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  1. help with solo 2 classing
  2. RT66 Drag Strip tonight !
  3. Nirmit where are you
  4. OEM carbon fiber shift knob for sale
  5. who likes the white sox??
  6. Subaru rentals in KC, MO area?
  7. FS: 2000 RS Coupe - Toledo
  8. Ok so I put on my new hoody scoop..
  9. FS: Rota Subzero's with tires
  10. FS: Koni/GC suspension(Chicago)
  11. OT: Motorcycle Speeding Ticket story for my MWIC friends
  12. Best 2005 STi Price Chicagoland?
  13. *Sighting* Black STI on M-59
  14. Open Meet [Thursday 09/23/04]
  15. Any one need some FREE furniture and some garage stuff?
  16. anyone have extra 550cc injectors?
  17. Spotted, Blue WRX, ghost flames, sunaco.
  18. FS (MI): Stromung 3rd Cat Eliminator
  19. Need help finding a turbo!
  20. FS-MI/ 17" P1s and 4 pots
  21. Eaglite 9005/H3 Bulbs for sale
  22. ATTN: BrianH and bunot
  23. please help a local organization and a NASIOC/SCCA member
  24. Mid-Missouri owners?
  25. SE MI - Kart2Kart Saturday (Sept. 25) Afternoon/Evening???
  26. St Louis Area *possibly SLU?*
  27. Mich silver STI want to swap wing with no wing trunk RS or WRX
  28. Back from the UK (Castles, Prodrive and Rally pics inside) <!56k beware!>
  29. Spare tire
  30. FS in Cincinnati/Dayton (possibly Toledo) area- stock 02 WRX exhaust
  31. Attn: 2000vfr800
  32. IL: deep scratch needs fixing!
  33. Attn:8complex
  34. TSSCC Event #7 Sunday October 3rd
  35. Back from the dead...?
  36. FS IL: Got STI-Sellin WRX Parts
  37. [IL] RS*R Drift Day @ Rt66 on Sun 9/26/04
  38. Has anyone seen DrTalon?
  39. Interesting find near STL...
  40. anybody at cc-b?
  41. 1/4 Track Tonight?
  42. anyone in midwest WTT deck lids!
  43. Free WRX34
  44. My new every day driver
  45. Trouble getting into first gear...
  46. top speed?
  47. Do any milwaukee ppl want to buy my subwoofers?
  48. Any1 interested in GENIUNE C-WEST body kit for GC8 and BRIDE SEATS?
  49. HIN Cleveland - Saturday Oct. 9
  50. Anyone want a CF hood?
  51. um why? I love this car. Somebody in Columbus buy it
  52. Jeremy, were you looking for the video of an svx pulling you out of a ditch
  53. Mi 18" Prodrive p1 gold
  54. Detroit gauging interest in a BBQ Sun Sept 26
  55. H&R's
  56. FS: JDM Projectors 02-03 WRX
  57. NEED 03 WRX (sedan) front bumper cover
  58. Working at 5am on a sunday sucks.
  59. CHI: OT - Room to Rent
  60. FS: Liberal Grill in Silver
  61. Stainless steal brake lines
  62. Port and Polish Service
  63. WTB: stock '03 front rotors
  64. Free Tires and Newish RE-92s
  65. Hey suspension guys! Help a coilover n00b out!
  66. IdenityCrisis has a drive train crisis
  67. WAI #8 Autox 10/3
  68. OT - Why you really should wear a helmet
  69. SE MI - Friday night 10/1 GTG w/Terry from Chicago
  70. Need help lcoally....
  71. Det SCCA AutoX Aftermath.
  72. I'm lazy...need some to install Rammat.
  73. oil change
  74. Thankyou so much David [blue-sun]
  75. FS Stromung Single tip cat back -almost new - cheap
  76. Pics of Teh Fridge and Sweetsubys RS from this weekend in A2
  77. A2 Road Trip Dilema
  78. FS: stock '04 sedan sway bar + mounts
  79. Need good subie shop in Waukesha/Mil WI
  80. Milwaukee Tuesday Meet (9/28)
  81. NEED ASAP!! rear driver side upper pillow mount in SW MI
  82. Turbo back install
  83. Help me folks
  84. FS: brand new TXS 3" midpipe....
  85. HELP: TurboXS Stealth Back Gaskets
  86. Midwest Track Lap Times
  87. any stage 2 rex wanna race?
