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  1. S.P.E.C Stage 1 clutch special $359 delivered
  2. Clutch and flywheel specials crazy deals
  3. Loads Of Exedy Onsale Now
  4. Another Subaru First from Kartboy
  5. 6spd RA Clutch / Flywheel Combo
  6. short shifters, clutch disk, fly wheel, clutch cover
  7. Endless clutch supplies!!Im almost crazy!
  8. Cusco Motor/Tranny Mount Combos are Back in stock!
  9. Oakos Automotive Drivetrain Thread, Kartboy, Exedy, & STi!
  10. VENDORS: New Vendor Rules **READ**
  11. Free shipping Kartboy sale
  12. Short Throw Shifter w/ bushings and knob $90
  13. Kartboy Short Shifters
  14. Subaru SPT huge spring sale up to 50% off
  15. WRX - GoFastBits Pulley Kits - $144.95
  16. Clutch / Flywheel Combo Blowout
  17. "Clutch specials thru May 30th..Combos for 599.99 shipped!"
  18. Exedy organic 02+wrx
  19. This Just IN! More STi Shifter Bushings!
  20. Kartboy Short Shifers and Bushings, STI on the way!
  21. Exedy Hypersingle
  22. Kartboy STi Bushings
  23. ACT 6-puck Clutch, And Kartboy Stuff!
  24. Tranny Work, Gearsets, Now Available
  25. The Mother of all Clutches - TILTON - holds 550 ft/lbs of torque!!!
  26. Kartboy Forester Shifters - IN STOCK
  27. JDM Version 7 Trannies
  28. STi Drivetrain components
  29. TWM Short Shirters
  30. langston drivetrain
  31. Kartboy and STI free shipping..
  32. Biggest Clutch sale EVAR!!!
  33. 5spd Rigoli Transmission
  34. Act
  35. JDM Container Landed!
  36. Lightened Flywheel
  37. 1 Left STi NON-RA Ver. 6 Gearset - $1419.99
  38. Tranny madness sale, JDM 6 speeds galore
  39. STi RA gearsets instock $1450 shipped
  40. Yet Another First from Kartboy!
  41. We are back! JDM GC8 parts by the truckload!
  42. Built Transmission - WRX
  43. Kartboy STI Short Throw Shifters and like always FREE SHIPPING
  44. Spec Clutch Kit Special With Free S/H
  45. Langston Speed- Suby Shorth Throw Shifters
  46. Trannys Trannys and more Trannys
  47. Summer Clearance Sale at Renick Subaru!
  48. Kartboy Galore
  49. Cusco Rear Diff Gdb/a
  50. ACT, Exedy, B&M, STi and more!! Best prices EVAR!
  51. Exedy Hyper Clutch - Crazy person price
  52. Act & Exedy Clutches Installed!
  53. The Name Your Own Price Sale @ Wired Speedlab
  54. Kartboy STi and WRX Short Shifters and Bushings
  55. Clutches keep on coming and the deals are as good as ever.
  56. STi 6spd Shifters& Bushings In Stock
  57. Revo Technica Short Shift Kit Impreza/WRX Free Ship
  58. Shipped by accident
  59. 30% off on all SPT parts at Langston Subaru
  60. WRX and STI Clutch Install Specials for Sept and Oct5
  61. Yet Again! Another First From Kartboy! 05 Legacy
  62. Short Throw Shifters
  63. Cusco, Exedy, Kartboy, and STI Drivetrain parts!!! Free Shipping!!
  64. '02 JDM STi part out
  65. Craziest Clutch deals ever!! Ill beat my competition or its yours FREE!!
  66. New Perrin STi Short Shifter! Kartboy Legacy Shifters! More inside
  67. ACT,Exedyclutch kits, RA gearsets all on sale!!!
  68. Clutch/Flywheel On Sale (Spec, Exedy, Fidanza, RPS)
  69. STI RA Gearsets - $1349 with OEM quality Speedo Gear
  70. New Gun Metal TWM Shift Knobs
  71. KPH to MPH convertors are finally in stock ready to ship
  72. Clutches, Short Throws, Differential!
  73. Exedy Clutches, Royal Purple
  74. TWM Performance WRX shifters - Free Shipping
  75. Dogobxes for sale
  76. Container Landed! V7 STI, V7 STi and Spec C
