  9. MRT parts for sale!
  10. Subaru, Kartboy, Extras!
  11. *BEST PRICES ON EXEDY AND ACT* Tranny and Engine Mounts Back In Stock!!
  12. Spec/Exedy Clutch/Flywheel Packages-Goodridge Clutch Lines/Kartboy/Free Motul, More!!
  13. 1 - Exedy Twin Disk FM022SD - Dirt Cheap
  14. Clutch and Flywheel Blow Out!! Cusco, Exedy, and ACT!!!
  15. As always, the *BEST* pricing on ACT and Exedy. Kartboy and STi mounts in stock too.
  16. Sti Ver4 TYPE R tranny etc...
  17. Exedy, Act, And Spec Clutch For Sale!!!
  18. Drivetrain Sale! Exedy Clutches, ACT Flywheels, KARTBOY STUFF! WOOT WOOT!
  19. TiC July Thread: Terrible pricing, worst service evAr!!!
  20. Short Shifters, Knobs And Bushings!!!
  21. Cusco Limited Slip Differentials and Tarmac Center Diff Sets in Stock!!
  22. STi Mounts back in stock! *BEST PRICING* on Exedy and ACT. Kartboy, etc.
  23. Kartboy Free shipping sale!! We Price Match w00t!
  24. Ebay transmission parts
  25. STi 6 Speeds! STi Mounts! *BEST* pricing on ACT, Exedy!
  26. World One Performance Website v4.0 Launched. Lowest Pricing Ever for One Week!
  27. SPEC High Quality Clutch Kits now sold at GNV. Introductory Sale!
  28. 2X STi 1.1:1 STi 6 Spds - $3299!!! Exedy Clutch and Flywheel Combo -
  29. 2X STi 1.1:1 STi 6 Spds - $3299!!! Exedy Clutch and Flywheel Combo - $649 shipped!
  30. RA GEARS INSTOCK! $1399 Shipped!! 5 sets!!!
  31. Cusco/Kartboy Madness!
  32. ACT Clutch/Flywheel Combo Sale
  33. Exedy Organic Clutch & Gruppe-S Flywheel $599 Shipped
  34. TiC promises no lameass bumps!!
  35. $599 shipped clutch + flywheel combo, *Cheapest ACT + Exedy Prices*
  36. JDM 6 speeds must GO!! RA Gearboxes too!
  37. We have an Insane Amount of Clutches and Flywheels in Stock Cusco, ACT, and Exedy!!!
  38. September Santa! All Month long: Super Combo+ with a FREE gift
  39. Great Deals On The Following parts!
  40. ONE JDM V6 SE Gearset!! STI 6-spd gearset Exedy Clutch Combo's with the Flywheel $599
  41. SBR's Clutch/Flywheel Sale
  42. $599 Exedy ORG Clutch & Gruppe-S Flywheel - Instock!!! 6SPD Gearsets & 6MT Tranny
