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  1. Party in Chicago 10-27
  2. MI: Back From Lapeer Dragway It's all good
  3. michaganders!
  4. Please give me some advice...
  5. WR Blue Wagon - Who are you?
  6. Hope this doesn't mess anyone up, but...Beeeeaaarrss!
  7. Peaty saves the day!
  8. Anyone else...
  9. Attn Donnie!
  10. kensington
  11. lodging in chicago/schaumburg on Nov. 3rd?
  12. Rallycross Sun. Nov. 18 at Great Lakes Dragaway :)
  13. MSU vs. UofM this weekend, any scoobers gonna be there?
  14. Anyone want a Impreza Project car chassis?
  15. GRD - Who went???
  16. Chicago folk... Thursday Nov. 1st
  17. MI area - Don't Miss the FIA!!!
  18. EuroLights 65/100 9007 bulbs FS...
  19. Hydros on the wagon
  20. For all you Lions fans
  21. whoo hooo Finaly got my Deposit back form SOS!!!
  22. Attn: HndaTch
  23. FS: Brand spankin new memory cards for PS2
  24. SE Mich -- wrx with DMSs??
  25. SCCA MidDiv Convention: Attn Jon
  26. Free STS tires available
  27. ATTN: subaru of schaumburg
  28. New Neighbor or New WRX In Wheaton?
  29. Itchin' for Another Install Day
  30. Guess who's b-day it is......
  31. Chicagoland Wagon Poll
  32. Well, I'm home... (betcha didn't know I was gone)
  33. It's a long shot but...
  34. rally-x
  35. Finished 3rd for year in STS! Woo Hooo!
  36. Help! WRX v semi: no contest :(
  37. Cadillac cop cars??
  38. Anyone have a copy of ADAPTEC Easy CD Creator??
  39. Columbus Peeps
  40. WRB WRX spotted in Champaign
  41. Pewaukee Wi sighting
  42. kensington
  43. Stuck at work.. Again!
  44. hey revision
  45. Winter tires in Columbus ??
  46. Tranny and Differential fluid change
  47. Redline Synthetic Fluids
  48. Viper Plant Assembly Plant Tour
  49. STL Guys, anyone up for a meet/cruise?
  50. gotta love this...
  51. What up yo!
  52. Got Guages?
  53. KC Rally-x Oct 21 Results
  54. Indy Tuner Shops/Mechanics
  55. "I am slow"
  56. They are trying to close KCIR, come join the 'cruise'
  57. Chicago area meeting
  58. Photos from Borders Meet in Schaumberg
  59. Cincinnati Ohio Members
  60. Chicagoland Rex owners upgrading RSB
  61. Anyone for Lapeer this Saturday?
  62. auto x in illinois
  63. To Early To Put On The Winter Tires?
  64. Job Opening (Technology Manager)
  65. Supra for Sale Sorta Local
  66. Looking for stock hood vents...
  67. Guess who's back, what did I miss?
  68. happy birthday to me
  69. Anyone here from Saint Louis?
  70. Summer Tire Recommendation?
  71. oil/filters...
  72. Motor mount installation
  73. I am having a small get together tonight
  74. Lapeer Dragway Outing November 10th
  75. Chicagoland install/garage days?
  76. need some exhaust help... again :P
  77. veilside??
  78. Any Turbo RS in OH, MI?
  79. Columbus, Ohio sighting ...
  80. Attn: Stupid automatic 02rs that is silver
  81. Stock Exhaust For sale/trade
  82. Rimmer 2.5 in Columbus
  83. Kentucky meeting(louisville)
  84. Sunday In Naperville ...
  85. attn hillman
  86. Att Austin
  87. Cincinnati Memebers
  88. SWRT Flag GB final update!
  89. Ahh, nothing like a sunday cruise...
  90. Attn: Kensington
  91. What a drive Sunday!
  92. I wanna get a group of subies to the Grove....
  93. Car was crashed but Luckly Docta nick was a docta :D
  94. anyone looking for a Factory Wing for Black WRX Sedan?
  95. would like some input from my michigan people
  96. Indy Rally-X thought
  97. Thanks Godmal
  98. Spotted: In the GC parking garage
  99. Scoob, help please: airbox pipe...
  100. Great Lakes Dragaway (11/10/01)
  101. Where to get mods done in MO, IA, IL?
  102. northside chicago siting
  103. G*d D*mn it... Any MI Fellas know a good Body Shop?
  104. Anyone complained about the paint??
  105. ECU that cried wolf
  106. Sightings
  107. Minesota St.Paul Cops...ouch!!!
  108. Sparty Spank-Down!
  109. Chicagoland: Beowulf Cluster anyone?
  110. NOV. 18 rallyX - Rollcall.
  111. Viper Plant Tour with confirmed date
  112. WRB (no subaru badge) WRX sighting
  113. Hallet Rallycross & RallySprint!!
  114. How bout a rally challenge on the PC...
  115. FS: Stereo in SE-MI
  116. chicago (hutchinson)
  117. I saw BRP Sedan in Elgin
  118. SoS meet?
  119. Hey, how about an Illinois/St. Louis Subaru Meet?
  120. Going for another drive this Sunday
  121. Attn: DoctorNick
  122. general SIGHTINGS in A-Squared
  123. stealthy, still on @ 2pm in AA?
  124. stuff for sale part 2...
  125. Where to buy 409 stainless
  126. Michigan Tuner Shops?
  127. sighted in Sycamore
  128. Wanted: used Top Hats and dust covers
  129. anything going on tonight
  130. sighting on Algonquin rd.
