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  1. Dealer plow truck hit my car
  2. Keyless Entry Remote Range
  3. MN subie owners, where to go for dyno tuning?
  4. Anyone Around Oconomowoc Wi?
  5. Go get your "iZ" Happy Meal toys
  6. Detroit people, show yourselves
  7. Chicago area painting? My first choice's price is ridiculous!
  8. any 'Heroes' fans? i have a favor to ask...
  9. Upcoming Winter TSD Rallies - 1/6/07 & 1/20/07
  10. SPOTTED, WI: Wrb Sti w/Gold BBS...who are you??
  11. 2007 Impreza WRX Wagon Luv...
  12. STi @ McGrath Acura Westmont - anyone know this car???
  13. Thursday 12/07/06 Chi Burbs Meet
  14. How do you wash your car during the winter?
  15. Transmission Rebuild
  16. Newbie from Milwaukee
  17. San Remo Red '04 in Goshen IN - anyone know the car???
  18. 12/10/06 Chicago NW Sunday Meet
  19. Deftones tix
  20. Looking for a good body shop in Grand Rapids?
  21. Pro-tuner wanted SW Ohio
  22. fat tire in IL
  23. Newbee in Green Bay
  24. i have survived shoulder surgery
  25. Subie Meet at Bamboo Room Schaumburg Friday Dec 22
  26. Green Bay Area Meet
  27. Chicago Stealership Rant - Mid City Subaru
  28. Skiiing/Boarding recommendations?
  29. Looking for a good mechanic in the Louisville area...
  30. to the Outback w/SUBARU plate
  31. Any Movie Filming going on in Dearborn?
  32. Anyone notice any TRs around FS?
  33. Grand Rapids Salvage yard?
  34. Sunday Milwaukee Meet 12/10
  35. I made it into a Gallery Showing!
  36. New 2007 STI LTD on e-bay. Urban Grey
  37. Yet Another Subaru of Schaumburg Annoyance
  38. The Official MWSOC Sno*Drift Thread
  39. any realtors in here? or know of any?
  40. Midwest Tuners
  41. Need Help
  42. Any Tuners at all in....
  43. Redline Products
  44. million mile SAAB
  45. ATTN IL: Where to buy Carhartt?
  46. Good alignment shops in the Grand Rapids/Muskegon areas?
  47. Man arrested for plotting to bomb and shoot people in Rockford IL
  48. Remote Start install, Chicago area?
  49. Rockford Jihad???
  50. ATTN: Chicago Metra commuters
  51. help: history info needed.
  52. Saabaru!!!???
  53. Rented a Smart Car - photos & thoughts
  54. OSU students checkin!
  55. Madison: instant oil change places?
  56. white wrx
  57. Looking for some help doing an install.
  58. 12/17/06 Sunday Meat
  59. 05 OBP STi with BBS stockers 'Time-Attack'
  60. Employment Opportunity!
  61. close utech tunner close to southwest missouri?
  62. MNF: Bears vs St Louis MWSOC Battle
  63. Another Milwaukee Newbie
  64. Milwaukee: Aftermarket Seats?
  65. Where to get tuned???
  66. Skiing recommendations in Michigan
  67. Thursday 12/14/06 Chi Burbs Meet
  68. Lincoln Navigat0wn3d !
  69. Subie arrested in your area...
  70. New handle. Same old guy.
  71. 1st Annual MWSOC Ski/Snowboard Outing
  72. Anyone around Tomah, WI?
  73. Need some local help with dowload and reflash using ecuflash
  74. #7 Rating Rant!!!!
  75. GTG at Dave and Busters Columbus, OH Sunday 12/17
  76. WANTED: Subaru technician
  77. Who was just talking on the stan and terry show on WCKG?
  78. Green Bay Area
  79. ticket at 142 mph in indiana?