  43. 8.3 lbs JDM flywheel used $100
  44. 1 Clutchnet Race clutch 6 puck sprung
  45. 1 Clutchnet Race clutch 6 puck sprung
  46. 03 gearset wrx take out! $195
  47. Clutch/Flywheel page up on Crucial's site!
  48. 6 speed tranny kits
  49. Exedy/ACT/Avid/ and now ATS carbon clutches ready to ship
  50. Exedy Stage 2 Clutch & Gruppe-S Flywheel - $749 Shipped!! 6SPD Gearsets & 6MT Tranny
  51. Tons of Kartboy in stock ready to ship! Check it all out here!
  52. TiC's softer, more gentle rear diff mount bushings
  53. ACT and Exedy Blowout Sale, with Exedy HyperTwin WRX Out-of-Box Special!
  54. act sti clutch and 04 STI Tranny
  55. TiC's great bumping idea!!!
  56. Three words - Unabomber. Sexy. Rearend.
  57. Fall Clearance! Kartboy Shifters and Bushings! Cusco Single/Twin Clutches, ACT, Exedy
  58. Clutch Mayhem!
  59. STI RA V6 Gearsets!! Exedy Stage 2 Clutch Package $749, 6-Speed components!
  60. NEW Kartboy Product!
  61. Introducing Whiteline Short Throw Shifter for 5 and 6 Speeds!
  62. ACT, Exedy Kartboy and more in stock!
  63. Full Tilton Hybrid Setup with Titan Adapter ready to ship!
  64. Purple Farting Alien Death Monkeys!!!
  65. Kartboy 2002+ 5MT lever - a special deal. Look not further.
  66. Stop shifting like a gramma and get some of this!!
  67. Cusco Motor/Tranny Mount Sale!
  68. Quaife and Cusco LSD Specials!
  69. Tranny & Engine Mount Combo $149 Shipped, Cusco LSDs, Clutch Specials
  70. New ACT 06WRX Clutches En Route!!
  71. Black Friday Deal!
  72. ATS-Cabonetic, Clutchmasters, Cusco, Exedy
  73. FREE TiC 5MT pivot bushings!!!!
  74. Free 2-3 Day shipping this holiday season!
  75. Ra Gear Set In Stock! Act Clutch Kit + Flywheel $899.00 Installed!! And More!!
  76. Driveshaft Shop STI Level 5 Rear Axle/Hub system
  77. Kartboy and Perrin sale
  78. Act Street Disc Wrx - 479.00, Act Street Disc Sti 559.00 Free Shipping In Stock!!!
  79. The Ultimate Drivetrain Thread- Exedy , ACT, Spec, Clutchmasters, ACPT!
  80. Kartboy Short Shifter and Bushing Madness*Tons of Cusco Clutches in Stock!!!!
  81. Kartboy loves Unabomber's rearend
  82. Gruppe-S STI Flywheel!ACT Clutch madness-$100 Clutch Installs!! Cusco LSD, Exedy!!
  83. GFB short shift kits in stock!
  84. RA Gearsets back in stock, clutches, shifters, great DEALS
  85. ACT 6spd 6-Puck+Flywhl $749 Shipped/ACT Street+Flywhl $699 Shipped/ATS Carbon
  87. STI V6 RA Gearsets ARE BACK/ACT STI 6-puc Clutch Kits $679/Cusco LSDs/Tranny Mnts
  88. FREE shipping offer continues!
  89. Need a new clutch? Live in Southern California?
  90. Huge ACT and Exedy Clutch sale! We dare you to find a better advertised price!
  91. Ever feel like you're missing out on something?
  92. 07 SPEC-C 6SPD/STI V6 RA Gearsets/ACT STI 6-pk Clutch Kits $679/Cusco LSDs/Tranny Mnt