  77. Kartboy, STi, Spec, ACT, Exedy, Cusco, Kaaz, Quaife
  78. Holiday Special 25% Off Factory Subaru Parts & 15% Off SPT Sti & Performance Parts
  79. Kartboy Shifters For All Subarus + Free Schwag
  80. STi RA Close Ratio Gearsets in stock
  81. Sti V6 Ra Gearsets And Components Back In Stock!!!
  82. Merry Christmas deals for you!
  83. Boomba Racing Shifter Bushings
  84. Type RA gearsets in stock ready to ship!
  85. Clutches Galore! Price Match and Fed Ex Shipping!
  86. Limited quantities- RA gear sets complete in stock
  87. 9 JDM STi 6 speed trannies for sale!!
  88. 6-speeds galore!! and a few dogboxes
  89. Clutch deals for the holidays- I will beat anyone's prices!
  90. Post X-mas Inventory reduction sale
  91. JDM STi 5 Speed's DCCD & Non-DCCD & Tiptronic
  92. RaceComp Engineering Sale -- New Products Available!!!
  93. Extra 5% off - Exedy, RPS, Spec, Fidanza and more
  94. Exedy Hyper Complete Clutch Package - $1449 Installed w/ Bearings & Tax
  95. New Vendor Specials!!! (RPS, Spec, Fidanza, and many more!!!)
  96. STI and JDM WRX 5 speed trannys
  97. Gruppe-S Fully Built STI V6 RA Transmission
  98. Kartboy, Exedy, and STi
  99. Fidanza Flywheel - WRX
  100. 10% Off Shopping Spree Weekend Drivetrain
  101. ACT Clutch and Flywheel Deals for RS, Legacy 2.5 GT, WRX and STi!
  102. New Vendor=Sick Deals inside! Exedy And ACT specials inside!
  103. Great Pricing on ACT Clutches!! Free Shipping!!!
  104. STi V6 Ra Gearsets And Components Back In Stock!!!
  105. Fastline Front skid plates
  106. STI RA Gearsets & Fully Built RA Transmission in stock ready to ship!!!
  107. JDM STI 6speed trannys
  108. Clutchmasters OEM replacement clutch
  109. Clutchmasters FX100 and OEM replacement Clutch Kits
  110. Exedy Clutch and Flywheel Deals for all RS/Legacy/STI!
  111. Spring Special 25% Off Factory Subaru Parts & 15% Off SPT Sti & Performance Parts Dri
  112. is now
  113. Clutch Price Gaurantee, ACT, EXEDY. New website just around corner.
  114. The New Bushings are Here! The New Bushings are Here!
  115. Exedy Hyper Carbon Single - STi/WRX Fitment
  116. NASIOC Discount on TWM Performance Products
  117. Sti 5 speed and 6 speed gear boxes in stock!!
  118. XACT prolite and streetlite flywheel.
  119. STi V6 RA Gears, Rebuilt Transmissions, Cusco, ACT, Exedy & More !
  120. Even NEWER Bushings are here!
  121. Kartboy, Exedy, Cusco, STI
  122. CINCO de MAYO SALE - One Day Only!!!
  123. Spec and Clutchmaster Extreme Deals
  124. May Madness Sale! Rim of the World Super-Duper Specials !
  125. STi RA gearset in stock
  126. ACT Xtreme 4 puck race clutch kits in stock - $599 shipped!
  127. ACT, Cusco clutch deals inside!!
  128. All sorts of gear boxes & diffs in stock :)
  129. Rear Shifter Bushings Back in Stock!
  130. Rear Shifter Bushings Back in Stock!
  131. Kingpin sales post
  133. If you want to get the best pricing on clutches/flywheels look here!!!!
  134. 2006 5-Speed Transmissions (Yes that's right!) 3.54, 3.90, 4.11, 4.44 :)
  135. 20% off Genuine SPT performance parts
  136. HERE! V6 RA and V6 SE (retains 5th) Gearsets!! Also 2006 Transmissions / 4.44 Diff
  137. Exedy / Fidanza Guarantee Lowest Price Anywhere!
  138. ACT/Exedy Super Sale. ACT STi Flywheels- we will not be undersold!
  139. TiC Shift Linkage Bushings for STi - Free S&H
  140. JDM STi 5 Speed Transmissions
  141. WRX RPS Clutches ready to ship
  142. 4th of July WEEKEND SALE!
