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View Full Version : Non-Subaru News & Rumors

  1. Chevron forms biofuels research alliance
  2. IIHS conducts First Crash Tests of 10 Popular Convertibles
  3. Mazda Develops New Naturally-Aspirated MZR 1.3L Miller-cycle Engine (For Mazda2)
  4. Toyota tops for productivity (Harbour Report)
  5. Mazda recalls 280,000 cars in Japan
  6. Porsche and BorgWarner develop new AWD tech
  7. Doomed GM plant is nation's most productive
  8. Road Test: 2007 Ferrari 599GTB Fiorano (Car & Driver)
  9. Toyota sues porn Web site over use of Lexus name
  10. Scion Announces Pricing For 2008 tC
  11. BMW (Germany) releases M Sport Package for X5
  12. Air Liquide to Supply Portable Hydrogen Fueling Systems to GM in the U.S.
  13. Life Ball (Charity) MINI 2007 by Mario Testino
  14. Proton, Volkswagen talks fail
  15. GM to axe 1,900 jobs in Antwerp (Europe)
  16. Cars to be rated for manufacturing CO2 (Europe)
  17. Porsche files with EU to take over VW
  18. Ford regrets missed environmental chance, styling
  19. Audi to Produce New A1 Compact Car in 2009
  20. Lamborghini stamp issued by the Italian Post Office
  21. Governator Checks out the "Ride" during his Trade Mission to Canada
  22. Phantom Silver Marks 100th Anniversary of Silver Ghost
  23. They've Got To Have A Tail (re: Saturn Aura Sedan Sales)
  24. World's First Air-Powered Car: Zero Emissions by Next Summer (India)
  25. Car window stickers: Clarity's optional (USA Today)
  26. Portsmouth (Europe) goes to city-wide 20mph zones
  27. Ultra-lightweight Carbon Fibre racing bike from Mercedes-Benz (Bike Collection 2007)
  28. Last MB 203 Series C-Class Station Wagon Rolls off Assembly Line in Bremen
  29. Caterham's birthday concept "X330"
  30. Ford Gets A Good One In On Obama
  31. "Individual" Model adds Stylish Appeal to EOS Coupe Convertible (Europe)
  32. Chrysler Group to build engine plant in Mexico
  33. NEW Toyota Avensis TR for Europe
  34. U.S. Marine Corps Awards Force Protection $11.9 Million For MRAP Vehicles
  35. Kelley Blue Book names 13 Great Fuel_efficient Cars
  36. Chinese "Lifan" upcoming models - wow, just wow.
  37. Spotted JDM EVO X trapped in EVO IV Shell...
  38. BMW removes the Dipsticks
  39. NEW Renault Laguna @ 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show
  40. Bio-fuelled Aston Martin makes British motorsport history
  41. TVRís Long and Winding Road Leads (for Now) to Florida
  42. First Drive! 2009 Volkswagen Tiguan (Motor Trend)
  43. Toyota (Japan) Launches Fully Redesigned Premio and Allion
  44. Volvo Cars of North America, announces pricing of its 2008 model lineup
  45. Rumor... next-gen Pontiac G6 possibly going RWD
  46. 2008 Corolla & Matrix pricing
  47. Honda Decides to Stop Making Hybrid Accords
  48. 2009 CTS-v gets 600hp detuned LS7
  49. GM Awards Advanced Development Battery Contracts For Chevrolet Volt E-Flex System
  50. Wardís names cars, trucks with best cabins.
  51. Evo X Now Comes In Hatch To Compete With STI Hatch!!!!
  52. Chrysler Confirms Production of the Dodge Hornet Supermini
  53. Europe considering ban of cars capable of more than 101 mph
  54. Chrysler Admits Sebring and Nitro are teh suck
  55. Porsche announces they will NOT attend the 2008 NAIAS.
  56. Ford to announce sale of Jaguar & Land Rover - buyers waiting
  57. 2008 SAAB 9-3 sedan, sportcombi & convertible
  58. New smaller Nissan coupe spotted (240sx/250?)
  59. BMW1 - in LA
  60. Lightning Cars to build 700HP All-Electric GT Coupe
  61. Fiat Powertrain Technologies 1.9L JTD Twin Stage Turbo
  62. Audi S5 Pictures!
  63. Ducati and HD talking
  64. Mansory Vantage
  65. Radical Engines, Quirky Designs Refuel Quest for Car of Future
  66. Ford Fairline Spotted in Ann Arbor
  67. New Drivetrains, Hybrids Coming From Chrysler
  68. Porsche 911 GT2 spotted in the wild
  69. Wow, Toyota's new truck must be awsome...
  70. Pics of production Lexus LF-A unmasked.
  71. Road test of 2008 G37 Sport Coupe (Car and Driver)
  72. China's Brilliance BS6 doesn't do so brilliantly in Euro Crash Test
  73. Is this the WRX competition?
  74. Recall Urged of Chinese (Hangzhou) Tires That Could Fall Apart on Road
  75. Mitsubishi confirms Lancer Sportback for production
  76. MINI Clubman
  77. New Pics: 2008 Accord
  78. 8 costly car features you don't need---> AWD
  79. Saab 9-2X
  80. Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor
  81. CR-V beats Explorer as Top-Selling SUV
  82. Will Mitsu sell multiple EVO models in 2008?
  83. Civic Mugen RR (JDM) *Merged*
  84. official 1 series pics!