  93. 6 speed
  94. The Best Kartboy Short Shifter and Bushing Sale Yet!! New Cusco Clutches in Stock!
  95. ACT,EXEDY,CMasters, Spec, PPG.. And INSTALLS
  96. ATS/ Carbonetic Sale!!!
  97. Everyday is xmas at CVRMS! ACT, Exedy, SPEC, Clutchmasters, Kartboy, Cobb & More!
  98. TiC: Having to make some cuts
  99. The SPEC Clutch Sale Thread. Just SPEC. Not Clutchmasters, ACT or Fidanza
  100. Clutch/Drivetrain Specials: Exedy, ACT, ATS, B&M & More!!! All FREE Shipping!!!
  101. Act/exedy Clutches Best Pricing Around!!!!!!!
  102. Kartboy! Kartboy! Kartboy! Get your Kartboy Short Shifters and Bushings Here!!
  103. Act Clutch Kit 449.00 Shipped, Exedy Clutch Kit 449.00 Shipped, 6 Speed Tranny $3499!
  104. Act Clutches 549.00 Exedy Clutches 549.00 ATS TWIN CARBON CLUTCH 1999.00 6 SPEED TRAN
  105. Free Shipping On All KARTBOY + Instant rebates on EXEDY + Prodrive Shift knobs galore
  106. Huge Grand Opening Sale! INSANE Pricing for NASIOC Members Only!
  107. CUSCO TWIN PLATE($1399)/ACT Clutch Paks($679)/ACT 6-Puk Pak($699)/Exedy Pak($625)/ATS
  108. Exedy Hypertwin Clutches!!! BEST PRICES!
  109. 6-Speed!/CUSCO TWIN PLATE($1399)/ACT Clutch Paks($679)/ACT 6-Puk Pak($699)/Exedy/ATS
  110. Kartboy and TIC!!! PERFECT COMBO
  111. WRX 6MT/Exedy 6MT Combo($499)/ACT 6MT Combo($679)/ATS Carbon/Cusco Twin($1399)/Tilton
  112. Spring Clutch Sale! Carbonetics ~ ACT ~ Exedy
  113. KARTBOY EVERYWHERE!!! Short Shifters**Bushings**Knobs** Crazy Combos**
  114. RAWWWR! RA Gearsets, ACT and Exedy Clutches!
  115. WRX 6MT/Exedy 6MT Combo($499)/ACT 6MT Combo($679)/ATS Carbon/Cusco Twin($1399), OEM!!
  116. STI SpecC 6spds!!/Exedy($499)/ACT 6puck($699)/ATS Carbon/Cusco Twin($1399)/Tilton!!
  117. Legacy GT Mainshafts at Andrewtech...
  118. Hooray for Kartboy!!!!
  119. Kartboy/TIC Products
  120. There's more to it than a Kartboy lever
  121. KARTBOY Short Shifters, Bushings, Knobs, tons of Combo Deals!!
  122. [$549]Exedy Stg1 & GruppeS Flywheel!!/ACT/6MT/ATS/CUSCO TWIN/TILTON CARBON!
  123. What are you looking for? It's on sale @ MAPerformance!
  124. NEW Delrin 5 Speed Knobs. Black White. Just Arrived
  125. Group A Pitch Stop Mounts
  126. Exedy, competition Clutch, flywheels, act, plus more
  127. Spec Stage 1 Clutch IN STOCK as well ACT Streetlite flywheels
  128. RA Gearsets, COBB short shifters, Clutches, flys, & hot girls
  129. Carbonetics - Cusco - Exedy - ACT - STi Group N ~ Clutches Flywheels LSDs MORE!
  130. STi Rear Diff Protection from PERRIN and JSC Speed
  131. Live in Southern California? Need a new clutch?
  132. JDMSPECC4U JDM STI 6 speed tranny and rear diff
  133. EXDY Twin Plate ($1299)/EXDY Stage 1 & Flywheel($549)/EXDY Hyper STI or WRX($699!!)
  134. Everything you need at prices that can't be beat! Don't pass this up!
  135. Cusco or Exedy Twin Plate($1299)/Exedy HyperS($599)/RA Gears/6speeds/Exedy Kits($549)
  136. 5mt Transmission from 2005 WRX Forced Performance 16g
  137. Fidanza Flywheel has a NEW Look!! NO Check Engine lights- Starting at $215 <--------
  138. ACPT Carbon Fiber Driveshafts HERE!
  139. Drivetrain Sale! ACT, Excedy, 6-speed!!
  140. INSANITY:Exedy Clutch & GS Flywheel($499!)/Hyper Singles($599)/RA Gears/Kartboy/Cusco
  141. We got all your Driveline Parts!
  142. ACT Street Clutches WRX/STi Same Day Shipping!!!!!!
  143. RA Gear Sets In Stock!! Kartboy Short Shifter, Shift Knobs, Bushings!!
  144. ACT SB5 Kits In stock! 2006WRX/ 2005+ LGT!
  145. CLEARANCE:Cusco Twin Plate($1199)/Exedy Stg 1($499)/Hyper Single($499)/RA Gears/More!
  146. ACPT CArbon Fiber Driveshafts in stock!!!!
  147. All kinds of stuff ..STi, RS, WRX, and..
  148. Bork Bork Bork!!!!!
  149. Clutch Master Super Sale
  150. Cusco and Kartboy Madness!!!!!!!!!
  151. ACT Clutches/Flywheels In Stock! CCI Flywheels! Kartboy!
  152. Shorten that shift with Kartboy short shifters and bushings -- FREE SHIPPING
  153. !!! Exedy STG1 + FLYWHL($549)/Exedy 4puck+ACT($749)/Exedy TWIN - $BELOW COST!
