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  1. IL: A fellow Subaru Owner has passed.
  2. It is time..
  3. Help a family
  4. Local newbie saying hello!
  5. Pics from WAI #4 miller park
  6. I am special!
  7. Spotted 04 STI on Weber and Normantown
  8. Thank you to all who donated money!
  9. Anybody wonder what an 01-02 S2k will cost from dealership?
  10. Chicago crew... advice for my folks on evening entertainment? Jazz? Etc?
  11. 4th of July weekend in Ann Arbor
  12. Oscoda, MI 3-Day AutoX, STICKY PAVEMENT!!1!11
  13. Anyone wanna help me roll my rear quarter panels wells for a case of beer. NW Chicago
  14. Fort Wayne Subaru Club - July Thread
  15. So who did i just see in Peoria, IL?
  16. Cincinnati July On-Topic Thread
  17. DRSCCA Spring Fling PAX Results
  18. Springfield MO
  19. The Time Has Come, Saying Goodbye To The Midwest
  20. Movin Home....
  21. Spotted: Steel Grey 06 STI in Alpena
  22. new guy here
  23. what color to repaint fairing?
  24. new 06 wrx price check can some one help?
  25. about time this happened
  26. Emissions Q for Older Cars
  27. Ticket: Weird Scenario
  28. so some punks in the "hood" do this....
  29. Milan Dragway Get Together!
  30. Emergency Key Cutting?
  31. Happy 4th
  32. Vote for Midwest Suby Shootout T-Shirt Design....
  33. Yet another ticket thread
  34. AutoX Sunday (7/9/06) at MGA Research in Burlington Wisconsin
  35. Troy, MI - Need to borrow AP cable for weekend.
  36. Milwaukee County Sheriff's have a new car?
  37. Weekend hangouts?
  38. horray!
  39. Subaru 1. Owl 0
  40. Where can I...
  41. Lunchtime Hilarity
  42. Kart 2 Kart - tonight
  43. Thursday Meet
  44. Tuesday Milwaukee Meet 7/11
  45. Cos Bbq July 15
  46. What is white and driven less then 5K miles per year?
  47. So who has the CGM 06 STI in the Hyde Park/Mt. Lookout area (Cincinnati)
  48. Any tracks near Detroit???
  49. Powder coating near chicago...
  50. Hawk Hps Pads For Sale
  51. Sold my Mazda 3, now GTI vs the Cooper S..
  52. My $160,000 mod
  53. PURDUE AP help fast
  54. how not to port! lol
  55. Shops looking for an accountant??
  56. a new and good use for that small turbo you have
  57. Indy - July Thread
  58. AMA Supermoto race - Waterford MI
  59. This looks like a good place for a Newb to introduce himself
  60. anyone have a jet ski for sale?
  61. Interesting issue came up durring my week in LA.
  62. wi wisconsin skydive/subi meet?
  63. Question Act Clutch
  64. BRIC at Road America 7/15-7/16
  65. Anyone know what size the license plate bolts are?
  66. Detroit area Kart2Kart
  67. Goin to W.I.U.
  68. Autox this weekend 7/15-16??
  69. 2006 MWSOC Shootout - October 21'[email protected] Dragway - Byron, Illinois
  70. Bbq and Softball Party August 19th!
  71. DUNLOP ROUND UP:Chicago July 22nd
  72. Zero Point Industries
  73. Sat July 15th - McNally's
  74. July 16th SCCA Autocross Miller Park
  75. CenDiv Auto-X - Wurtsmith AFB, Oscoda
  76. Coming to St. Louis in September
  77. Oldest, Toughest, Meanest rally in the USA!
  78. Dear Sugarmomma...I want this for xmas
  79. Please, someone tell me that this is a stupid idea!
  80. LOST CAMERA in Autocross Event Columbus, Ohio
  81. MO: Need help installing uppipe!
  82. Buying a car out of state ?s
  83. Scammed by tooocool49723?
  84. Doug is coming to KC Aug. 18-20
  85. Flying in for funeral from Oregon Minneapolis/Thief River Falls
  86. Spotted a local in Key West!!!
  87. Second time MI economy has left me unemployed
  88. moving to indy
  89. Hodges Subaru in Ferndale
  90. Help to Get revenge on Bad Neighbors
  91. New to the midwest
  92. HIN Nightshift 7/29/06
  93. UPS + 4 HKS coilovers = 3 coilovers and a beat up box
  94. So who is going to Oscoda for July 15,16
  95. say goodbye to another STI...