  131. FS: Whiteline springs for WRX sedan $140
  132. Sighting in Naperville/Aurora (fox valley)
  133. Goz, you still alive???
  134. FS: Turboxs standard mbc
  135. buy my stuff!
  136. WAG RallyX Caravan/Rollcall
  137. Rallycross details posted on
  138. Note to husbands... Don't bring your wives to your local Subaru Dealership
  139. Calling: rally racer
  140. Northwest Indiana- Reccomended Subaru Shop?
  141. Chicago Mudflap party.
  142. Sighting on Butterfield WRB WRX Westbound
  143. chicago... 11-09-01
  144. Packers vs Bears, let the games begin
  145. Attn: Hndatch
  146. Question
  147. For those who forgot what doctas car looks like..
  148. WTB: 2k1 or older OBS Shocks (local pref)
  149. chicago
  150. Lapeer Dragway Some good Some Bad
  151. Cincinnati meet pictures
  152. Need cheap PCMCIA ethernet card...
  153. Next Lapeer Meet
  154. ATTN: SUBARU Techs
  155. doctornick crashed again.
  156. anybody in StL with intake silencer removed on WRX?
  157. they paved another one
  158. Xmas came a bit early...
  159. The Moose Preserve WRX (Michigan)
  160. Pdog-GLD Time slips....(Stock WRX)
  161. Does anyone know how to get in touch with Jeff 2.5RS?
  162. Ann Arbor Sightings
  163. Nakayama products
  164. FS: Suspension!
  165. TSB's and Honda Dealerships in the Chicago area.
  166. GFB blow off valve for $200...
  167. attn: stealthy2k
  168. Where can I order a MOMO Steering wheel from?
  169. Sighting, I-90, IL - WI state line
  170. Attn: Jorge
  171. Impromptu Cincy/N. KY ride this Saturday
  172. St. Louis RS no More......?
  173. Mid America Motorplex - review
  174. When should we do the STL/IL meet in Peoria?
  175. ATTN: omahasubaru
  176. new greater detroit tuning shop
  177. 8Complex HAs gone REDNECK!! READ ME!
  178. Chitown : Thursday night @ Borders in Schaumburg?
  179. Brullen Exhaust
  180. attn rao
  181. Local Sell: S.S. Stromung Cat Back Single tip $250
  182. another Evanston sighting
  183. New to the subee seen in chicago area!
  184. Scoob...did ya fix the leak?
  185. Columbus Ohio People??
  186. And the car is no more!
  187. attn: Donnie
  188. Anyone in Michigan regret getting 18's?
  189. FS: subee-sound side panel enclosures & JL 8W0's
  190. 02 Rear Defog Problems
  191. Good/Best Alignment Shop in Detroit
  192. Blue rex in Milwaukee
  193. attn dub976
  194. Best place in the Twin Cities to get your Subaru fixed?
  195. I am so STUPID!
  196. Update!!!Hallet Rallycross & RallySprint
  197. Need help from Indianapolis area owners...
  198. Got my white wagon yesterday!!!
  199. Nebraska Dyno Day 12/01/2001
  200. FS: PS2 memory cards & games
  201. FS: Deck, Changer, Amp
  202. FS turbo xs MBC im bringing it to borders
  203. PRI Anyone
  204. Great Subie Of Fire!!
  205. [OT, sorta, but needs localization] How many of you are Filipino?
  206. Attn: dam 13sec rex :D
  207. Car Audio
  208. Recaro, Sparco, Corbeau dealers in Michigan?
  209. new import tuner
  210. First post, pictures from Thursdays meet
  211. Who was doing Scoobnuts in Schaumburg last night (11/15/01)?
  212. Nov.24 ---> Lapeer Dragway, MI
  213. Silver WRX wagon spotted- 10th + Holt, Indy
  214. What about my motor?
  215. USAC Finals in KC
  216. what to use to remove a door scuff?
  217. When did we lose control?
  218. Lapeer Dragway Tommorow!!!!!!
  219. Meet At Lapeer Tommorow!!!
  220. For Sale 4 17X7 50mm ADR Ikons and A520's around Grand Rapids MI Not Shipping them
  221. A little sumthang sumthang for my mid-west crew!
  222. this may be a stretch...
  223. Pl14460
  224. Alarm/Remote start sale (i club only)
  225. Needs money, will sell cheap, Nokian Hakka Qs
  226. Fog light mod screwed up
  227. Paging The Michigan Crew
  228. Indianapolis car spotted
  229. Modified A-Pipe
  230. GLD rally-x, or DMS saved my butt
  231. Anyone in Madison area want to help me remove air silencer?
  232. GLD Rallycross pics are up
  233. Small pic of thursday schaumburg meet
  234. Import vs. Domestic in Clay City(Near Lexington, kY) PICS
  235. OT: Da Bears
  236. attn: kensington
  237. attn: Safir and the GP, SCS, EastPointe Locals
  238. FS: 99 rs silver (ASAP)
  239. Anyone Have Any Experience With Cobb Tuning?
  240. OT - got small block? RX-V8 update
  241. SOS/Dealer question
  242. Australia Rally Coverage Tonight
  243. ATTN: KC guys
  244. Attn: "Big Nick"
  245. Downers Grove Sightings
  246. Dealer trades and ordered WRX's
  247. WRB on I-75
  248. Please Help!
  249. Thanksgiving for the disenfranchised
  250. Can you name this Subie owner