  154. Unbeatable Prices: ACT / Carbonetics / Competition Clutch / Exedy / Fidanza / Spec
  155. KARTBOY KARTBOY KARTBOY!! Short Shifter, Bushings and Shift Knobs Everywhere!!
  156. Good stuff for your Impreza
  157. Millennium Auto's Drivetrain Thread
  158. Group A Pitch Stop Mounts, New Lower Price!!
  159. TiC tranny crossmember bushings back in stock
  160. Win Your Order!
  161. I see a lot of "Kartboy" in these titles...
  162. JDM 6 speed w/ complete rear end. ~ RARE ~
  163. Tons of Drivetrain Deals - Cusco Clutches/LSD, ACT, Exedy, Carbonetics ++
  164. A new experiment - the 24 hour special!!!
  165. KARTBOY TiC KARTBOY TiC Kartboy TiC Kartboy TiC Kartboy TiC Kartboy TiC!!!!!!!!!!!!
  166. Free Shipping and Special's on Spec//Fidanza//Clutchmasters
  167. K*A*R*T*B*O*Y {Short Shifters} {Front and Rear Shifter Bushings} {Shift Knobs}
  168. TiC stuff makes Kartboy stuff even better!!!!!
  169. Group A Performance - Subframe Locking Bolts
  170. Kartboy, Cobb, Perrin, Prodrive, Exedy, ACT - free shipping on most
  171. Group N Mounts!! ACT Clutch Deals! Exedy Clutch Deals!! All In Stock!!
  172. NEW!!! the BPB special from TiC
  173. End of Month Clearance CHEAP-> Kartboy Short Shifters and Bushings: Spec Clutches:
  174. New Release Monday!!!!
  175. Kartboy Short Shifters and Bushings are back with free shipping!
  176. - Clutchmasters, Fidanza, and SPEC SALE!
  177. KARTBOY Short Shifters and Bushings**Clearance on all Spec Clutches and Flywheels!!
  178. September Clutch/DrivetrainSpecials! Exedy,ACT,ATS,B&M,& More! All FREE Shipping!!!
  179. September Clutch/DrivetrainSpecials! Exedy,ACT,ATS,B&M,& More! All Free Shipping!!!
  180. Klunk Killer special - limited time!!!
  181. Exedy Stg1 & 2 + Flywheel<Starts $549 Shipped!>ACT Kit+Flywheel<Starts $599 Shipped!>
  182. Free Shipping on all ACT & Exedy Products for Sept-Oct 2007
  183. **Guaranteed Lowest price on BM Short Shifter for 04-07 STi & WRX 6-speed!**