  88. '04 Accessport for sale from Toledo area.
  89. FS SE WI; OT-75 gallon Freshwater Aquarium set up
  90. Any auto engineers over here?
  91. wtb: locally single din cd pocket
  92. Audio install work in Chicagoland
  93. Calling all Dublin, OH subefiles
  94. SVR Barstow SoloII - Oct. 3rd - roll call
  95. FREE CarFax Report, use it while it last's
  96. Anyone know Brian Kurita - Chicago?
  97. Sold my wrx and now I have some extra parts
  98. Detroit/AA Area... ATE Brake Fluid
  99. Bad WRX at Carmax Schaumburg
  100. I Miss My Wrx...and Ricers In General...
  101. STL: help w/spring install?
  102. WTT: 05 WRX blue wingless trunk for STI blue trunk
  103. Spotted 2x on Randall and Fabyan in Geneva: PSM/CGM STi
  104. Saint Louis, MO
  105. Detailers in Detroit
  106. Subi, evo, srt4 and other cars carshow OCT. 10th
  107. Any Subaru mechanics in/around STL?
  108. w00t my new exhaust
  109. look here for a Job
  110. Few parts left
  111. kenchan turns PAPA-kenchan :)
  112. 2003 WRX Wagon Blue trade-in to Suburban in TROY
  113. Parting out my WRX.
  114. Teh old lady is out
  115. Fellow Subies
  116. Looking to Sell the WRX with minor suspension mods
  117. WTB: factory 02-03 WRX Sedan srear way bar
  118. anybody got these parts for a GC8 ??
  119. Mn Wrx Owners Must Read!!!
  120. MI: any of you done the FPR mod?
  121. NEED ASAP in SW MI: OEM WRX front springs/top hats
  122. "GC" owners - anyone want SS braided brake lines?
  123. FREE Guinness Chicago 10/28
  124. Enter to win a Forester XT!
  125. FS: 18" Volk TE-37's gunmetal with tires
  126. can't find a 50mm socket
  127. Omaha Body shop
  128. SE MI - Need IC to Throttle Body hose ASAP
  129. Saturday night in Royal Oak, my bday
  130. 05 STi BBS wheels possibly for sale
  131. KS:LOOK Great deal PE1820 V1 Turbo the harder to find version.
  132. Subaru Race for Charity at The Beave Oct. 17th
  133. Suggestions for good mechanics/shops in STL?
  134. No help from dealership
  135. FS? Steel Grey Battles w/ 225/45R17 ES100 nearly new
  136. West MI Spotted: girl in white wingless 02/03 wrx, wheels & exhaust
  137. Indy Meet,everyone Close Invited
  138. Quick!! I need help!
  139. Indy October Thread
  140. Short Term Sublet in Ann Arbor Available
  141. Cincinnati: October Activity Thread
  142. Spanky's new Ride
  143. Anyone have StrictlyDriven's Phone Number?
  144. any tuners in mn?
  145. Mudflaps, would you buy these?
  146. Purdue Imprezas!!
  147. Confirmed! I will have boost as of Feb 25th, 2005
  148. FS: Kartboy, Apexi, Ludespeed, Field, more
  149. Who are the recommended scooby tuners near Chicago?
  150. New to the board
  151. Meet at Gurnee, IL,Oct.9th,6:00pm
  152. PP: tim michaels simply sucks
  153. Back in the fold!
  154. smashed up sti for sale on ebay!
  155. FS:IL: set of ADVAN RGs!
  156. FS: Locals first... STi Carbon fiber badge
  157. Patio fire at my place after UTL (Sat 10/2)
  158. rally school in wisconsin?