  143. 2005 One-week Inventory Liquidation Sale - Everything Must Go (and At Insane Prices!)
  144. Dirt cheap JDM 6-speed clutch discs
  145. M1 differential Cover
  146. World One Performance Website v3.0 Launched. Lowest Pricing Ever for One Week!
  147. RalliSpec Clearance Sale
  148. JDM Transmissions, 4.44, Close Ratio boxes, Clutches, RA/SE Gearsets!!
  149. NEW Shift knob for the 6 speeders
  150. New Combo Deals from Kartboy
  151. Deep Freeze Cryogenics Aug Drivetrain Specials
  152. OEM Clutch Bits - - Cheap! Genuine!
  153. Version 6 STi RA and RA SE gears back in stock!!! Transmissions too!!!
  154. Major Clutch\Flywheel Sale: Exedy,ACT,Spec,Clutchmaster,Cusco
  155. Save your center diff! The AWD Tow Decal
  156. Prodrive, Exedy, Kartboy
  157. Mega Clutch Sale!! (ClutchMaster and SPEC)
  158. Too many Transmissions!!!
  159. STi - RPS Clutches
  160. Kingpin's Name Your Own Price Sale!
  161. STi V6 RA Gearsets, Cusco Motor Mounts, ACT and Exedy Clutches and Flywheels
  162. ACT Clutch and Flywheel Combos for WRX/STi! Transmissions also!
  163. Cure your rear diff clunk thanks to TiC
  164. RPS Turbo Clutch
  165. Kartboy products in stock free shipping
  166. New!! TiC Klick/Clunk for the WRX folks
  167. Exedy, ACT Clutch/Flywheel combos, Transmissions also!
  168. Fizz Autosports Exedy Clutch
  169. TiC shifter kits for the STi folks
  170. 6 spds, 5spds, Clutch and Flywheel combos!
  171. ATS Performance Clutches !!
  172. Kartboy 5MT stuff + some others now in stock at TiC
  173. Fidanza Short Throw Shifters $54.95!
  174. New Products! 6spd Synchro / Bearing Kit and JDM 5th and 6th Close Ratio Convesion!
  175. Our Biggest Cusco Sale Ever!!!! 6 Hours to save Friday October 14, 2005 only!!!!
  176. The Absolute Best Clutch/Flywheel Sale EVER!!
  177. 1 STi 6 spd Tranny in Stock! JDM 5th/6th Close Ratio Conversion! Clutches!
  178. Short Shifters, Shift Knobs, Shifter Trim, Etc.
  179. 2 Exedy STI Hyper Singles and KARTBOY IN STOCK !!!!
  180. The OG Short shifters Back in Stock.
  181. The best pricing on Exedy and ACT. New products for all you Motorsport junkies!!!
  182. Clearance sale!
  183. Free Shipping Exedy, ACT, STi, Kartboy + Check Clearance Items!
  184. Halloween Four Day Weekend Sale
  185. Gruppe-S Halloween Sale !
  186. KARTBOY HOLLOWEEN SALE PM US +/Spec/Clutchmaster/Act/cusco/exedy
  187. JDM R180 Sti rear end, Hyper single, Misc goodies.
  188. Container landed!!! 2X 2005 STI Spec C JDM Transmission 6spds. Tons of other items!
  189. Exedy And ACT Madness! No Need To Look Anywhere Else!
  190. Cusco Single Plate 1 at a CRAZY low price
  191. 4 day Thanksgiving Weekend Sale
  192. NEW! Transmission Crossmember Bushings
  193. New Kartboy Parts! (+ Spec, Cusco, Exedy, Act)
  194. One set of STi V6 RA Gears in stock, ready to go
  195. Exedy Twin Carbon Clutch - WRX
  196. Toda Flywheel STi 3 Puck
  197. Shifter Bushings, Tranny Mounts, Tranny Rebuild Kits, JDM 5th / 6th Gear Conversions!
  198. 12 Days of Christmas COBB Deal!