  80. 60K service dealership recommendation
  81. WTT: '02 RS hood for WRX hood
  82. Pocket PC Meter/Gauge Software
  83. Found more STI parts (Columbus, OH, holla atcha boy)
  84. Happy B-day Paul!!!!
  85. Anyone in KC, STL, or Springfield with CDT Speakers?
  86. Does anyone know who's car this was??
  87. Kudos to P & L Motorsports!!!!
  88. Where to buy 50 Police Scanners
  89. Leaving the Subbie for a couple of weeks...
  90. SE WI/MKE Sat Jan 6th Subaru Meet
  91. world of wheels
  92. Very disappointed tonight...
  93. Want to Earn Money Off A Custom Roll Cage Install!
  94. Tuesday Milwaukee Meet 12/19
  95. IL: Where should I get my alarm installed?
  96. who twas it?
  97. Any Metro Detroit Subies do the S3 events at Kart 2 Kart?
  98. Jews: Its Sundown...Whatcha get?
  99. 07 Urban Gray owners...
  100. Chicago: Where to get tint and clear bra installed?
  101. ----DS1 Rocks----
  102. xbox 360 $100 rebate at micro center
  103. photography peeps: need your input...
  104. EVO MR owned by my house
  105. I need a stock EGT sensor tonight :(
  106. Any jobs out there in the gurnee Illinois area?
  107. Madison/Milwaukee area - fun roads?
  108. Totalled EVO on I-94 and Dempster
  109. Charger Squad Car
  110. Bears. 12/17, Depleted Defense vs Tampa Bay
  111. Yellow bugeye wagon(i think) wrecked on 294 last night?
  112. Springfield, MO
  113. He's watching you!
  114. Tim Sanderson is my hero!
  115. Stock Struts Anyone?
  116. I'm leaking.....!?!?!?
  117. Newbie near Middletown, Oh.
  118. Where did you get your trans work done?
  119. Thursday 12/21/06 Chi Burbs Meet
  120. 12/24/06 Chicago NW Sunday (Christmas Eve) Meet
  121. Famous 142 MPH Subaru FS!!
  122. Found some pics of my old WRX. . .
  123. chicago area tuners?
  124. Actual car-related questions...
  125. HUGE NASIOC Meet! May 12th, Raceway Park- INDY
  126. What got ya into the Subaru family, post yer oldest and newest pic
  127. I need a stock boost gauge pod
  128. Des Moines: Autocross
  129. paintless dent removal meet?
  130. Need Chicago People Hotel Help!
  131. GURNEE IL meet???
  132. Which Chicago area performance shop do you go to?
  133. Grand Subaru in Bensenville, IL Is Looking For A Parts Manager
  134. Latest Remodel: Living Room
  135. Emissions? (Chicago....halla at 'cha boy!)
  136. Anybody from St Louis?
  137. Clutch problem (emergency): need a hand in Chi NW suburbs, asap!!
  138. RANT: Golf Mill BEST BUY!
  139. A little gun porn for you!
  140. This is in my garage right now...
  141. front license plate in WI
  142. [Chicagoland] @SSHAT alert - Silver Saab 92x Aero (temp tags) on Lake
  143. Official MWIC Happy Holidays Thread
  144. SE WI Spotted: UGM WRX Wagon w/ roof rack, 164 & Racine
  145. To bite the bullet, or not to bite the bullet?
  146. Need a T-mobile phone ASAP
  147. Chicago - indoor karting nite on Wed Dec 27???
  148. Need help guys, need to trade my MTX for ATX
  149. Merry Christmas Bish's!
  150. Happy Holidays from P&L Motorsports!
  151. Snow!!!!!!!!
  152. Any computer type people in the NW burbs?
  153. Help: Windshield sprayers squirt on their own!
  154. new horse in the stable
  155. I need help finding an apartment!
  156. Waht a Gyp!
  157. TOLEDO! My car is stuck here and needs
  158. White wagon MKE spotted; your cars loud, u on this board?
  159. little intro
  160. WTF is wrong with me!!?!?!?
  161. Can anyone recommend an electrician?
  162. Bears-Lions Christmas Eve
  163. Need fedex envelope today in the burbs
  164. Legacy GT @ Bergstrom by Good Hope
  165. 2 Defaulted Subaru Owners.....