  159. Axl Shaft & Crank Seal Leaking
  160. shout to tim for kickin a**
  161. 10-3 Autocross WAI Miller Park
  162. STL: anyone going to Gateway Intl Oct 9-10?
  163. FS: GC8 "Breathe and Stop" combo deal
  164. SE MI: FS - Various Parts: STi, Sparco, MRT
  165. Let me help you clean out your garage - takeoffs wanted
  166. My car was raped.
  167. My car at UTL #6
  168. Wanted: Front and rear bumpers, mirrors. 93-01 Impreza
  169. Car Oriented Job Opportunities?
  170. Traxxas Revo = teh good!
  171. Racing by Detroit?
  172. Odd Sighting in A2
  173. 93 octane in Kansas City?
  174. KS: Invidia Downpipe & Greddy Type-s
  175. Milwaukee Tuesday Meet (10/5)
  176. 6 flags GA Fright Fest on sun Oct 10
  177. 13.8 video from my last visit to RT66
  178. IL/Chicago: Anyone have 1 used RE92 to sell me?
  179. hi guys...which dealerships do you recommend?
  180. Pics: !0-2-04 texas holdem game
  181. STL: Wheel Repair
  182. Very Tricky MKE SCCA!
  183. Any one try mid-city Subaru in chicago?
  184. What's a good chicagoland dealership for warranty work?
  185. 10/10/04 Miller Park autox, Mil vs. Chi
  186. Dead cylinder, anyone have a spare ECU?
  187. Where to roll fenders in the Det area? [#2]
  188. WHAT ive been up to
  189. Feeler: UTEC local sale (IL)
  190. Stainless Steel Brakelines
  191. Lake Superior ProRally 2004
  192. MidWest Dealers
  193. cleaning out the garage sale
  194. Short on cash? Mod the economical way!
  195. Pimp the garage time...
  196. TSSCC Auto-x #7 pictures
  197. Member search
  198. Go Cardinals!!!
  199. Is anyone making a Chicago to Detriot run this weekend? (10/8)
  200. Wanted: Milwaukee Re-92s
  201. 2005 WHRRI schedule.
  202. Subaru of Schaumburg, once again......
  203. Selling my RS
  204. OH: Eibach springs for sale
  205. 1996 and 1997 subaru owners, question for you.
  206. MI: modified Blitz NUR Spec-R catback for sale! (pics)
  207. RallyCross Ewing IL reviews? Thoughts?
  208. A couple of cool cars in my parking lot at work...
  209. so i arrived at wyotech
  210. XM commander - universal
  211. DetSCCA Season Ender TAS Setup
  212. Go Twins or Down With New York
  213. How do you learn to 'drive'
  214. MI people......Track Tonight!
  215. BW3s - Things for me not to say...
  216. SCCA Kickin' Asphalt Extreme - pics are up
  217. Columbus peeps -- Byers Subaru?
  218. Mn. Sunday drives start again!
  219. IL: Any of you live/work in Chicago's West Loop?
  220. anyone have a high flow cat just laying around looking for a good exhaust
  221. Great Michigan driving roads
  222. SCCA Milwaukee Final Event 10-10-04
  223. FS in MI: Progress adjustable rear sway bar
  224. FS in MI: Turbo kit for GC8 2.5RS, may fit other cars
  225. FS:Stock up pipe 02 WRX
  226. STL - New Subaru shop on Watson
  227. I have finally won the battle
  228. dumb newbie install question
  229. Downpipes
  230. Detroit Region SCCA Season Ender Thread
  231. From AutoTech Daily...
  232. Stock WRX on Payne's dyno???
  233. its funny but a little long, and true!
  234. WTB: 14" alloy wheels
  235. SE MI - Friday Oct. 8 - Dinner GTG & Redline Meet???
  236. wow who would have thought a 200+ HP hybrid?
  237. EJ22T HELP!!! (again)
  238. I'm bored-How bout links to cool videos?
  239. where to buy '05 cgm sti
  240. Borders incident. Post pictures online.
  241. Just saw an accident coming south on I-355....
  242. a big thanks out to redline8k(nick)
  243. Deal on parts for 02'-03' in MN
  244. the mullets are in!
  245. Poll: Meets; closed, open or unsure
  246. Madison spotted
  247. Let's play DeMod Mbiker's Ride tonight (10/8)
  248. Anyone know what a FIB is?
  249. Parts 4 Sale
  250. SPOTTED: blue STi w/WRC decals - Field's Ertel