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  1. For sale: 1- 17" Prodrive P1 wheel + tire
  2. Any one have a 04 STI trunk lid with no wing they dont want?
  3. 18" rims for sale
  4. Track Days Rule!!!
  5. Central MN, lookin for some help.
  6. Huh???
  7. EVO School Raffle
  8. Live it up everyone!!!
  9. WTB: 02-03 WR Blue Bumper Cover
  10. I know this is a Suby board, but if you like SVT...
  11. I am a Monk today!
  12. Halloween costumes:
  13. My car is going to be a movie star!
  14. Coolest Screensaver EVAR!!!
  15. Cutest picture evar! Warning for guys: estrogen inducing foo foo stuff
  16. WTB: midpipe
  17. FS TXS RFL TI axleback $ 270 and HKS IP $90
  18. Need advice on ebay purchase....
  19. DRSCCA Season Final Points Posted
  20. Subaru Meet... STL area
  21. KC people
  22. CEL, and problems starting - help?
  23. Who is in Columbus OH?
  24. IL:My Sti Trunk for your wingless or wrx(wrb)
  25. 1996 Legacy GT
  26. lookin for good shop to mount tires
  27. Columbus: Speeds and Fuddruckers
  28. New Rooky in town
  29. 2.5RS exhaust needed (chi)
  30. Pics from Appleton Meet 10/30/2004
  31. FS SEMI: Delta Dash
  32. Good Luck Eddy and Cathy
  33. Where did MSU come from?
  34. Anyone intersted in trading decklids?
  35. The Hardman Luck strikes agian
  36. you have to see this video
  37. F/S Brake Pads for stock wrx calipers and stoptech st40
  38. Gearheadz in Toledo
  39. KC engine machine shops
  40. for any MI wrx owners
  41. PSM STI trunk swap
  42. November Madison Meet
  43. Indy November Thread
  44. FS: 94 Accord EX Sedan, 5spd, 164k, $2000obo, MI, pics!
  45. Going 2 Milan Nov 6...Rollcall!!
  46. OT- Eastern Iowa LAN Party
  47. thought of the day...
  48. broke up a fight on friday...long read
  49. IL rally: ewing this sunday
  50. Halo 2 on Nov 9th?
  51. Broke Second Gear
  52. FS: Friends 350Z WELL cared for.
  53. For Sale: *Brand NEW* Akebono Pro-Act brake pads, fronts and rears.
  54. Tuesday Milwaukee Meet (11/02)
  55. Peoria, IL meet this sunday 11/07
  56. BodyWerks
  57. Local Shop
  58. Cincinnati: November Activity Thread
  59. FS:RS rotors brand new some old ones front and rear + misc gc8 stock parts?
  60. Doh!!!
  61. Whats up in Columbus?
  62. Hodges Subaru, will you marry me?
  63. What up, M-Dub crew?
  64. Chi: FS thread...finally!
  65. Official 'I Voted Today' Thread
  66. DetSCCA: Complete Season PAX Ranking
  67. Subaru Shops il
  68. Revolutions--what's up?
  69. Fort Wayne Subaru Customer Appreciation Day
  70. holy CRAP hottest car evar!!!!