  85. Volkswagen releases first photos of production Tiguan
  86. Edmunds First Drive: 2008 Volkswagen R32
  87. could the demon be a replacement for the corolla 86
  88. 2007 BMW 335i vs. 2008 Infiniti G37
  89. New Ford engines - direct injection & twin turbochargers
  90. Spy Shots: New Evo X photos
  91. Spy Shots: New Evo X photos
  92. VW is coming with new DSG 7 speed
  93. Why don't the US Auto Cos. GET IT?
  94. Officially Official: 2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG
  95. Mercedes-Benz, BMW consider cooperating on small cars
  96. Hyundai Veracruz vs. Lexus RX 350
  97. Video and Spy Photos: 2008 Porsche 911 GT2
  98. Brad Pitt to Remake 'Bullitt'
  99. EDMUNDS/InsideLine does review of new M3!
  100. The Brammo Enertia Electric Motorcycle
  101. New Buell 1125R
  102. LS3 Dynoed!
  103. Mitsu unveils new Evo driveline
  104. The Honda CRX is Finally Going to Return by 2011 as a Hybrid
  105. I'm going to buy BMW
  106. Noble M400 redesign
  107. New Corvette Fact VS. Fiction
  108. SRT-8 Challenger SPIED
  109. Porsche GT2 brochure leaked with official specs
  110. Opening Door with Tennis ball
  111. Saab 9-3 goes 4wd,new haldex system
  112. Prius worse for enviroment then Hummer
  113. Ford to sell Swedens Volvo
  114. Cab driver passes 400,000km in Prius
  115. New Ford Falcon illustration
  116. Ulitimate green machine car made from hemp
  117. Mitsubishis answer to the Smart
  118. 4WD Quarks Peugeot's Futuristic Quad Proto
  119. GM to buy 50% of diesel engine builder VM Motori
  120. Worlds oldest car 4 sale/2 million to start
  121. flex fuel/Viper SVS TTX breaks world record for the mile
  122. Fuel Vapor Technologies Car = 92 mpg and 0-60 in 5 seconds
  123. Quake forces Toyota (Subaru too) to halt production
  124. 5 upcoming technologies U should learn about
  125. Chrsler scraps Imperial plans
  126. Is Volkswagen Considering Pulling Out of The U.S. Market?
  127. BMW 1 Series coming in Spring 2008
  128. VW Phaeton Coupe Spyshots
  129. Ferrari reveals F430 Scuderia, not Challenge Stradale
  130. Spied: 2009 Volkswagen Scirocco
  131. From Wales, a box to make biofuel from car fumes
  132. BMW'S new X3 Hybrid
  133. Trident Iceni Bespoke
  134. World"s first plug in motocycle putters out in 45 miles
  135. 2008 CTS Debuts
  136. Suzuki Going after world record at Pikes Peak in XL7
  137. Audi"s next generation of TDI Engines
  138. Harley Stay True to its roots
  139. Plug IN Hybrids a Solution to Global Warming
  140. Scions Ad Campaign in Questionable Taste?
  141. Volvo C70 Goes Diesel
  142. High fuel prices takes toll on Fords inline 6
  143. Ford Invests in Obscure Romanian Firm
  144. Wood Burning Yugo(good laugh)
  145. GM retakes sales lead over Toyota
  146. Honda puts China push in overdrive(interesting stats)
  147. BMW buys Husqvarna
  148. 08 Grand Cherokee debuts
  149. Chrysler pulls SUV ad with electrocuted dog
  150. Toyota Knocks $1,000 Off 2008 Camry Hybrid
  151. Upcoming Maxda 6
  152. GM uses Onstar to lower car insurance premiums
  153. Mass. end 30 years of Centralized auto rates
  154. Mercedes to roll out Hybrid and Engine Stop-Start Tech
  155. Chevy Malibu Hybrid
  156. 2008 Mini Clubman S
  157. Safety First? True Once but US Lags in Road Deaths
  158. Utah senoir motorists least likely to be in crash, but deadly collision stirs debate
  159. End of an era as Aston Martin plant closes
  160. France studies work stress after car plant suicides
  161. Magne in talks with BMW on new Mini SUV
  162. VW will sell China-built car in North America
  163. BMW,Mercedes mull subcomact partnership
  164. GM's new 4.5L V-8 diesel for North America
  165. Ford KUGA @ 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show
  166. Software package allows People to make Hydrogen,E85 or biofuel
  167. China insists tires in US recall or safe