  166. Cincinnati: Elimination of excess noise.
  167. ho ho ho's
  168. whatup IL!!!!!!!!!
  169. Merry Christmas!!
  170. MWSOC Nintendo DS Owners
  171. subaru paint.
  172. R.I.P James Brown
  173. Ready for Sno*Drift!
  174. New years eve..
  175. Thursday 12/28/06 Chi Burbs Meet
  176. Need STi engine rebuild ASAP
  177. MKE climbing 12/27/06
  178. How many people in and around INDY?
  179. Oil Catch Can
  180. Streamwood, IL Target has 3 PS3's
  181. Speedometer not working Help!
  182. I'm Bored in SE MI- Who needs a Install Day-Friday 12-29?
  183. Sad to see the Silver Rumbler go/ we still love you Rich
  184. Driving to Chicago from DC...Need MWIC Thoughts Please
  185. Tuning Factory Phone Number???
  186. Sweet Deal on a 06 WRX LTD at Gerald in Naperville
  187. Stock or a/m turbo inlet hose
  188. Ridiculously-Extra-Stupid-Fast VW Type 2
  189. IL: Subaru STi right side control arm
  190. Whatcha get huh? Whatcha get?
  191. So what should I do...power wise.
  192. Rim / Wheel painting in the Chi area???
  193. Can anyone recommend a reputable machine shop?
  194. Son of Sno*Drift TSD Rally
  195. Stock 05 STI bypass valve
  196. Tuesday Milwauke Meet 1.2.07
  197. I can NOT find guitar hero bundle pack around milwaukee
  198. p&l doin hondas
  199. Sword Thread-A continuation of the Thursday Discussions
  200. thx DS1...
  201. Wheel Bearing....
  202. Hidden Valley Ski in Missouri
  203. Chicago area STi wing WRB wanted
  204. Spotted milwaukee
  205. S203?
  206. OH Inspection laws
  207. Looking for wingless CGM trunk in Midwest
  208. SNOWCROSS : Any coming up?
  209. Laser Jamming and Laser Inhibiting Coatings
  210. The Bears still (insert derisive adjective)!!!
  211. What?! No Happy New Year thread for teh MWSOC?
  212. MI - Detroit area: good/inexpensive shop for clutch install?
  213. new year....
  215. Spotted In Galena IL
  216. Spotted in Cedarburg, WI
  217. University of Michigan Football Sux
  218. Thursday 01/04/07 Chi Burbs Meet
  219. 01/07/07 Chicago NW Sunday Meet
  220. Indianapolis Body Shops?? Wrecked my STi!!
  221. Are there ANY wi tuners?
  222. New to Scooby's in IL
  223. Madison Meet, Tuesday Jan 9th, 8:30
  224. Am I too optimistic?
  225. KY/OH/WV : Need stock turbo ASAP
  226. PowerCard Digital Fuel Manager
  227. Computer help (Mac G4) needed
  228. Blue Suby, Pink rims in michigan...who?
  229. P&L Motorsports starts the work on their Time attack beast!
  230. Road America registration open for Spring and Fall 2007!
  231. got some free time? try this out...
  232. NW Indiana Roll Call
  233. Paintless Dent Repair Day in Northbrook
  234. any auto painters out there?
  235. MO Subys?
  236. Picked up my car from Car Medics!! +1 for Eddie!
  237. Emissions question (IL)
  238. Add another Suby to my list (14 and growing?)
  239. Has any one seen dylan? "ds1 motorsports"
  240. Need stock '02 wheels
  241. Free to a good home. Cincinnati/NKY area
  242. NAIAS time!!!!
  243. Calling all Joliet area peoples...
  244. hahaha ricers!
  245. my car was vandalized!
  246. TAP TAP TAP--------Is this thing on?
  247. Got Scammed bad... BEAWARE
  248. Oh Noes, I'm engaged!
  249. "If in doubt, head east young man!" - Why my wife rules!
  250. rally related in mi today?