  71. Stuff to get rid of
  72. want to trade trunks in TN? free carbon fiber wing...details inside
  73. WTB:Stock WRX Tire in IL
  74. Halloween Pics...
  75. FS: '02-'03 WRX STi replica grill
  76. Who did you guys vote for?
  77. It must be nice to be Michael Jordan...
  78. Can somebody help me with a ride from Plymouth/Livonia to Troy (SE MI)?
  79. Kerry Concedes
  80. Man do I feel old(er)
  81. Attn: FreeBMW
  82. Official Subaru Meet STL
  83. question regarding speeding tickets and insurance
  84. KS: Real 5zigen Fireball CB Exhaust WRX/STI Cheap
  85. IN: Aps Tbe and Sti Pinks
  86. 25 STi's
  87. Anyone in SE MI do Reflashes?
  88. Who knows what about conquest/starion?
  89. Milwaukee Qdoba lunch Thurs 11/4
  90. Open house at my place Sunday November 14th
  91. Driveway fun @ WRX34's this saturday
  92. Exhaust pro in Madison?
  93. Silver WRX @ GE Healthcare in Waukesha
  94. Happy Birthday Jorge!!!
  95. Place to live in Milwaukee for the summer
  96. Dinner for Jorge's Birthday...
  97. Gary Lang Service Dept. - Is this maintanence required?
  98. Jui Jitsui...
  99. Hot Water Music Metro-Chicago Nov.20th
  100. Off roading locations in OH/IN/KY?
  101. WTT: BRP 2.5RS sedan wing for coupe (Chicagoland)
  102. Thursday "not borders" meet
  103. FS. Local. Anyone want a really fast PC?
  104. FS: Axis 2.4L long block + more
  105. Wish Me Luck
  106. Incar video from recent Road America 2 day track day
  107. Discussion about women in racing
  108. qdoba friday
  109. someone should do a thanksgiving meet in MI.
  110. KS: STI part out sale APS, TXS, 5Zigen Trade for DVD
  111. Interested in a STI trunk swap?
  112. Burning oil
  113. ANything going on in MN this weekend?
  114. MI Sighting: IMPREZV
  115. Good Powder Coater in Cleveland?
  116. New D-Town Taxi service
  117. wrb wingless wrx, are you in the falls?
  118. Teh clutch is IN! BOOYA
  119. Deer, Need Body Shop in A2
  120. The cops have gone soccer mom...
  121. Payn Tech
  122. For those who havent seen it.. (or: new beater is here)
  123. yes I am a whore..
  124. WRB STI owners: Anyone want to trade for a regular WRX wing?
  125. Northern Lights Tonight
  126. From the Days Before....
  127. Anyone looking for a decent beater?
  128. FS: 2002 WRX Sedan
  129. Chi: pics; thursday meet, teacher of the year conference and sat's party
  130. Snow!!!!
  131. Tuesday Milwaukee Meet (11/09)
  132. Legacy GT Guys, want a special deal on a downpipe?
  133. FS: 93 Camry, in Milwaukee
  134. locals & madison: RE92s for F-R-E-E
  135. Big props to DS1 Motorsports!
  136. fs - txs midpipe
  137. Wi Fs: '04 Wrx Wheels New!
  138. Chi: Anybody need a mp3 head unit?!?
  139. stock turbo, ported and
  140. Bring it on Old Man Winter...
  141. DET: Holiday music all the time on 100.3
  142. FS Locally: Two Shortblocks.EJ25 EJ20
  143. FS local first: Dell Inspiron 4100
  144. MI: Thermo-Tec Turbo Wrap Kit (A lot left over)
  145. moving back....?!?!?!!!
  146. Someone help me out with a little math plz.
  147. FS/ ported tgv's
  148. IL: FS 2002 Black WRX
  149. Hardcore Texas Holdem party 11/13
  150. EMU peeps
  151. MI that know Clayton (FreeBMW)
  152. OEM Wheels for sale. Painted Dark Gray.
  153. Newbie here...
  154. FS in Toledo: Stock 16" WRX wheels w/ tires
  155. FS:sub's and RS rotors front rear
  156. In case anyone cares...
  157. Under 20 with an Impreza?
  158. menomonie/EC
  159. Finally is sorta ready.
  160. Final dyno numbers for my WRX Wagon
  161. possibly for sale: stromung exhaust
  162. The Jesters Thus, Nov 11 @ 10PM- Durty Nellies in Palatine
  163. MW Tire Shavers & Falken suppliers
  164. Need good Paint / Restoration Shop in Chicago
  165. is up bitches!!! JOIN!!!!
  166. V4 Engine Swap, where to go. Purdue guys I need some help.
  167. Tek take picture??
  168. Some @#$% In Kazoo, Mi Dented My Car!!!!
  169. Columbus: Tranny help
  170. Alignment at Pep Boys in Naperville?
  171. Finally a picture
  172. Milan, Saturday Nov. 13
  173. wanted local cobb tehe!