  184. Big And Nice New Jdm Sti Stock
  185. 2008 WRX and RS Short Throw Shifters
  186. KARTBOY Short Shifter and Front and Rear Bushing Combos|Spec Clutches/Flywheels|
  187. Clutch Masters FX300! In Stock!
  188. Awesome Deals-Clutches-Flywheels-Exedy-ACT-Cusco LSD-Short Shifter-Bushings From $20
  189. Subaru Reman Axles In Stock!!
  190. Blowout SALE! B&M Short Shifter for 04-07 Subaru STi 6-speed = $149 Shipped!!!
  191. Have a better shifter thanks to Turn In Concepts
  192. USDM 6 speeds and 5 speeds w/ rear diffs
  193. OEM Clutch / SS Clutch Line / Redline Combo Sale!
  194. D-Wolf Clutch kit - Best unknown mod ever!
  195. JDM Trannies in Stock
  196. KARTBOY KARTBOY KARTBOY! Short Shifters and Bushings! FREE Shipping & Tons of Stock!
  197. D-Wolf Clutch kit - money back offer
  198. Open box sale! One ACT Street clutch & Streetlite flywheel for 02-05 WRX. +ACT/Exedy!
  199. Xrt-sales Items (pm Us For Great Pricing)
  200. KARTBOY KARTBOY KARTBOY! Short Shifters and Bushings! FREE Shipping & Tons of Stock!
  201. new JDM STI stock
  202. XRT -Free Perrin Endlinks or Kartboy Short Shifter
  203. Kartboy Short Shifters & Bushings! Plenty Instock FREE Shipping & Same Day Shipping!
  204. In Stock Clutch Combos- Free Helix Super Ground System- JDM Trannys In Stock
  205. Gaining Interest Regarding Subie Go Extra +
  206. 2008 Owners- TiC has your shifter upgrades!!
  207. Dc Sports Cat Back Combo--get A Turboback Exhaust For As Low As $635.00
  208. RA Gearsets, Group N mounts, Short Shifters, clutches
  209. Act Streetlite Flywheel
  210. Kartboy Shifter Combos, in stock Free Tee's
  211. Free PERRIN Shifter Bushings With All PERRIN Shifters
  212. Kartboy Short Shifters And Bushing Kits
  213. RA Gearset in stock
  214. Exedy OEM replacement clutch kits!!!
  215. RA Gearsets on shelf, complete boxes too
  216. Unbeatable Prices: ACT, Carbonetic, Cobb, Exedy, Fidanza, Kartboy, Spec
  217. ACT, Exedy, STi, Cusco, Whiteline, Kartboy, Cobb Specials for Nov & Dec 2007
  218. Free Shipping Weekend Of 10/17/07!!!
  219. Free Shipping 11/19 - 11/25
  220. Free Shipping 11/26-11/30
  221. Holidays Special-Unbelivable Deals- In Stock- Deals end 12-31-07
  222. RA Gearsets ~ RA Gearboxes ~ combos in stock
  223. The Mach V Clutch Line Will Change Your Life!!!
  224. DIY Specialized tools from Ultimate Tool Co
  225. Rocket Rally best Canadian prices on ACT
  226. Bump!
  227. Want Kartboy? Look no further.
  228. ACT Clutches! Exedy Clutches! ACT Flywheels! Kartboy Combos! All on sale for December
  229. ACT Clutches! 6 Puck Sprung STi!!!
  230. X mas is coming, Place your orders soon. Free Shipping and goodies
  231. 5MT owners…T-70 TORX Sockets! FREE SHIPPING!
  232. DSG Winter Transmission Rebuild Special
  233. ACT, Exedy, Spec clutches/flywheels on sale
  234. Differential sockets?!! **FREE SHIPPING!!!**
  236. 5EAT Transmission Mount Bushing!
  237. Lightweight Driveshafts and clutches from ACT and Exedy!
  238. [email protected] is a whiney bish!!
  239. Cusco Motor/Transmission Mount Set in Stock!!
  240. Kartboy Short Shifter and Front and Rear Bushing Package Deal!!
  241. 5MT/6MT Bushing Kits, Short Shifters, 4EAT/5EAT Trans Mount Inserts...
  242. Gimmick Short Shifters! Act, Exedy, Spec, Clutchmasters, RPS, ACPT! IN STOCK DEALS!
  243. ACT, Exedy, STi, Cusco, Whiteline, Kartboy, Cobb Specials - Drivetrain
  244. Kartboy Combos! ACT Clutch/Flywheels! Exedy Clutches! Free Shipping!
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  246. ** Exedy Clutch Specials From Perrin **
  247. JDM STi Transmission V8 And V7
  248. Choose Your Clutch Combo- Single-Twin-Triple Plates Combos From $469
  249. Tired of paying too much for RA gear sets?
  250. Only the best shifter products for your Subaru