  199. On the Seventh Day of Christmas...
  200. Clutch / Flywheel Super Sale (Spec, Exedy, ACT) - Free SS Clutch Line
  201. Need Cryotreated RA Gears? How about a Complete 6 Sp? Price lowered to move!
  202. Fidanza Flywheels for your STI $305 Shipped
  203. Santa didnt bring you what you Really wanted?
  204. 25% off all SPT parts from Langston plus a surprise
  205. RA Gearset for WRX and Exedy Twin Carbon STi Clutch IN STOCK! MUST GO NOW!
  206. TiC January Driveline Thread
  207. PPG Price Reduced!!!
  208. Clutchmasters Clutch Sale
  209. ACT Clutches in stock!
  210. One Day Sale Friday the 13th Free Batt Tie Down
  211. V5 97 98 RA gearbox Excellent! DCCD
  212. NASIOC'S Favorite Short Shifters
  213. Kartboy shifter/bushing Sale for MLK !!!!!!!!!
  214. RA / WRX Gearboxes back in stock and ready to ship
  215. Exedy Clutch Kits and ACT Flywheels @ AF-Performance
  217. Kartboy Short Shifters/ DSG Shift knobs
  218. Ver. 6 STI RA gearsets in stock! ACT and Exedy Clutch combos!
  219. Double Adjustable 6 Speed Shift Levers
  220. NEW - NEO Synthetic Gear Oil
  221. Kartboy, STi, Spec, ACT, Exedy, Cusco, Kaaz, Quaife
  222. The absolute best pricing on Exedy and ACT
  223. 04-05 STi owners - Fix your shifter slop!
  224. GC8 Garage Sale!! Short shifter Tons of Stuff
  225. Exedy Twin disc $1400 Sti, r180 LSD $400
  226. RA gearsets in stock ready to ship
  227. ACT Kartboy and TIC in stock!!!
  228. +1 Short Shifters (GD, GC, Legacy GT, Forester, STi) Cusco Bushings!
  229. STi V6 RA Cryo'd/Microfinished Gearsets Back in Stock
  230. Ver. 6 RA Gears, ACT, Exedy, Kartboy, Mounts!!!
  231. Exedy/ACT, All Items Now Instock And I Guarantee The Lowest Prices!!!
  232. TiC March Driveline Thread
  233. 1 ACT STi 6-Puck Clutch in Stock- great deal...
  234. The REAL best prices on Exedy and ACT thread. Drivetrain accessories also...
  235. Kartboy, STi, Spec, ACT, Exedy, Cusco, Kaaz, Quaife, ARP Ext. Wheel Studs
  236. Exedy, ACT, Fidanza, F1 Racing Drivetrain Sale
  237. JDM STi Spec C 6 speed tranny, guaranteed best prices on Exedy and ACT!
  238. TechnaFit Clutch lines in stock!
  239. 3 day ONLY Exedy Organic WRX sale - $475 Shipped!!!
  240. Exedy Sport Clutches for STI & WRX's On Sale
  241. "FREE Kartboy Short Throw Shifter for every purchase of Exedy Clutch Packa
  242. RA Gearsets, Bushings, Mounts, guaranteed *best* pricing on ACT, Exedy!!!
  243. Ingalls pitch mount ("PowerStick") in stock now.
  244. Welded Center Diff For Sale
  245. 2002 JDM Sti 6 speed gearbox...
  246. Clutchmasters/Spec New 'Big Boy' Clutch Kits for WRX Quality Clutches for Less
  247. TiC May Driveline Thread
  248. Guaranteed Lowest Prices on ACT and Exedy!
  249. Trannies and Rearend
  250. NEO Synthetic Gear Oil