  174. Small Garage day before Milan on the 13th and Wrxedya's
  175. Soooo sad:
  176. Chicago-Land GTG?
  177. MN - 17" Rota Subzeros with Dunlop SP9000 tires
  178. Is there any performance shop in Wisconsin?
  179. T3h new K2K Thread
  180. ubarg33ks: I need some winblows help
  181. Madison Meet: Saturday Nov. 13
  182. Birthday this saturday and its all mine.
  183. Count down to Specialist. Help me out, lets talk about something!
  184. Red apple: this sunday at 1
  185. Pics of my Uka-rican cousin
  186. Fort Wayne Owners Appreciation day details
  187. Commander speelnik orders the attack!
  188. DRebel/10/20D Owners Look Here
  189. EJ22T short block FS
  190. Ohio Emissions Question
  191. kc mo: time to replace some bearings
  192. users (NEWS)
  193. Fs: defi d series gauges , hks ehaust manifold
  194. Spotted!
  195. Initial D
  196. FS: Chicago WRX Winter Tires
  197. FS: 96 Legacy GT Sedan (Local sale)
  198. locals: silver 5 spoke RS wheels + tires
  199. Just saw something really depressing.
  200. Detailed a Legacy GT today * lot of pics 56K beware*
  201. UPDATE: 2nd time at the track
  202. poker night pics
  203. FS MTX amp, box, 2 speakers
  204. madison meet photos from 11/13/04
  205. Test market!
  206. Wanted Drivers Side Tail Light
  207. WRX got clobbered - Troy, MI last thurs
  208. Interest in teh FR1D63???
  209. Fyi
  210. The WRX is here!
  211. yet another new car thread!
  212. Dirty Sanchez!!!!!!!!
  213. FS: WRX brakes
  214. Please help me...
  215. DS1 Motorsports ROCKS
  216. Road Trip To KC Nov 19-21
  217. Clutch Replacement - Dealer/Shop info?
  218. FS: 2004 Forester XT 5spd Aspen White
  219. Sighting: 2003 BLACK WRX on Willow and Waukegan
  220. FS in MI: Progress adjustable rear sway bar for 2002+ WRX
  221. Tuesday Milwaukee Meet (11/16)
  222. FS Indy area: Prodrive P7's w/tires
  223. [Chicagoland] Daily Driver anyone? 1989 Toyota AE92 5spd:Yep 4A-GE powah, 5sp, but FF
  224. Anyone using Wide Open West?
  225. STL Tire mounting question.....
  226. FS in MI: STi UTEC
  227. Looking for a Team or Group to Join
  228. For all the PC gamers here...
  229. Need Geo G900 tire(s) ASAP!
  230. uppipe cat destruction
  231. looking for one '04 STi wheel
  232. '92 SVX parts for sale-locals first
  233. Impreza RS towed on Channel 5 news...
  234. Stuff for sale local edition: Gauges, Clutch, Flywheels, Kaaz diff
  235. FS MI: 04 WRX EJ20, Headlights, bov-uppipe-downpipe-catback-throttlebody-manifold
  236. Halo 2
  237. WTB: stock wrx wheel (just need one)
  238. Imps top the list
  239. Possibly going to Bogota, Colombia in 2 weeks
  240. Chicagoland and the rest of IL/WI: Verizon vs. Cingular experiences
  241. Pictures! sti v6 suspension for GC8 4 corners in Detroit area
  242. FS locally first: GC8 headlight covers carbon fiber style
  243. Round Two: FS - SE MI - STi, Rota, Craftsman
  244. Memo from SCCA RE: Closed faced helmets and Airbags
  245. Weeee!!!
  246. I need old RAM
  247. Omg
  248. Gauging interest for parting out my car...
  249. Sold wrx what to buy now?
  250. Who raced the Vette Tuesday night on Crooks?