  96. Need a garage to work in Lafayette, IN
  97. Anybody want in on a group dyno runs
  98. NASA Midwest @ Autobahn Country Club Joliet Il July 22-23
  99. anyone in springfield want to stop by a shop to verify some parts?
  100. Chicago: Heatwave Incoming
  101. Anyone work @ a camera store? (Chicago/Milwaukee)
  102. Lotus Elise Fund gone to the house...
  103. Falken Rally Tire Sale...wtlw?
  104. Possible Sunday Midwest Lunch Meet
  105. FEELER: Dyno day
  106. MAIC'er visiting St. Louis this weekend...
  107. My old rims spotted on "So Close" movie...
  108. shops/dyno in cbus?
  109. My first day in Chicago
  110. Track day in Indiana Area?
  111. Looking to borrow:: bench grinder with flex attachment
  112. So how many ej257 hybrids in Chicago?
  113. so what did you do in this heatwave today? this is what i did...
  114. Pictures from the Yark Meet - no 56k
  115. soon to be purchasing a WRX
  116. Spotted: st. Louis
  117. Tuesday Milwaukee Meet 7/18
  118. New MWSOC Member.
  119. Parts Installation for STi in Springfield IL
  120. Any welders w/Mig or Tig around Chicago?
  121. Idiot Tire Monkey!
  122. Protuners: Any located in Michigan?
  123. txs u/p question
  124. Oooops !
  125. Union Grove July 29th
  126. Detroit Region SCCA Rallycross @ Bob's Family Raceway - Aug 19
  127. Here it Comes...
  128. WAI Autocross7/23 Miller Park
  129. New mods.... for the dog
  130. Autocross: Detroit Region Event#5 - Waterford Hills Raceway
  131. RallyX near Dayton, OH Sat July 22
  132. Calling Michigan or Ohio 04 STi Owners
  133. Calling Michigan or Ohio 04 STi Owners
  134. Motorsports is an Expensive Sports
  135. Looking for twisties
  136. Anyone drive from around Rockford to Madison?
  137. Help me out and Vote for me! :)
  138. ***Dealer wrecked my car***
  139. Were to get work done in Columbus, OH
  140. Car chokes and almost dies when I hit the throttle, help! (Non-Subaru)
  141. The power of MWSOC
  142. Higgins Road = NW Burbs Indy 500
  143. Sound Tribe Sector 9
  144. Some Assistance Needed in WI
  145. ** Thursday Schaumburg Meet **
  146. Indianapolis Thread
  147. I'll be MIA for a long while...
  148. Just moved from jersey to wisconsin
  149. Dear Madison/Milwaukee guys and gals
  150. Finally moved to ann arbor
  151. Anyone go to Journey/Def Leppard yesterday?
  152. Can Anyone Help me with this 2.5 RS?
  153. I will trade my perrin crank pulley for a stock crank pulley
  154. White Sox lose series to Tigers!
  155. carwash
  156. WTB: Miracle in Chicago Area
  157. Any plumbers or HVAC guys here???
  158. Lansing members - I need some housing help
  159. Are there any interesting roads in Northern Illinois?
  160. Happy Birthday Mike, Akirasoft!
  161. Open Track Day - July 27th - Grattan MI
  162. OT: Anyone seen Ultraviolet?
  163. Lexus from thursday meet seen at great lakes.
  164. 1984 Gauge Cluster questions
  165. Mid Michigan Place to get flywheel lightened?
  166. HELP! I need a tranny mount for a 1993 Impreza 5 speed
  167. Last Second Sunday Meet
  168. Tis The Season For Weddings
  169. Detroit Region/SVR Mirror Solo2 - Aug 26/27 - Oscoda MI
  170. Tuning day in the works... Axis Power/Jorge Carrillo
  171. Tuesday Milwaukee Meet 7/25
  172. clutch shudder fixed under warranty?