  168. Cadillac reveals more info on the BLS Wagon
  169. Monster Tajima is Pikes Peak's new King of the hill
  170. 2008 Roush Ford Mustang 427R review
  171. Hamann Promises Fastest Convertible 3 series yet
  172. This is the best Mod I ever saw (Disappearing car door)
  173. GM Revitalization(Saturn 2011 Signal) and 2011 Switch
  174. 2009 Lamborghini Miura
  175. Driverless Car
  176. The Hybrid X concept vehicle
  177. Buick Builds Quality Cars - For China
  178. VW hopes to break even by 2009 the earliest
  179. BMW copletes Tritec sale tp Chrysler
  180. Electric cars are nearly ready,but NOT so theis Batteries
  181. STARTECH Refines the Jeep Compass
  182. Brown is the New Buick
  183. New Tire Tests Show The Quarter Is The New Penny
  184. 2008 Infiniti EX35 Preview
  185. Chevy SS - Lumina? Spyshots
  186. Lincoln MKS Spied 2009
  187. Porsche hybrid to cut Cayenne fuel usage by a third
  188. Mitsubishi to show small at Frankfurt
  189. Honda NSX delayed Again
  190. Toyota:Plug-in hybrids need Better Bateries
  191. New Think electric-car may come to the US
  192. Nissan to test anti-drink driving system
  193. Mugen Si Sedan on Sale in US in October
  194. Dodge Caliber SRT-4 down to 280 hp
  195. Mercedes Developes New Diesel Petrol Engine
  196. Lowest fatality rate ever on roads in 06
  197. How drivers can talk to each other
  198. 2009 Grand Cherokee:BLUETEC **ALL NEW Hemi Engines**
  199. Porsche Panamera photos!!
  200. Cadillac Prices 08 CTS Above Competitors
  201. Harley Davidson Introduces New Woman Only Activities AT Sturgis
  202. Japan Certifies Plug-In Hybrid
  203. 560 Tesla Roadsters Orders Placed
  204. Canandian Auto Smog Emissions Reduced Farther
  205. Callaway C16 Speedster(Pebble Beach Preview
  206. Spring 2007's Gayest Cars
  207. Tougher Fuel Economy Standards Will Profit Detroit's Big 3
  208. 2008 Mercedes CL-Class Coupe What new
  209. Report: Chrysler warns weal dealers may be shut down
  210. GM Incentives offered on 2006 Models
  211. 2008 Dodge Viper Updates
  212. Ford Mondeo Named Auto Express Car of the Year
  213. Frankfurt Preview: Kia unveiling production Pro_cee'd
  214. Ford surprises with 750 million-dollar profit
  215. Chryler to offer lifetime warranty
  216. 2008 De Tomaso Panthera Concept
  217. Gibbs Aquada Amphibian Vehicle Ready for 2009
  218. Mercedes Dies-Otto Engine
  219. New Mercedes B-Class to be Designed Specifically for North America
  220. Toyota Teams Up with California on Plug-In-Hybrid Developement
  221. Fiat Panda scoops more Awards
  222. The Ferrari FXX Millechilli
  223. Audi's R8 Spider Removable Targa Style Revealed
  224. Banks Postpone 12 billion Chrysler finance plan after market balks
  225. Ford Think is Coming as American Car
  226. BMW X5 M in the Works
  227. Official Sketch of the Audi A7
  228. 2008 Ford Expedition Funkmaster Flex Edition
  229. Insure Yourself for Speeding Tickets(Denmark)
  230. GM Expects 40% mileage boost on Yukon,Tahoe hybrids
  231. Top 10 Most Unpopular Cars in China
  232. Porshe has options to boost VW Stake
  233. Nissan developes Catalyst to halve precious metal use
  234. Tailor Made Volvos
  235. Roller coaster ahead for oil prices
  236. Mystery Mitsu Spied: Is this the Lancer Ralliart?
  237. Mitsubishi launches Black Hawk Colt and CZT
  238. Mitsubishi Lancer Sportback to debut at Frankfurt
  239. 3 Sketches were Smuggled out of Audi's design A1
  240. Mercedes C-class Estate Completely Uncovered
  241. Lumma CLR 600s
  242. 2010 VW Beetle Go Modern
  243. The Big Picture,Silicon Valley Builds an Eletric Car
  244. Top 10 Luxury cars that lose their Value
  245. 2008 Jetta Sportwagon
  246. Crumble zones Shock Cover Up
  247. 42000 XC90's recalled
  248. In South Ca. Drive a Subbie Day
  249. Suzuki SX4 WRC takes to the Tarmac
  250. More Powerful Flex Fuel Volvo's