  173. Thursday, July 27th Meet
  174. Meets in Suburban Chicago
  175. AMD & ATI Merger
  176. looking for R&D/Design work
  177. *PICS* Autocross: Detroit Region Event#5 - Waterford Hills Raceway
  178. Drift Show in Soldier Field? any word?
  179. Good luck Jeremy (WRX34) in the sandbox!
  180. Billiards players in Chicago suburbs?
  181. Whose silver Forester XT? (wagon mafia decal, silver Sparco NS6 wheels)
  182. Where to go in Indy for work on my rex?
  183. Attn:MKE, CHI town guys Gurnee BBQ meet @caboose park (semi near Gurnee Mills)
  184. Oops! Happy Belated Birthday, Doug (drtalon)!
  185. X Games - Rally racing
  186. East Coast Subaru Shootout
  187. Happy Birthday SubieRed!
  188. Chicago Inspection Question
  189. Winter Wheels
  190. Bathroom Remodel
  191. Chicagoland dealers. Any that are reasonable and liberal?
  192. The Jetta????
  193. Engine builder near Eau Claire WI? Or Dulles, Virginia?
  194. Chicago---Exhaust trade
  195. Warranty Claim @ subaru of scumberg
  196. Chi: Looking for a Custom Axle and Driveshaft shop.
  197. GI: Chicago to Gingerman Test & Tune Caravan
  198. Brooklyn Park Minnesota Subaru Meet!!!!
  199. Looking for guy I met last night ...
  200. Swap help? 93 SS --->>> 95 L
  201. Police are always so cheerful!
  202. Unemployed Chicagoland draftsman...
  203. tintmasters Perfect 10, Sept. 9th 2006
  204. any1 aware of a Sunoco race gas dealer in Chicago?
  205. Lincoln/Omaha, NE
  206. Just to show you guys...
  207. would anyone be up to help on a brake swap?
  208. I love police.....
  209. Anyone want to sponsor a rally car?
  210. Hello from Ohio
  211. EAA Airventure 2006
  212. Saturday, July 29th - Meets, shows, happenings in IL...
  213. Warp 9 Bugeye
  214. She is FINALLY runing!!!!!
  215. Good place for pic's?
  216. Come take my DP for next to nothing!
  217. What is there to do in Appleton, WI?
  218. Any Madison folks using Tari?
  219. Last day with the GT has come and gone...
  220. Black wrx/sti on rand /oakton rd.
  221. This newbie is moving to Madison, WI!
  222. Valet Parking Job Openings
  223. Anyone stuck on I94-I90 around 12pm yesterday...
  224. SE MI - blue-sun will be in town this weekend. - mini meet anyone?
  225. Umm.......It's getting really hot!
  226. Auto-X 8/5/06 TSSCC and 8/6/06 SCCA @ Miller Park
  227. Men's Softball Players needed ASAP! (Brunswick, OH)
  228. P&L @ HIN Nightshift pics
  229. Moving back to Chi
  230. Just got my baby
  231. "It's not a recall" & Service rant
  232. kenchan's Cooper-S on ABC7 poll
  233. Tuesday Milwaukee Meet - Aug. 1
  234. Chicago's Xcentic Electrix: Matt Zorn
  235. AutoX Saturday 8/5/06 @ Miller Park in Milwaukee, WI
  236. Fort Wayne Subaru Club - August Thread
  237. 02 SLVR Wagon - New guy / Waukesha
  238. Thursday Chicago Meet
  239. Cincinnati August On-Topic Thread
  240. AMS track day
  241. Moving to Lexington
  242. gingerman - south haven, mi - track days aug 4, 11
  243. IL: Brand New BPM Divorced Twin-Dump Downpipe
  244. street legal customs now open!!
  245. WRX Part OUT IL
  246. Chicago Area Driveway Pavers?
  247. Chicago HIN pics.
  248. Everyone Brace Yourself.. Hurricane is commin'
  249. Rev it up Racing School
  250. 3Balls DYNO DAY! Payne Technologies